How to Get an Apple Student Discount in Australia?

Apple is a popular brand among Australian students, both domestic and international.

Since Apple products aren’t the most affordable on the market, many individuals, especially students, search for deals and discounts.

This guide will discuss how to obtain an Apple student discount in Australia.

What Is Apple’s Price for Education

What Is Apple’s Price for Education?

Students attending universities and employees working at Australian universities are eligible for discounted Apple products.

Apple’s educational pricing is available through a separate gateway or landing page. Check it out right here.

Students receive a 10% discount off the regular retail price. As an illustration, the M1 MacBook Air, which typically starts at $1499, is available at the education store for $1349, saving $150.

It certainly means a lot for students because, as they know, every dollar matters.

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How Does Apple’s Student Discount Cost

How Does Apple’s Student Discount Cost?

Apple only provides students with a single, all-inclusive deal. For every category of products, it sets specific pricing. Only Macs, MacBooks, and iPads are presently eligible for the reductions.

Students have no discounts on Apple TV, HomePods, iPhone, software, Apple Watch, or accessories. Even if AirPods are temporarily out of stock, you can often find them at a discount on Amazon or another online retailer.

On Macs, students can save up to $200/£220; on iPads, they can save up to $50/£50.

Examine the costs at the Australian Education Store, Canadian Education Store, U.S. Education Store, or U.K. Education Store of Apple.

But Apple offers more to students than just that. Every year, Apple provides a promotion for students who make eligible purchases from the Apple Education Store between June and October in the northern hemisphere and between January and March in the southern hemisphere. 

Although Apple often gives out AirPods, which the firm is giving away in Australia for promotion in 2023, the company offered gift cards in 2022.

A registered student can take advantage of the promotion by receiving a free set of AirPods or a credit toward a pair of AirPods Pro if they purchase a Mac or iPad. The gift card’s value was variable in 2022 and depended on the device’s purchase. Find out more about the back-to-school campaign from Apple.

Who is Eligible for Apple’s Educational Pricing

Who is Eligible for Apple’s Educational Pricing?

You can save money by buying a new Mac or iPad from a U.S. retailer: Education Store, a British company. If you want to benefit from the discounted costs, you must be a student or work for a school; therefore, try the Apple Education Store, the Canadian Education Store, or the Australian Education Store.

Sadly, there are restrictions on who is eligible for a student discount. High school students will be unhappy to discover that they do not qualify for this deal, though their school may be able to purchase student equipment at a discount.

Three categories of people are eligible for a student discount:

  • Students pursuing higher education that is, post-secondary students enrolled in higher education (e.g., university or college).
  • Purchasers for educational institutions.
  • Parents are making purchases on behalf of their college students.
  • Apple’s terms and conditions provide additional clarification on this matter.

The following organisations are “qualified to purchase through the Apple Store for Education:”

  • K-12 staff: Anyone working for a public or private K–12 institution in the US is qualified, including homeschool teachers (albeit not those instructing their kids during lockdowns). Additionally, members of the school board who are actively in office as elected or appointed officials are eligible. PTA or PTO officers who are currently elected or appointed are qualified.
  • Higher education faculty and staff and students enrolled in or accepted into a higher education institution in the United States are all eligible to make purchases. Individual purchases via the Apple Store for Education do not intend for institutional use or resale.
  • You may purchase on their behalf if you are the student’s legal guardian and your child is enrolled or accepted at a U.S. college or institution. In the United Kingdom, Apple provides a similar set of eligibility terms and conditions:

Students in post-secondary education: individuals enrolled in or admitted to a post-secondary institution in the United Kingdom. The term “postsecondary student parent” refers to a parent who purchases on behalf of a kid enrolled in or has received an offer to study at a postsecondary institution in the United Kingdom.

You are eligible for an Apple discount if you enrol in higher education or are accepted to a post-secondary institution. 

This does not include sixth-form institutions; however, it is worth asking at an Apple Store to see if the corporation is willing to waive the regulations. (In the U.K., post-secondary implies university or any other formal study after secondary education.)

Parents of students in higher education or post-secondary institutions are not eligible when purchasing for themselves. Still, they may buy a Mac at a discount for their child through the education store.

A discount on several Apple products is available to anyone who works in a school setting. It includes all staff members, including instructors, lecturers, and office employees. 

It refers to anyone who works for or for a school, college, or university. Apple uses “any educational institution” here, not just post-secondary institutions.

This implies that, even though the school might purchase and give the children the equipment, you cannot receive a discount on a Mac or iPad for your child attending school.

If you’re not eligible for an Apple Education Store discount, we advise looking into the Apple Refurbished Store, which provides everyone with discounts. The Apple Refurbished Store does not accept student discounts. 

You should also check out our compilations of the newest and finest Apple specials we discover at different Apple dealers.

4 Things You Should Know About the Apple Student Discount

4 Things You Should Know About the Apple Student Discount

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First, not all Apple goods are eligible for the Apple Student Discount. However, you can obtain one for particular goods. 

Second, Apple never actually says “Apple Student Discount” out loud. In its place, it refers to “Apple Education Pricing.” Soon, we’ll discuss the motivation for this.

Thirdly, even with these discounts, you might not receive the best Apple goods deal. Check out our articles on the top MacBook bargains and the best iPhone 14 deals since you could discover a better offer with a third party. 

However, if you search around a little to be sure, Apple’s educational pricing will save you the most money.

Fourthly, checking if you qualify for the educational discounts Apple offers is crucial. Sadly, you’re not if you’re under the age of 16. On the other hand, being a student is optional! 

Below, we present the three groups of individuals that are eligible for the Apple Student Discount. 

1. A Student Pursuing Further or Higher Education

You are eligible for an Apple student discount if you are 16 or older and enrolled in a higher education facility, such as a university or college. 

All you have to do to prove it to Apple is show them your student ID. You may use your acceptance letter as evidence if you have yet to begin your course and still need to have your ID. You must register through UNiDAYS if you’re in the UK.

The Students’ Parents

2. The Students’ Parents

Apple is aware that some students might be unable to buy its products, even at a discount. Thus, they allow parents to take advantage of the Apple student discount when purchasing Apple devices for their children. 

That means you are also eligible for the discount if you are the parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in further or higher education and purchasing an Apple device for their use. 

3. A Teacher or Education Worker

You can also obtain an Apple student discount if you work in education as a teacher, professor, or in any other capacity. That covers non-teaching positions like those in administration, PTA (parent-teacher association) executives, and home school instructors. 

You might be required to provide employment-related documentation to demonstrate your eligibility. But this differs from nation to nation. Apple trusts you in the US and doesn’t need any ID. In the UK, you must register with UNiDAYS. 

What Products Can You Purchase at Apple’s Education Pricing

What Products Can You Purchase at Apple’s Education Pricing?

The following items are among those that qualify for Apple’s educational pricing:

  • Apple Accessories
  • iMac
  • iPads
  • Macbooks
  • Apple Mini

Each item’s maximum annual purchase amount is also under Apple’s college price. The following items are available with education price each year, along with the quantity you may purchase of each:

  • Accessories: Two
  • iPad: Two
  • Mac Mini: One
  • Notebook: One
  • iMacs: One
In Australia, When Is the Ideal Time to Purchase Apple Products

In Australia, When Is the Ideal Time to Purchase Apple Products?

Therefore, if you want to save the most money on Apple products, we recommend purchasing between the last week of January and the first week of March, which is the beginning of the new academic year in Australia.

Apple currently provides a particularly unique promotion for first-year college students, returning students, parents buying for their kids, teachers, and other education employees.

This frequently includes an offer of complimentary AirPods or other headphones and other reductions in addition to the school rate.

If you’re a student in 2023, you can save 20% on Apple Care+ and get complimentary AirPods when you buy a Mac or iPad that qualifies for the program. The promotion is applicable from January 18, 2023, until March 13, 2023, at Apple shops, online, and through their call centres.

How to Get a Student Discount on Apple Products in Australia

How to Get a Student Discount on Apple Products in Australia?

How can you receive money off at Apple now that you’ve proven eligible for a student discount?

All it takes to find the items you want at a reduced price is to visit the Apple Store for Education. 

Before you can access Apple’s Education Store, you must prove that you are a student or qualify in some other manner (such as by working in a school or college). Below, we’ll go over the many actions you must take depending on the country you’re in. 

By clicking on the links for the Apple Education Store in the U.S., Apple Education Store in the U.K., Apple Education Store in Canada, or the Apple Education Store in Australia, you may access the Apple Education Store.

  1. Visit the Australian Education Apple Store 
  2. It’s ideal for connecting via the university network.
  3. Additionally, you should ensure that you always have a reliable source of official identification that verifies your eligibility for the education discount. The best option is your student ID.
  4. You could discover that you don’t need a login or ID to order from the Apple Education Store. However, be aware that Apple may ask you for proof that you are a student at any time during or after the transaction and will charge you an extra cost if you can’t produce it.
How to Purchase Apple Products for an Education Institution

How to Purchase Apple Products for an Education Institution

Apple offers a dedicated store for you if you’re in charge of purchasing new Macs or iPads for a school, college, or university. This store is made for people purchasing a Mac for school (so students can use it instead of just buying one for themselves).

You ought to go to America. The Apple Store for Education Institutions in the U.K. is the Australian equivalent of the Apple Store for Education Institutions.

You must search for your educational institution. Enter the necessary information and press the search button. 

You can sign in to access your institution’s store if your institution is in that location.

Before using the store, you may still have to register.

You may need to contact Apple to discuss registering your school if your high school, college, or other institution needs to be listed.

How to Save Money on Apple Music and Apple TV+ with a Student Discount

How to Save Money on Apple Music and Apple TV+ with a Student Discount

This price is greater than ever because the Student Apple Music package also includes Apple TV+ for a short time (usually $6.99/£6.99 monthly). 

Apple’s student membership program for Apple Music offers individuals in full-time study a 50% subscription discount. Here’s how to acquire Apple Music for students at a discounted rate.

You should start with the current offer from Apple, which includes three months of Apple Music for free for new customers. Get three months for free right here.

With the student discount, Apple Music memberships are now $5.99/£5.99 per month instead of $10.99/£10.99, and similar programs are also available in Germany, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Denmark, and Northern Ireland, each of which offers 50% off the regular price. It’s a fantastic price, especially with Apple TV+ included for free!

You must provide proof of enrollment at an approved institution or college to be eligible for the student discount.

Along with Individual Membership ($10.99/£10.99 per month) and Family Membership ($16.99/£16.99), the first two membership tiers Apple has made available to customers, the Student Membership tier is the third. To sign up and for additional information, go to Apple’s website.

How to Register for a Student Membership Discount for Apple Music

When registering for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad as a student, tap the box that asks, “Are you a university student?” after which you are taken to a verification system. You’ll receive a discounted subscription rate if your college or university qualifies. Read our Apple Music guide.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Advantage of Apple’s Education Discounts

Why You Shouldn’t Take Advantage of Apple’s Education Discounts

Although it may seem simple for anyone to receive the discount, we strongly advise against abusing this system. If you need to be genuinely qualified, wait to place a purchase through the Education Store.

By its rules, Apple retains the right to charge your credit card the difference between the hardware’s regular price and the price you paid for your education. Apple reserves the right to charge you for the price difference if you choose not to pay with a credit card and to bring legal action against you if you refuse.

These expressions are most likely directed at those abusing the system, such as resellers who order the most merchandise each year and resell it for a profit elsewhere. Don’t worry, though, if you qualify for the educational pricing.


In Australia, receiving an Apple student discount is a simple procedure that calls for just a few critical actions. First, meet the requirements by enrolling in classes or working as a teacher at an approved institution. 

Then, browse the available products by visiting the Apple Education Store or Apple Store for Education online. After selecting the desired item, choose the education pricing option and submit the required verification paperwork to demonstrate your eligibility. 

Students in Australia can benefit from the Apple student discount by following these steps to access various Apple products at reduced prices, increasing their educational experience.

Thanks to the Apple student discount program, students and teachers in Australia have an excellent opportunity to save money on Apple devices while taking advantage of the company’s cutting-edge technology. 

Eligible persons can purchase Mac laptops, iPads, and other Apple gadgets at a lower cost, thanks to the program’s discounts, making them more affordable for educational uses. 

By taking advantage of the Apple student discount, students can improve their educational experience and stay current with tools and resources. It’s a beneficial program that helps close the digital gap and gives students more control over their educational experience.