42 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money in Australia

Want to maximise your free time or generate some more cash? Many businesses want part-time or weekend help, and there are many options for you to launch a successful side business in under 10 minutes.

If you’re seeking supplemental income and contemplating beginning a side business, consider how you’ll balance your new endeavour with your current responsibilities and obligations.

A good work/life balance is essential, as is your job. The difficulties of beginning a second job will still be there tomorrow and the day after, so allow yourself some time to relax and enjoy the company of the people who matter to you.

Consider whether you want to compete directly with your current employer if you use the skills you learned to start your firm. 

Non-compete provisions and other restrictions on utilising personal and corporate knowledge outside the firm are standard in employment contracts. Read your employment agreement or consult the HR Manager if you need clarification.

Adding extra hours at your current employment, a side hustle in the sharing economy, or a second job to your already busy schedule is a tall order. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you’re having trouble. You should congratulate yourself for taking up a difficult task.

Your primary source of income is the job you’re now doing full-time; thus, it’s also the most significant. Be careful not to prioritise your new side gig over your current work.

Ways To Earn Extra Money

1. Rent Out Your Car


Have a vehicle that spends most of its time idle in your driveway or on the street? If you own a car and seldom use it, you may put it to good use by renting it out via Uber Carshare. 

Damage and loss coverage and emergency roadside assistance are included with every reservation, and drivers are verified with ID and credit checks.

Listing your automobile on the app or website takes only a few minutes, and you’ll have complete control over it in no time.

Andy has earned $40,000 using Uber Car Share to rent his underused vehicle. Car sharing is a terrific strategy to reduce the financial burden of vehicle ownership.

2. Participate in Focus Groups

Market research businesses hold focus groups on behalf of their customers. You will be compensated if you participate in a focus group, offer ideas on a new product, or comment on particular issues. 

You might be paid anywhere from fifty dollars to several hundred dollars for each session, and depending on how long the interview or survey is, some focus groups can even be done online or over the phone, so you don’t even have to leave the house to participate. 

Sign up for a service such as Askable or Paid Focus Groups to get chances sent directly to your email after registration.

3. Online Market Trading

If you successfully educate yourself on trading stocks, you can make money via the stock market. However, trading stocks is a challenging method to generate money. 

In the same vein, you should only invest what you can afford to lose since trading, in general, is fraught with danger.

There is no longer a need to put money into the yachts of stock brokers in the manner of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” With the assistance of several Internet market trading platforms, you can do everything independently.

After devoting much time to investigating this new prospect, I’ve begun using the well-known website

eToro is wholly regulated and has a user base of over 25 million people all around the globe. They were the subject of the BBC Two documentary “Traders: Millions by the Minute” and sponsored many teams in the Premier League of English football.

The CopyTrader function is one of the distinguishing characteristics of eToro. This allows you to see, track, and replicate the investments made by other successful traders.

To start trading, you may use a virtual portfolio that gives you $100,000 and allows you to do so.

4. Sell Your Extra Stuff


According to statistics provided by Gumtree, 89% of people living in Australia have unwanted things lying around their homes that might put their annual income above $5,000. Thanks to services such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay, selling unwanted stuff is simpler than ever before to sell unwanted stuff. 

You can use a Saturday afternoon to organise one’s closet or garage, take photographs of one’s unused belongings, and provide a brief description of those belongings.

Tips for selling pre-loved belongings:

  • Give the item some background and explain why you’re selling it. Describe the item’s condition and call attention to any wear or damage.
  • Take several high-quality pictures of your item from various perspectives to offer purchasers the most significant possibility of seeing it in their own house. This will boost your chances of making a sale.
  • Set reasonable pricing; consider what other products are selling for, and try to be competitive.
  • Being responsive will increase your chances of completing the transaction if you answer as quickly as possible to a communication from an interested buyer.

5. Deliver Burgers To Hungry People

When delivering with Ubereats, Deliveroo, or Menulog, you may utilise a bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, or scooter as your mode of transportation. These jobs provide great flexibility in scheduling; you choose when and how much you put in. 

Because there is a strong demand for food delivery in the evenings, which are times that are often free for those who work 9 to 5, doing so might be a simple way to make additional income.

6. Be an On-Demand Courier

Register on Zoom2u as an on-demand courier if the delivery of items is more your cup of tea than the delivery of food. Delivering packages anywhere in Australia may be accomplished using a bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, ute, van, or truck. 

After registering, you will get emails about positions that could fit you well. Accept the ones that work for you, deliver the packages, and you will get compensated for your efforts.

7. Publish a Kindle eBook

Students excel at two things: writing and research. The Kindle shop allows anybody to publish and sell an eBook on Amazon.

Your potential audience is vast since customers can download the Kindle app on any gadget.

Set your book’s price between £1.49 and £6.99 and keep 70% of each sale. Considering Amazon’s popularity and the fact that consumers are in the mood to spend, it is an excellent price.

The best way to make money writing eBooks is to provide helpful information. Researching and compiling solutions to a widespread issue and presenting them in an easily consumable manner justifies someone spending a few pounds on it.

Make an impression with a professionally created cover.

Once your eBook is published on the Kindle store, you should solicit reviews to boost its visibility. Inspire your readers to share their feedback in the form of an examination.

After putting in the first effort, this good plan will pay dividends for years through passive income.

8. Be a Secret Shopper

This may be the perfect weekend job for someone who loves to shop. Secret or mystery shoppers represent a firm by visiting several retail locations and providing feedback on the quality of service they get. 

You must have a strong recall and the ability to put your thoughts on paper quickly; you’ll be required to detail your whole experience, from the greeting you received to the length of time it took to complete your order, all within a 24-hour time frame.

To be a mystery shopper, you can sign up with a company like Retail Mystery Shopping Australia or The Realise Group. 

Before approval and employment offers, you may be asked to participate in a brief phone interview. It’s unlikely to be a consistent job, but it may be a simple method to supplement your income sometimes.

9. Get Paid To Look At Websites


Companies often look to members of the general public to try out new features or websites and offer feedback on how specific such features or websites are to navigate. You can do as much or as little as you’d like, whenever and wherever is convenient. 

Sign up for an account with UserTesting to get notifications whenever the company has open positions. Most assignments will only take approximately twenty minutes, and you will be paid ten dollars (USD) for every twenty-minute exam you take. 

It’s a small amount of money, but it’s a better use of your time than lazily browsing around Instagram for twenty minutes!

10. Distribute Flyers

Many businesses and events need letterbox drops and flyer distribution at crowded public locations. It often necessitates spending extended periods outdoors in all kinds of weather, either walking or standing. 

You get to pick and select the jobs that work for you since the hours are flexible and depend on what you’re advertising. When handing out flyers in person, it helps to know about the product or event you’re marketing so you can field inquiries from the public and make a good impression. 

You will be compensated for your time based on the number of flyers you hand out. While it may not be the most stimulating employment, it is a simple way to earn extra cash over the weekend.

You may find flyer distribution tasks on sites like Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker, or you can sign up with a firm like Salmat.

11. Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is the biggest online marketplace where individuals may earn money by offering short services (or “gigs”) to others.

The services you provide might be anything — composing music, providing voiceovers, and making short videos for individuals all around the globe.

Five dollars (thus the name Fiverr) is the starting fee; however, you can add more features for a higher price. The profit potential is high, and thousands of individuals already use it to support themselves well. 

The trick is to establish a routine that streamlines the process so that less time is spent on each engagement.

You can make more money on Fiverr with possibly much less effort involved. How? Through simple resale to other parties.

Find a competent logo designer, and have them respond to job postings on Upwork or in the paper. You may quickly double or triple your money after spending only $5. Make sure the designer approves before moving further.

You can do many nice things for yourself, even if you’re not interested in selling. Feel free to peruse and draw some ideas!

12. Share Your Home

Sites like Airbnb, Stayz, and Homestay allow people to rent out unused space in their homes to tourists. The increased money might reduce your mortgage or rent payments. 

Whether you are renting, check your agreement or contact your real estate agent to see whether you need the landlord’s approval.

To get started, simply write a description of your house and include some images of the area that visitors will be staying in. The prices and availability of your space are entirely up to you. 

You should spend time answering inquiries from possible visitors, greeting arriving and departing guests, and cleaning the room after each reservation. 

It’s a terrific opportunity to put your spare room to use and meet new people if you are okay with doing some extra paperwork and washing.

13. Rent Out Your Extra Space

Do you have a garage or parking spot that you never use? If you need more parking or storage space and have a spare room, shed, or attic, Spacer can help you earn extra cash by renting it out to your community members.

Youcamp is a great way to make money if you live outside a major city and have access to a large piece of land with a beautiful view. 

You can provide your visitors with a full range of services or ask them to bring all they need. Holidaymakers may get their toilets and showers in their trailers, so all you have to do is create a pleasant, secure camping area for them.

14. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is just an address for a website (such as “” or “”), and there are many different extensions available.

With Bluehost’s package deals, you may register with for as low as four pounds or for no cost.

When sold, premium domain names may bring in thousands of pounds, if not millions. 2007 saw the sale of for a nice $35 million!

Even if you won’t find anything comparable to that, there’s still a chance you’ll make a fast profit if you put in the effort to look around.

The challenge here is to develop available domain names with some marketable worth. Acquire them quickly and then put a listing for them on a website such as

15. Work at a Market Stall

Farmers’ and artisan markets are often conducted on the weekends, and stallholders frequently need the assistance of other individuals to successfully set up their booths, sell their items, and put everything away at the end of the day. 

You should be prepared for an early start and a long day; you will also be expected to be courteous and have strong abilities in providing customer service. Look for work as stall holders on websites such as Gumtree and Airtasker to get things rolling.

16. Become a Barista

Coffee is quite popular in Australia, and if you can perfect the technique of creating a flat white, you will never have a problem finding employment as a barista. The weekends are often the busiest time of the week for most cafés, which is why many of them need more help on Saturdays and Sundays. 

If you have experience as a barista or are interested in learning the trade, visit a few of the cafes in your area to inquire about any available positions.

While it’s possible that some coffee shops may be pleased to teach you on the job, the majority of businesses are seeking someone already familiar with how to use commercial coffee machines. 

If you still need to gain experience working as a barista, you may get started by enrolling in a one-day school that costs between $100 and $150. If it leads to you obtaining a job on the weekends, you will have spent the money well. 

You may browse for barista lessons on Class Bento or look for local Coffee School locations using their course finder.

17. Walk Some Pooches

Walking people’s dogs is an excellent way to get some exercise and make some additional money on the side. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to socialise with other dog owners. In addition to that, you get to play with some adorable canine companions. 

Put up an ad on Gumtree or register with MadPaws so that they may put your services on their website. The typical rate for professional dog walkers is around $20 per dog per hour.

18. Find Property for Investors

We are all aware of the vast sums of money to be made in real estate, but at first glance, it may seem that this sector is off-limits.

In reality, many individuals earn substantial incomes by finding appropriate real estate for affluent investors who are otherwise time-poor.

The challenge is to locate homes at prices lower than their BMV. Instead of using a real estate agent, you may put up flyers advertising your services as a cash buyer in the neighbourhood.

The next step is to contact real estate investors and offers to provide information about low-priced houses in return for a commission.

Most major cities may include monthly networking events for landlords and real estate investors. Find them, sign up for them, get dressed up, and bring plenty of business cards. The real estate investing groups on LinkedIn are another great area to network.

Money will roll in overtime here, as you may have guessed. However, the long-term rewards might be substantial when you’ve gathered a few investors in your address book. This book would be interesting for you if you read it.

19. Start an Online Store


You can launch your own business on Etsy if you’re the kind of person who’s good with their hands. Etsy vendors provide various goods, including jewellery and clothes, artwork, invitations, yard signs, etc. 

You could also create a business that sells drop-shipped products if that doesn’t seem like your thing. 

You are operating a shop with this method. After receiving an order from a consumer, you order that product with a third party, usually the manufacturer, a vendor, or a wholesaler. Then you send the goods straight to the customer. 

You can get started with dropshipping with the help of Shopify’s comprehensive dropshipping tour, and you can also utilise their platform to construct your business.

Users of Shopify are encouraged to think about going in this direction, and the e-commerce platform even provides a list of how doing so might be advantageous, such as lowering stress and providing the opportunity to work from home.

20. Crafting on Etsy

By opening an Etsy shop, you may convert your interest in making things into a lucrative side business. Create an Etsy shop by photographing and describing your handmade items in detail. 

Etsy handles all of the financial transactions, making the process easy and safe, and the money you earn from sales is directly transferred into your bank account. No recurring costs are associated with maintaining a regular plan storefront, while a listing charge is around 30 cents per item. 

Etsy deducts a 5% transaction charge and a 3-4% payment processing fee from each sale you make.

You may put in as much or as little time as you desire, but the more inventory you have, the more money you’ll make from each sale and the more loyal a clientele you’ll attract. 

Taking professional images that do justice to your works and writing descriptive descriptions that convey the care and attention you put into them will ensure your success. 

Customers on Etsy seek one-of-a-kind, handmade things, so it’s essential to establish a rapport with them by sharing your story.

21. Start a YouTube channel

It takes a little skill or experience to become a successful YouTube filmmaker. You may make instructional or explanatory movies on almost any topic or go more personal and star in your productions. 

Experts in the field may be interviewed, guides can be provided, or you can just demonstrate how to play various video, mobile, or board games. 

Finding a specific audience and catering to their needs is crucial. Then, you may earn money via Google Adsense, YouTube Partnership, and paid memberships/subscriptions/live chats.

22. Rent Out a Caravan or Campervan


If you own a caravan or recreational vehicle, you know how expensive they are to purchase and maintain and how much time they waste sitting in your driveway. 

If you have a caravan and need to use it, you may rent it out on Camplify to other travellers. You may earn some cash for your next trip and give a friend or neighbour a cheaper introduction to caravanning at the same time.

23. Become a Virtual Assistant

As a direct result of the trend toward working from home, more work than ever before is being done online, which means remote assistance may be required. 

You may work from the convenience of your own home office for a company that needs a remote virtual assistant by becoming one via websites such as Indeed.

The job that has to be done ranges from writing and managing social media to conventional accounting, so you should check around for anything that aligns with your talents and experience.

24. Sell Artwork and Designs Online

Art may take many different forms, particularly in digital media. If you have a talent for making or selling art, try doing it online. 

Visual graphics, such as logos, are created by graphic designers for use in websites, publications, and other forms of media. You may make money as a calligrapher by selling your hand-lettering expertise on wedding invitations or stationery products. 

First, illustrators produce two-dimensional drawings by hand-drawing or painting, and then they use illustration tools to develop further and perfect their ideas. 

These images are meant to convey a particular idea. Animators are responsible for producing visuals quickly that provide the impression of movement.

25. Babysit in Your Home

If you have a soft spot for young ones, consider offering babysitting services in your home. Watching children at your own house or in theirs on an as-needed basis when their parents are absent or unable to bring them along to an event (like a party) is what is meant by the term “babysitting.” 

As part of this additional income opportunity, you could be expected to change diapers, provide meals or snacks, occupy and amuse youngsters, and put them to bed at a decent hour. 

Be knowledgeable of the regulations that govern the provision of babysitting vs daycare services in your state. Keeping children in your house may need you to have a license or be certified in CPR.

26. Grow a Garden

If you have a knack for taking care of plants, consider planting a garden and then selling the food that it produces. Create a website or use social media to spread the word about your locally-grown food: fruits, vegetables, plants, or flowers. 

You may also show and sell your goods at farmer’s markets, which are prevalent nowadays. Depending on your garden’s yields and requirements, you might offer customers seasonal goods or monthly boxes.

27. Plan Weddings or Special Events

By working as a wedding planner, sometimes referred to as an event planner, you can alleviate the stress that others have when planning their weddings. 

An ideal candidate for this work-from-home opportunity would be someone who is well-organized, well-versed in the local business community, and comfortable interacting with all types of individuals. 

The responsibilities for this position include reserving performance spaces, soliciting competitive quotes for floral arrangements and food services, coordinating the hiring of photographers and videographers, leading rehearsals, and resolving any problems that may crop up. 

In addition, certain places of worship and venues may engage wedding planners to assist with events held at their facilities.

28. Become an Airtasker

On Airtasker, you can make money doing anything you want. You may take up activities that assist your neighbours in getting things done and earn additional income in exchange for your time and work. 

These chores can range from copywriting to graphic design, cleaning, helping with DIY projects, gardening, cooking, photography, or running errands. After creating a profile, you may review the available assignments and submit an offer to perform them. 

Airtasker is in charge of all payments, meaning the money will be sent directly into your bank account whenever you finish a task.

29. Be a Brand Ambassador


Have you ever been out and about and been approached by a kind stranger who offered you a free sample of a new soft drink or a snack bar? Positions for “brand ambassadors” are posted on marketplaces like Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker.

This employment may be exhausting since it requires you to be social, talk to as many people as possible, and stand for long periods. 

Companies want outgoing employees who can strike up conversations quickly with total strangers. If you’re social, you could find these few work hours enjoyable.

30. Put Your Drone To Work

You can put the aerial equipment to work for you if you are a fan of drones. To put this thing into commercial usage, you must have it certified and registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

You may market your services as an aerial photographer. You can run your company from your home. While doing some professions from home is possible, visiting locations is possible.

31. Join a Wedding Band

If you can sing or play an instrument, consider applying for employment in wedding bands that are already established. Since weddings often occur on weekends, you can easily combine this flexible position with other work or academic pursuits. 

The difficult work of establishing and advertising the band has already been done, which is one of the benefits of joining an existing band rather than forming a new one. 

Have a look on Gumtree for bands that are looking for someone with your abilities, or ask around among your musician friends to see if anybody knows of any opportunities. 

You will likely be required to perform at an audition and to be ready for it, and it is a good idea to get familiar with various popular wedding and dance tunes.

32. Pick up Tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Even in this day and age of increasing mechanisation, vocations still demand a person’s involvement. Companies often outsource those kinds of work to crowdsourcing marketplaces like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 

As a “worker,” the activities you will be given are likely to be monotonous, such as labelling photographs, transcribing movies, and organising receipts, and they may take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to complete. 

Temporary employers, often known as “requesters,” choose the compensation rate for each assignment, and they must first approve the final output before they can pay you. Because of this, you must perform enough research before making any purchases. 

Online forums like the Turkkit and Turker Nation subreddits on Reddit may help you avoid dealing with shady sellers and better estimate the amount of money you can anticipate making. Read the associated documentation and learn more about the online money-making platform Mechanical Turk.

33. Sell Unused Gift Cards

You can buy a gift card wherever you go. Have a $45 Barnes & Noble gift card but don’t read books? Or win a raffle for Cheesecake Factory, but the nearest location is 300 miles away. You’re lucky since many places will purchase your unwanted gift cards.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: you will only get part of the gift card’s balance. However, websites like CardCash will pay cash for unwanted gift cards or give you store credit to spend at a store you visit. It’s better to utilise a gift card and get up to 92% of its value than to let it collect dust in a drawer.

Credit card sign-up bonuses are a great way to obtain a quick influx of cash, but they often only become active once you’ve spent a particular amount. You can compare the latest sign-up bonuses here.

34. Translator


Use your bilingual skills in the translation industry. Work-from-home options are standard, making this a versatile career choice. Whether you work for a private company or a government agency, you may translate promotional materials and website copy. 

You may also train to become a “specialist translator,” which requires in-depth knowledge of a profession such as medicine or law. Because of the enormous need for specialised translators, learning a second language is an excellent way to supplement your income.

Find occasional translation work on sites like Airtasker, set up job alerts with a translation service like Gengo or Unabel, or sign up with a company like Oncall or the Interpreting Service and Australian Government’s Translating if you’re available for on-the-spot phone translation work.

35. Nanny or Babysitter

If you like working with children, you could promote yourself as a babysitter or nanny. This might be a one-time, ad hoc gig or a recurring arrangement with the same household. 

It is possible to pick up the kids from school and transport them to after-school activities or spend time with them in the afternoons and evenings while their parents are at work.

You may promote your services alone, but a more straightforward and faster option is to join a service like Sitter. You’ll also need a First Aid Certificate, a picture ID, and a Working with Children Check valid in your state. 

After creating a profile, parents may contact you via the app with work opportunities. If a project seems like something you’d be interested in doing, you may accept it, and payment will be sent by direct deposit as soon as the work is done.

36. Fundraising

Charities often need volunteers to solicit additional financial contributions on their behalf. You can do this over the phone or in person by chatting with individuals as they go by. 

The nature of this labour tends to be more informal, and the hours may be more flexible, depending on the organisation. 

You must be enthusiastic about the cause, pleasant with potential contributors, and able to form connections with them swiftly. Since you will need to be ready for rejection, the job is one of the more challenging ones on our list. 

On the other hand, if you’re collecting money for a cause that you believe in, it might also be one of the most gratifying jobs. Look for employment related to fundraising on websites such as Seek and Ethical Engagement.

37. Find Unclaimed Money

You may be due money as time passes, but you must know the situation. It is easy to lose track of the money flowing into and going out of your account, but thankfully, you can check your status on databases maintained by the state and the federal government. 

You can check from that location to determine whether you are due money from various sources, including the state comptroller, a previous employer, tax funds, insurance,  banking and financial institutions, etc. 

You will be required to provide identification to get your cash. You may need to send specific papers if you live outside the state. 

From that point on, you may get your unclaimed money by following the directions for the claims procedure and submitting the necessary paperwork. Some states even provide prepaid debit cards.

It may be some time before you get your monies; nonetheless, it is still a good idea to check to see if any unclaimed money is waiting for you elsewhere.

38. Deliver Groceries or Take Out


If you need more confidence in your cabbie talk, take heart; food delivery is always in demand. With Instacart, you can deliver groceries and make money quickly while working as much (or as little) as you like.

To become a Shopper, you must register, be authorised, and start working. You must have a reliable car, a valid driver’s license, the capacity to lift 50 pounds, and access to a smartphone or similar device with constant internet connectivity. You pick up the order at the supermarket, deliver, and be paid in full on the spot. 

You may make as many deliveries as you want for Uber Eats, PostMates, and DoorDash; the money is fantastic. If your application is accepted, you may start working soon. Log onto the app, toggle “active,” and wait for the orders to begin. Tips mount up on busy evenings like Friday and Saturday. 

39. Sell Your Clothes Online

The advantages of decluttering have been widely reported, but have you considered generating additional cash by selling your old clothes? You may reach a large, pre-existing client base when you sell your items on websites like Depop, Poshmark, and Grailed.

You just join up, post your clothes, decide on a price, and watch them sell. Make sure the buyer is aware of the precise size of the garment by measuring its measurements. We’re all well aware that dryers reduce the size of clothes.

It’s a terrific opportunity to earn additional money if you have a closet full of gently used clothes, but the listing site will take a cut of the sale. It’s a full-time job for some merchants, and they’re doing well. Thrift stores always need gently used clothing that has seen better days.

40. Purge Your House

Your closet is now in order; what’s next? Let the rest of your house in on the fun! Do you have new home cooking gadgets lying around? Where can I get dusty exercise equipment?

You may generate a rapid profit by selling it all. If you have a lot of stuff to sell, consider holding a fast yard sale, which you can publicise through online forums and newspaper ads. 

Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist are all fantastic places to market your wares, and they attract a large and engaged audience. Listing an item for sale is as simple as writing a description, deciding on a price, and hitting “post.”

You should meet the purchaser in a public place if a deal is reached. Who thought it would be this simple to work from home?

41. Walk a Dog


Image Source- Instagram

Do you have a passion for exercise and canines? Walking dogs for a living is a great way to stay fit, socialise with adorable animals, and supplement your income. Consider using a pet-sitting app like Rover or Wag!, which connects you with pet owners and pays you to care for their pets.

If you’re a dog lover, it’s only natural to volunteer to walk the dog around the block regularly or board it while its owners are away. Hourly rates are typically between $15 and $18.

Private customers might be a profitable alternative to app-based business models. You may work more regularly and earn a more stable income by starting your dog-walking or pet-sitting business.

You may get the word out about your service by posting ads on websites like Craigslist and Facebook and visiting community bulletin boards at places like the local pet shop and vet clinic. 

42. Complete Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a viable option if you’re looking to supplement your income. Increase your revenue with little effort by responding to online surveys.

Despite the caveat that they only pay a little initially, any amount is appreciated. When it comes to online survey sites, SurveyJunkie is a frontrunner. The more surveys you do, the more points you get, increasing your potential reward.

Gift cards from places like Amazon and iTunes and cash payments to your PayPal account are all viable options for withdrawing your earnings.

In addition to doing surveys, you can earn points by watching movies, testing new websites and applications, and even sharing your browser history on sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

The more surveys you complete, the more points you’ll earn and the more money you’ll be able to pay out for your time.

Based on the results of a recent study, we have identified eight strategies for combating inflation and maintaining financial stability.

43. Flip Cheap Finds

Do you recall our strategy for holding a yard sale? Here’s a role reversal: you may make additional money by buying low-priced consumer products and reselling them on websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay,  and Craigslist.

While this does require some work, it may pay off handsomely if you have expertise in a specific field, such as musical instruments,  electronics, or antiques.

Find bargains from internet businesses, secondhand shops, and garage sales as a starting point. You may get a mint condition vintage synthesiser or a Michael Jordan rookie card at a steal of a price! You may make money by flipping it.

Also, the clearance areas of big-box stores sometimes include valuable items worth purchasing to resell on Amazon via the FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Helping companies choose items for fulfilment is made easier with this service, and Amazon rewards vendors for their cooperation with perks like free shipping, returns, and storage. Assisting businesses with their Amazon dropship efforts by finding products may significantly increase their revenue.

44. Help People Move


There must be a way to get around the fact that relocating is a hassle. It’s a significant undertaking at best and a nightmare at worst! Many individuals attempt to get friends to help them move, but completing the task with just two or three people may be challenging.

Working as a mover might be a fantastic way to make extra money if you are physically fit and motivated. Look in the paper or online for postings by moving firms; you’ll likely be on the clock for the better part of the day, but the labour is rewarding, and the tips may add up quickly.

If doing it alone is more your style, you might offer your skills as a professional mover for hire via classified ads, social media, or neighbourhood bulletin boards.

If you have a considerable truck capable of carrying freight, you can negotiate with others to assist them in relocating in exchange for payment. A well-planned relocation should take at most five or six hours, giving you much freedom and a fantastic opportunity to increase your income. 

45. Tutor Students Online

Due to the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, online schooling was the only viable option for almost two years. Modern students are used to studying independently, allowing you to instruct online.

Search for available teaching positions using web resources. is an excellent learning tool. Depending on your knowledge and expertise, you may tutor a student in any subject, from history to math to physics to technology. Earnings potential often ranges from $15-$60 per hour. 

Online TEFL, or teaching English to speakers of other languages, is another option for native English speakers. Although traditionally, TEFL has provided instructors with the chance to teach in other countries; there are now many opportunities to teach English online.

You’ll need a certification for these roles; however, you can obtain it online. Besides the financial benefits, teaching may be personally rewarding. 

46. Open a Bank Account

You might get a cash bonus by establishing a new bank account or credit card. 

Opening an account at a new financial institution may net you some bonus funds, subject to the usual caveats. As of this writing, Chase Bank Total offers new account holders $200 in extra funds if they establish direct deposit. 

Put your funds in a safe place by creating a Discover online savings account. The admission fee is relatively high, necessitating a minimum deposit of $15,000. 

But Discover will give you $150-$200 just for creating an account, and you don’t even have to use direct deposit! This may be an excellent choice if you’re interested in being paid for doing nothing more than transferring your funds to a new bank.

Credit card sign-up bonuses are a great way to obtain a quick influx of cash, but they often only become active once you’ve spent a particular amount.

47. Day Labourer


Image Source- Instagram

It is said that cranes are a sign of success in metropolitan areas, and you can find a good number of them in the main cities of Australia. 

Work in the day labour industry is strenuous, but it pays well per hour, and the majority of employees are temporary, so you get to choose your hours. Investigate the options available online for employment in the position of a worker. 

Several of them do not need previous job experience, but they all provide better compensation to those individuals with specialised expertise.

48. Computer Skills Trainer

There are a lot of simple jobs available aiding with basic computer skills for retirees and others who could be more technically adept. If you know how to send emails and learn how to remove data from your hard drive permanently, there is a lot of employment available. 

Many senior citizens desire to improve their comfort level with modern technology to enhance their ability to communicate with their families and friends and use multiple internet services. 

Place an ad for your services on Gumtree, contact a company in Melbourne, such as ReadyTechGo, to find out if they have any openings, or develop an introductory computer skills course on a website such as Udemy or Skillshare.

49. Service Station Attendant

Even though it’s not the most exciting job in the world, many gas stations are open all night and all day, so there’s always something to do on the weekends and evenings. 

To succeed in the nighttime shift, you must have strong customer service abilities and the ability to work independently. 

Most of these part-time and casual jobs give you more leeway in determining when and how frequently you spend your time. Check out the available positions for service station attendants on Seek.

50. Stadium Worker

You may earn money by working at the games of a sports team you strongly associate with. You won’t be able to sit back and enjoy the show, but you can take in the ambience (and get compensated for doing so). 

After establishing yourself as a reliable employee at a specific location, you can anticipate being offered reasonably consistent employment at various events, including athletic matches, concerts, and other gatherings. 

These jobs often occur on the weekends or at night, making it possible to work them in conjunction with another employment, and the hourly pay is typically above average. The venue often advertises jobs, so visit the website of a large stadium or arena in your area to find out what kinds of chances are available to work there.

51. Be a Model

Everyone has it, so why not show it off? For life painting lessons, many universities and colleges need models. Remember that many are positions for naked models, so ensure you understand the role and are okay with it before accepting.

Art students want to practice sketching bodies of all shapes and sizes, so they won’t judge your looks if you show up. As part of the course, you will be expected to strike various poses for the instructor and other students. 

No one will touch you; the classroom will be filled with pupils and the instructor. Expect to spend up to half a day in a single posture and up to twenty or thirty minutes in a class.

Life modelling positions are sometimes posted on job boards, but to ensure they are legitimate, it is best to apply directly to art schools to ensure they are legitimate. There is no prerequisite experience or skill level, yet an audition may be required before you are hired.

52. Work at the Movies

This is the perfect profession for you if you enjoy watching movies. As an added benefit, several movie theatres offer their employees significantly reduced ticket prices. 

Since the weekends and evenings are the busiest times for moviegoers, you can locate sufficient employment on the weekends to meet your requirements. 

If you have experience working with customers, you will have a better chance of landing one of these coveted positions listed on the theatres’ websites.

53. Wedding Photographer

There must be something about weddings that makes them worth billions. If you earn a solid reputation as a photographer, you won’t need to advertise or do promotional work; your clientele will come to you. In addition to having superior shooting and editing chops, you’ll also need access to a wide variety of high-quality cameras and lenses.

Get together a portfolio of your previous work showcasing your expertise, and then promote your services on wedding listing sites like Easy Weddings or Wedshed. 

You may have to work for free or at a reduced cost as you grow your clientele, but after you’ve made a name for yourself, you can charge what you’re worth. 

Contact professional wedding photographers and inquire if they need assistance if you are an intermediate photographer. You will make little money, but working for someone else is a terrific opportunity to get experience and guidance before striking out alone.

54. Tutoring

Tutoring is a service that is often required by students of all levels, from elementary school up to college. You’d better know what you’re talking about since many parents and kids will ask you about your academic success in the area. You should be well-organized, dependable, and able to provide students access to materials they have yet to encounter.

A tutoring organisation will handle advertising and paperwork, matching you with clients in your area. Try typing “tutoring agency [your city]” into a search engine to see if local agencies are hiring. Another option is to promote your business independently via channels such as Gumtree, campus bulletin boards, and school publications.

55. Grow Your Succulents

These days, it’s all about succulents. Who could resist the charm of a lovely spiky plant in a mason jar? In addition to selling succulents at the farmers market or online, they may be grown and sold at home with little effort.

Get yourself to a nursery and pick a few succulent plants to get things rolling. Here are some basic steps for propagating succulents from cuttings so that you always have a supply after they mature. 

When you have a lot of plants ready to sell, you may try planting them singly in jars or pots (the more rudimentary, the better!), or you can arrange them in a terrarium.

56. Teach a Class

Do you have a unique talent or area of expertise? You should contact the relevant council if you’re interested in teaching in a local community centre or library. For a fee, instructors can offer anything from art to yoga to computer classes, language lessons, and food demonstrations.

If you have some spare time, consider creating an online course and teaching it via a platform like Udemy or Skillshare. 

The initial commitment of time is more, but once the course is live, you’re done; students may sign up whenever they’re ready, and you’ll earn money regardless of how quickly they complete the material. You may teach everything from writing creatively to optimising websites for search engines.

57. Run a Face Painting Stall

Before renting a booth at a local market or festival, test your face-painting skills by practising more traditional patterns, such as butterflies, lions, and Spiderman. 

If there isn’t a market in the area, inquire with the local government about the possibility of setting up a shop in a park during the weekend. 

You must be confident conversing with children and adults and ready to spend the whole day sitting outdoors. You may charge a few bucks for each kid, which can amount to quite a bit when multiplied by the total number of children for the entire day!

58. Run a Cleaning Business

To start as a mobile cleaning service, you will only need a few quality cleaning supplies, a bucket, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner, at the very least. 

It is possible to get your company off the ground without incurring significant startup expenses by providing cleaning services for regular households. You may find short cleaning work on Airtasker, and if you do a good job, you can even wind up with a regular customer if you perform well enough. 

Airtasker is a terrific method to pick up cleaning jobs. You should be fine finding employment after establishing a track record of success with a few different positions and receiving positive feedback from previous employers.

59. FarmWork

It is a physically demanding job, and you will be exposed to the sun the whole day, but if you have some expertise, you may earn a respectable income picking fruit or working in other capacities on farms. 

This is a fantastic work opportunity for the weekends that does not need any expertise in customer service. Because farm labour is often done on a seasonal basis, you must be highly organised and begin your job search well before the summer months. 

Check out websites like Harvest Trail and Fruit Picking Jobs to see employment that is currently open.

60. Sell Your Home-Cooked Meals and Treats

Busy families that value good cuisine but need more time to prepare it themselves have become a target market. Put up an online ad, or list your food or services on FoodSt, so that others in your area may buy them. 

If you cannot fulfil immediate orders, visit local coffee shops and inquire about selling your baked goods. If you can get consistent orders from cafés, you’ll have more time and money to devote to baking.

A Food Safety Supervisor Certificate, local municipality notification, and Food Standards Code compliance are all necessary to operate a food company out of one’s kitchen.

61. Become a Bartender

It should come as no surprise that the busiest times of the week for bars are Friday and Saturday evenings. Not only will you have the opportunity to bring in some additional income, but if you like to party on the weekends, this is a great way to cut down on the amount of money you spend on things like meals and drinks while still getting to experience the excitement of the nightlife! 

Jobs for bartenders may be posted on websites such as Seek, and most do not need previous experience. You’ll need excellent customer service skills and a certificate demonstrating that you can responsibly serve alcohol.

62. Take Visitors on a Tour of Your City

Do you know your city like the back of your hand, and are you eager to show tourists its best-kept secrets? 

You may look for opportunities as a tour guide on Seek, or if you have specialised expertise, you might start your own company. Most tour guides charge their clients an upfront set payment or ask them to pay what they feel the trip was worth after the excursion.

You may provide specialty excursions such as chocolate, architecture, wildlife, or street art tours if you have a specific passion. Getting your company up and running requires a good amount of administrative work, but once it is, you will have the freedom to schedule tours exactly when convenient.

63. Be a Language Conversation Assistant

Speaking in front of an audience is one of the most challenging and crucial aspects of learning a new language. One of the most potent advantages you have as a native or near-native speaker is your familiarity with slang and common mistakes in pronunciation. Spend an hour or two chatting with a language learner and offering advice on improving their pronunciation and sentence structure.

There is a high need for native speakers in educational institutions and language institutes. Work at an adult language school, in particular, may be scheduled for after-hours or on weekends to be consistent with your regular 9-to-5. Seek language assistant positions, contact language schools directly, or post an ad on Gumtree to offer your skills privately.

64. Be a Professional House-Sitter

Staying at someone else’s property while on vacation to tend to their plants and animals is one of the least complicated supplementary income opportunities available today. You could work for free in return for lodging if that’s how the agreement is set up, or you might be paid per day for the work you perform. 

Suppose you establish a positive reputation for yourself. In that case, you can secure enough house-sitting gigs to turn house-sitting into your permanent housing arrangement and do away with rent payments.

64. Put Your Social Media Skills To Good Use

Ten thousand hours is the magic number for mastery, so the saying goes. When it comes to social media, how long have you been practising? 

Suppose you are familiar with social media platforms and know how to maximise reach and engagement. In that case, try setting yourself up as a freelance social media consultant since many small businesses do not have the funds to pay someone full-time to handle their social media. 

Once you’ve made a name for yourself, you may pick and choose the tasks that work best for you and set your schedule.

To build your resume, you should provide your services for free or at a steep discount to close friends or acquaintances who own small enterprises. If your resume needs more professional social media expertise, you should look into getting some training. For a few hundred dollars, social media training firms like 

The Digital Picnic provides in-person and online instruction. It’s a lot of money upfront, but until you have a lot of experience under your belt, training might offer you an advantage in the competitive freelance social media sector. You may start charging customers for your services when you’ve built a client base and positive reviews.

65. Be a Personal Sport Coach

You might become a private sports coach for children or adults interested in improving their talents if you have played any sport at a respectable level. 

If you are working with children, you will require a Working With Children Check that is valid in your state, and depending on the sport you will be coaching, you could need a qualification. 

You would have an advantage if you also had other relevant degrees, such as those in personal training or sports science; nonetheless, your prior sports achievements should speak for themselves.

You can start your own company and advertise your services or sign up with a third-party platform such as Coachable, Playbook, or FindMyCoach.

66. Give Your Typing Muscles a Workout as a Transcriptionist

Reporters and business owners often require help transcribing audio from meetings, focus groups, and other research activities. This work may be done whenever and wherever is convenient for you, so long as you reach your deadline.

No prior experience is required; however, you should demonstrate that you can accomplish the work. 

Before you can begin working for a transcribing service like Rev, you must demonstrate your language and grammatical abilities by passing a brief assessment and completing a sample assignment. 

You may increase your earnings potential if you know more than one language by providing translation services.

67. Save Money To Make Money

The most straightforward method for putting more money in your pocket will also be the most effective. Spend less. 

This is something that can only be accomplished with some effort. Check out what money-saving guru Joel Gibson has to say with his top 20 must-know, easy-to-do, and no-BS ideas, including how to save cash on a smartphone plan.

68. Carvertise

Have you ever been travelling down the road when suddenly a brilliantly decorated automobile pulls up next to you, serving as a moving billboard? 

The driver probably isn’t a massive supporter of the company whose logo is plastered all over their vehicle; they’re probably being paid to do it. Join the Carvertise fleet if you’re looking for a way to bring in some additional cash. 

All you need is a car manufactured in 2008 or later, at least 30 miles of daily driving, a clean driving record, and the original factory paint job. With Carvertise, your car becomes a mobile affiliate marketing site for marketers, and you may make up to $100 each month.

Wrapping and unwrapping your vehicle (with a vinyl decal) will be covered by the advertiser, and you’ll get paid for as long as the marketing effort is active. 

Vehicle branding might be for you if you do a lot of driving and are okay with the look of your car being altered. However, there might be better options for your beloved 1972 Corvette. 

69. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma has the potential to save lives and also provides financial benefits.

Plasma accounts for around 55% of blood and is crucial to our well-being. There are plasma donation clinics nationwide where kind individuals donate plasma to those in need. You may be paid every four weeks to give if you meet the requirements.

You must be 18 or older, weigh more than 110 pounds, pass a medical exam, and have negative results to consider infectious diseases. To donate, you must first pass two medical exams.

The procedure will take around an hour after you arrive at the clinic, similar to getting blood taken. The donation centre will pay you when you’re done. Donors often get between $250 to $1,000 monthly; however, this might vary widely. 

The Bottom Line

In the present economic situation, it might be challenging for many people to earn a livelihood. However, with little ingenuity and effort, you may start making extra weekly money to help with your bills, put away for the future, or treat yourself.

Monitor your spending and income to determine how much money you have for living expenses. Simplify by Quicken is a budgeting and savings app that may help you keep on top of your finances with as little as five minutes of work every week.