How to Become a DoorDash Driver in Australia?

Nowadays, ordering food via service apps is trendy, and applications like DoorDash have made bringing your favourite meals to your door even more effortless.

Delivering with DoorDash could be an excellent way for students and others to supplement their income. 

This blog post will provide all the facts you need to know to start a career as a DoorDash driver in Australia.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery app for ordering meals from local restaurants and their subsequent delivery to the user’s home. If you want to make additional money, signing up to deliver with DoorDash is simple.

Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and other of Australia’s major cities are all within DoorDash’s coverage area. 

Standards for Australian Doordash Delivery Drivers

Standards for Australian Doordash Delivery Drivers

There are prerequisites you must meet before becoming a DoorDash delivery partner.

  • ABN (Australian Business Number) – You’ll need an ABN to operate in Australia legally; here, you can find out how to apply for one.
  • Age – The minimum age is eighteen (18).
  • Valid Driver’s license – A current and valid driver’s license is required if you plan to make deliveries using your vehicle in Australia. In addition, most cities in Australia recognise international driver’s licenses. If you plan on making deliveries by bicycle, you can skip the licensing process.
  • Background check – An individual’s right to work in Australia is contingent upon passing both a right-to-work check and a background check. The NCC performs this service, which typically costs $49.90. Indeed, DoorDash does not charge its drivers for a criminal record check.
  • A smartphone – The DoorDash website and app are only accessible via mobile devices.
  • DoorDash App – To begin working with DoorDash, you have to install the DoorDash App and create a profile with DoorDash.
  • Vehicle  – Cars, scooters, and bicycles are all acceptable modes of transportation for DoorDash deliveries.
  • Insurance – If you plan on making deliveries using a car or motorcycle, you are legally required to carry third-party liability insurance.

You will need a visibility hazard vest and food bag with bright stripes for all delivery riders in New South Wales as of January 1, 2023. 

In addition, riders in New South Wales should always have a Safety Training Verification Record (such as a digital certificate). To learn more, read on.

A Step by Step guide on How to Make a Doordash Delivery in Australia

A Step by Step guide on How to Make a Doordash Delivery in Australia 

After completing the sign-up or registration procedure and activating your account, you can accept orders and make deliveries as a DoorDash Dasher in Australia.

Step 1: Register for Doordash by Visiting the Website and Downloading the App.

First, visit the signup page and fill out the required information.

The next step is to fill out your personal information.

  • Full Name
  • ABN
  • Birth Date
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Vehicle Details
  • Zip Code where you wish to deliver with the company

Verify that you have submitted accurate information for the background check.

Step 2: Apply for a Right-To-Work Check and Background Check

Once you have submitted your application and all required documentation, we will conduct a background assessment and right-to-work search. 

It may take up to 14 business days for the NCC (National Crime Check) to complete its background check. However, sometimes it is even faster. 

If you request a background check, DoorDash will receive the results to verify your identity and determine if you have any relevant criminal records. This check will set you back about $49.90. DoorDash, on the other hand, does no cost-associated background checks on its drivers.

You could be required to provide the following items as part of your background check:

  • A valid ID – Time cards, government-issued IDs, passports, and birth certificates from Australia are all acceptable forms of identification.
  • Vehicle Registration – You must show proof of your registration and insurance if you plan to deliver using your vehicle.
  • A driver’s license – A valid driver’s license from Australia can also be required. In most Australian cities, you should be able to use your overseas or foreign driver’s license.
  • ABN – Since you are operating a business in Australia, you will also need an ABN or Australian Business Number. 

Click “continue” to agree to the Background check after you’ve supplied the required documentation.

This method can take anything from 3-14 days to complete. You can expect to get a notification of acceptance or denial to the email address or mobile number you provided during registration. 

Step 3: Authorise Your Account

Once the verification process is complete, you can legally use Dash in Australia. Plan your Dash or get ready to Dash with the help of the Dasher app. When you activate, you’ll also receive a free Dasher Kit.

Step 4: Install the App, Log In, And DASH

Download the Dasher app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

To access the app, enter your email address and password. Just provide your phone number for verification, and you may begin delivering.

Step 5: Get Paid

You can set up direct deposit for weekly payments by opening the earnings option in the app, uploading a valid photo ID (such as a driver’s license or government ID), and entering your bank details.

Fast Pay is an option within the app that allows you to withdraw your daily earnings for a minimal charge. 

Here you can apply to work as a DoorDash Dasher.

What’s the Doordash Delivery Process Like

What’s the Doordash Delivery Process Like?

As you deal with a wide variety of customers, restaurants, routes, traffic, etc., no two deliveries will be the same. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from a DoorDash delivery:

  • After you activate your account and go live, DoorDash will send you delivery requests. 
  • You’ll be able to view the location of the item’s pickup, the destination for delivery, and the potential delivery fee. 
  • You are free to take it or leave it as you see fit.
  • Accepting the delivery means you’ll have to make a trip in your car to the nearest establishment that fulfils the order.
  • The next step is to determine the sequence. Before leaving the event, ensure the arrangement is correct to avoid any problems.
  • Follow the app’s directions to the customer’s location if you need to drive to the customer’s place and need clarification on the exact address.
  • Deliver the food to them as they requested. 
  • Transportation Systems

When making deliveries with DoorDash, you can use one of three vehicles. It includes:

  • Car
  • Bicycles
  • Motorbike

You need to be 18 or older to ride any mode of transportation.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Delivery Driver for Doordash?

A few variables will affect how much it costs to begin delivering with DoorDash. Here are some fees to keep in mind while delivering with DoorDash, but that’s to give you an idea.

  • Background check and right-to-work check – Free with DoorDash
  • Vehicle – such as a car, bicycle, or scooter –  approximately $200 to $5000 or more
  • ABN – When applying for an ABN, you can do it for free, but using an accountant will cost you $100 or more.
  • Portable charger – approximately $50 
  • Phone data plan – roughly $50
  • Smartphone – roughly $300 
How Much Money Do You Make as a DoorDash Driver

How Much Money Do You Make as a DoorDash Driver?

The average hourly wage for a DoorDash driver is between $20 and $25. If you work 8 hours daily, you can make between $42,240 and $52,800 annually. How much money you may make as a DoorDash driver depends on the circumstances.

The most important factors include:

1. Location

More opportunities for bonuses and incentives exist where more establishments thrive. Incentives can be anything from free delivery to a set proportion of the customer’s tips.

2. Bonuses

Deliveries from certain types of restaurants may be eligible for higher bonuses than deliveries from other restaurants.

3. Incentives

The amount of money you make as a Dasher also depends on how often you earn incentives. Incentives can range from free merchandise to a predetermined share of the tip jar for a given order.

How Much Revenue Can You Make as a Doordash Delivery Person?

Your earnings as a DoorDash Dasher will depend on several factors.

However, the DoorDash website claims that Dashers in Australia make $25 per hour, which includes all tips. 

There are three determinants of salary:

  • Base Pay
  • Promotions
  • Tips

Dashers receive “promotions,” similar to bonuses, for making specific deliveries. 

DoorDash’s transparent and fair payment system ensures drivers always make a profit. As a Dasher in Australia, the following factors influence your earnings:

  • The amount of work you do
  • Waiting time at the restaurant 
  • Tips
  • Parking time
  • Time of work
  • Traffic
  • Driving distance 
  • Estimated activity time
  • Type of order you deliver
  • Areas of service

How to Maximize Your Pay as a Doordash Delivery Driver

Pick a Good Time to Work.

Prioritise your work for the times of day when demand is highest. Although you can work with DoorDash whenever you choose, the busiest periods are during lunch and supper because people are most likely to place orders. 

Peak pay incentives from DoorDash typically range from an additional $1 to $5 for each delivery, and occasionally even more in some high-demand locations, to motivate drivers to accept extra orders during busy times. 

During peak hours, drivers may receive additional compensation through peak pay bonuses. When to use Doordash most effectively:

  • Weekends
  • Lunch (between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.)
  • Dinner (between 5 p.m. – 9: 30 p.m.)

Drivers can save time and energy by working around peak times instead of wasting it around less-frequented areas by keeping tabs on the fluctuating demand patterns. Aside from improving the bottom line, this speeds up deliveries and decreases wait times, making the service more efficient overall.

Make Your Delivery Using A Reliable Vehicle

You can make more deliveries without losing money due to breakdowns or delays if you have a dependable source of transportation. Consider hiring an electric bike for deliveries if you still need to own one.

Monitor Your Business Expenses

You can organise your budget and make the most of your earnings if you keep track of your expenses, such as petrol, mileage, and maintenance. Accurate, independent contractors can boost their income by claiming deductions for business costs.

Identify Busy Areas Near You Using The Dasher App

Finding the busiest places in your region will help you earn more money while door-to-door selling. You can maximise your profits as a DoorDash driver by working in high-traffic areas. 

The DoorDash app is a crucial resource for drivers because it allows them to pinpoint these high-traffic areas and maximise their revenue rapidly. Simply put, drivers who take advantage of the DoorDash app have a better chance of securing their financial futures than those who don’t.

Always Treat Customers With Courtesy And Respect

Better tips and return business might come from going above and beyond for customers.

Try A Hot Bag

One of the most critical aspects of providing excellent service in a restaurant is using hot bags, also known as food warmers, to maintain the temperature and freshness of customers’ meals. It keeps the food from becoming cold, which can significantly impact the dish’s flavour and texture, and it keeps the food safe and fresh until it reaches the customer’s door.

You must store some items at particular temperatures to meet health and safety laws, so hot bags are sometimes required to guarantee that orders are accepted. So, investing in dependable and effective hot bags increases customer satisfaction and ensures compliance with food rules, which can lead to more positive feedback and greater gratuities.

Maintain Professional Attire

If you want to make an excellent first impression on clients and get greater tips, dress professionally and tastefully.

Accept Local Orders 

Doordash doesn’t cover the cost of fuel. Accepting Doordash orders that are within easy reach saves you time and reduces the money you must spend on gas. 

Considering how rapidly those little expenses may build up over time, this can significantly affect your income. 

You can maximise your earnings and develop a more sustainable workflow by carefully selecting the orders you accept and prioritising those close to your current location. 

Focusing on local orders also allows you to provide faster and more consistent service to your customers, which can increase your star rating and encourage them to use your services again.

Use Doordash’s Promotions and Incentives to Your Advantage

Given the fluid and competitive dynamics of the gig sector, it’s essential to keep an eye on opportunities to increase pay and gain a competitive edge. If you want to increase your earnings and profits, check the Doordash app for appealing promotions and bonuses. 

DoorDash Challenges are one way to get some additional money by completing a certain number of deliveries in a certain amount of time, and there are also appealing sign-up bonuses for new drivers.

Consistently taking advantage of these incentives and watching for new chances will allow you to increase your earnings, improve your driving skills, and advance your Doordash career.

Find Out About the Latest Deals at Restaurants.

Do you want to learn how to make more money with Doordash? To find popular areas and places with greater demand for delivery, it is essential to keep up with the current specials presented by restaurants. 

Doordash clients are most likely to order from establishments offering deals and discounts. Therefore it’s essential to keep tabs on these places. 

Learning about the latest Doordash promotions is crucial to your success because customers always look for ways to save money. Take advantage of this chance to earn extra money as a Doordash driver and keep ahead of the curve.

Maintain a Supply of Water and Snacks In Your Vehicle

Maintaining energy and staying hydrated with snacks and drinks will help you get more done in less time throughout lengthy shifts.

Maintain Good Ratings

If you want more orders and money, ensure your Dasher rating is always top and your customer service is second to none. 

Researchers have found a strong correlation between Dashers’ evaluations and incomes and completion rates, representing the percentage of orders they fulfil. Dashers can increase their completion rates and gain the trust of consumers and merchants by delivering orders on time, precisely, and with an enjoyable experience.

Process Several Orders At Once

You can increase your revenue and productivity by taking many delivery orders simultaneously. By combining many orders into one batch, Dashers can increase their revenue and satisfaction.

Avoid Restaurants With Slow Service

You may get more orders and make more money by avoiding establishments with a bad reputation for slow service.

Be Timely

Customers will be more satisfied, you’ll get better reviews, and you’ll get more orders if you can get them to them swiftly.

Be Adaptable

If you’re ready to take orders outside your ideal delivery area, you can boost your earnings and attract customers in your perfect location.

Avoid Traffic

You can save time, make more deliveries, and earn more money using a GPX tool like Google Maps or Waze to locate other routes to avoid traffic.

Planning Ahead

Planning your shifts allows you to take orders and earn more money.

Refer Your Friends and Family

Get huge referral bonuses by recruiting your loved ones to work as doordash drivers. You can earn big money by referring new drivers to Doordash. For this reason, we offer referral bonuses to our drivers who bring in new customers. 

By referring a driver to our team, you not only help them find a flexible source of income, but you also increase your income through excellent bonuses.

We hope you’ll spread the news that anyone may participate in Doordash’s referral program. Bonuses increase in proportion to the number of drivers you refer. 

We promise there is no cap on the number of people you can refer to us. Invite your friends and family to join the highly lucrative door-to-door delivery driver community.

Stay Safe

To save money on potential accidents and enhance revenues by avoiding fines, it is crucial to prioritise safety and adhere to traffic laws while making deliveries.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to earn more money as a Doordash driver and provide better service to your customers, both of which will enhance your ratings and tips.

Other Hacks For Doordash Drivers

Other Hacks For Doordash Drivers

Find Extra Income

To boost your income, consider joining up for additional delivery services. With our exhaustive list and your improved understanding of the several delivery options available, you can be confident that you are making educated decisions that will contribute to your long-term financial success. So, investigate your choices immediately and seize the affluent career prospects in the delivery field.

Vehicle Advertising

Many Doordash drivers now advertise their services on the back of their vehicles to supplement their revenue. This strategy entails turning one’s car into a mobile billboard by affixing adverts to its exterior.

Advertising on a delivery driver’s car has become a popular way to supplement income, especially in light of the growing popularity of delivery services and the gig economy. Even DoorDash, one of the most prominent meal delivery services, has collaborated with Wrapify to provide its drivers with this option.

There are a lot of upsides to using Doordash for automobile advertising. It’s a win-win situation since drivers can make more money and expand their audience without putting in any extra time. The automobile is a moving billboard, exposing your business to thousands of potential customers. With more eyes on them, drivers have a better chance of attracting new customers and increasing revenue.

Additionally, marketing automobiles is simple and easy. Interested drivers need to apply for the scheme, get their car wrapped in an ad, and then hit the road to start making money. When the contract ends, the advertising comes off without leaving any marks on the car.

Discover Ways to Spend Less on Gas

One of the most significant charges you’ll face as a Doordash delivery driver is the money you’ll spend on gas. Saving money on gas is a great way to boost your profits and keep more of your hard-earned cash where it belongs. You may save money on gas and make the most of each delivery journey with some planning and cautious driving.

Using gas apps and cashback applications (like the Upside app) is one way to cut costs at the pump. You can also receive cash rebates if you sign up for a Doordash Dasher Direct card.

Keeping your car in good shape is another efficient strategy to reduce fuel costs. Properly inflated tires minimise rolling resistance and increase fuel economy, while regular tune-ups and replacement of oil help keep the engine working at its best. Adding more weight to your automobile will raise its gas usage, so only haul about what you need to.

In addition, using safe driving practices helps reduce gas costs. Don’t use your brakes or accelerator in a jerking motion; this is inefficient and can damage your vehicle’s engine. Keeping your speed constant will help you save gas and increase your efficiency. If you’re driving for a while, it might be worth investing in a cruise control system that will help you keep a constant speed and save gas.

Benefits of Delivering With Doordash

Benefits of Delivering With Doordash

  • Source of extra income: Since being a Dasher is possible at 18, it’s a good option for college students looking for part-time work.
  • Simple paperwork and requirements: The documentation and regulations for using the DoorDash app are minimal compared to ride-sharing providers.
  • More eateries: The DoorDash user app now features a more extensive selection of restaurants for its users. It was possible to locate restaurants not featured in competing food delivery applications. More delivery services may be available if there are more dining establishments.
  • Lots of promotions: DoorDash is looking to build traction among foodies by offering a variety of promos to persuade users to try out their service. More orders mean more delivery requests for drivers.

Drawbacks of Doordash Delivery

  • The delivery pay may be low if you operate in a quiet neighbourhood. The app provides a heatmap feature that lets you find the busiest areas in your city to improve your chances of getting a peak pay promotion. 
  • Day-to-day delivery challenges: Unlike ride-share drivers, delivery drivers experience challenges that include parking at restaurants, finding delivery locations inside buildings, waiting a long time at restaurants, and predicting the preparation of meals.
Should You Perform Deliveries for Doordash

Should You Perform Deliveries for Doordash?

Your unique needs are the only consideration in this.

You could have a lot of bills to pay as a student studying abroad, so delivering with DoorDash is a wonderful way to make some additional money.

When you initially arrive in a nation, using delivery apps such DoorDash is highly beneficial because you can start earning money immediately (without bothering about the usual delays like mailing applications, going to interviews, etc.). 

Australian Requirements for DoorDash Drivers

Like any other side business, DoorDash has a low entry barrier. Drivers can sign up and begin working immediately without going through a drawn-out application or interview procedure. You must meet some conditions, including having the appropriate personal and vehicle documentation if you’re serious about becoming a DoorDash Dasher in Australia.

Most of the qualifications are comparable to those for other gig-economy delivery gigs, so applicants who have previously signed up with other apps can meet the prerequisites.

Personal Requirements

This is a requirement for your personal information.

  • You must be at least eighteen (18).
  • possess a smartphone running an Android or iPhone
  • Pass a background check conducted online using the personal data you submitted.

Make sure you have a legitimate personal identity before doing a background investigation. A birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or Australian passport all qualify. If you don’t have Australian citizenship, you’ll need a visa permitting you to work there.

They possess an ABN (Australian Business Number). In Australia, obtaining an ABN is a requirement for all delivery drivers.

Vehicle Requirements

In rush hour and urban areas where parking is difficult for four-wheeled vehicles, bicycles are the most effective means of delivering food orders. Also exempt from the need for a car is delivery by bicycle.

In addition to bicycles, you can also choose to deliver packages by car or motorcycle, each with its benefits. Delivering food to restaurants on motorcycles or scooters saves time and money compared to walking. You can receive and deliver numerous meal orders at once when using a car for delivery.

Suppose you want to use DoorDash to operate a motorcycle or car. Then, take a look at some of the conditions listed below.

A valid Driving Permit

No exclusive or unrestricted license in Australia? You can continue to drive with your Provisional License (P1 or P2). Students and those with temporary visas may also use an international driver’s license. 

Benefits of Doordash Top Dasher in Australia and How to Apply

Benefits of Doordash Top Dasher in Australia and How to Apply

Australia’s Menulog Driver Courier – How to Apply, Pay Rate, Contact Information, and More

Which of the following food delivery services pays the most in Australia: Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Menulog?

Application Process for Drivers with Doordash

As a newcomer to the continent, DoorDash will undoubtedly require many delivery partners, also known as Dasher, to meet the daily expanding food delivery demand. Faster delivery times and more customer satisfaction result from having more drivers.

You have the chance to support their initiatives to dominate Australia’s on-demand food delivery sector.

Here, we outline the application processes for delivery drivers in Australia if you’re curious about how to work for DoorDash, also known as Dasher.

The first step in signing up is going to the official registration page, which you can access from any device with an internet browser, including smartphones and computers. You can register as a driver for DoorDash Australia by clicking the signup button below.

Filling Profile Information 

After arriving at the signup page, the first step is to provide a working email address and click Next. Verify that the email is active because that is where you will receive all updates regarding the status of your driver registration.

Following that, you must put your Australian mobile number and the zip code of the location you want the company to deliver to. Before you put your mobile number, choose the Australian phone code “+61 (AU)”.

The following stage involves entering your full name, vehicle information (car, motorcycle, or scooter), birth date, and ABN (Australian Business Number)—the accuracy of the information is required since it will impact the background check procedure.

Check Your Right to Work and Your Background

Dashers are only qualified for activation if they pass the background check; in Australia, DoorDash uses the National Crime Check (NCC) service to carry out this duty. You can start a background check by clicking the “Complete National Crime Check” button, which will take you to the Doordash-NCC-specific website. For the time being, it is free.

It should take 2-3 days to verify and send out your background checks, but it can take up to 14. In addition, DoorDash will give the results, and you will get an email with a copy of the check report.

Your background check results should show Non-Disclosable Court Outcomes, which signifies no recorded disclosable court outcomes as of the issuance date. Your VEVO check from NCC must show that you have (at least) limited work rights in Australia if you are a temporary visa holder.

As noted on the NCC page, you can use an NCC check you’ve completed within the last three months with Doordash. Therefore, you can share a police check report with NCC if you obtained one in the past while enrolling with Uber Eats or Menulog. This will expedite the activation of your account because it will avoid another check.

Need assistance with the requirements, processing time, or background check procedure for contract drivers in Australia? Learn more about the background checks conducted by the police or for delivery and rideshare drivers in our other post.

Downloading the driver’s app comes next after running a police check using the National Crime Check (NCC) website. Direct downloads of the “Doordash – Driver” app are available from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store; after installation, the app’s name may change to “Dasher.”

You can still sign in if you need to activate the app with your email address and password fully; before using the app, you might need to send an SMS to confirm your phone number. 

After checking in, the Dasher app’s options will be visible but have restricted functionality, such as Dash Now and Schedule. No matter how often you try to schedule a Dash or hit the Dash Now button, you will always get an error message.

You can complete certain information, such as your payment information, or even set up the Virtual Red Card to work with your smartphone’s digital wallet while you wait for the activation.

Red Card

Doordash’s drivers must obtain a physical red card to be activated on the platform when the service first launches in Australia. Drivers use this prepaid, reloadable debit card to pay for a limited number of Doordash orders. However, they now offer a substitute by giving out a virtual red card that serves the same purpose.

Red Virtual Card

The Dasher app immediately generates a virtual card for newly registered drivers as they log in, so they don’t have to wait for a red card before driving. This card is compatible with their mobile device’s digital wallet. Therefore, ensure Apple Wallet or Google Pay are installed on your device (Android or iOS).

Need help setting up your Red Card or need help with how to use it to make a purchase? 

Payment Information

DoorDash can process your weekly compensation by direct deposit if you provide them with the information for your bank account. You can download the Dasher app and sign in using your email and password. Update your Payout Methods by going to the Earnings menu and clicking the bank icon at the top of the screen.

If you enter payment information for the first time, you must attach a photo ID to prove your identification. You’ll need to provide some form of government-issued identification—a driver’s license or passport, for example—before entering your BSB code and bank account number. Your paycheck will arrive at the start of the following week, as you will receive your payment weekly.

Account Activation

When Dasher has submitted all the necessary personal information and successfully navigated the NCC background check (the results you have already received via email), they qualify for activation.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, your Dasher account will be active. If your account is inactive five business days after receiving your National Crime Check (NCC) check findings, contact DoorDash immediately.


Learn more about activating a Doordash driver account, including checking the status of your account’s activation, how long it takes, and how to accelerate the process so you can start making deliveries.

What can I do to check the status of my DoorDash account? You will receive an email and an SMS on the registered cellphone number you provided when your account is live. Once logged into the Dasher app, you may also Schedule a Dash or Dash Now.

Your account isn’t active if the Dasher prevents you from selecting a date and displays a notice that reads, “You do not have the authority to do this action.”

Start the Delivery

After activating your account, you can Dash Now or schedule your first Dash and are then considered a Dasher in Australia.

Where Can I Find Doordash in Australia

Where Can I Find Doordash in Australia?

By the close of 2022, DoorDash would have been accessible beginning in Melbourne in more than 60 Australian cities. 

Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, and a few other major cities are among them. They have since added more cities or areas because the company has rapidly grown nationwide.

How DoorDash Operates

Similarly to other services, DoorDash allows you to arrange your first Dash as soon as your account has been fully activated. The DoorDash Driver app will alert you to nearby delivery requests whenever there is a convenient time window for you to make the delivery.

You may see the restaurant’s location, the pickup location, and the pay rate for the position. The position is up for acceptance, rejection, or passing.

This is how DoorDash delivery drivers, or Dasher, operate when they have a delivery opportunity.

Grab the food. You must manually place orders and make payments for food from unaffiliated businesses using the given Red Card.

Deliver the food to the customer by driving there.

Why DoorDash Should Be Your Delivery Service

There are many food delivery businesses in Australia, and you can either work for one of these services as a delivery driver or you might already be registered with them as an independent contractor.

Below are why you should apply to drive for DoorDash despite working for other organisations.

DoorDash has operated in more than 4,000 cities worldwide since its start in the United States in 2013, including Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. The firm will continue to grow.

DoorDash has a share of 35 per cent of consumer spending in its own country, which puts it ahead of the pack this year. Leave a few other significant competitors, like Uber Eats, which barely receives a 25% market share. From this, we may deduce that if more consumers in the nation trust DoorDash to deliver their meals, its drivers will fulfil more orders.

After effectively dominating the meal delivery business in the United States, they may employ the same method to battle with their opponents in Australia and win the competition.

Easy Requirements

With DoorDash, you may deliver using any car or two-wheeled vehicle, like a bicycle or motorcycle. However, you must ensure that motorised cars are roadworthy and adhere to local laws, including auto insurance. This position is perfect for people who desire to drive for ridesharing services but can’t because of requirements.

Freedom and Flexibility

You will have the freedom and flexibility to choose your start and end times for work as an independent contractor. You can turn this work into a part-time or occasional one to maintain your finances.

No Prior Experience

To start delivering for DoorDash, you don’t need prior work experience. All delivery partners and ridesharing drivers in Australia are welcome to become part of their platform.

What Is the Pay Rate for Doordash

What Is the Pay Rate for Doordash?

Of course, you know this since you work in the gig economy and decide where and when to work. The base pay (and occasionally peak pay when it’s busy) for each delivery request a Doordash driver (also referred to as a Dasher) receives determines how much money they make.

A driver will receive orders more easily if they are online at the correct time and place, such as during lunch (often from 11 am to 2 pm) and dinner (typically from 5 pm to 10 pm) in a crowded region. Doordash usually provides higher peak pay during peak hours, increasing Dasher’s income.

In reality, figuring out Dasher’s minimal hourly wage proved challenging because using this platform’s on-demand delivery service depends heavily on several of the previously listed factors. 

Disclaimer: Actual earnings may vary and depend on expenses. The average Dasher payouts made while making deliveries (from the moment you accept an order until you return it) – are used to determine hourly pay, including peak pay, tips, and other incentives.

If you believe that the rate of pay for an hour is still too low, consider taking lessons from a diligent Sydney driver (possibly a Top Dasher) who earns more than $1,000 in a week, which is unquestionably a respectable side-hustle income.

Including the time spent waiting for the order to arrive, the job is complete in 28h 55m (Dash Time). 

Although the screenshot above shows that the active time is only 17 hours, the dash time (the driver’s total online time on the platform) is 28 hours. The driver may take advantage of the 10-hour time difference by delivering simultaneously on other platforms, such as Uber Eats, Menulog, or Deliveroo, which will undoubtedly improve their income.

If you’ve ever heard stories regarding Doordash from other drivers, especially in the beginning, it’s worth mentioning. 

Similar to a lower wage rate, less activity than rivals, a lengthier wait time, etc. Now think about trying it yourself, as the platform already has many customers and restaurant partners, which naturally affects the orders made available to its drivers.

Your daily delivery payout may change depending on your location and online time using the program. For instance, making deliveries in CBD during the busiest lunch hour will increase your income.

Model Pay for DoorDash

The company is developing a pay structure to make wages visible and equitable.


Total Earnings for DoorDash are calculated as Promotion (Peak Pay) + Base Pay (Time, Distance, Desirability).

The drive distance, anticipated store wait time, parking, traffic, and activity time. These are just a few of the variables that affect base pay. Deliveries are anticipated to take longer and are less popular with dashers, who may have higher base pay.

Promotion is additional compensation for orders that satisfy specific criteria. With Peak Pay incentives, it’s allowing Dashers to increase their per-delivery earnings. On the Dasher app’s home screen heatmap, you can instantly access real-time information about the locations and times that qualify for peak pay incentives.

Here are a few samples to show how much DoorDash in Australia pays per delivery. Here, we provide examples of two orders: normal orders (pickup at the store, then delivery) and shop-and-deliver orders (shopping at the store, then delivery).

Shop and Deliver vs. Standard Order

Each pay is very different, with Shop & Deliver offering a substantially greater salary. This is understandable, given that the driver must purchase consumer items when getting this kind of order and use the business Red Card at the register.

When Are Drivers Compensated

When Are Drivers Compensated?

Every week, DoorDash drivers will receive their pay, and you’ll start receiving direct deposits on Monday of the following week for the money you make from Sunday through Monday. It takes two to three days for the payment to post to your account or by Wednesday night.

But what if you still need to receive payment? Please confirm your bank account information, specifically the BSB Code and Account Number, if your payment is missing. Since DoorDash cannot deposit money into a saving account, ensure that the bank account used is a checking account.

However, Australian Dashers can also use Fast Pay to withdraw their daily earnings. Cashing out from DoorDash is free; however, you can only do so once daily.

Driving for DoorDash: Pros and Cons

Along with the pros and downsides of driving for DoorDash in Australia, you should know why you should join up to become a driver.


  • Since you may become a Dasher at age 18, it is appropriate for students who wish to make extra money.
  • Compared to rideshare services, personal paperwork and vehicle criteria are simple.
  • You’ll see other eateries on the platform when you launch the DoorDash user app. You’ll uncover restaurants that aren’t on other apps for meal delivery. There may be additional potential for delivery if there are more restaurants and food options.
  • Further Promotions. DoorDash seeks recognition among Australian foodies as a recently founded meal delivery service by running various deals, such as delivery for free for the first thirty days, a $15 off discount, and others that will entice consumers to try this service. For drivers, more orders equate to more delivery requests.


  • If you work in a place that is not busy, the delivery pay may be low. The app offers a heatmap tool to locate the city’s most active areas to increase your chances of receiving a peak pay promotion.
  • In contrast with rideshare drivers, delivery drivers face similar difficulties, such as parking at restaurants, locating delivery sites inside buildings, lengthy restaurant waits, and anticipating meal preparation.


It can be simple to sign up to drive for DoorDash in Australia, and the job has flexibility and the possibility for income. Individuals may sign up for the DoorDash platform and begin delivering meals to clients in their neighbourhood by following a few easy steps. 

The first stage is meeting the minimum requirements, which include being 18 years old, having a license in good standing, and having access to a car or bicycle for deliveries. 

The next step is for applicants to complete the background check and online application, which generally include giving both personal and vehicle details and giving permission for a background investigation. 

Once authorised, drivers may download the DoorDash app, configure their availability, and begin receiving delivery requests. DoorDash gives drivers access to tools and assistance to help them succeed, including the Dasher app for organising orders and the chance to make money, thanks to a clear compensation structure.