Top 70+ Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Australia

Due to the many advantages and low entrance barriers, many individuals are interested in making money online. You can use a computer, smartphone, or other internet-connected device to make money online.

Making money online is a viable option at home or abroad.

This post will help you figure out the best way to make money online if you need help. It has highlighted 25 strategies to generate money online in the long run and ten quick ones. You’ll get the details of the resources required, the possible payoff, and the ideal candidates for each strategy.

Whether your goal is to supplement your income or launch a brand-new company, the information in this article should help you narrow down your options for making money online in Australia.


1. Freelancing

Taking your present work in your 9-to-5 function and doing it online is the most straightforward approach to earning money online. Suppose you’re a writer, developer, graphic designer, administrative assistant, teacher, etc. In that case, you may advertise your abilities online and find customers who will pay you to put them to use.

For each sort of freelancer, there is also an endless array of work portals to choose from. For example, independent authors may submit applications for positions on specialised online job boards for writers and general freelancing websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

If you can’t leverage your bills to generate revenue streams directly, you may attempt to make money using other transferable talents you may have. 

First, You must develop a solid portfolio to work from home as a freelancer and earn money online. To begin, it may include volunteering for a few respectable mid-tier companies. 

You might approach large prospective customers after you’ve built up a solid portfolio to increase your internet income. Remember that freelancing is a numbers game: the more personal your emails and applications are, the more probable you will get a response.

2. Print On Demand

Print-on-demand (POD) is another common strategy for earning cash in the digital realm. Many individuals like this company model because its operational costs are lower than competing businesses.

Like dropshipping, print-on-demand eliminates the need to retain stock and distribute products to customers. 

There are, however, two little differences. You can make one-of-a-kind products, which is excellent for promoting your business. 

Second, there needs to be more categorisation and a concentration on fewer choices. Most print-on-demand companies specialise in selling T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags.

How can you maximise returns from your print-on-demand business? Tools for free advertising. The most effective strategy would be to have influential users of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest promote your products for free to their respective audiences.

To fully grasp the differences between print-on-demand and dropshipping, watch us have a good conversation with Wholesale Ted about the merits of both approaches.

3. Online Tutoring

Consider working as an online instructor to earn money online on your schedule. Studenomics profiled an individual who made $2,100 from tutoring in one semester. He increased his clientele through word-of-mouth, exposure, and excellent group prices. 

You could have a better chance of finding work as a tutor if you have a teaching degree. A degree or prior language-learning experience is required for this profession. You could also be considered for an online tutoring, teaching, or mentoring role if you’ve spoken on the subject at a conference or other gathering. 

English is a popular subject among foreign audiences; however, teaching opportunities in the sciences and mathematics are also in great demand. Tutoring might be the best platform for quickly generating money if you are an expert in a particular field.

4. YouTube

When others succeed on YouTube, you will grow as well. MrBeast, as Jimmy Donaldson, is the highest-paid YouTuber with $54 million in 2021. Donaldson is renowned for doing bizarre stunts on his channel. 

Like many other YouTube stars, Jake Paul has built a fortune thanks to his viral distribution of funny prank videos and boxing content. Because of his YouTube (and boxing) fame, he used his influence to make money on other platforms.

You should focus on one topic exclusively to attract a sizable, engaged audience to your YouTube channel. You may make parody videos, instructional films, game broadcasts, makeup tutorials, or anything else you think others want to see.

To make money on YouTube, you must provide content people are willing to pay for. Create attention-grabbing titles and use keywords in the video’s description to boost its visibility in YouTube searches. After you’ve amassed 1,000 subscribers, you can monetise your channel with YouTube ads.

Use Your Ride

5. Use Your Ride 

If you have a vehicle, you may work as a delivery or Uber driver to supplement your income. But even if you don’t your bicycle or scooter may still be used to transport groceries and other necessities. 

Uber drivers who want to increase their earnings from their car may use Free Car Media to transform it into a moving billboard. In this scenario, the business will wrap your automobile in removable vinyl with a promotional message for a product or service.

How to get paid with UberWant to discover how to drive for Uber and quickly earn money? If your passengers are interested, you may present your goods if you run a side company. However, not all will be. 

However, if they indicate interest in your goods, you may keep items for sale beneath the driver’s seat for a passenger to peruse through. Customers may use Uber’s tipping feature to cover the fee if they don’t have the cash. 

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Because so many company owners are starting their own companies, there is an almost daily rise in the need for virtual assistants. A person who works for themselves and offers services to a company while doing so from a distant place is known as a virtual assistant. 

As a virtual assistant, some of the services you may provide include customer assistance, writing, accounting, and social media management, to name just a few. 

Websites such as Virtual Office Temps, Indeed, and Upwork are good places to look for appropriate employment opportunities. 

A significant number of virtual assistants have also discovered methods to generate money online by contacting companies and company owners to inquire about the possibility of assisting in the operation of their companies. 

You won’t have to wait as long as you would imagine getting your first customer if you use various methods, including job advertising applications and outreach.

7. Become a Twitch streamer

Twitch has expanded beyond its original purpose as a gaming platform. Many people use Twitch to earn money online. Gaining a large following is essential to make quick money on Twitch. Consistent broadcasting will allow you to expand your fan base rapidly. 

To have your material seen, you need to choose a popular game or channel where there is little competition. To attract viewers, you must establish a channel identity; will your broadcasts be comedic, informative, or entertaining? Pick a course of action and stay on it.

You may earn money from your Twitch channel in five ways: product sales, brand sponsorships, fan contributions, paid subscriptions, and Twitch advertisements. To maximise your earnings as a Twitch broadcaster, you should prioritise exploring all five monetisation options. Hosting Twitch broadcasts is lucrative with the appropriate approach and dedication.

8. Invest in Stocks

Investing your money in the stock market is another quick way to earn money. You should only pursue this money-making method if you are already well-versed in selecting stocks. 

If you lack expertise, it may result in a loss of money, although it has the potential to provide one of the largest payouts. 

You may not have much control over the organisation’s overall performance as an employee, but at least with a corporate stock programme, you have some effect. If your objective is to save money for retirement or a down payment on your first house, you may also join an RRSP matching programme offered by your employer if the firm offers such a programme.

9. Sell Your Photography

You may earn money online by selling your photographs, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or just a person who enjoys taking excellent photos. Websites like Shutterstock and Alamy are perfect for displaying your work to potential clients. 

When someone downloads a copy of a photographer’s picture from one of these websites, the photographer receives a royalty payment.

If you are interested in swiftly monetising your photography, you may make a listing on Foap, a mobile app that enables you to post your works and earn money. 

Foap can be downloaded onto smartphones. When a brand, agency, or any other entity purchases a picture or video from your digital Foap portfolio, the app developer splits the earnings and gives you half of what they make. 

Sell Clothes Online

10. Sell Clothes Online

You probably have a closet full of items you last wore over a year ago and have no plans to wear them again. Why just let them occupy your wardrobe when you can sell them for a profit?

There are several online marketplaces where you may sell gently used clothing, accessories, and footwear. You may make money by selling your old clothes on websites like Poshmark, The RealReal, Refashioner, ThredUp, and Tradesy. 

Selling your wares on many internet marketplaces is a viable option for making money from home. You may discover local buyers and sellers via Facebook buy-and-sell groups to generate offline sales. I’ve made sales using similar forums to attest to their efficacy.

11. Become an Extreme Couponer

When times are tough financially, coupons might help you save a few dollars. Additionally, the act of distributing coupons might assist you in making money through the Internet. 

For instance, Coupon Chief provides its clients with a Pays to Distribute programme, through which they can get a certain proportion of sales generated by the coupons they distribute on the site. You must add coupons that have yet to be distributed to anybody else. In exchange, you will get a 2% and 3% fee on each sale. 

It works similarly to affiliate marketing, in which you share referral links and gets rewarded if someone purchases after clicking those links. Because coupon firms are known to pay their affiliates consistently, making money online is a legitimate way to do it. Coupon Chief has already distributed more than $1.3 million in commissions to its customers.

12. Start a Blog

Blogging, which involves producing material on a particular subject or niche based on your experience or skill, is a more accessible alternative to making videos.

You may establish your blog on a site like WordPress to provide helpful information or showcase your expertise to the world.

Before you start blogging, educating yourself on search engine optimisation (SEO), techniques is a good idea so your posts will start showing up on Google’s first page.

Please enrol in Google’s free Digital Garage course if you need a search engine optimisation (SEO) background.

You may earn money from your blog by including advertisements from Google or another provider. Once your site begins to get a significant amount of visitors, you may begin accepting adverts or sponsored articles from other publishers.

Okay, so to get your blog up and running, you’ll need a

  • CMS like WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Domain name: You can sign up here for your domain name.

Realise that your website may take some time to rank in search results and generate revenue once launched.

13. Sell Merchendise Online

You may start selling goods online if you are creative, have some abilities in crafts or art, or simply produce stuff at home.

Website creation and online selling have become more manageable thanks to tools like Shopify and WordPress.

If you want to sell your wares online, you may take a quick course on how to do it right on YouTube.

You need not produce such goods yourself. You may buy them from and AliExpress and then sell them on the abovementioned websites.

You might also try selling them on websites like Gumtree or the Facebook Marketplace.

If you want to start selling products online, they might be a terrific place to do it.

14. Sell Digital Products/Services

You may also become a seller of digital things if you are not interested in dealing with the logistics of actual products.

You can sell your digital items on various online platforms and marketplaces.

For instance, if you have some design abilities or can develop some design skills, you can build Canva templates and then sell them on a digital marketplace such as Etsy or AppSumo.

If you are skilled in software construction, you may sell your wares on AppSumo, codecanyon, and Amazon.

Try Affiliate Marketing

15. Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common approaches to making money in the digital realm. The number of people using it fluctuates, but overall, it’s a reliable method to make money online. 

One of the most remarkable things about affiliate marketing is the variety of potential business partners available; you can work with anybody from Shopify and Amazon to Uber and FabFitFun.

You may be paid to promote other people’s products with affiliate marketing. If you’re a good marketer, you may make money by advertising everything from retail goods and applications to computer software. 

However, your commission on each sale may seem minor; remember that you may be an affiliate for several businesses and use multiple affiliate links in a single blog article.

You should prioritise content promotion to succeed at affiliate marketing online. The more time and effort you put into expanding your blog with high-quality material, the more of an asset it will become. You may help your affiliate partner by strategically including links to their website in your blog entries. 

16. Sell Your Designs Online

Graphic design is an incredible ability that can be turned into a lucrative career in various ways. 

You might pursue the path of print-on-demand and sell your designs on things you have customised yourself. You can post your ideas to a crowdsourcing website such as 99designs and solicit user feedback.

You can also develop your graphics and layouts, which you can then offer for sale on online marketplaces such as Envato or Creative Market. 

Or, what about starting your own business as a freelance graphic designer and scooping up some clients? PayScale estimates that the hourly wage you can expect from this position is $29.90.

17. Participate in Online Surveys

There is a large number of businesses that are interested in carrying out market research for a variety of goods, services, or brands.

You may join these platforms and begin conducting surveys. Once you have finished a study, you will get reimbursed in cash or various types of gift cards, depending on the site.

Various platforms are available for conducting these surveys, and you can research to determine which platform would work best for you.

You will be notified by these survey businesses whenever new surveys are available on the platform. You will then be required to finish those surveys to be paid for participation.

18. Become a TikTok Consultant

Becoming a TikTok consultant is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Companies will contact you to help them create videos, write exciting profiles, and more. 

This is a fantastic way for digital nomads to make money since you can manage the whole operation from a mobile device. Since TikTok has yet to reach its full potential as Instagram has, you might earn a lot of money if you helped advertisers get a foothold there.

But before consulting companies on their use of TikTok, you’ll need to develop a few skills. The ability to make videos that go viral and spark interest in a company is crucial. This TikTok course will teach you how to attract clients even if you still need to gain the knowledge to generate sales via the platform.

19. Sell Greeting Cards Online

This might be a simple method to earn money online if you have a good eye for selecting appropriate greeting cards for various events. However, it is not a good business strategy to advertise your offerings to anybody and everyone. Instead, you should create or find greeting cards that resonate with a specific demographic. 

For instance, you may develop holiday cards for chief executive officers who wish to thank their senior vice presidents for contributing to the company’s bottom line last year. 

Alternatively, you may reach out to doctors and nurses who wish to show appreciation to their patients. Use a web-based image editor like Photoshop or Canva to create the cards’ layout. Create beautiful cards that are sure to brighten anyone’s day with the help of these handy tools.

Start a Podcast

20. Start a Podcast

These days, a lot of people are also podcasting as a means of making money online. Start your community by generating and promoting content for a subset of people who share your interests or expertise.

It takes time to build an audience for a podcast, just as it takes time to build an audience for a website, but once you do, you can start approaching advertisers about placing ads on your podcast.

If you want to improve the audio quality, consider getting a microphone. You can record, edit, and publish podcasts directly from your smartphone using the free Anchor software from Spotify.

21. Consulting

Working as a consultant allows you to give recommendations to clients in the field in which you have experience. Many individuals search for assistance with their company from various specialists. 

No constraints are placed on the kinds of consultations you may conduct. You have the potential to evolve into a:

  • Career Consultant
  • Lifestyle Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Consultant

Please be aware that to advise other people, you may be required to have a licence or other qualifications in some professions.

22. Become a Social Media Influencer

Developing a name for yourself online may also be a lucrative endeavour. Did you know that, on average, a sponsored Instagram post from soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo costs between $880,259 and $1 million? 

Even smaller-scale influencers may earn more money now than they could a few years ago, so don’t assume that only reality stars, artists, and sports have any sway.

Which are the most effective beginning platforms? Insta and TikTok. Many of today’s most influential people got their start on these sites. 

You should look into methods to increase your follower count to amass a large Instagram following.

You may generate money as an influencer in a variety of ways, including by selling advertisements on your blog or website, charging for sponsored articles, opening an online shop and selling things, including affiliate links in your profile, marketing images, hosting a podcast, creating and selling merchandise, and appearing at events for a fee.

23. Create an Online Course

One of the finest methods to generate money online is to sell courses. You may turn your expertise into cash by teaching others about your chosen field via online classes. 

Udemy is a great platform to sell your system, but you can also sell it directly to your audience via your website. Some business owners report monthly earnings of $5,000 or more from selling online courses.

Model your offering after courses that are already doing well in your field. Examine the ratings next. Which qualities do people love, and which do they despise? Is it possible to improve upon previous works? Try to replicate the praised features while addressing the most common concerns.

The best way to generate money from your course depends on the platform you choose to offer it on. There needs to be more marketing work involved in selling a system on Udemy. It’s almost a “set it and forget it” situation. 

You might mention it on specific blogs or share it on some social media sites. However, you may use advertisements to promote the course if it is hosted on your website. Creating an email list also allows you to sell future classes without spending money on ads.

24. Organise Online Events and Activities

Since the lockdown, a large number of individuals have been hosting a variety of online events via the use of Zoom and other online meeting platforms. You can develop online events or activities and charge participants for participating in such circumstances.

This may be the perfect opportunity to shine if you are skilled at hosting online events such as parties, conferences, or webinars. You may search for a sponsor for your online event to avoid imposing a financial burden on those who choose to participate.

Start Dropshipping

25. Start Dropshipping

The practice of importing items from third-party suppliers to complete orders that have been made on a company’s website is known as drop shipping.

This is a relatively easy method to generate money online, and it has the potential to be incredibly lucrative!

To engage in dropshipping, one must take on the role of an intermediary between clients and suppliers. After customers submit their purchases on the business’s website, they fulfil the orders by importing items from third-party vendors.

You may collaborate with any number of drop-shipping providers or suppliers, and there are plenty of companies whose goods you can sell online. 

26. Earn Cashback and Rewards Online

Cashback applications and browser extensions can save money on anything from food to books. Although you won’t get rich, you may save a lot of money by doing a lot of your shopping online.

Using the no-cost DollarSprout Rewards browser add-on, you can effortlessly recoup $10 to $20 monthly. It helps me save money by finding discounts online and giving me cash back at businesses like Overstock, Walgreens, and Walmart.

When you add the DollarSprout Rewards extension to your browser, you’ll be notified whenever there’s a discount offer for any of more than 15,000 different online merchants. 

The cash-back offer may be used with a single click, and there is no hidden “catch” to taking advantage of it. Payouts to PayPal occur on the first business day of the following month if your earnings balance is more than $5 at any time during the prior month.

27. Sell Your Unused Internet Connection

It may seem strange, but bear with me. To fuel its Content Delivery services for its partner Fortune 500 firms, organisations like Honeygain will purchase your spare data and internet resources. When you connect to the internet, your computer joins a swarm of others to form a “hive” that provides network power. 

Honeygain predicts that the typical user may make $45 monthly by downloading the software on two devices and sharing roughly 5 GB daily.

internet income potential per month utilising Honeygain

You may have some spare bandwidth with a cable, fibre, DSL internet connection or an unlimited data mobile plan. Additionally, new users who sign up online will get a $5 bonus.

28. Monetize Your Location Data

When you’re physically close to a Starbucks, you may get a push notification asking whether you want a drink.   

More than a dozen applications are monitoring your every move right now. Make some money off of it now. 

Tapestry lets its customers earn up to $25 monthly by sharing their location with other users.

Tapestry collects information shared with significant businesses to highlight customer habits and preferences. You’re already sharing your location with many different applications, and now you can be paid by Tapestri for doing so, and the data is entirely anonymous. 

You may earn passive monthly income by referring friends to the Tapestry app, provided they agree to share their location. You’ll make $1 each month a referred user maintains the app on their device.

29. Become a Proofreader

Proofreaders check the work of writers, bloggers, and even court reporters for errors in grammar and spelling. After the writer and editor have concluded their work, the proofreader provides a second pair of eyes. 

They investigate the material to find any mistakes that may have been overlooked. A proofreader may make several hundred to several thousand dollars a month freelancing with a manageable client list.

DollarSprout reader Tori Gellino makes an extra $1,200 monthly as a virtual proofreader. She recently revealed her best practices for attracting and retaining a core group of 5–10 consistent customers, as well as the preparatory education and experience she provided each one. 

Get going already! Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere webinar and training course is a great place to start if you want to launch a freelance proofreading company from home.

To get money as a proofreader, you may take a course like “proofread anywhere.”

Manage Facebook Ads for businesses

30. Manage Facebook Ads for businesses

Facebook generates revenue in several ways, enabling third-party businesses to promote Facebook-related goods and services across its users’ news feeds. 

Most owners of small businesses need to be made aware of the benefits that may be gained by advertising on Facebook for their company. 

You may make $1,000 to $2,000 per month for each customer you book if you understand how to articulate the value of advertisements in reaching new clients and developing brand recognition.

You should begin by contacting local proprietors of small businesses or enrolling in an online course that teaches you how to handle advertisements on Facebook. After that, you should start accepting customer bookings.

31. Transcribe Audio Files

The three main types of transcribing work are medical, legal,  and general. You may need to demonstrate competency to work for a company in the healthcare or legal industries. 

Your job as a transcriptionist will include listening to audio recordings and then writing down what you hear. Earning potential is conditional on one’s field of expertise and amount of experience. Here’s a free 7-day course that will teach you all you need to know to get started as a transcriptionist if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

32. Bank Hop 

The internet money-making strategy, “bank hopping,” needs some initial investment but may provide significant returns. The concept is straightforward: financial institutions provide sizable deposit incentives to new customers who create an account (often with a minimum deposit) and keep their money in the bank for a specific time (typically around 90 days).

For instance, you may earn up to $2,000 from Citibank right now if you create a Citigold account and keep your money there for 60 days (after which you can move your funds to a different bank and repeat the process). 

Deposits of $10,000–$29,999 will get a $200 bonus, deposits of $30,000 and above will earn a $2,000 bonus, and so on. 

Although hardly everyone has that much spare income, for those who may put it to good use, getting a free, sizable sum of money is more accessible than getting 6% at a regular store.

33. Invest in Fine Art

When most people think about investing, they picture the typical financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. However, you might also put your money into tangible assets, such as works of art. 

Until recently, most regular people could not purchase renowned and original art pieces by painters such as Picasso, Monet, or Rembrandt. However, this is no longer the case.

Masterworks enable customers to purchase “shares” of paintings like one would buy shares of a publicly traded corporation. If you are skilled in an area and want to avoid financial support immediately, this might be a profitable method to generate money online.

34. Teach English as a Second Language

VIPKid platform, for instance, offers legitimate opportunities to earn money online. Native English speakers are sought to instruct English to VIPKid’s student body, most of whom are in China. 

Your amount of experience as a teacher, as well as how well you perform in the demo interview, will both play a role in determining your remuneration. Even without teaching experience, you can constantly earn between $1,500 and $2,000 per month teaching on the side. 

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

35. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

If you have unused gift cards, you may sell them through one of the many popular gift card exchanges. 

When you input the information about your gift card on a website such as Raise, the site will provide you with a recommended selling price. Adjust this so that the price is whatever you think is appropriate. 

When you sell a gift card via Raise, the site will deduct 15% of the purchase price and send you the remaining 85%. Listing your gift card on Raise is entirely free of charge. 

For instance, if you post a gift card with a $50 balance for sale for $45 and Raise accepts your offer, they will deduct $6.75 off the selling price, leaving you with $38.25.

36. Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you have a knack for creating creative names for websites or companies, flipping domain names might be highly profitable to generate money over the internet. 

In this helpful how-to guide GoDaddy provides, the company advises making thousands of dollars by selling an affordable domain name. 

37. Get Paid to Test Websites

Testers of websites provide their comments on the user experience and design of the websites they evaluate. Because of this, businesses can adjust their websites to improve the user experience and, therefore, boost their revenue. 

You can earn $10 for every 15 to 20-minute test you finish on websites such as UserTesting. You will be asked to record your screen, provide comments, and respond to further questions during examinations. Investigate if or not there are any other opportunities to earn money by testing websites.

38. Flip Facebook Marketplace finds

Unsophisticated DIY by Whitney Hansen is one of the favourite Instagram furniture-flipping accounts to follow. The most important thing I’ve learned from these stories is that not all flips need a lot of effort. 

You may profit by buying and reselling an item within a week if you discover a good enough offer. It’s not only furniture that may be flipped for a profit; you should also look for new tags, apparel, antiques, and retro collectibles like baseball cards and video games. 

Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper, who earn over $100,000 a year by reselling their finds at flea markets, have created a course to educate others on how to maximise their profit from their yard sale finds. 

39. Complete Micro Tasks

One of the simplest methods to generate income online is to do microtasks. However, the salary for these low-level positions could be higher. 

You may make a few extra dollars each month with Swagbucks by utilising the Swagbucks search engine, playing games, and viewing videos on the Swagbucks platform. 

Other sites that provide micro jobs may pay users for tasks such as evaluating material, validating data, or testing websites and applications.

40. Work as a Matchmaker

Tawkify is an online dating service that pairs those looking for love with others who have similar hobbies, values, and other preferences in a partner. 

As a matchmaker, you will meet one-on-one with customers and set them up on dates with carefully selected partners based on the criteria above. Prior expertise in the relevant sector is optional to apply for this position. 

As stated on the company’s website, empathy, intuition, and high emotional intelligence are traits that Tawkify seeks in its matchmakers. 

41. Teach Business Owners How to Use Asana

Asana and other project management software may assist organisations of all sizes in better to organise and managing their teams and projects. This is a problem that affects both small and big companies. 

Your responsibilities as an Asana consultant will include assisting company owners in the organisation of their teams, streamlining and optimising their projects, and providing them with training on Asana’s best practices. 

After working with companies for one year, you can apply to become an Asana Certified Pro. 

You will get comprehensive training as part of the certification process, and you will also be published on the website that lists Asana’s Certified Professionals. This will make it simpler for customers in your region to locate you and work with you.

42. Create an App

If you’re not a programmer, this money-making notion may frustrate you. Luckily, you can have an app made for you by hiring a programmer. App developers are interested in collaborating with entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life may be found on sites like Toptal.

You need just think up an original concept for an app, zero in on your ideal customers, and establish a solid brand identity. The hired programmer will handle all development-related tasks.

The easiest way to monetise your software is to release it on both Google Play and the Software Store. It goes against common sense, but offering free software may generate more revenue than charging. 

You may monetise free software by including in-app purchases or advertisements. Since more people will download the free software, upselling them to a paid version will be more straightforward.

43. Become a Writer

As interest in content marketing rises, more and more businesses are looking for talented writers to populate their websites with engaging material. The key to making it as a writer is to specialise. 

Many authors need to avoid trying to be all things to all readers by penning pieces in fields as disparate as gastronomy and technology. However, specialising as a writer allows you to stand out from the crowd and attract readers in your specialty.

Having first-hand knowledge of a particular field allows you to write from a unique angle. This implies you need to do more than just regurgitate the thoughts of every other blogger out there. And that’s what companies are willing to pay for access to your expertise, insights, and experiences in a particular field.

Sending examples for your application for writing employment is a must. An example of your marketing writing should be provided. Don’t bother sending that money item—or health and fitness. 

Hiring managers must see relevant example work to gauge candidates’ grasp of the specific business. Use your qualifications and expertise to apply for jobs that interest you.

44. Start a Paid Membership Community

You can become part of various paid membership groups, some devoted to life coaching and personal development, and others concerned with internet business. 

Building a community, sharing your expertise, and generating recurring money may be accomplished effectively via membership websites. A course is one example of the fundamental material often included with membership packages. 

The ones I’m a part of also publish new material weekly or monthly, such as live coaching sessions in which community members may take turns volunteering to be mentored in front of their peers. 

Offer Virtual Interior Design Consults

45. Offer Virtual Interior Design Consults

Galey Alix is one of my favourite Instagram profiles to follow. Galey maintains a full-time finance position while running a successful side company as an interior designer. Her thriving company demonstrates that you don’t need any training or expertise to break into a new market.

Begin by offering your services pro bono to close friends and relatives. Gather internet and social media testimonials and documentation of your efforts. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and have a handle on your process, you can begin packaging your offerings and marketing them to prospective customers.

46. Publish an E-book

Publishing an ebook has never been simpler than with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. You need just compose the ebook, arrange the text, design the cover, release it, and market it. 

Your options for getting your ebook written, covered, and error-free include hiring a writer, graphic designer, and manuscript editor. Consider Amazon’s most frequently used search terms as a starting point for your keyword research. 

The Keyword Tool is an excellent resource for discovering what people are looking for so you can tailor your title to match.

Using tried-and-true methods of promotion is critical to selling copies of your ebook. For example, you may distribute the first few copies of your book at no cost. 

As a result, you’ll generate interest and reviews on social media, two factors that may be used as social proof to attract new clients. Influencer marketing and video campaigns are potent methods for spreading the word about your ebook. 

47. Become a Voice-Over Artist

Voice-over artists provide their voices to professional audio productions, including video games, advertisements, and animated cartoons. 

This might be a simple method to generate money online if you have a voice suitable for radio. Freelance websites like Fiverr and specialised sites like provide voice-over work opportunities.

48. Work for a Call Centre

One of the most promising online occupations for those interested in working in customer service is a contact centre employee. 

A few firms in this industry, such as U-Haul, Apple, and American Express, provide telecommuting positions. Because training is often offered for this function, prior experience is optional. 

The amount of time spent in this capacity might vary depending on the employer, ranging from full-time to part-time.

49. Work as a Data Entry Specialist

You may enter the information into a computer system by hand, scan paper documents, or combine the two methods. 

Data entry is an easy way to make money online or from home in your spare time since it does not need a specialist degree and may pay as much as $13 per hour, depending on your ability level. It’s something you can take care of without leaving home. 

FlexJobs and Microworkers are websites where individuals with varied expertise may look for data entry jobs.

Design and Sell T-shirts Online

50. Design and Sell T-shirts Online

Making money online by creating and selling your T-shirts requires imagination and clever sayings. 

Teespring, Bonfire, and Printify are just a few sites where you can make and sell bespoke t-shirts without any initial investment or stocking costs. 

Your online shop featuring your creations is set up like dropshipping. The site manufactures and sends the items for you after placing an order. 

You’ll still need an online following on Instagram, YouTube, or another social media site to market your business and drive traffic and sales for this strategy to work.

51. Start a New Online Business

Pay attention to what others around you seem to be complaining about and the challenges you face. 

A couple might learn how to massage one another by attending an online class taught by a massage therapist who teaches couples how to massage each other. 

A baker may teach participants how to prepare their most popular dishes via the medium of an online class. There are hundreds of more Internet business ideas outside the ones included here.

52. Sign Up for a Food Delivery Service

Even though this is not strictly a method to make money from home, delivering meals or deliveries is a simple way to earn additional cash on top of full-time work. 

Shoppers for Instacart often earn between $10 and $20 per hour for their services. As long as you have regular access to a car, you can make deliveries on your own time and begin earning money as soon as you have been authorised. 

In addition to many free gasoline points, customers get complimentary memberships to wholesale shops such as Costco, BJ’s, and several other establishments. 

53. Offer to Rent Out Your Space Online

One of the most effective methods to earn money without leaving the house is to rent out unused space in your home. You may be missing out if you do not put that space to good use. There are a variety of approaches you may take to renting out your place. 

Websites such as and StoreAtMyHouse were explicitly designed to keep personal belongings, whilst ShareMySpace and PeerSpace are aimed at hosting events such as gatherings, photoshoots, and parties.

54. Offer at-home daycare

If you like working with children and have the time to devote to caring for many children simultaneously, opening your at-home daycare may be a rewarding and enjoyable way to generate money while staying home. 

There are a lot of parents that choose private daycares over public ones. Suppose you have previous experience dealing with children or know a group of parents willing to put their faith in you. In that case, this is one of the most lucrative side businesses for parents working from home or remaining with their children during the day.

Work as a Mystery Shopper

55. Work as a Mystery Shopper

Workers are compensated by Secret Shopper, BestMark, and IntelliShop, among other companies, to offer feedback on a company’s goods or services. 

You may be requested to go to a local electronics shop, speak with an employee in the phone department, and then fill out a questionnaire on your experience. 

To get started scheduling jobs online or in your local area, you may complete applications with organisations that provide mystery shopping services.

56. Sell Your Favourite Recipes Online

If your loved ones, even for just one dish, are always raving about your culinary creations, you can turn your ability into a source of income without leaving the house. That’s what Nikki Girard went ahead and did. 

What started as an experiment to perfect her recipe for Haitian patties grew into a side business earning her $2,000 monthly. You may use social media and your network to market your products. 

You must investigate the Cottage Food regulations applicable to your region since some states limit the amount of food sold without a license.

57. Let Companies Advertise on Your Phone

Businesses have the opportunity to expand their customer base via advertisements. Because more brand exposure often results in increased revenue, you may generate income without leaving the comfort of your own home by granting permission to businesses to utilise your possessions as a form of advertising. 

Sites such as Wrapify and Carvertise will pay you to post advertisements on your vehicle, while applications such as Slidejoy and others will pay you to rent advertising space on your smartphone’s lock screen. 

Learn more about the process of being paid to promote different businesses and brands.

58. Teach Online Fitness Classes

You don’t need a dedicated space to conduct fitness and yoga lessons if you have a garage gym, an extra bedroom, or even your living room. If you already have a teaching certification, this is a simple method to generate money from the comfort of your home. 

If you don’t already have it, ACE exercise provides certification training for group exercise at $350. Although certification is not required, having it might offer you an advantage over other instructors when promoting your programs and making your customers feel more secure in your services.

59. Negotiate a Remote Work Agreement With Your Current Employer

You should discuss the possibility of working from home with your current employer if you like your current position but would want more freedom in your schedule. 

You can only negotiate a remote work arrangement that allows you to work from home sometimes but requires you to spend some time in the office. 

Be ready to explain your line of thinking and anticipate any questions or concerns your superiors may have before you bring up the topic of discussion. If you are prepared with potential solutions, your chances of reaching an agreement that is advantageous to all parties will rise.

Matched Betting

60. Matched Betting

In matched betting, a bettor takes advantage of a betting site’s free bet offer and “matches” it at a betting exchange. Since you are hedging your bets by betting on both the result and its opposite, the mathematical risk is eliminated.

The free bet, worth up to £100, may be cashed in. You might make several hundred pounds if you multiply this by all the online bookmakers.

Many readers have reported making hundreds of pounds using this method. Anyone over 18 in the UK may participate, which incurs no tax liability.

61. Publish a Kindle eBook

Reading and writing are two areas where children often shine. Anybody may set up a Kindle store, an eBook can be uploaded, and sales can begin on Amazon.

Since the Kindle app is available for download on any device, your potential readership has increased dramatically.

You may get 70% off each sale if you price your book between $1.99 and £6.99. Amazon is the most powerful sales tool in the world, and customers are in a spending mode, so this is a fantastic deal.

The key to a successful eBook is to write informative non-fiction. If you’ve found a solution to a widespread problem (say, the “secrets” to getting a job) and presented your discoveries in a readily digestible fashion (an eBook), then someone will be prepared to part with some cash in exchange for your work.

Make an impact with a well-designed cover (see these for ideas).

If you publish an eBook on the Kindle store, feedback from readers might help it rise in the rankings after its release. Get your readers involved in providing input by giving them a quiz.

After an initial investment of time, let’s say 20 hours, this profitable strategy will continue to bring in money for years.

62. Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is the most widely used marketplace for low-cost online services (“gigs”).

Your offered services and products might be anything. Writing, translating, social media posting, pranking, teaching to produce music, delivering voiceovers, and making short movies for people worldwide.

Fiverr is named after a service’s $5 minimum price; however, you may add more features for an excellent final price. There is much room for growth in terms of profit, and thousands of people are currently doing well off of it. The key is establishing a procedure that standardises the handling of gigs to reduce unnecessary downtime.

It’s possible to earn more money on Fiverr with less work. How? Through the process of reselling to other parties.

Seek a qualified logo designer by publishing ads in local newspapers or on Upwork. Spend only $5 and often walk away with $50 or more! Verify the designer’s acceptance before going further.

Even if you have no plans to sell, you can still do numerous beautiful things for yourself. Take a look around; you may find some inspiration.

63. Find Property for Investors

There is a lot of money to be earned in real estate, but it may seem like a bad place to invest.

In truth, many people make six figures or more years by matching well-off investors with suitable real estate.

It might be challenging to find homes priced below their fair market value. You may save money by advertising your services as a cash buyer in the area on flyers instead of hiring a real estate agent.

The next step is to contact real estate investors and offers to share your knowledge about cheap homes with them in exchange for a cut of the proceeds.

Monthly networking events for real estate investors and landlords are common in most major cities. Locate them, register for them, dress appropriately, and carry a stack of business cards. LinkedIn’s real estate investment groups could be an excellent place to locate individuals with similar interests.

As you can expect, the bank account will fill up quickly. But if you can find a few investors in your address book, you may see some decent returns.

64. Online Market Trading

You may increase your wealth via the stock market if you learn how to trade stocks effectively. However, making money by trading stocks takes a lot of work. 

Similarly, because trading is inherently risky, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

There is no longer any need to fund stock brokers’ boats à la “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Several online trading platforms make it possible to trade the markets on your own.

I’ve researched this new opportunity and started utilising the popular platform

Over 25 million users worldwide utilise eToro, and the platform is fully supervised. The BBC Two documentary “Traders: Millions by the Minute” focused on them, and they sponsored many clubs in England’s Premier League.

Among eToro’s many unique features is the CopyTrader option. You may now observe, analyse, and mimic the trades of great investors.

You may utilise a $100,000 virtual portfolio to practice trading before committing real money.

Be a Secret Shopper

65. Be a Secret Shopper

If you like shopping on the weekends, this may be your ideal employment. A company employs mystery shoppers to pose as customers at several stores and report. 

In only 24 hours, you’ll need to recollect every little aspect of your experience, from the welcome you got to the time it took to fulfil your transaction, and write it all down on paper.

The Realise Group and Retail Mystery Shopping Australia are two places you may apply to become a mystery shopper. 

A quick phone interview can come before final clearance and job offers. It’s likely to be a temporary job, but it may be a quick way to top up your income occasionally.

66. Domain Name Buying and Selling

A domain name (such as “” or “”) is just the address of a website, and there are numerous possible extensions.

Sign up for for as little as four pounds using Bluehost’s bundle discounts.

Premium domain names may fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars if sold. In 2007, was sold for a tidy $35 million.

If you browse around, even if you don’t find something similar, you could discover something else and make a quick buck.

The problem here is coming up with available domain names that have any kind of commercial value. Get them soon and list them on a site like to get some money.

67. Create a Virtual Shopfront

If you’re creative and handy with your hands, you can start your own company on Etsy. Etsy sellers provide a wide range of products, from jewellery and apparel to paintings, prints, invitations, yard signs, and more. 

If that seems like something other than your tea, you could start a company that sells drop-shipped goods instead. 

You’re running a store with that strategy. When a customer orders, your next step is to place an order with a supplier, vendor, or wholesaler. After that, you ship the items directly to the buyer. 

Shopify provides a thorough dropshipping tour to help you get started, and you can use their platform to build your company.

Shopify users are encouraged to consider taking this step through the e-commerce platform, which also gives a list of potential benefits, such as more flexibility and less stress.

68. Trade Artistic Work and Designs Online

Particularly with digital media, there is a wide variety of possible artistic expressions. Create and sell your artwork online if you have a knack for it. 

Logos, icons, and other graphical elements are only a few examples of the work produced by graphic designers for usage in print and digital media. You may earn a living as a calligrapher by offering your services to clients needing custom-lettered wedding invitations or other stationery items. 

Illustrators start with hand-drawn or painted 2-D art to get their thoughts down on paper, then utilise illustration software to take things to the next level. 

These pictures are all supposed to symbolise something. Animators are in charge of swiftly creating graphics that provide the appearance of motion.

69. Organize Online Parties and Weddings

Working as a wedding planner, often called an event planner, lets you take some of the burdens off your clients’ shoulders as they prepare for their big day. 

Someone who is detail-oriented, knows their way around the local business scene and is at ease communicating with a wide range of people would be perfect for this remote position. 

The ideal candidate will have experience scheduling performance venues, negotiating fair prices with caterers and florists, managing the recruitment of photographers and videographers, running rehearsals, and handling unforeseen issues. 

Wedding planners may also be hired by certain places of worship and venues to help with festivities.

Be a Brand Ambassador

70. Be a Brand Ambassador

Has a stranger ever approached you and given you a free sample of a new soft drink or snack bar when you were out and about? Jobs for “brand ambassadors” may be found on websites like Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker.

This job may be physically and mentally demanding, requiring constant human interaction. 

Employers need talkative individuals that are comfortable speaking with anybody. These few work hours might be fun if you love interacting with others.

71. Pick up Tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Human labour is still needed in many occupations, even in this more mechanised era. Companies often use crowdsourcing markets like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to outsource tasks like these. 

It’s probable that, as a “worker,” you’ll be tasked with repetitive tasks that might take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to accomplish, such as labelling photos, transcribing videos, and sorting receipts. 

Requesting organisations, or “requesters,” choose the pay rate for each assignment and must approve your work before you are paid. This is why you need to do your homework before making any purchases. 

You may learn more about the market and potential earnings by visiting online communities like the Turkkit and Turker Nation subreddits on Reddit. Read the accompanying documentation and learn more about the online money-making platform Mechanical Turk.

72. Translator

Put your multilingual abilities to use by working as a translator. This is a flexible profession due to the availability of remote work opportunities. Translating advertisements and website text is standard for those working in the business and public sectors. 

You may also study to become a “specialist translator,” a position calling for in-depth expertise in medicine or law. Learning a second language is an excellent method to increase your earning potential in today’s economy, thanks to the high need for qualified translators.

You may find freelance translation jobs on platforms like Airtasker, sign up for job notifications on translation platforms like Gengo or Unabel, or join on-demand platforms like Oncall or the Interpreting Service and Australian Government’s Translating if you’re available for immediate phone translation work.

72. Track Down Lost Funds

You should know the issue since you may eventually be owed money. It’s easy to lose track of the money coming in and going out of your account, but fortunately, state and federal databases make it simple to verify your standing. 

If you are owed money from the state comptroller, a former employer, tax funds, insurance, banks, financial institutions, etc., you may check for possible refunds there. 

To get your cash, proper identification must be shown. You may need to submit additional paperwork if you reside outside of California. 

At that moment, you may claim your unclaimed funds by following the instructions for the claims process and providing the required documentation. Several states offer debit cards with pre-loaded funds.

It’s still worth your time to see whether any unclaimed funds are waiting for you, even if it will be some time before you get them.

73. Flip Cheap Finds

Do you remember the plan we had for the yard sale? Flip the script and see if you can market cheap consumer goods on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist for a profit.

This will need some effort, but the rewards might be substantial if you have specialised knowledge of musical instruments, technology, or antiques.

Start your search for deals by perusing online merchants, thrift stores, and yard sales. A Michael Jordan rookie card or a new vintage synthesiser might be yours for a song. The item might be flipped for profit.

Similarly, big-box shops’ clearance sections may include high-quality products worth buying and resale on Amazon using the FBA program.

This tool makes it easy for businesses to choose products for fulfilment, and Amazon compensates sellers that participate by waiving their fees for shipping, returns, and storage. Helping companies identify items for Amazon dropshipping might considerably boost their income.

74. Computer Skills Trainer

Retirees and those who may be more technically proficient may find various low-skilled occupations helping with basic computer abilities. Numerous opportunities await those skilled in electronic communication who can learn to permanently delete files from a hard disk. 

To better keep in touch with loved ones and access a wide variety of online resources, many seniors are eager to increase their familiarity with today’s technology. 

You might post an ad on Gumtree advertising your services, contact a Melbourne business like ReadyTechGo to see if they have any vacancies, or create an introductory computer skills course and post it on a website like Udemy or Skillshare.

Make a Plan for Your Extra Money Ahead of Time

Making a little more bucks online or from home is always welcome. But if you are doing so to escape a tight financial situation, you need to have a strategy for your money before it comes in to make things better. Creating a monthly spending plan or budget might be helpful.

List all your traditional sources of money (full-time job pay, child support, etc.) that you can count on monthly. 

Then you should divide your extra money from other sources. If your projected earnings are lower than anticipated, you can stay within budget by underestimating your earnings. 

Once you have your income, divide it up among savings, investments, paying off debt, and discretionary spending.

What is measured gets managed. If you invest your free time into making money online, keeping track of your spending is necessary.