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The Ultimate List of Student Discounts in Australia (35+ Discounts Inside)

Are you a student in Australia who is interested in finding ways to save money? You’re in luck, that’s for sure! Because we want you to get the most out of the money you’ve worked so hard to earn, we’ve prepared the most comprehensive list possible of student discounts around the nation. 

These discounts are intended to make your student’s life easier on the pocketbook by providing savings on various items, ranging from clothing and technology to food and entertainment. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re attending school in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere in between; you’ll be able to discover a wide choice of amazing discounts and special offers designed just for students. 

Get ready to discover a world of money-saving opportunities, and then come along with us as we reveal the top student discounts Australia offers to people like you!

1. Apple Student Discount

Students from other countries want to discount Apple MacBook laptop computers in Australia.

Apple’s student discounts are very well-liked among college students studying in Australian universities. They offer great prices on all their products, including Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, and other electronic devices. Additionally, if you put in the effort, you may uncover several websites that offer discounted prices on Apple items.

However, here is some advice: keep an eye on the Apple store for students and educators. They often provide early deals, which you should make the most of whenever possible. Therefore, make it a habit to check it often and get those offers!

Dell Student Discount

2. Dell Student Discount

Students from other countries seek Dell’s most significant student discounts and bargains on affordable laptops.

Excellent news for those of you already enrolled in an educational program at an institution of higher learning or college in Australia! In Australia, obtaining laptops with student discounts from Dell is relatively easy. Laptops manufactured by Dell are known for their cutting-edge design and unique features, making them an excellent choice for use in completing all of your university work.

You can also get monitors and accessories such as laptop bags and other useful items while travelling between home and university. When you check out the student laptop area offered by Dell (link provided below), they will even provide you with a voucher good for a 10% discount.

That is cool. Get your hands on the laptop with the discount immediately!

3. HP Student Discount

Students from other countries seek the cheapest HP laptops available via student discounts and promotions in Australia. 

This firm is a must-visit for every student searching for a great price on a computer or electrical device. They provide immediate access to special student pricing on electronics, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Simply register using your student ID or email address on their official website, and you’ll have access to exclusive student pricing.

In a word, HP is the best! Discounts range from 25% to 31% off desktops and displays for laptops and gaming PCs. 

To avoid missing out, sign up for the HP student bargain shop. If you click up there, you can go right to their site.

Lenovo Student Discount

4. Lenovo Student Discount

Students worldwide seek information about Lenovo’s student discounts and promotions in Australia to get low-cost laptops.

Lenovo has some of the best prices on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and accessories. They are dedicated to providing Australian students with affordable laptops. Visit their online shop for the lowest prices on all your favourite electronics.

The arrangement is that Lenovo has a dedicated educational retail outlet known as the Lenovo Education Store. They may get Lenovo computers, laptops, peripherals, and more at steep discounts there. 

Lenovo’s Education Store offers students discounts of up to 57% on laptops and desktops that are ideal for schoolwork. What a fantastic bargain!

Consequently, hurry up. You can save a lot of money on electronics by now shopping at Lenovo.

Samsung Student Discount

5. Samsung Student Discount

Students worldwide in Australia seek the finest Samsung student discounts and offers on affordable smartphones and laptops.

A valid email address is required to sign up for an account at the Samsung online school shop. After joining, you’ll get exclusive deals and savings on electronics like tablets, smartphones, monitors, and more that are perfect for the classroom.

Samsung offers a wide variety of cutting-edge gadgets and academic supplies. They provide a variety of excellent choices. Want to find some cool extras? Their equipment is top-notch.

They also sell laptops and cell phones if you want to upgrade your technology. Take a risk on yourself! Sign up for an account at the Samsung education shop and get ready to get some fantastic bargains on the cool tech that will make your time in school or college an unforgettable experience.

6. Huawei Student Discount

The technological behemoth known as Huawei is well-known for the innovative laptops, smartphones, wearables, and accessories of the highest quality that it produces.

Their products include great smartwatches, tablets, and other electronic devices with outstanding functionality and features.

The most impressive aspect of Huawei goods is their high level of quality, in addition to their relatively affordable costs. You will be overjoyed to learn that UNiDAYS has collaborated with this great firm to provide you with the most recent deals and discounts.

7. Harvey Norman Student Discount 

Harvey Norman is the destination for international students looking for the most significant discounts and bargains.

A leading shop in Australia known as Harvey Norman caters to students of all ages, from elementary school to university, by providing a diverse assortment of electronic gadgets for students, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and more.

Visit their website to get the finest student discounts on various electronic products. Make it a habit often to check their “back to school” section below to take advantage of exceptional deals.

8. JB Hi-Fi Student Discount

Students from other countries are looking through the inventory of jb hi-fi in Australia for the student laptop deals that are the greatest.

JB Hi-Fi is the place to go in Australia if you are a student and want to get a laptop at a discount. They are the nation’s leading home entertainment shop, offering customers incredible discounts on industry-leading brands such as Google, Apple,  Samsung, Microsoft, and Lenovo.

JB On their website, Hi-Fi includes a section reserved exclusively for students. You can check it out to discover all of the most recent bargains and offers that have been created just for students in Australia, both Australian and foreign. 

JB Hi-Fi is the best place for students who want to purchase laptops since it offers discounts on many models and brands.

Officeworks Student Discount

9. Officeworks Student Discount

Officeworks is the destination for international students looking for the finest student discounts and packages.

Officeworks is a retailer that carries a wide variety of goods, some of which include school supplies, Macbooks, tablets, headphones, laptops, monitors, and hard drives, among other things.

Some internet services provide student discount codes and coupons that you may use on various items sold by Officeworks. You may also get things at a fantastic deal on their official website by going to the area labelled “back to university.”

Officeworks provides everything you need, whether you are just beginning your college studies or are already in your last year. You will be able to maintain order with the help of their selection of affordable technologies and stationery.

10. Microsoft Student Discount

Students studying in other countries seek the finest student discounts and offers on Microsoft laptops.

Visit the online location of the official Microsoft Store to take advantage of student discounts on a variety of products, including laptops, tablets, personal computers, gaming devices,  smartphones, and accessories. They offer pupils unbelievable bargains that allow them to increase their overall productivity.

Students can get savings of up to ten per cent on various items, including Surface devices, whenever they shop at the Microsoft Education Store. They must check their website often to be informed about the most recent deals. 

Therefore, to take advantage of the finest bargains available to students, you should go to the Microsoft Education Store.

Phone Plans: 

11. Telstra Student Discount

The finest student discounts and bargains on Telstra phone plans are something that a lot of international students are looking for.

Telstra, Australia’s dominant telecommunications provider, has you covered with Wi-Fi and mobile network access everywhere you travel in the country. 

They provide special data plans tailored to their needs to guarantee that students can always go online for schoolwork.

Student discounts on smartphones, tablets, prepaid plans, internet and entertainment services,  and accessories may be found on their website and should be noticed. Telstra’s phone service quality is widely acknowledged as among the best in Australia. 

You can rely on Telstra to keep you connected wherever you are in the nation, whether you need to make an emergency phone call or check your email.

12. Optus Student Discount 

Australian students studying abroad are looking for Optus phone plan student discounts for international students.

If you are a student in Australia, you should investigate your options with the telecommunications company known as Optus.

They provide excellent student discounts tailored to today’s students’ active lifestyles. You may remain connected cheaply by taking advantage of discounts on various SIM-only and other SIM options. These plans provide you access to lots of data.

Regularly checking the education hub part of Optus’ website will keep you abreast of the company’s most recent deals. They are enticing by giving a 10% discount on a selection of SIM options.

Do not pass up the opportunity to take advantage of these fantastic rates, and keep an eye on Optus for all your communication requirements as a student.

13. Vodafone Student Discount

Students from other countries seek Vodafone’s most significant student discounts and discounts on its various phone plans.

Vodafone is the industry-leading telecommunications company and mobile internet service provider. They have some amazing discounts ideal for students, delivering fantastic value for the money on SIM-only plans that are suitable for purchase. 

While you are in Australia pursuing your education, you may cut down on costs significantly by taking advantage of the extensive selection of offers offered by Vodafone.

Check out their student discount area regularly to update you on their most recent products and services. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these fantastic prices and other incentives Vodafone provides its student customers.


14. THE ICONIC Student Discount

At ICONIC in Australia, international students are looking for the finest student discounts and bargains currently available. 

In Australia, THE ICONIC is an online clothes retailer that everyone should be familiar with. They provide you with a choice of women’s and men’s clothing that is always fashionable and up-to-date, regardless of the season. However, that’s not the end of it!

In addition, they provide outstanding weekly student discounts and coupons for various well-known brands, like Nike, Topshop, Adidas, Polo, and Levi’s, amongst others.

In addition, if you join Student Beans, you’ll get access to quick offers. THE ICONIC has been a favourite among students in Australia who are concerned with maintaining their sense of style as a result of the innovative summer clothing selection that the retailer offers.

Therefore, if you are a student, you should take advantage of the opportunity to choose from their fantastic range of apparel.

15. MYER Student Discount 

At MYER, international students are looking for the finest discounts and sales that are available to students. 

Myer is the place to go if you are in Australia and seeking a department store with a diverse product range.

They provide a remarkable variety of items suitable for consumers of all ages and genders. Myer includes everything you need, whether you’re looking for the latest fashions, cosmetic goods, entertainment things, needs for the home, or toys. 

Look through their website for fantastic offers to get the most out of your shopping experience. There are times when Myer offers special discounts just for students. It is highly recommended that you visit their website frequently to stay current on the most recent deals.

Myer stands out because of their excellent customer service, which makes your shopping experience more fun and individualised.

16. ASOS Student Discount

Students from other countries are looking for the finest student discounts and bargains available at ASOS in Australia for purchasing inexpensive, trendy clothing.

ASOS is a well-known clothing company that updates you on recent fashion trends. You may access discount coupons and amazing student discounts by visiting their online shop and filling out a form to receive these offers.

The online clothing shop is now offering a discount of 10%. You must first register using your student email address to get the discount.

Before enabling you to take advantage of this fantastic deal, ASOS will perform a verification process to validate that you are enrolled in an educational institution. They will validate the email address you provided as a student. Who doesn’t like browsing the selection at ASOS?

17. Cotton: On Student Discount

Students worldwide are looking for the finest Cotton On student discount and offer in Australia.

You’re in luck if you’re a student seeking cheap apparel, supplies, and accessories. Cotton On, a well-known worldwide store, provides exceptional student discounts and exclusive deals.

Registering with UNiDAYS is the only need to access Cotton On’s most significant student discount. By joining UNiDAYS, you’ll get a 15% discount on everything at Cotton On.

This is a fantastic chance to save money while stocking up on the latest fashions, office supplies, and accessories. Join UNiDAYS to take advantage of this great deal and save money right now!

18. YD. Student Discount

Do you want to look good without breaking the bank on men’s clothing? If you want anything, YD is it. If you need business casual or formal apparel for the workplace, go no further than this retail megastore. You’re in luck as a student since YD provides an incredible 10% student discount.

Joining Student Beans gets you access to this exclusive offer. After signing up, you’ll get a unique coupon code for a student discount at checkout. You’ll immediately get a 10% price reduction using this coupon at checkout.

This is a great chance to save money on a wardrobe refresh without sacrificing quality. Get your YD discount the moment you sign up with Student Beans!

Sephora Student Discount

19. Sephora Student Discount

Students worldwide are looking for the finest Sephora student discount and offer in Australia.

If you’re looking for a place to shop for cosmetics, skincare, and hair care, go no further than Sephora! This well-known company has many high-quality cosmetics to suit your demands. 

Creating a UNiDAYS account entitles you to a special discount on Sephora cosmetics as a student. Accessing exclusive deals on your preferred cosmetics is as simple as filling out a short online form.

Make the most of this excellent chance to save money and time on your beauty regimen. Get your Sephora student discount now by signing up with UNiDAYS.

20. Boohoo Student Discount 

This well-known shop specialises in clothing for women and heavily focuses on fashion for younger people. 

The most exciting part? You may be eligible for savings on clothing of up to fifty per cent (50%) off, depending on the specials that are now running. Take into consideration the possibility that additional terms and conditions will apply. 

As a student, you are in for a real treat since Boohoo provides students with exclusive discount coupons unavailable to anybody else. To get these coupons, you must sign up for either Student Beans or UNiDAYS.

Using these student discount coupons, you can save costs at Boohoo throughout the academic year.

21. Valleygirl Student Discount

Valleygirl has you covered when it comes to the hottest new styles. Thanks to this beautiful label, types seen in various women’s fashion publications may now be yours. What’s even better? At Valleygirl, you may get up to a 10% discount on purchases. 

You must sign up with Student Beans to get these exclusive rates. Remember that these discounts are only offered sometimes and are subject to the current specials.

Keeping abreast of news about when these student discounts become available is crucial. If you shop at Valleygirl, you can always look your best without breaking the bank. Benefit from this opportunity to show off the newest trends at a reduced cost.

Join Student Beans now and take advantage of Valleygirl’s exclusive student pricing!


22. Domino’s Student Discount

Students from other countries seek the most significant student discounts and bargains that Domino’s Pizza offers for purchasing inexpensive pizzas there.

Domino’s Pizza, located in Australia and is the world’s most extensive pizza business, offers the most competitive prices on various pies. You may receive exclusive discounts by shopping at their online or physical store.

You may also get the most recent Domino’s Pizza Australia discount codes and discounts by logging in to your UNiDAYS or Student Edge account. Both services are available online.

That’s right; a 40 per cent discount is available to students on premium and classic pizzas. It could hardly be more straightforward than it already is.

If you are a student, you may get fast access to this bargain by registering with UNiDAYS and verifying your student status.

23. Grill’d Student Discount

Grill was well-known for serving amazing burgers and other delectable meal selections. Students, you are in for a real treat if you read this! Students are eligible for a complimentary beverage at Grill from Monday through Wednesday of each week.

To take advantage of this deal, you will first need to enrol in their loyalty program, which is known as Relish. You may get further information by going to their website. 

Here’s an easy step-by-step process to receiving your free drink:

  • Enrol in Relish and become a student.
  • Come into any Grill location on Monday through Wednesday.
  • Pick up your favourite burger and any beverage from the refrigerator.
  • Scan the barcode on your student-free drink and provide your student ID.
  • Your barcode may be stored in the Grill’d App for quick access.

You can get a free drink, and your delicious Grill’d burgers by doing these things. Take advantage of this excellent benefit!

24. Betty’s Burgers Student Discount

In Australia, Betty’s Burgers is a well-known burger chain for its popularity and is in great demand. Downloading the Betty’s Burgers app is required to take advantage of the restaurant’s exclusive promotions and incentives.

If you take this action, you will be updated with timely information about student discounts and free offer opportunities. 

Mc Donalds Student Discount

25. Mc Donalds Student Discount

The McDonald’s app is where you will discover the finest deals and discounts for students. The application details daily and weekly deals, special offers, and promotions. The app provides promotional coupons that may be used for free burgers or discounts on other foods and beverages.

You may become a member of Student Edge to get instant student discounts. Members in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and the State of Tasmania can get a free small soft drink, orange juice, or coffee from McDonald’s with any sale above $4. (There Are Terms and Conditions Attached)

26. KFC Student Discount

KFC is famous for its delectable chicken, and via its app, it provides a variety of discounts that are sure to entice customers.

You should download the KFC app to enjoy their great chicken wings and another delicious cuisine at a more manageable price for your budget.

You may discover discount coupons and special deals on the website, making your experience at KFC even more pleasurable without causing you to go into debt.

27. Guzman Gomez Student Discount

At this well-liked chain of quick-service restaurants, you can savour some of the best Mexican cuisine, including delicious burritos, nachos, tacos, and more. Keep an eye out for the rare special deals they run, such as the one where you get a free burrito with the purchase of another one. 

We strongly advise downloading their app to keep up with their most recent deals and promotions and maximise opportunities like these. If you do so, you will get timely updates about their exceptional bargains, ensuring that you can savour their excellent meals while making the most of the opportunities presented by their promotions.


28. Spotify Student Discount

Students from other countries are looking for the most significant student discounts and packages that Spotify offers for membership.

Spotify, one of the most well-known music streaming services, offers students a fantastic free premium subscription for three months.

Following the trial period’s conclusion, students can continue their membership at a reduced price. They will have unrestricted access to a comprehensive music, movie, and podcast library.

If you are considering subscribing to Spotify’s music streaming service, check out their section on student discounts. 

This is an excellent chance to use the platform’s extensive music catalogue and tailored playlists while saving some money. 

Spotify is an excellent platform that can satiate your want for music in whatever way you experience, whether you want to wind down and chill out or listen to some of your favourite songs when you have some free time.

29. Netflix Student Discount

Many students from other countries seek the most significant student membership discounts and bargains that Netflix offers. 

Netflix is the best place to watch movies, TV series, and documentaries online, so sign up now to start watching and immersing yourself in a world of unequalled streaming entertainment. Netflix has a vast collection of content that spans various genres and interests, ensuring that there is something of interest to every viewer.

Discover exciting tales and unique characters when you sign up for a free trial that lasts for thirty days. Following the conclusion of the free trial period, you can continue your adventure via Netflix at pricing that is kind to your wallet, guaranteeing that you will have many hours of cinematic enjoyment without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

30. HOYTS Student Discount

Students studying abroad are looking for the finest Hoyts student discount and package.

If you’re looking for a great time at the movies, HOYTS is the place to go. They provide attractive student discounts designed to appeal to various tastes and budgets.

You need to sign up for Student Edge to get the student discount. During the week, Student Edge members may save money on movie tickets at HOYTS by showing their ID. 

Tickets to the regular session are just $12.50, or you may splurge on the HOYTS LUX experience for only $32.

Get ready to be mesmerised by the big screen with these deals only for students at HOYTS theatres. If you’re a movie buff or simply seeking a good time, HOYTS is the place to be. 

Experience the magic of movies with Student Edge. Take advantage of the chance to save a ton of money.

31. Event Cinemas Student Discount

Students worldwide seek out the most significant offers and discounts for students at Event Cinema. 

Visit Event Cinemas for the best student discounts and cinematic experience.

Cinebuzz for Students members has access to even deeper student discounts. Bring your student ID to the Box Office of any Event Cinema in Australia to get these savings.

Student tickets at Event Cinemas are now $8 for Cinebuzz members on Mondays. Obtaining a discount coupon is as easy as showing your student ID at the Box Office. Then, enter that discount code when prompted on the Cinebuzz website.

If you want to ensure you never miss a big-screen experience, joining Cinebuzz can get you cheap movie tickets.

32. Village Cinema Student Discount

Even though Village Cinemas does not provide student discounts on a direct basis, there are still opportunities to save money on movie tickets via the theatre’s lucrative loyalty program.

If, on the other hand, you are a member of the RACV, you are in luck because you can get primary tickets for only $10 for each movie. Also, consider enrolling in their unique membership club, which provides members with a tremendous discount of 20% off of all movie tickets.

Visit their website to learn about the ongoing specials available and discover fantastic savings on your next trip to the movies.

33. Strike Student Discount

A strike is the best option for those seeking thrilling indoor activities to enjoy with companions. It’s the best place for a fun group activity since it has everything from bowling to laser tag to karaoke.

You may discover a Strike venue near you, one of more than 14 around Australia, full of never-ending fun and laughter. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to make memories with your pals. Plan a fantastic evening of bowling and good times by checking out the discounts & promotions page. The time you spend at Strike will change your life forever.

34. Holey Moley Mini Golf Student Discount

Do you want to find a location that has mini-golf, a lively cocktail bar, and a great social environment, but you need to know where to look?

The Holey Moley Golf Club is the only place you need to go! It is the ideal place to hang out with old pals and make new acquaintances simultaneously. Check out the student discount page on their website to see all the fantastic deals for those who like playing mini-golf.

You should sign up for Student Beans to get the most out of the student discount. When you join Holey Moley, you will have access to exclusive privileges and be eligible for additional discounts. Now, you should round up your pals, seize a putter, and prepare for an unforgettable experience playing miniature golf at the Holey Moley Golf Club.

35. Apple Music Student Discount

Lucky you if you’re enrolled in a higher education institution! Apple Music has a unique student discount lasting up to 48 months at a reduced monthly charge. Not only that but for a limited time, students who subscribe to Apple Music will also get Apple TV+, giving them access to various entertaining programs and movies.

Follow the link and simple instructions to take advantage of this fantastic deal. Create a UNiDAYS account as well since it is required to get the student discount.

Enjoy unlimited music streaming and early access to Apple TV+ originals when you sign up for Apple Music. Join now to enhance your college life with Apple’s premium media content.


36. Flight Centre Student Discount

Is a vacation in the works? If you’re looking for great deals on specific airlines and trips, go as far as Flight Centre. Always check their website before purchasing flights since the discounts and specials they provide may change with the seasons.

Popular airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airways, Etihad Airways,  Malaysian Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta, offer student discounts of 10% or more on discounted flights. 

Take advantage of these low prices, and make Flight Centre your go-to for cheap vacations.


Fitness First Student Discount

37. Fitness First Student Discount

Students studying abroad seek the most excellent Fitness First student membership offers and discounts. 

Join Fitness First and take charge of your health now. Participate in their stimulating group training classes, use their flexible operating hours, and take advantage of the assistance of their fitness professionals. Show your student ID at any Fitness First location for a special discount.

Discounts for students may be different from one club to the next. For information on current club specials and student-specific discounts, please contact the helpful staff at your nearest Fitness First club.

Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle at Fitness First, where your educational pursuits meet the pinnacle of fitness.

General Online Retailers:

38. Amazon Student Discount 

Good news for American college students! Amazon offers a fantastic deal just for you: a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime with all the features unlocked. After your free trial of Prime expires, you’ll still get a whopping 50% off the regular membership price.

Students in Australia need help to take advantage of this promotion. But if a deal like this one comes up again, you can be sure we’ll let you know immediately. 

 In the interim, Australian residents may still join Amazon Prime and have access to a host of perks. Look for new information and maximise your time shopping on Amazon Australia!

39. eBay Student Discount

eBay is a popular website where people may buy and sell goods online. Students may save 8-15% on all purchases on their site using one of their exclusive discount coupons.

Join eBay Plus for free to have access to these discounts. Notable as the pioneer of the Australian marketplace industry, eBay offers a simple and effective way to purchase online. Explore eBay’s many offerings right now to take advantage of the steep savings available to students.

40. Student Discount has garnered a well-deserved reputation because of its extensive product variety. This range includes anything from cutting-edge technology to attractive apparel.

The fantastic news is that beginning right now, you can save a staggering 15% on any purchases you make. However, there is more to the story: has expanded its product line to include affordable student mobile subscriptions under the brand name ‘Catch Connect.’

These affordable plan options allow students to maintain an online presence without breaking the bank.

41. Specsavers Student Discount

Specsavers is the best place for students to get low-cost eyeglasses and contact lenses. They’ve collaborated with Student Beans to provide exclusive discounts for their student customers. Significant savings are available on both contact lenses and fashionable eyewear.

Get 10% off contact lenses or 25% off if you choose a pair that costs $149 or more and has single-vision lenses.

Verify your student status with Student Beans and get access to exclusive student discounts. Save another second pondering whether or not to take advantage of Specsavers’ student discounts.

42. Microsoft Office 365 Student Discount

Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get Office 365 Education’s full functionality at no cost. Access the full versions of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams simply by signing up with your official school email address. 

Furthermore, Microsoft has incorporated various educational resources to aid in your studies.

Before diving into the world of increased productivity with Office 365 Education, be sure your institution qualifies for this offer. Don’t pass up such a fantastic chance!

43. GitHub Student Developer Pack

You can use all of GitHub Pro’s features for free for the duration of your time as a student if you have the student developer pack. In addition, you will be granted access to the fantastic GitHub Student Developer Pack, which is jam-packed with valuable materials that their partners have to offer.

If you successfully meet the requirements, you can participate in GitHub’s Campus Expert program and get the highest calibre training. This excellent student developer bundle will help you push your coding abilities to the next level, so be ready to take on the challenge!

44. Notion Student Discount

When it comes to software that facilitates student cooperation, shines out as one of the best solutions that are currently accessible. Students are given a free membership to the Personal Pro Plan, enabling them to collaborate easily with unlimited visitors.

Register with the website using the email address associated with your educational institution to take advantage of this offer.

45. JetBrains Student Discount

Students enrolled in recognised educational institutions, including high schools, colleges, and universities, are eligible to receive the advantages of the Jet Brains licensing program. 

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in an academic program that requires them to devote their full-time attention to their studies for at least one year. 

This program gives students various reliable software tools and resources, enabling them to flourish in their academic endeavours.

Apply right now to increase the potential of your learning experience with a free license to use Jet Brains.

Apple Student Discount

46. Apple Student Discount

Apple is one of the most well-liked technology firms among students in Australia. As a result, the company makes educational pricing and student discounts accessible to students in Australia for most of their most popular goods, including Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, and iPhones.

Watch for the special student deal Apple makes available at the beginning of each academic year. You will get free headphones if you buy a Mac or an iPad now. 

47. JB Hi-Fi Student Discount

JB One of Australia’s most well-known electronic retail establishments is known as Hi-Fi. You may pick the reduced deals and various other offers on their website, specifically designated as a platform for student discounts. 

These include offers for laptops, phones, and other electronic devices. If you want to see the currently available deals, you can do so by clicking here.

OSA ISIC members are eligible for a 5% discount on JB Hi-Fi gift cards

48. Amazon Student Discount

Amazon offers a highly generous student offer in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), and other countries. This deal provides students a free trial for six months and an additional fifty per cent discount once the trial period ends. 

However, there currently needs to be a substantial discount on the Prime subscription available to students in Australia. When the discount becomes available in Australia, we will keep you updated on its availability. 

49. Officeworks Student Discount

Officeworks offers competitive pricing on all the stationery, furniture, and technology linked to work and study and on almost anything else required for work and research. 

In addition, they provide exclusive student discounts as part of their Back to School and Back to University marketing efforts. You can see all the deals and values available to students here.

50. Harvey Norman Student Discount

Harvey Norman is a well-liked shop catering to students’ technological purchases. They conduct campaigns offering student discounts. Keep an eye out for limited-time offers. On their website, there is a section designated for students.

You may cut costs even further by becoming an OSA ISIC member to take advantage of the 4% discount on Harvey Norman eGift Cards.

51. Lenovo Student Discount

Lenovo provides fantastic prices on student discounts. There are instances when the student discount may be as much as a fifty per cent reduction off the retail pricing of the merchandise, including desktop computers, laptops, and accessories. You’ll find the company’s student discount information on Lenovo’s website.

HP Student Discount

52. HP Student Discount

Another well-known name among students, this retailer caters to their needs by providing a specialised education shop with a wide selection of technological goods sold at deeply discounted prices. You must have an edu email address to access the student discounts.

53. DJI Student Discount

You can discover details about an exclusive student discount available for DJI products on the website. The Mavic Mini and other DJI items are currently offered at a discounted price, reduced by 10%.

55. Student Discount is one of Australia’s most successful online retailers. They offer everything from consumer electronics to groceries, and right now, if you join their newsletter, you can save up to 15% on your first purchase.

Huawei Student Discount

56. Huawei Student Discount

At prices far lower than those offered by competitors, Huawei can sell cutting-edge technology products such as smartphones, wearables, laptops, and accessories. Using this, you may save up to 15 per cent on various goods for a short period.

57. Iconic Student Discount

Iconic is Australia’s most popular online clothing and accessories store. They provide a selection of trendy clothes and accessories for students’ preferences. They provide a variety of student discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off the standard costs.

58. Boohoo Student Discount

Boohoo is a well-known fashion shop for women, primarily selling clothing and accessories for young people.

59. Valleygirl Student Discount

Your emphasis at Valleygirl should be on the most recent trends, styles, and looks you see on fashion catwalks and publications geared toward young women. You may save up to an additional 10% on all of your purchases placed with Valleygirl. For further information, please see the Student Beans website.

60. Specsavers Student Discount

You can only go as far as Specsavers if you need contact lenses or spectacles. At Specsavers, customers who purchase one pair of eyeglasses in the $199 range or above are eligible for a discount of $100 off their purchase.

You may also get a discount of 10% on your contact lenses if you buy them now.

61. Temt Student Discount

TEMT caters to fashion-forward young ladies who appreciate avant-garde design and are aware of their preferences by providing them with contemporary clothing. By verifying that they are a member of Student Beans, you may get a 10% student discount at TEMT.

62. yd. Student Discount

yd. sells men’s apparel that is on-trend, fashionable, and inexpensive all at the same time. You don’t need to seek any further than this well-known youth brand in Australia, whether you’re searching for a casual outfit to take to a party or a dressy outfit to wear to work. When you purchase at yd. Via Student Beans, you may save up to 75% and an extra 10% off as a student discount.

63. Telstra Student Discount

Telstra is often regarded as the country’s premier phone network in Australia. Telstra provides a student discount of up to ten per cent for those who use their website here. To enjoy their student discount, you must have an email address ending in

64. Optus Student Discount

Optus provides a discount of 10% to students who sign up for their student hub. To get the special student discounts and deals available, verify your email address and choose a plan from the menu above.

65. Vodafone Student Discount

Because of their affordable rates and international roaming options, Australian students love Vodafone. Vodafone provides student discounts on their sim plan and alternatives, and unlimited data packs.

66. Hoyts Student Discount

While Hoyts no longer provides a student discount, they sometimes run significant discounts on sites like Scoopon and Groupon.

Using the Optusperks app, you can also obtain $12.50 Hoyts primary tickets.

Hoyts now offers savings and super saver sessions seven days a week, rather than only on Super Tuesdays, and has implemented single ticket prices.

Tickets are $14.50 for adults and $11.50 for children with an OSA ISIC.

67. Village Cinema Student Discount

Village Cinemas, like Hoyts Cinemas, do not provide student discounts, although the Vrewards program may be used to save money on movie tickets.

In addition, if you are a member of an organisation like RACV, you may get regular tickets for as little as $9 for each session.

Village Cinema offers a discount to OSA ISIC members as well. Prices for adults start at $15.50

68. Strike Student Discount

Want to have some indoor fun with your pals? If you’re a student, you can bowl at Strike for just $8 from Monday through Thursday before 5 p.m..

Bowling, laser tag, karaoke, and Exitus escape rooms are just a few of the entertaining things you can do at one of Strike’s 14 locations around Australia.

The OSA ISIC card will earn you one FREE FULL-PRICE GAME for up to FOUR PEOPLE by purchasing another FULL-PRICE GAME (including shoe rental) of equal or higher value.

69. Holey Moley Mini Golf Student Discount

The Holey Moley Golf Club is a great establishment that combines a cocktail bar, a mini-golf course, a piece of art, and an all-out groovy centre into one spot. Get nine holes of mini golf for nine dollars if you play Monday through Thursday before five o’clock.

70. OSA Students Flights & Hotels Discounts

Students love to get out of the classroom and see the world through travel. We have your back for that, whether you travel domestically within Australia or internationally or simply want to go back home.

On their website, find the most current student discounts, offers, and bargains for travel accommodations, such as hotels and vehicle rentals.

71. Flight Centre

You may save 10% on certain airlines when booking flights with Flight Centre.

You’ll need to provide your OSA ISIC card to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer.

71. Spotify Student Discount

Students may get a free trial of Spotify for one month, after which they can upgrade to a premium account for a reduced fee of $5.99 per month. Spotify provides access to this promotion for its users.

72. Apple Music Student Discount

Apple has announced that any Apple Music Student Plan will now come with a free Apple TV+ subscription, a three-month trial, and a reduced rate of $5.99 monthly.

73. Dominos Student Discount

There is no need to provide an introduction to Domino’s Pizza, mainly if you are a student. Their pizzas are legendary for any kind of get-together with friends. Domino’s Pizza provides students with significant savings; registering on this page may save up to 33 percent on your orders.

74. Grill’d Student Discount

Free drinks are provided to students at Grill’d Burgers from Monday through Wednesday of each week. You must enrol in their loyalty program to get the free booze. In addition, if you join the relish reward program, you will get free chips after your second visit, a free drink after your fifth visit, and a free birthday drink.

75. Uber Eats Student Discount

Students in Australia certainly use Uber Eats more than any other app to place their meal orders, and this popularity is likely to continue. You’re in luck since Uber Eats gives you a discount if you join up with an existing code or code from one of their other customers. You will get a value of $10 off your very first Uber Eats purchase of $20 or more.

You can join up to drive for Uber Eats if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

76. McDonald’s Student Discount

The McDonald’s app provides access to some of the finest student deals.

But you should check out the offer if you want a free CHEESEBURGER when you buy another CHEESEBURGER of the same or more significant value. It should come as no surprise that this component is included on the OSA ISIC Card.

KFC Student Discount

77. KFC Student Discount

KFC offers a variety of discounts throughout the year.

However, our OSA ISIC card is valid for various KFC discounts in several Australian places. South Australian students, for instance, can get one free TWISTER with the purchase of another TWISTER, one free ORIGINAL RECIPE BURGER with the purchase of another ORIGINAL RECIPE BURGER of equal or more excellent value, and one free KRUSHER with the purchase of another KRUSHER of equal or more excellent value. Read on for the fine print.

KFC gives students a free upsize by purchasing a burger, chicken nuggets, or a Twister or Original Tenderloins Combo or Twister in the ACT, VIC, or TAS.

78. Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Education is accessible to students and teachers at participating schools. This suite of productivity and collaboration apps includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams. You can sign up now with a valid school email address. Verify if your school meets the requirements to receive this no-cost service.

79. GitHub Student Developer Pack

This bundle provides qualifying candidates access to 12 months of free membership to GitHub Pro, partner offers (such as free access to Canva Pro for a whole year and more), and GitHub Campus Expert training.

80. Notion

Students and teachers are eligible for a complimentary version of Notion’s Personal Pro Plan. This provides you with version history and the ability to work with infinite visitors. 

81. JetBrains

Free Educational Licenses are available for students and teaching staff. As long as you qualify as either a student or a teacher, you can get free license renewals. 

82. Other Student Discounts

With an OSA ISIC Card, you can access a wide variety of additional discounts, including those on topics such as health & fitness, fashion, technology, entertainment, cuisine, and travel. You may get your card by visiting the website for abroad students in Australia.

Final Thoughts

Look into all the many discount possibilities, whether you are considering making a new purchase, organising a vacation, or planning a night out. It is possible to join prominent student discount websites in Australia and save money on necessities and indulgences.