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How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make in 2024

As of the 26th of April, 2023, an International Doordash Delivery Driver in the United States may expect to earn an average salary of $43,993.

If you need an easy wage calculation, it comes to around $21.15 per hour. That works out to $846 per week or $3,666 per month.

According to ZipRecruiter, International Doordash Delivery Driver salaries in the United States range from $31,000 to $48,000, with the highest earners (90th percentile) making $66,500 annually. 

Since the typical salary range for an International Doordash Delivery Driver is extensive (up to $17,000), there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased income depending on location, skill level, and years of experience.

Recent activity on ZipRecruiter indicates that the International Doordash Delivery Driver job market in Nairobi, KE and throughout the state could be more active due to a lack of available positions. 

The average compensation for an International Doordash Delivery Driver in your region is $43,993, the same as the average salary throughout the country pays its international Doordash Delivery Drivers the highest median income of any of the 50 states.

ZipRecruiter constantly checks the database of millions of current jobs advertised locally around America to provide the most accurate yearly pay range for International Doordash Delivery Driver jobs.

Apply for International Doordash Delivery Driver jobs in your area on ZipRecruiter now.

How Much Does a Doordash Delivery Driver Make on a Full-Time Basis?

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

ZipRecruiter conducts ongoing scans of its database of millions of active job postings across the United States to provide the most up-to-date estimate of the average monthly salary range for Full Time Doordash Delivery Drivers. 

As of the latest data, Full Time Doordash Delivery Drivers in your area earn an average of $3,399 monthly, equivalent to the national average monthly salary for this profession. Your site ranks number one out of all 50 states regarding Full Time Doordash Delivery Driver salaries.

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For?

Finding the ideal meal delivery service for each driver might be challenging.

Each platform has unique perks, such as faster payment with fewer costs or planned delivery blocks with incentives.

Consider whether you’d be more inclined to utilise incentives if you worked shorter hours or surged when choosing.

Consider what you want to get out of it and what aspects are necessary.

Pay for drivers is generally comparable across platforms; if financial considerations are paramount, you should check at new driver incentives in your region.

Since the earnings of drivers in New York City and those of drivers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or anywhere else can vary widely, this will point you toward the platform willing to pay you the most in your market.

Signing up for any of these services should you decide to make a change be a breeze.

When Does DoorDash Pay?

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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Deliveries made by a DoorDash driver are accounted for and paid for every week. The delivery schedule follows the seven-day workweek (Monday through Sunday).

If you make ten deliveries within that period, your payment will be sent to your bank account at midnight on Wednesday.

Payment Types

You may get paid using the DoorDash Driver app via bank deposit and Dasher pay.

1. Bank Deposits

If you choose direct deposit, your DoorDash driving earnings will be available in your bank account within two to three business days.

The time it takes for your bank to process this kind of payment varies.

2. Fast Pay

DoorDash Fast Pay is the other payment method. Payments are loaded onto a DasherDirect card in this system.

If you choose to get paid with DasherDirect, you won’t have to wait around for your money as you would with other payment methods.

You’ll have to shell out around $1.99, but the procedure is quick and easy, and your money will be deposited the next business day.

Drivers Are Responsible for Their Expenses

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

To make a living as a DoorDash driver, you must monitor your spending carefully. This may seem strange initially, particularly if you’re used to being paid for travel expenses in previous jobs.

In time, you’ll get used to things and figure out how to minimise your effort while maximising your output. Since you’ll be working as a contract driver, you can take on deliveries whenever convenient.

However, car ownership costs, such as gas, parking fees (if applicable), and regular maintenance like renewing your driver’s license, purchasing insurance, and fixing any damage, must be tracked.

How Are Payments Calculated?

If you’re wondering, “How much does DoorDash pay?” it’s crucial to know how your salary is determined.

If you’re new to DoorDash, getting acclimated to the pay scale, tips, and bonuses may take some time.

It’s crucial to feel at ease with the variables, such as the order types you accept, the times you receive them, and the busiest delivery times.

Variables of Each Customer Order

The amount of money you make is usually determined by salary, bonuses, and commissions.

1. Base Pay

When you deliver food for a restaurant, you are paid a certain sum (your “base”) for every delivery.

You may make as much as $10 or as little as $2 for every order, depending on the cost of living in your location.

This fee will serve as your starting point for delivery compensation. This fee is based on the length of your trip, the time of day, and the traffic volume. You are not alone if you find the method used to determine a minimum wage needs to be clarified.

Some DoorDash drivers have complained about the need for more clarity on the level of demand, and others have pointed out that the travel distance sometimes seems to match up.

A nice incentive is the possibility of increased compensation should multiple drivers decline an order before you take it.

This approach will undoubtedly grow better and more reliable since many food delivery firms continuously research how they decide the optimum remuneration for drivers.

2. Promotions from DoorDash

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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If you’re ambitious, take on more work than usual, and you might get a raise or bonus. These discounts are available when you join DoorDash via the company’s referral program.

Drivers who handle a specific clientele may sometimes advertise discounts on big catering deliveries or other specialised services.

Challenges, maximum compensation, and motivation are also components of the promotion pay structure. Drivers may earn more money or a bonus if they make deliveries at the peak time of day.

For instance, a “$2 extra” message may be posted to incentivise you to accept specific delivery assignments.

There are times of the day, like supper or the weekend, when the need for food delivery firms is more significant than average, and that’s when you get paid more.

Drivers are eligible for bonus or incentive wages if they meet certain acceptance and delivery requirements (often 80%).

The Drive incentive is a premium service that increases drivers’ income when they help a restaurant or delivery firm fulfil a big order. Typically, this is done for events that require a lot of catering.

Last, you may increase your weekly earnings on DoorDash by accepting challenges that pay a certain amount when a certain threshold of deliveries has been reached.

3. Tips from Customers

DoorDash requests that customers provide a gratuity upon completion of their orders. Working for DoorDash or a similar delivery service allows you to make extra money via tips.

Customers may leave tips as a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the total using the DoorDash app, or they can do it in dollars upon delivery.

Some tipping policies provide fixed dollar amounts, while others for larger orders specify a percentage of the total.

Taking on more delivery jobs may significantly enhance your earnings; therefore, most drivers highly value this option.

What Do Doordash Drivers Get Paid?

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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Drivers earn from $20,000 to $60,000 annually, the median.

What amount does Doordash pay, and what factors go into that price, shown as a vector graph?

Your weekly earnings are directly proportional to the number of orders you get and the number of deliveries you complete.

Think about how far you have to drive to work, how close you live to your place of employment, how much it costs to maintain your car in working shape, and how much it costs to fill up the tank.

Average DoorDash Pay

You can make anywhere between $15 and $25 an hour.

Most frequent DoorDash drivers earn around $20 per hour, close to the average wage advertised by DoorDash.

If you put in the time and effort, you can easily make $25 an hour.

You can make anywhere between $15 and $25 an hour. If you put in the time and effort, you can make $25 an hour.

DoorDash Hourly Pay

Your hourly wage will average roughly $20, but it may not consider all of the costs you’ll incur. You can earn this much weekly if you take deliveries often and drive an efficient automobile.

DoorDash Weekly Pay

Your weekly earnings will also fluctuate based on the hourly rate and the number of deliveries you accept.

You may earn at least $50 by delivering ten orders at the standard $5 each, plus bonuses, tips, and special offers.

How Much Does Doordash Pay Per Delivery?

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

The starting rate for making a delivery ranges from $2 to $10.

There are, however, various ways to quickly boost this income, such as taking on more lucrative orders, meeting high-demand requests, and so on.

Depending on how many hours you work every week as a DoorDasher, you might see a change in your weekly take-home earnings on Wednesdays.

How to Drive for DoorDash and Make More Money

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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Maintain the most recent app version on your iPhone or Android device, be aware of your on-demand locations, and work in busy places during peak hours to earn more money.

Of course, there are many more factors to consider, but these are some solid starting points.

1. Referral Bonuses

Do you know someone interested in working as a DoorDash driver to supplement their income?

When you introduce a person to DoorDash, and they sign up as a driver, you’ll get an incentive bonus.

It’s a fantastic way to incentivise friends and family while helping them earn additional money.

2. Driving in Congested Areas

Your weekly earnings on DoorDash are likely to increase if you are willing to take orders during the company’s busiest hours.

Making deliveries at these times will most certainly benefit your business.

3. Pursue Big Orders

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

Income will increase as you seek out huge orders for catering and other special events.

The payoff is substantial if you can take on such massive duties.

4. Perform Quality Control Before Each Delivery.

Making a solid first impression on clients is crucial, and quality will boost your success with DoorDash.

You’re more likely to get excellent tips and better reviews for your service if you review the order to ensure everything is prepared, including the silverware, napkins, and extras that were asked.

The Best Food Delivery Apps for Drivers

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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Finding the proper app to work with while delivering meals might take time and effort.

Choosing the best one might take a lot of work since there are so many to consider.

There is fierce competition among food delivery apps like Postmates, Uber Eats,  DoorDash, Shipt., and many more.

And they’re doing it while promising new customers things like in-app credit card payments and real-time order monitoring.

But how are you supposed to choose the best app when there are so many to choose?

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the finest meal delivery service from among the many, in addition to the comprehensive list of services.

1. DoorDash

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

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Customers and drivers love the meal delivery service DoorDash. The majority of American cities and states have access to it.

DoorDash initially mainly catered to fast food and restaurant orders, but it has since grown. Ordering groceries, pet supplies, flowers, presents, and other items is now possible for customers. This has dramatically raised the demand for drivers, making it one of the finest delivery app jobs available.

DoorDash often charges only retail pricing for things, which is another nice feature. Therefore, when a customer uses DoorDash to order something from Walmart, they pay the same price as if they had visited the store. Additionally, this raises orders and demand, leading to more production.


  • Drivers may increase their chances of getting requests by arranging ahead of time on DoorDash.
  • Advantages of DoorDash Drive: Top-performing drivers get access to DoorDash Drive, which gives them early access to significant catering orders, VIP requests, and bonus opportunities.
  • Due to DoorDash’s purchase of Caviar, drivers in areas where both companies serve food will automatically get Caviar orders. If you’re picking up orders from more expensive restaurants, like those that serve caviar, you should expect to get larger gratuities.
  • A wide variety of delivery methods are available on the DoorDash platform, in addition to driving a car.
  • You may make money at any time of day or night, provided restaurants are open and people are placing orders.


  • Only a few cities have access to DoorDash at this time. Uber Eats may be your only choice if you live in a tiny town.
  • Dashers are paid weekly, but there’s a steep $1.99 price for rapid pay if you want to get your money sooner.
  • DoorDash planned shifts are in great demand; thus, availability is limited. You risk missing out or getting less acceptable delivery times if you don’t claim them quickly.

If you’re simply interested in delivering food, Ridester recommends DoorDash.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats, a San Francisco-based delivery company, is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, with a large customer base due to its affiliation with Uber. It offers one of the best-paying delivery driver jobs, and first-time customers in most areas can receive a gift card.

However, customers now have the option to use the contactless delivery method, where they meet the driver at the curb. Additionally, the app’s automatic default tipping option encourages customers to tip when placing orders.

The entire delivery process is handled through the Uber Eats app, which is similar to the experience of current Uber drivers. Carrying an Uber Eats credit card is unnecessary, as all payments are online.

In 2020, Uber Eats acquired Postmates and has fully integrated its systems. Delivery jobs mainly involve fast food, grocery, convenience store pickups, and alcohol delivery in select areas. 

With the growing usage of Uber for regular transportation, the demand for the app will increase, resulting in more delivery jobs becoming available.


  • You may accept orders via the Uber Eats app for food delivery, ridesharing orders from the Uber app, and package delivery orders from the Uber Connect app, all inside the same Uber Driver app. Although Uber Eats’ busiest hours are past, you won’t have to worry about losing business if you stick with the app.
  • Advantages of becoming an Uber Pro: You may save on auto repairs and gas, earn more via the Uber Pro rewards program, and even get free college tuition for yourself or a family member.
  • With Uber’s Instant Pay feature, you may withdraw up to $5 in cash each day at any time for only 50 cents or free with an Uber credit card.
  • Highly adaptable: Because there are no shift bonuses in Uber Eats, drivers are free to work whenever they please and are never guaranteed work.
  • Uber Eats is accessible in over 45 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. In contrast, most other extensive U.S. meal delivery services are only available in North America.
  • Uber Eats, like DoorDash, is always open for business as long as nearby eateries take orders.
  • Uber has implemented an in-app tipping function for Uber Eats drivers to help enhance their experience. This facilitates tipping for users who may only sometimes have cash.
  • Due to Uber’s extensive network, Uber Eats now offers delivery to virtually every major city in the United States and dozens of other countries. There will be more people who may become buyers (and hence more money).


  • All deliveries must be made by vehicle, not feet: Delivery by foot is not accepted; however, riders and scooters are welcome at Uber Eats.
  • Discounted fares: While Uber Eats’s payment model is similar to DoorDash in that it begins with a base fare depending on your allocated pick-up and drop-off locations, in some markets and with specific modes of transportation, the platform provides a fare reduction to your pay. Even with discounts and surge pricing, your earnings may still be lower than you anticipated, depending on the location of your delivery assignment.
  • Curbside pickup may save drivers time, but it’s inconvenient for those paying for the service. As a consequence, drivers may get lesser tips.
  • The percentage that Uber gets from each transaction is another downer. Uber’s food delivery service has a higher service price than its rivals. Uber takes a 25% cut of the delivery price, which is more than the average of 20%.

3. Grubhub

As one of the first food delivery service apps, Grubhub has pioneered the gig economy. Over time, they have built a robust network of restaurants and have a significant customer base in the areas they operate in.

One of the benefits of working as a Grubhub driver is the flexibility to set your availability for work. 

However, a downside is that you’ll be limited to your designated delivery zone, which is established during the setup process in the mobile app. With the Instant Cash Out feature, you can cash out your earnings anytime and choose your payday.

Although Grubhub isn’t the most popular app for grocery delivery, they have an extensive network of local markets, liquor shops, and convenience stores that customers enjoy ordering from. With the increasing demand for alcohol delivery, Grubhub has become a preferred app to work for. 

It’s also a fun delivery job, with orders coming in late at night, sometimes after midnight, as the app is available whenever restaurants and convenience stores are open. This makes it an excellent choice for night owls who prefer to work at night.


  • Grubhub’s pricing is transparent and easy to understand. Your compensation is dependent only on how far you drive and how long you wait. You may be eligible for an hourly guarantee in certain U.S. cities.
  • When you plan a shift on Grubhub, the firm ensures you’ll receive more requests and, in turn, more money.
  • The Benefits of a Driver Recognition Program Successful drivers are rewarded with more deliveries and oversized catering orders.
  • Grubhub drivers in shared markets get Seamless requests like that in which DoorDash drivers receive Caviar requests. This means you may get more submissions in quick succession without having to switch platforms.
  • Instant Cash Out on Grubhub lets you withdraw up to $500 daily for 50 cents or free if you have a Chase bank account, so you don’t have to wait for payday.
  • Accessible at any time: You may make deliveries whenever restaurants are open, just as with other meal delivery services.


  • Grubhub offers fewer bonus opportunities than its competitors DoorDash and Uber Eats, which include incentives in their compensation structures.
  • Due to the lack of a surge pricing model, the best way to make money on Grubhub during peak times is to secure delivery slots before they are taken. This implies that the highest-ranking drivers in the Driver Recognition program will have access to increased pay before you will.
  • Because many Grubhub restaurants already employ their delivery drivers, fewer customers can be served by independent contractor drivers.

4. Postmates

Postmates is a versatile delivery app that enables you to deliver food, alcohol, dry cleaning, and more to customers. Its courier-based system makes it similar to the Amazon Flex driver app.

The Fleet app is available in all 50 states and widely accessible in most cities. Postmates guarantees delivery within an hour, so contractors need to be quick to earn more. Multiple slow trips in succession can pause you from accepting new orders.

To become a Postmates contractor, you must be 18 and possess a valid driver’s license. You can also deliver merchandise in some locations with a bike or motorcycle. As with other food and essentials delivery apps, Postmates mandates a background check before starting.

Postmates offers competitive compensation. Drivers earn money for the time they spend waiting at restaurants, driving, and being prompt. Delivery drivers have reported earning an average of $20 per hour while driving for Postmates, making it one of the best-paying delivery app jobs.

Direct deposits are made weekly and deposited into your bank account on Wednesdays or Thursdays. You can withdraw your earnings instantly, provided you have a $5 balance, for a $0.50 fee.


  • Postmates’ compensation model is superior to those of the applications above since it is not reliant on commission fees. What sets it apart is that you are paid a fixed rate for each pick-up and drop-off, plus additional money for each minute you wait and each mile you travel. You may ask to be paid the proper amount if your projected wait time was wrong.
  • Postmates provides several benefits to its drivers, including “Blitz” pricing during peak demand periods, “Crusher” awards for completing a certain number of deliveries in a specific period, and time-sensitive guaranteed earnings offerings.
  • Extra options: The versatility of the Postmates app extends well beyond the typical food and dry cleaning orders to include those for office supplies and booze. During your delivery duties, you will visit many different restaurants and locations.
  • Drivers may get their money quickly and cheaply using Postmates’ immediate deposit service.
  • The ability to keep driving for as long as there are restaurants and customers sets this app apart from the others on this list.
  • If the restaurant does not have an item on the customer’s order, the driver is responsible for contacting them. As a result, the driver may be delayed, and fewer deliveries will be made that day.
  • When drivers arrive at a restaurant, they are occasionally expected to make an order and wait while it is made.
  • Postmates may supply drivers with prepaid cards to use when paying for meals. This extra burden of obligation might be annoying.
  • When compared to Uber Eats, Postmates’ availability is limited.


  • Future uncertainty: Postmates couriers face a future with many questions. Since Uber Eats purchased the service in July 2020, the end of the Postmates Fleet app is still being determined. If available in your area, joining Uber Eats may save you from signing up for yet another service.
  • A trip to the mall: You may have to spend more time shopping for required products if you are sent to a grocery store, convenience store, or pharmacy store that does not bundle deliveries up for you. Most food delivery drivers are accustomed to picking up orders quickly, so this is a considerable inconvenience for them.
  • The Postmates app prompts users to tip by adding a predetermined dollar amount to the final charge. Customers are more inclined to tip drivers significantly if they need extra effort to remove the surcharge.
  • Given that Postmates wasn’t designed to be a rideshare app, finding a car that meets their specifications should be easy.
  • The variety of non-food things available for customer request is extensive. Customers can order practically anything from groceries to school supplies. This increases Postmates’ potential clientele.
  • Being a delivery driver doesn’t need owning a vehicle of any kind. Scooters and bicycles may be used for Postmates deliveries in some places.
  • Extra money can be made through their generous driver referral program.
  • Rider Opinion
  • What Uber’s acquisition of Postmates will mean for the company, in the long run, is still being determined.

5. Caviar

Caviar, a boutique delivery service app, was acquired by DoorDash for $410 million a few years ago. With this backing, it has become a part of one of the biggest companies in the delivery industry.

The driver app displays all the order delivery details, such as earnings, pick-up point, and destination, before accepting the order. This feature helps drivers choose the best rankings that offer the best value pay.

After the DoorDash acquisition, Caviar has added many new restaurants and fast food chains to its menu, expanding its customer base. While it started as a higher-end food delivery service, it now offers more convenience as a courier job.

Caviar also has a dedicated courier support team to help with issues or concerns. Good customer support is essential for delivery app jobs as it allows drivers to resolve payment issues and provides feedback.

Pros of Caviar

  • Drivers may know how much they will be paid for a delivery before they accept the request.
  • Drivers for Caviar may expect above-average pay since the company primarily serves fine dining establishments.
  • Caviar will pay for their drivers’ parking fees! For every 100 packages delivered, drivers may have a parking penalty paid.
  • The median hourly wage for a caviar messenger is $25.

Cons of Caviar

  • Caviar is less well-established than the other major companies in the meal delivery sector. So yes, this program only delivers to a handful of very affluent areas, including the five largest cities in the United States: New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Meanwhile, major cities like Denver and Atlanta have yet to be supported (though that will change as Caviar grows).
  • According to the couriers, the service is seldom used by eateries. As a result, you may only have deliveries to make if you are qualified to be a Caviar driver.


Working as a delivery driver for DoorDash has several perks, including choosing your schedule and being paid weekly.

However, before signing up, you should know how much DoorDash pays so that you know what to expect from each payout.

As a bonus, you may continuously achieve above-average profits through delivery by planning with the company’s compensation structure in mind.


What Fees Do Restaurants Pay DoorDash?

There’s no denying that the fees to become a DoorDash vendor are steep.

Previously, DoorDash charged restaurants a fee of 15% or more to deliver orders, but this has been reduced to around 6%.

The discount was intended to help local shops and eateries make ends meet during the shutdown.

Does DoorDash pay Dashers for Mileage?

Which Food Delivery Service Is the Best to Work For

No. DoorDash drivers are independent contractors who are responsible for their transportation costs.

To maximise your earnings as a DoorDash driver, it is essential to evaluate your fuel and maintenance costs.

What Does DoorDash Offer in Referral Compensation?

You may earn money from DoorDash if you suggest a friend or family member work as a driver for the company.

Your incentive money might be anywhere from $350 to $750, depending on your performance.

The new driver has to meet a certain delivery quota during the first 30 days, or else you’ll have to wait longer.

The incentive encourages new drivers to accept orders and maximise delivery efficiency.

Let’s say you’re thinking about starting a career as a driver.

You’d also need to be able to work independently and on your own time, have a valid driver’s license, and a social security number.

You’ll also need a valid phone number and to fill out a W-9 form.