Minimum Pay Rates in Australia for the 50+ Most Popular Casual & Part-time Jobs

Company owners must be aware of and in compliance with all of their regulatory requirements regarding the payment of salaries if they want to put themselves up for success. Ignorance is no excuse for the harsh penalties. 

Court-ordered fines in the current 7-Eleven scandal topped $1 million. The penalties and the need to compensate for lost salaries could quickly put many small enterprises out of business.

The Fair Work Commission now determines the minimum wage. Fair Work Act 2009, under which it functions. 

However, it is essential to note that if federal law is changed or replaced, the method by which the minimum wage is calculated and enforced might also change, even if there is no sign that this system will change in the near or medium term.

What Is the Minimum Wage in Australia?

On July 1, 2023, the federal minimum wage increased to $23.23, or $882.80, for a standard workweek of 38 hours. The federal minimum wage has risen by 8.6%.

Modern Awards

Current awards specify the bare minimum pay and benefits to which workers are entitled. They are often confined to a specific field or line of work.

When an award or business agreement doesn’t protect workers, the federal government may issue a national minimum wage order to prevent exploitation.

Minimum pay, paid vacation, hours worked, penalties, and allowances are only a few items included in modern awards.

Full-time adult retail employees who fall under the General Retail Industry Award 2020 jurisdiction are guaranteed a minimum payment of $848.50 per week (Retail Employee Level 1) as of February 1, 2021. 

An award is a comprehensive contract that details all additional reasonable employer duties, such as meal and uniform allowances, which are sometimes industry-specific. Employers risk legal action if they fail to comply.

Penalty Rates Explained

When workers work on the weekend, a holiday, overtime, or a shift that begins late at night or early in the morning, they are entitled to a greater hourly wage than they would on a typical workday. Find out what the penalty rates are for employee awards here.

The Fair Work Pay Calculator

The Fair Work Pay Calculator can determine base, allowance, and penalty pay rates.

Employers and workers alike can determine which reward applies to their situations with the assistance of the step-by-step questionnaire.

Who Sets the Minimum Wage in Australia?

Since 2010, the Expert Panel of the Fair Work Commission has determined the minimum wage. A new minimum wage rate is implemented annually on July 1st, beginning the fiscal year.

A President, three other full-time members, and three further part-time members comprise the Expert Panel’s total membership of seven. They have extensive knowledge of business, economics, social policy, and employee relations.

The Expert Panel must release any written contributions from interested people or organisations following the Fair Work Act (2009). After reviewing these proposals, the Expert Panel will provide feedback. 

Publication of the Expert Panel’s study is required under the Act, allowing contributions to be based on the findings and promoting openness.

Minimum Wage Change in 2023

Minimum Wage Change in 2023

The Fair Work Commission has declared that it would raise the national minimum wage by 5.2% beginning on July 1, 2022. This increase will take effect. 

As a result of a campaign pledge made by freshly elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to increase the minimum wage following the inflation rate, which is now 5.1%, this is higher than the current rate. 

More than 2.7 million workers, in addition to additional employees covered by enterprise agreements and other payment arrangements, are expected to be impacted by the Fair Work Commission’s ruling, according to the commission.

Minimum Wage for Juniors

A junior worker in Australia is a worker who is under the age of 21. Junior workers’ minimum salary is a proportion of the national minimum wage based on their age and the industry in which they work.

The goal is to give entry-level workers an edge over their more experienced counterparts, who typically command a higher salary in the employment market. The cost of hiring new employees may go low as a result.

Carly, who is also 17 and works at a store, is only one example. Under her award, she is eligible for 60% of the adult pay rate. On March 22nd, she’ll become 18 years old. She will be paid 70% of the adult rate as of March 22. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides a Pay Calculator where you may determine entry-level employee compensation for various sectors.

Minimum Wage for Apprentices

The applicable award and registration agreement outlines the pay scales and benefits for apprentices, including paid time off, holidays, weekends, and sick days.

Apprentices get a wage different from industry to industry and from one apprentice to the next.

Apprentices may advance to the next level of their program after completing a certain amount of work or proving their skills. The salary scale rises with their promotion.

When it comes to paying apprentices, the essential thing for employers to do is to follow the guidelines outlined in the applicable award.

To get an accurate rate for an apprenticeship, you may use the Fair Work Ombudsman Pay Calculator.


When an employee earns $450 or more before taxes in a month and is over 18 or when an employee under 18 works more than 30 hours a week, the employer should make a superannuation contribution. This will be dependent on the employee’s ordinary time earnings. 

This contribution rate currently stands at 10% and is set to increase progressively to 12% by 2025.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, this may also apply to certain casual workers.

The ATO, or Australian Taxation Office, may be reached at 13 28 61 or through their website if businesses need clarification on their superannuation responsibilities.

Fast Food Cashier Pay Rate

Level 1 cashiers in the fast food industry get $23.38 per hour (full and part-time) and $29.23 per hour (casual) as per the Fast Food Industry Award (MA000003).

The recipients of this honour are the restaurants, carts, and delivery services that make fast food available for takeaway or in-store consumption in shopping centres, malls, and other retail establishments.

Security Guard Pay Rate

Level 1 security officers get $23.89 per hour for regular and temporary workers and $29.86 per hour for casuals, as specified by the Security Services Industry Award (MA000016).

The Security Award covers employers and their eligible employees in the security industry. Companies that offer security services and those that employ and place workers fall under this category.

Cleaner Pay Rate

Cleaner Pay Rate

Level 1 cleaners get $22.76/hr for full-time work, $26.17/hr for part-time, and $28.45/hr for everyday work, according to the Cleaning Services Award (MA000022).

Contract cleaning service providers and their staff who fall within the scope of this award’s eligibility criteria are its intended recipients.

Food and Beverage Attendant Pay Rate

Level 1 food and beverage attendants get $20.92/hr (for permanent and temporary workers) and $26.15/hr (for casuals) as per the Restaurant Industry Award (MA000119).

Restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, tea rooms, roadhouses, and other companies that offer food to be eaten on the premises (rather than delivered) are eligible for this Award, as are the individuals who work in these establishments.

Aged Care Worker Pay Rate

Aged care workers at Level 1 earn $22.67 per hour for regular workers and $28.34 per hour for casuals, as specified by the Aged Care Award (MA000018).

Hostels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, garden settlements, assisted living apartments, retirement communities, and other residential accommodation facilities that provide care to older people are all eligible for this Award.

Event Staff Pay Rate

The starting hourly rates for the Amusement, Events, and Recreation Award (MA000080) are $21.38 for regular and part-time workers and $26.73 for casual workers.

Companies and employees who match the criteria for this Award are in the entertainment, events, and leisure industry.

General Labourer Pay Rate

General Laborers at Level 1 (CW/ECW 1) (level a) in the Construction business get a daily wage of $24.36 per day, as stipulated by the Building and Construction General On-site Award (MA000020).

General building and construction, civil construction, and metal and engineering construction are all included in this Award, as are the companies that employ their respective workers.

Retail Assistant Pay Rate

Level 1 shop assistants get $23.38/hr for permanent and part-time workers and $29.23/hr for casuals, respectively, per the General Shop Industry Award (MA000004).

Some companies covered by other awards are not eligible for this one, including independent butcher shops, pharmacies,  nurseries, motor cars, gasoline, and parts. However, this Award is for enterprises that engage in the retail sale or rental of products or services for household, commercial, or industrial use.

Removalist Pay Rate

The Road Transport and Distribution Award (MA000038) specifies that Grade 1 workers get $22.59 per hour (full- and part-time) and $28.23 per hour (casuals).

Its intended recipients are companies in the road transportation and distribution sector and their personnel who fall within the scope of the Award’s categories.

Receptionist Pay Rate

Level 1 workers get $22.67 per hour (for full- and part-time employees) and $28.34 per hour (for casuals) as per the Clerks – Private Sector Award (MA000002).

Employees whose primary duties are secretarial or administrative, as well as their private sector employers, are the intended recipients of this Award.

Top National Average Salary Rates

1. Checkout Operator

Hourly wage average in the United States: $18.68

Often known as office cashiers, checkout operators operate cash registers at retail establishments. 

In the course of completing a transaction, they may collect funds from a consumer or return funds to a customer in the form of a refund. Workers at checkout register purchases by scanning barcodes, weighing items, and entering the data onto a computer.

2. Pharmacy Sales Assistant

Average Income: $23.79 an hour

Sales associates at pharmacies offer personal care items, medicines, and other related products to the general public. They take prescriptions that will be filled by retail pharmacists and may provide clients with pharmacological advice. Pharmacy sales associates are responsible for processing payments, marketing the store’s products and services and helping with stock control and window displays.

3. Dishwasher

Average Income: $23.83 an hour

In commercial kitchens and eateries, the dishes, pots, pans, and utensils are cleaned by a dishwasher, also known as a kitchen steward. They might secure employment at eateries, cafés, or even institutions like hospitals. Some dishwashers are also helpful for general kitchen cleaning.

4. Laundry Worker

Average Income: $24.96 an hour

Work at a laundry facility entails various tasks, including sorting, cleaning, folding, ironing, and packaging articles of clothes, linens, and other textiles—their places of employment range from homes to dry cleaners to laundromats. Laundry employees need to know how to appropriately categorise goods depending on cleaning treatment needed, colour, fabric, and kind of item, as well as which stain removers and cleaning chemicals to use.

Fast-Food Cook

5. Fast-Food Cook

Average Income: $26.01 an hour

Short-order cooks, who work at fast-food restaurants, specialise in making items like burgers, pizza, and fish and chips. They use a variety of appliances, such as fryers, grills, and microwaves, and may also be responsible for prepping some of the ingredients. Fast food chefs may also be responsible for collecting orders, handling payments, and serving customers at certain establishments.

6. Waiter

Average Income: $26.17 an hour

A waiter’s primary responsibility is to serve customers at fine dining places such as restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. They take orders, relay those requests to the kitchen and bar, serve clients, and collect money. Servers could also help with cleaning, organising, and setting tables.

7. Factory Worker

Average Income: $26.58 an hour

Primary responsibilities: a factory worker could help make a variety of products. They can get jobs in various industries, including food and beverage, canvas and leather products, chemical, footwear, glass processing, and fabric and textile sectors. Factory employees must adhere to rigorous safety standards as they conduct their daily production routines for their respective industries.

8. Retail Assistant

Average Income: $26.67 an hour

A retail assistant, sometimes a sales assistant, works in retail and wholesale settings to promote products and services such as apparel, cosmetics, food, hardware, home appliances, and office supplies. Businesses may interview customers to ascertain their requirements and get product-finding assistance. Additionally to processing transactions, retail assistants help refill shelves.

9. Outdoor Adventure Guide

Average Income: $26.80 an hour

Guides for outdoor sports, including bungee jumping, fishing, hunting, hiking, trekking, and whitewater rafting, are in high demand. These meetings may cover safety procedures and equipment. Guides for outdoor activities deal with emergencies and provide daily updates on their exploits.

10. Pick and Packer

Average Income: $27.27 an hour.

There is always a need for a pick and packer at a warehouse or store where inventory control is necessary. They retrieve goods from storage, check them for damage, and pack them for transport. Workers in the pick-up and shipment processes may also be required to complete and handle related documentation.


11. Housekeeper

National average salary: $27.85 per hour

A housekeeper’s duties may include cleaning offices, hotels, motels, or individual homes. Cleaning floors, dusting furniture, collecting garbage, maintaining kitchens, making beds, doing laundry, and cooking are everyday tasks domestic workers perform. Some maid services also provide pet and plant care, grocery shopping, and even answering the door.

12. Restaurant host

National average salary: $28.60 per hour

A host or hostess greets every client who enters a restaurant. The host or hostess is responsible for seating visitors, handing them menus, and assigning guests to the appropriate wait staff. Restaurant hosts may also take phone calls, handle payments, and give customers their takeout orders.

13. Childcare Worker

National average salary: $29.10 per hour

Childcare workers supervise and care for children in institutions like daycares and foster homes. They plan and oversee activities for kids of all ages, such as reading, playing games, and other forms of entertainment. Workers in the childcare industry are critical to keeping children safe by closely monitoring their hygiene and behaviour for any alarming changes.

14. Beauty therapist

Average Income: $30.02 an hour

Most beauty therapists use their time treating their client’s skin and body. They consult with customers to determine their wants and requirements, then provide cosmetic makeup applications, manicures, pedicures, massages, and facial therapies. As well as giving aesthetic services, beauty therapists may take reservations, track client information, sell inventory, and handle financial transactions.

Sewing Machinist

15. Sewing Machinist

Average Income: $30.38 an hour

A sewing machinist is a person who uses industrial sewing machines to stitch and finish textile products. They are in charge of threading devices, adjusting settings, swapping out needles, and adjusting additional attachments. Sewing machine operators check items for flaws, remove excess fabric or thread, and apply for labels or tickets.

16. Food trades assistant

Average Income: $31.06 an hour

An assistant in the food industry helps out in kitchens and storage facilities. They shop for food and cooking supplies, measure and weigh everything, and then wash, chop, dice, grind, peel, and slice the items. Assistants in the food service industry are responsible for keeping the kitchen and storage spaces tidy, washing dishes and utensils, and keeping tabs on food supplies.


17. Receptionist

Average Income: $53,069 per year

The primary responsibility of a receptionist is to greet customers and clients when they first enter an office or place of business. They answer the phone, sort mail, distribute it, and help customers and clients. It’s uncommon for receptionists to take on administrative tasks, including making travel arrangements, preparing conference spaces, and coordinating schedules.

18. Hairdresser

Average Income: $56,037 per year

A hairdresser, often known as a hair stylist, may take care of your hair in many ways. They may also advise customers on adequately caring for their hair and scalp, colouring, and styling it. Some hairstylists also provide specialised treatments such as braiding and dreadlocks style, hair extension installation, beard and moustache grooming, and wig styling.

19. Administrative Assistant

Average Income: $59,113 per year

The duties of an administrative assistant span a wide range of the workplace. They may also input data, place orders for supplies, answer phones, take meeting minutes, set up appointments, and plan trips. Administrative assistants may be assigned to a single supervisor or work throughout the company.

Veterinary nurse

20. Veterinary nurse

National average salary: $59,916 per year

A veterinary nurse is someone who works with veterinarians in the medical field. They may also be responsible for the welfare of animals undergoing medical care or temporarily housed in veterinary hospitals. A veterinary nurse’s duties might range from just holding an animal to giving it medicine, cleaning the treatment area, putting an animal in a cage, running tests, keeping records, and scheduling visits.

Minimum Pay Rates in Australia for the X Most Popular Casual & Part-time Jobs

1. Take Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Making some additional money quickly is possible via paid surveys.

Surveys are some of the standard but effective tactics businesses use to gather users’ feedback on businesses’ behalves. Data is generally used for marketing or analytics by these businesses to introduce new items to the market or enhance current ones. 

Australia is home to many legitimate survey panels, but the. Still, there are three you should join if you’re serious about making some extra income. These include Pureprofile, Octopus Group, and Opinion World.

These three Australian survey sites are consistent in their survey distribution and payment (cash through PayPal or bank transfer).

When you don’t cut, some companies give you a little sum as a courtesy.

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Administrative, personal, and executive assistants may supplement their income by working as virtual assistants from home.

You may earn a good living as a virtual assistant without leaving your house.

You can do this with only the knowledge you already have, a computer, and access to the Internet.

You should have a little taste of geographic arbitrage. For example, if you earn in Australian dollars and purchase Mexican pesos.

3. Watch Videos With Swagbucks[ and Get $5 Registration Bonus]

Despite its name, Swagbucks is not only a survey site. Simply viewing movies or using their search engine can get you points.

In addition to referring friends, completing surveys, and purchasing using their cashback incentives, there are many additional methods to earn on Swagbucks.

In addition, you will get $5 simply for joining up. It’s a little money; it’s easy to do from home.

Become a Social Media Manager

4. Become a Social Media Manager

You may earn a lot of money if you have an Instagram addiction or know your way around the Facebook advertising interface.

Like a virtual assistant, a social media manager often handles the day-to-day operations of their customer’s social media accounts while sitting at their computer.

A Social Media Manager is an expert in social media content production, curation, and optimisation.

They are responsible for developing plans to boost brand recognition, customer interest, website traffic, and revenue.

They provide unique material to connect with their audience, including blog articles, videos, infographics, graphics, and more.

Social media analytics are also monitored so that campaigns and tactics may be fine-tuned based on results.

Australian and international businesses are continuously looking for trustworthy workers with a knack for social media. 

And if your abilities still need to be quite there, many resources will help you improve them.

This course on Udemy is an excellent introduction.

5. Take Polls and Battles With Toluna

Toluna is an excellent opportunity for Aussies to make additional money while having a good time. The site features surveys and skirmishes between users.

Traditional web-based polls are also available via Toluna. You may redeem rewards for PayPal cash or one of several available certificates.

Toluna users should know there may be a lag time before their points are credited.

This is because the points you earn for completing the paid survey are not credited until after the survey has ended. Adding them has never given me trouble, although it is time-consuming.

6. Become a Transcriptionist

Australians may earn extra money by transcribing audio samples for companies.

You may do the assignments from any location with an internet connection, be paid weekly in US Dollars, and choose your hours.

You’ll need a quiet place to work and fast fingers to make a live transcribing audio and video at home, but the payoff is worth it if you meet the requirements.

As a transcriptionist, you’ll use Rev’s free web editor to convert audio recordings into text documents.

You may make anything from $0.36 to $0.45 per minute of transcribed audio. 

Jobs are available, and you may select the ones you want to do. You can use PayPal to pay you every week.

A lot of testing is involved in the application process, but the firm has received rave ratings, so it’s worth looking into if you need additional cash. 

7. Download Money-Earning Apps

An abundance of software may help people in Australia make money.

You can earn from scanning your groceries with Homescan and iRi Shopper, giving your ideas with survey sites, playing games, doing mystery shopping with iShop for Ipsos, and more. There are many different ways you may get money doing these things.

8. Share Your Online Activity with Nielsen Computer Panel

Participants in the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel get compensation in exchange for providing access to their online activities.

When you sign up for the panel, a tracking app on your PC or mobile device will be required.

After that, you’ll get monthly points if you continue participating in the panel.

These points are worth roughly $10 monthly in gift cards or cash rewards, so that they may be a nice sum for holiday shopping over the year.

By participating in the panel, you’ll be contributing to Nielsen’s research on internet use, which will help businesses improve their goods and services, and you’ll also be able to earn some extra money in the process.

Teach English Online

9. Teach English Online

Online English instruction is a growing industry in Australia.

Since China is now two hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), it’s the ideal side job for Australians.

You may choose your hours and schedule and make up to $25 for every 40-minute class.

Most classes meet in the evenings throughout the week.

They last all day on the weekends, so if you’re diligent, you may significantly supplement your income from Monday through Friday.

A degree and prior teaching experience are also preferred qualifications. 

The Charles Cornelius Udemy course “Teach English Online” is a great place to start since it just costs a few dollars.

This course gives English educators the tools to conduct virtual classrooms.

It discusses how to find students, how to decide what to teach them, how to gauge their needs and interests, how to create a premium rate niche English course, how to set prices and get paid, what software and resources are necessary to teach online, how to teach fundamental language skills and how to prepare students for exams.

That’s all you’d need to know to start a career as an influential online English teacher right there!

10. Start a Blog

A more accessible option for filming films is blogging, creating content on a specific topic or niche based on your experience or talent.

Start a blog on a platform like WordPress to share knowledge with others or demonstrate your skills.

It’s a good idea to educate yourself on search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies before you start blogging so that your articles will appear on Google’s first page.

Those who need a search engine optimisation (SEO) background are encouraged to sign up for Google’s free Digital Garage course.

By integrating adverts from Google or another supplier on your site, you may make money from it. When your website gets a lot of traffic, you could start accepting sponsored content or advertisements from other publications.

Okay, so you’ll need a computer to launch your blog.

  • CMS like WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Domain name: You can sign up here for your domain name.

Realise that your website may take some time to rank in search results and generate revenue once launched.


11. Take Part in Online Focus Groups

User Interviews and Respondent are two reputable firms that pay very well for online focus groups.

Both sites provide substantial financial incentives to contributors in exchange for information.

Participating in a focus group takes longer than filling out a standard online survey, but the compensation is much higher.

Ensure you have a complete profile since your offers depend on your career and personal history.

Signing up will earn you $65 for 45 minutes marketing panel. 

The signup process is simple and necessitates a PayPal address and the standard information.

The number of invites you get is directly proportional to the accuracy of your job description.

12. Write Articles for Blogs and Websites

You can create whole sentences and want to work from home to make money. Brilliant.

You may make money by writing for websites and newspapers just like hundreds of others in Australia already do. It’s well-known that learning how to write content is one of the most lucrative talents you can acquire. 

You may learn how to make money writing on Upwork on different platforms like YouTube.

13. Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

Selling digital downloads allows you to do a side business from any location.

Trina only sells digital versions of her work, such as the one seen above, and once her Etsy store is up and running, she must keep it updated.

She has zero inventory costs, no operating expenses, and a passive income stream thanks to digital downloads. This is ideal for a busy mother to earn additional money.

In this guest article, Trina elaborates on her Etsy business model. Tips for Making Digital Downloads Your Main Source of Revenue on Etsy

14. Sell Pictures of Your Feet

It’s possible that learning you may make money by selling images of your feet online will surprise you.

When you first hear about this fascinating additional source of income, you may be curious about it. 

But after doing some study, you will probably conclude that it is not quite as revolting as it may seem and that those endowed with beautiful feet may be able to use it as a legitimate source of revenue.

This guide to selling images of your feet online will be just up your alley if you think your feet have what it takes to become famous (or if you feel you can fulfil someone’s obsession with them). 

Focus Groups

15. Register for Market Research/Focus Groups

Participating in various focus groups in Australia might provide another attractive opportunity to increase your income.

These are often in person, and I’ve attended sessions in the Central Business District and various other locations.

Just type “focus groups + your city” into Google to find out where the registration is. Some people have offered to pay me more than one hundred dollars for an evening of listening to my thoughts and enjoying their delicious refreshments.

16. Get Your RSA and Find Casual Bar Work

The time and money you may spend on acquiring my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate may be your best investment.

It will only take a day to get the official certificate, and then you could sign up with temp agencies for part-time bartending jobs that pay $200-$300 per day.

You may occasionally work the bar for significant events like the Bledisloe Cup and National Rugby League games.  

17. Deliver Packages With Amazon Flex

Australians now have a new opportunity for supplementary income thanks to Amazon Flex. The Amazon Flex app is where you’ll fill out your application to become a Delivery Partner.

Once hired, you’ll choose a delivery block (typically four hours), get products from the depot, and transport them to your designated region, all within the allotted time.

You must be at least 20 years old, have a smartphone, a 4-door automobile, and pass a background check.

You’ll need an ABN as a contractor since you’ll handle your taxes.

Many variables affect the rates you’ll get paid, like the day of the week and the time of day, but the system is quite open and easy to understand.

The Amazon Flex app will tell you how long each block will last and how much it will cost before you accept it, and the costs are reasonable (though they vary by region).

Wages are deposited into your account weekly.

18. Data Entry

The labour of data entry consists of entering the same thing repeatedly, and it needs a very high level of accuracy.

It is also commonly accessible at night and on the weekends, giving it an excellent opportunity to make additional money in the capacity of a side job.

Using these methods, you may bring in more funds to pay off debt or put money aside for future adventures.

Rent Out Your Car

20. Rent Out Your Car

Suppose you reside in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane and have a vehicle under six years old. In that case, you may use UberCarshare to earn additional money by renting it out to others.

For those who drive solely on the weekends, this would be ideal.

Your vehicle must meet the following specifications must be met by your vehicle:

Your vehicle must:

  • be in good condition
  • must have been produced no earlier than 2001
  • have a worth of $60,000 or less in other states or $50,000 or less if listed in Victoria. 

21. Rent Out Your Spare Room on Airbnb

Using Airbnb to rent a spare room is a terrific side business for Australians.

In this scenario, renting your extra room in Sydney to a traveller for around 15 nights per month might earn you up to $1585.

Do you have a spare bedroom or studio? Renting out your extra room on Airbnb may earn you a sizable sum of money. In contrast to a full-time flatmate, the beautiful thing about Airbnb hosting is that you can decide which days you have visitors.

Although maintaining a clean room and making your guests feel welcome takes effort, it’s a terrific way to meet new people and be a reliable revenue generator. 

22. Rent Out Your Parking Space:

Do you have a parking spot available at your house or your place of business? If so, you may make a living by renting your new parking spot using Parkable.

The highest income may be found in central places, although the city’s periphery and areas close to important events or employment hubs can also be profitable.

23. Share Your Storage Space

This is the best gig if you have a garage — you may get the payment if you rent out your storage space or garage. Renting out unused storage space can be lucrative. 

Whether you have a spare garage, basement, or attic, plenty of individuals and businesses need extra storage. By offering your storage space for rent, you provide a practical solution for those lacking adequate storage options and have the chance to make money from an underutilised asset.

24. Matched Betting

The matched betting gig is a strategy that involves making two bets, one with a bookmaker and one with an exchange, to profit from the free bets and other benefits made available by bookmakers.

Because of this, a profit is guaranteed to be made every time, notwithstanding any event’s result. In Australia, those who participate in matched betting can earn a profit every month.

Websites such as BonusBank provide both free and paid services to their users. Installing the app and signing up for an online account is free.

After that, members will get access to lessons and lite versions of software and calculators, enabling them to understand matched betting and earn a profit of $75.

If users want to upgrade to a premium membership, the same strategies will allow them to generate more revenue.

Matched betting is more of a mathematical game than a kind of gambling. You should probably avoid considering this possibility if you have ever struggled with addiction or compulsive gambling.

25. Start a Crafty Side Hustle

Making and selling crafts may be lucrative for those with a creative streak and a knack for handiwork.

Local markets, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy are all great places to offer handcrafted things because of their popularity with customers.

There is no end to the great things you may produce and sell, but if you need help with ideas, look at some of these crafts you can sell for a profit. 

Etsy is another platform on which you might offer your handiwork. After researching, you may come up with a list of the most profitable items to sell on Etsy.

26. Food Delivery

Several options are accessible in Australia for anyone wishing to earn money as a food delivery driver. 

Numerous delivery services, including Menulog, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo, provide flexible hours and competitive income that may suit your fixed schedule.

Previous Dashers claim that drivers get compensated for every delivery and have the potential for substantial tip income. 

In Australia, a food delivery driver makes an average base income of $52,250 per year—good money Jobs for food delivery are also available on, paying $9 to $13 per hour.

In Australia, getting paid to deliver food is a terrific way to boost your income or land a full-time position.

Many people trying to earn extra money find it an appealing alternative because of the flexible hours and potential for significant income.

27. Online Course

Passive income through creating and selling online courses is one of the tops in the current technological era. You can accomplish this using a platform like Udemy or Teachable.

You must first build the course material. This includes PDFs, films, and other stuff.

Create a sales page and promote your course once the course material is ready.

Using a company like Udemy that offers online courses is a wise long-term decision. In other words, you will supply the course material, and they will handle all marketing and sales.

This can be a terrific alternative to avoid making your own sales website or marketing your course.

The teachable platform can host your course and take care of the billing and distribution side if you can make a sales page and handle your marketing.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the Teachable blog.

28. Upskill for Your Day Job

You may not require a side business if you can advance in your current position.

You may keep one step ahead of others and increase your job security by upskilling for your day job. Additionally, it increases your value to potential employers.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “An investment in information pays the greatest dividends”? That’s because, for most people, the capacity to generate revenue is the most valued asset.

Inquire about the best professional development programs for your position from your employer.

Look into professional certifications through TAFE and collegiate institutions. To advance in your career, research the credentials employers seek.

However, these degrees can be affordable because scholarships and grants are frequently available within your company.

29. Swap Bank Accounts

Nowadays, many banks provide sign-up incentives, including cash, when you establish a new account.

You might use this money by opening several separate bank accounts and switching them frequently to ensure you continually receive bonus funds.

Only you can decide whether or not it will be worth your time, but it would require some effort.

30. Online Tutoring

With the development of technology, online tutoring is growing in popularity as a side business.

Working with well-known teaching firms or starting your independent enterprise are just a few options for becoming a virtual instructor in Australia.

Many Australian businesses provide online tutoring services for those seeking a more structured approach. 

One such business is TeacherOn, which offers knowledgeable online tutors with expertise in every field of study. 

While KIS Academics offers customised online tutoring and study skills counselling, The Tutoring Company also delivers individualised teaching through their cutting-edge platform. 

Edugraff offers some of the greatest online tutoring in Australia; others, like Alchemy Tuition and Cluey Learning, offer customised sessions for K–12 pupils. 

Learnmate, on the other hand, has online tutors in all Australian States and territories, and Tutor Finder has a vast selection of maths and English tutors throughout Australia.

You will need to build a website or a profile on an established platform like Upwork or Freelancer to start an independent business as an online tutor.

Additionally, you’ll need to market yourself well so potential customers can find you quickly.

You can start charging more for your services once you establish yourself as an accomplished educator with positive feedback from previous pupils.

In conclusion, working as an online instructor in Australia is a fantastic opportunity to earn money while assisting others in developing new abilities or enhancing their academic achievement. 

Turn Your Home Into a Film Location

31. Turn Your Home Into a Film Location

Homeowners can connect with site scouting companies for photo, video, or film production through companies like Setbook and Pure Locations.

Australia’s largest real estate company, Pure Location, offers a variety of properties, from opulent estates to suburbia houses.

SetBook allows you to list your property for free; owners may make $500 to $3,000 for every hire.

If you own it and believe it is ready for a lead, listing it with a location agency is an intelligent approach to making cash from your home is to list it with a location agency.

32. Work as a mother’s helper

There are various opportunities in Australia for earning money as a mother’s helper.

Someone who assists a mother with her daily responsibilities is known as a mother’s helper. You may help with chores like childcare, grocery shopping, dinner preparation, and errand running—whatever a parent does.

You’ll frequently work between 3 and 6 pm, which are ordinary after-school hours, providing plenty of freedom to study or work other part-time jobs in your spare time.

33. Advertise Your Services via Airtasker

Airtasker, an online marketplace that connects customers with chores they need to do to individuals who can complete them.

On Airtasker, you may find various jobs, like gardening, cleaning, data input, and furniture assembly.

With Airtasker, getting started is simple. Register, complete your profile, and begin browsing the available tasks.

To discover a job that meets your needs, you may sort the projects by area, price range, and deadline.

When you’ve found a task that appeals to you, you only need to submit the proposal and wait for the client to accept it.

For both parties to feel secure in their transactions, Airtasker offers a safe payment mechanism called Airtasker Pay.

When you finish a task and request payment, the client will transfer the money into your specified bank account.

34. Sign Up for Product Testing

Customers will receive samples of an item or service from businesses and market research organisations in exchange for feedback. Gift vouchers or actual products are frequently used to pay product testers. 

You will get an invite to try the product as a tester and give feedback on how it works and whether you would buy it.

This will assist the business in determining the product’s marketing strategy.

In some situations, the opinions of product testers might even decide whether the product is made public.

35. Take the Minutes

You can work as a minute taker and earn money if you are organised and have decent typing abilities.

You’ll attend conferences as a minute taker and record what is said.

The meeting minutes will subsequently be created using this information and distributed to the attendees.

Taking minutes might be difficult since you must carefully listen to the conversation and write down all the essential things.

But if you can do this well, you may charge between $45 and $100 per hour.

The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney offers an online course in Effective Minute Taking via Zoom for individuals seeking official training.

36. Publish on KDP.

This is your best bet if you are an ambitious writer trying to figure out how to monetise your writing.

The KD platform (Kindle Direct Publishing) enables authors to self-publish and market their works to readers worldwide.

On KDP, there are numerous options to monetise your content. Here are a few:

1. Offer your book for sale as an eBook. You can sell your book as a print or an eBook when you list it on KDP.

Selling a book as an eBook is typically your best bet to maximise profits.

This means you may sell eBooks for less than print books and have no production costs.

You’ll reach a wider audience by offering your book as an eBook because customers are increasingly choosing eBooks over print books.

2. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited with your book. Consumers can access thousands of eBooks through the Kindle Unlimited program for a fixed monthly cost.

Your book will be included in Kindle Unlimited and accessible to readers for free borrowing and reading.

While users who borrow your work through Kindle Unlimited won’t pay you anything, you will receive a portion of the overall amount Amazon pays writers monthly.

If readers of Kindle Unlimited enjoy your book, this sum of money may be substantial.

The Reddit post /r/selfpublish is a valuable resource for more information.


37. Babysitting

Young people and teenagers in Australia frequently use babysitting to supplement their income.

You must possess a current Working With Children Check provided by your state government if you’re considering working as a babysitter.

Additionally advantageous, a first aid certification can reassure parents and set you apart from other applicants.

You might begin by promoting your services to relatives and friends or registering with a neighbourhood childcare service.

The hourly rate is $20.

38. Run a Class With ClassBento

ClassBento offers a unique opportunity to impart your talent and passion to others.

You may earn money by running a lesson on ClassBento and sharing your expertise with others.

Teaching online or in person is made simple via ClassBento. You can sell pre-recorded classes or run live virtual classes through Zoom or Facebook Live.

Alternatively, you can conduct in-person sessions from a studio or open space.

Additionally, you can market DIY craft kits complete with all the supplies for your class.

There is something for everyone, whether baking, crafting, photography, drawing, manufacturing perfume, or creating digital art.

Even better, you can provide pre-assembled kit supplies so that your students can effortlessly follow along with your courses while relaxing in their homes.

Top teachers on ClassBento make over $100,000 annually from the website. Their website has further information.

39. Rideshare Driving

Driving for rideshare services in Australia is a common way to supplement your income. Thanks to its flexibility, you can work whenever it’s convenient.

Getting started with rideshare firms like Uber, Ola, DiDi, Shebah, and GoCatch operating in Australia has never been simpler.

You can set your working hours and how much or little you want to put in.

According to a recent study, Uber drivers make significantly less money than comparable occupations in the transportation sector, including those that pay minimum wage.

Given that 50% of Uber drivers work another job, 11% are students, and 18% are looking for work, rideshare driving is undoubtedly a side job and likely not something you can do to make a living full-time.

The flexibility of drivers’ schedules allows them to tailor them to their needs, which boosts job satisfaction but not pay.

Working on Friday and Saturday evenings, during peak pricing periods, and knowing ideal places to pick up fares are necessary to make more money on Uber. It’s also crucial to know where to get higher-paying fares.

40. Host an Experience on Airbnb

There are many ways to make money with Airbnb adventures, including cocoa or coffee tours of your city, cooking lessons, and hiking adventures.

It’s crucial to consider what activities you can provide that will be pleasurable for visitors and lucrative for you while producing an experience.

You can design activities based on your interests, talents, hobbies, and passions. Tourists can also be shown around the area while photographed in lovely settings.

Ensure your experience covers your costs and earns you a profit. Additionally, marketing your expertise to spread awareness of it is critical.

Making additional money while doing what you love can be done by hosting an experience on Airbnb.

41. Odd Jobs

Take on odd projects and become the neighbourhood handyman to earn extra money.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • If you have green thumbs, consider hiring yourself out as a gardener or landscaper.
  • You may take on larger tasks like planting trees and developing gardens or provide simple lawn maintenance services like mowing and weeding. 

Deliveries and errands: You can assist your neighbours by taking on these roles. You could transport furniture in a van, go food shopping, or pick up things at the post office. 

Offering handyperson services, such as furniture assembly and simple house repairs, is possible if you are skilled with tools. This position suits those with carpentry abilities who don’t want to avoid committing to full-time employment.

Post a list of your services in local groups or the Facebook Marketplace.

42. Shop Smarter

Considering your unnecessary expenditures regarding the time it takes to buy them is good. Saving money means you don’t need to work hard to earn as much.

Is working four hours worth those brand-new jeans?

Can you obtain a price match if you can’t buy used? Prices, including JB Hifi, EB Games, and Officeworks, can be matched at shops.

For online purchases, using cashback sites can get you a good discount. Shopback, Cashback Club, and Cashrewards are three Australian cashback websites.

Planning your shopping trips before you leave the house may also prove helpful. Before getting in the car, list the things you’ll need and mentally map your journey.

Doing this is the most excellent method to ensure you spend as little as possible.

Impulsive purchases nearly always cost more money (and the inevitable online price comparison after the fact will always show you missed savings).

43. Collecting and Recycling Scrap Metal

When repurposing scrap metal, you are helping the environment since it is more cost-effective to recycle than to mine new metal.

It can also be very profitable.

Amassing a pile of metal before visiting the scrap yard is the most excellent approach to making scrap metal recycling beneficial.

Growing your collection is easy if you advertise on local Facebook groups that you will remove scrap metal for no charge. There will undoubtedly be lots of takers.

You can make the most significant money from scrap steel and rebar, but you’ll get the most for tin, brass, nickel, copper, and aluminium.

44. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a practical way to make money while doing what you enjoy and being in shape.

There is no official education requirement to work as a professional dog walker in Australia.

Nevertheless, you can enrol in a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour or a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. These programs will equip you with the abilities and knowledge to handle dogs of various shapes, sizes, and types safely and successfully.

Additionally, it can be advantageous to have some experience working with animals when applying for positions.

If you have the required credentials and expertise, the simplest method to obtain employment as a dog walker is to sign up for an online platform—the best online platforms, like Mad Paws or Pet Backer, link pet owners with qualified sitters and walkers.

45. House Sitting

Similar to dog walking, there are no official requirements; however, having prior animal-related employment experience is advantageous as many people seek house sitters who can take care of their pets. 

Joining a website like Nomador or HouseSitMatch, which matches homeowners with seasoned house sitters, is the ideal method of seeking a position as a house sitter. 

You must consider how much you would need to cover additional costs like transportation and meals. At the same time, on the assignment, most house-sitting contracts give free housing in exchange for taking care of the property while the homeowner is away. 

Although home-watching is sometimes underpaid, the savings on lodging can be substantial.

You can also do house-sitting full-time while leasing out your Sydney apartment.

You can stay with your parents on a rare day between sits because if you have fantastic recommendations, you could have reservations 95% of the time. 

Additionally, it’s an excellent way to travel on a budget.

46. Reselling on eBay

If you’re prepared to invest time, selling products online is the ideal side business.

Selling goods around the house is a fantastic place to start, or you can begin with an op shop with $50 and make money.

Try church op shops, suggests Adelaide-based reseller, Kirra Thomas.

She claims church thrift stores are beneficial because they have fewer overstocked things than larger retailers. 

By checking whether any undiscovered jewels still need to be brought out, garage and market sales also present excellent prospects for resellers.

You must have an active eBay account. The eBay blog offers helpful starting point advice.

47. Exam Invigilator

An exam invigilator is in charge of making sure that test participants receive fair and safe treatment.

This includes watching the exam space, assisting students as needed, collecting the answer keys when the test ends, and checking the keys for any unusual activity.

As part of the assessment process, a test invigilator must follow several rules and norms, including keeping an eye on students’ behaviour and reporting instances of cheating to their supervisor.

Exam Since invigilator jobs typically come in three to four-hour chunks and are only available during specific times of the year, you can fit them around other obligations while still earning well. Expect to make more than $30 an hour.

Find regional chances by searching “Exam Invigilator jobs + your city” on Google.

48. Cleaning

Cleaning is an excellent alternative job because it allows you flexible working hours.

It also pays handsomely – frequently considerably more than minimum wage – and can be done part-time or full-time.

Cleaning services are also in great demand due to people’s busy schedules, so there is much room for expansion if you want to expand your clientele.

Look out local Facebook pages to see available gigs in your region, or do a job hunt through Seek if you want regular hours.

49. Stocktaking

Stocktaking is a labour-intensive and time-consuming task; businesses frequently engage additional workers to assist with it.

You need to tally every item in the business, weigh it, or measure its progress to perform an accurate stocktake.

Extra personnel on standby can also speed up the process, allowing businesses to perform their stock take more swiftly and accurately.

This is great news for Aussie side hustlers because informal stock-taking jobs tend to be available on weekends or weekends. What’s more interesting, after signing up with a competent agency, you can take as much work as you like.

Expect to earn approximately minimum pay.

Write an E-book

50. Write an E-book

E-book writing lets you express your skills and transform your knowledge into passive earning. 

If you employ the proper techniques, you may reach more of your intended audience. Traditional publishing, on the other hand, has more costs incurred on printing and distribution.

E-books also demand less production time, allowing you more leverage over your creative effort and increasing your potential earnings from the investment.

You should ideally have a social network or email list to advertise to, but you may also utilise paid ads on Facebook to get leads.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Fair Work Commission sets the minimum pay rates for common casual and part-time occupations in Australia, which vary based on the sector and amount of experience. 

Australia’s two most sought-after casual positions are retail sales assistants and hospitality workers. The hourly minimum wages for these jobs typically vary from $20 to $25, with more excellent salaries offered on weekends, holidays, and evenings. 

However, administrative assistant and client service rep are Australia’s two most sought-after part-time positions. Part-timers typically make $20 to $30 per hour in these professions, based on their qualifications and experience. 

It is crucial to remember that these rates are open to change. Therefore, for the most recent details on minimum wage rates in Australia, it is advised to check the Fair Work Commission’s website or seek professional advice.