Ergoflex Mattress Review 2024

Ergoflex may not have been the most popular mattress company until recently, but they have produced the original mattress in a box format for the longest time. Ergoflex is an Australian company that has been selling mattresses worldwide (mainly in the UK) since 2006. They came long before Simba, Emma, and other mattress producers and have kept the quality of their work the same.

They are less popular than older brands like Tempur, but the quality of mattresses is the primary reason you should consider buying from them. Additionally, their prices are friendly, favouring most classes of people. Here is why you should consider the Ergoflex mattress:

What is an Ergoflex Mattress? 


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The Ergoflex mattress is Australia’s leading remedy for back pain caused by complications like back injuries. Most medical doctors recommend Ergoflex to their clients with poor blood circulation, fibromyalgia, back pain, and sore joints. 

The orthopedic mattress helps ease back discomfort by giving the best support to the spinal area. Additionally, it helps relieve the pain of those dealing with back problems as it helps them get a pain-free and comfortable sleep, opening them up to a bright day. 

The Ergoflex mattress is made with high-quality materials to ensure the most comfortable, supportive, and pressure-free rest throughout the night.

The TENCEL- the outermost layer gives a natural, luxurious, and breathable sensation, while the innermost layer protects your mattress from getting destroyed, especially if put under pressure. 

The top layer is made with a high density of 9cm of visco- elastic material, giving the best body-shaping comfort and ensuring no disturbance between you and your partner. That way, you both enjoy a sound sleep. 

The Ergoflex cool-sleep is a 5CM material with perforated fabric, allowing constant airflow and regulating temperature. The mattress is also built with a firm foundation that ensures you have the perfect support when sleeping and that your bed serves you for a long time. 

Is Ergoflex Mattress Worth It? 


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Brands like Ergoflex and Brook give trial periods for their mattress, where you can try them for a certain period. With that in mind, a survey company did a trial period for a few mattresses to test the quality between them, and as expected, none of the other brands except Brook and Wilde came close to Ergoflex’s bed in a box.

However, regarding trial periods, the Ergoflex 5G did not meet expectations – it was the worst performer among the mattresses selected.

Although the trial period is the shortest, the best part about it, however, is that if you don’t like the mattress, they give you your money back. It is an inline Studio by Silentnight with an extended trial period, but you can only swap the bed if you have any problems.

Although Ergoflex has a shorter trial period, the cash-back option makes it a better alternative to go for, unlike a swap of the same kind of mattress you didn’t like 

Ergoflex Mattress Pros and Cons 


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In this article, you will find all the pros and cons of the Ergoflex mattress, and you can make an informed decision while processing your bed- we do not sugarcoat the reviews like most review websites do. 

Here is the truth:


  • It is affordable, which favours diverse classes of people  
  • Ergoflex is an established company 
  • Many people love the mattress 
  • Available in various sizes, EU included 
  • Preferred by the majority of the medical practitioners 


  • It has a shorter trial period; Ergoflex should consider extending the trial period from 30 nights to about 150-250 nights.
  • Ergoflex is a memory foam that does not appeal to everyone – a hybrid may be better. 
  • If sleeping hot is your thing, then Ergoflex is not for you.

What Are The Key Features of Ergoflex Mattress?


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1. Pricing 

The Ergoflex comes in 6 different sizes, which include the EU types. The wide variety gives you several options until you find one that suits you. 

Ergoflex always has offers and promotions; therefore, always be on the voucher code page for recommendations that will help you save your hard-earned money. 

Here is a better description of the prices:

Single90 x 190 x 23cm£700
Double135 x 190 x 23cm£886
Euro Double140 x 200 x 23cm£896
King150 x 200 x 23cm£975
Euro King160 x 200 x 23cm£995
Super King180 x 200 x 23cm£1,095

2. Warranty, Trial Period, and Return


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One of the biggest cons of Ergoflex is the 30-day trial period, which most customers feel should be longer. Although it takes less than 30 days to notice a fault in a mattress, a prolonged trial period is still ideal.  

Ergoflex gives a ten-year warranty, proving the excellent quality of the mattress fabric and the amazing work done by the Labour force in the Ergoflex company.

If it spoils, they allow you to return the mattress anytime before the ten years are over for a replacement. However, because only some Ergoflex outlets give free return services, you should check if your outlet offers free services before purchasing. 

Ergoflex gives their returned mattress to RiseUp charity, which helps victims of domestic violence get back on their feet, or offers to a women’s refugee station. 

3. Delivery and Setup

If you purchase on a business day before 2 PM, you may receive your mattress the following day unless you live away from the metro areas.

Additionally, you can organise specific delivery at a fee. However, if you schedule your delivery for Saturday, you enjoy their free discount.

Because it is an easy process, Ergoflex does not set up the mattress for you. Once you remove your bed from the package, it takes about 4 hours to recover, which means if you order your mattress early enough, you can use it on the same day. 

Most beds go with this kind of mattress, but the manufacturers suggest you use a completely flat and stable bed for your mattress, unlike the slatted surfaces.

4. Sleeping Style

If you are a heavier-weight side sleeper, this mattress is for you. It has firm features to ensure you get a comfortable sleep all night long. 

However, the light and the average weight sleepers should opt for a less firm bed that offers more support on the hips and shoulders. 

Lighter-weight sleepers do not carry enough weight to sink into the foam, which can cause back pain and tension due to a misaligned back. 

Exclusive side sleepers should consider other kinds of much softer mattresses, like the Simba Hybrid mattress. The texture gives more room for sinkage and protects your back from pain caused by a misaligned back.  

If you carry extra weight, go for Ergoflex, ensuring maximum comfort.

If you are heavy-weight, you should avoid all-foam mattresses because they are too light. Always pick the innerspring mattress that is built to support you firmly

5. Unique Specifications


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The Ergoflex 5G mattress has been built with three different layers:

  • A Cool-sleep layer is designed to keep the mattress cool throughout the night. The airflow features allow free movement of air, which keeps the mattress cool and regulates the bed’s temperature.
  • High resilience base: the layer is specially designed to support your body. 
  • A high-density memory foam layer: this is the layer that reduces motion transfer as well as provides you with back relief. 

6. Quality of Materials

The 5th generational Ergoflex 5G comprises five layers; two top and the inside layers. 

Other mattresses have an average of 29cm depth and 23 cm thickness, but Ergoflex 5G is a bit thinner, making up for the high-quality materials and the high resilience of the base:

  • The topmost layer is made of TENCEL, manufactured from wood-based natural fibres. TENCEL is arable and better than cotton in several ways. It is also removable and washable, a plus for hygiene. It also has antiallergenic and anti-microbial properties. 
  • A thin layer is also inserted into the three foam segments to protect and hold the mattress together. Additionally, it is the layer that protects the bed when the TENCEL cover has been removed. 
  • The following 9- CM layer is a comfort, visco-elastic, high-density memory foam layer whose primary purpose is to support your back and give the relief needed in case of pain. It’s the layer that assists the body and keeps it isolated from any motion your partner makes 
  • The 5CM core of the mattress is a Cool-Sleep system designed to regulate temperatures and ensure a free flow of air in the bed. You should note that this is the thinnest layer and is manufactured from spike formed to provide cooling and breathability of the mattress.
  • The bottom is a 9CM firm base to support your weight and the upper layers. It’s the area responsible for the durability of the mattress. 

7. General Comfort & Firmness 


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Ergoflex 5G is among the most preferred mattresses in Australia that had maintained their quality since 2006 when they began production. It is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, both single and couple sleepers. 

Because it has a medium firmness that supports sinkage when you sleep, most medical practitioners advocate that anyone with back pain use Ergoflex 5G, which helps relieve back pressure.

Although the features mainly benefit people who prefer to sleep on their backs, people who sleep in their stomachs are included.

A review from most people who have slept on the Ergoflex 5G shows that the mattress mainly relieves pressure from the knees and the shoulders. 

The way the top layer of the Ergoflex 5G is adaptably combined with a strong base is what makes the mattress an excellent choice for all kinds of sleepers, including side sleepers.

It has a weight limit of 200 kg for couples and 120 for single individuals, accommodating many Australians. However, if you and your partner have exceeded the limit, buying the Eva mattress with a 400kg weight limit would be best. 

8. Who is Ergoflex 5G Best Suited For 

Ergoflex 5G is a premium mattress but does not appeal to everyone. Here are a few of them: 

  • Extreme hot sleepers 
  • People with electric blankets
  • Combination sleepers 

 These are some of the shortcomings of the mattress; therefore, if you fall on this list, it would be best to pick the alternatives listed in the discussion below. 

9. Hot sleepers

This memory foam is specially designed to retain warmth compared to other mattresses. 

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is made with a cooling layer that primarily allows airflow as you sleep. 

Therefore, most clients like to say that Ergoflex 5G is breathable and retains suitable temperatures at night.

However, some clients believe the Ergoflex 5G is warmer than other alternatives, so you should enjoy trial periods to check on the best mattress. Hybrid mattresses Pocket-sprung mattresses usually keep visitors much cooler while sleeping compared to Ergoflex 5G mattresses.

10. Combination sleepers

If you move so much in bed, you may need help tossing in memory foam as it makes it hard to move. 

Even if your children jump on the bed while you are sleeping, high chances are that you will not sense much of the motion, as the mattress is designed to reduce movement transfer.  

The moment you sleep on the Ergoflex 5G mattress and soak into it, it may be rough to toss around in bed.  

If firmness is not your kind, consider a pocket-sprung or hybrid mattress that is quite bouncy and allows you to move around in bed. 

However, using an electric blanket affects your experience on the mattress, although it does not pose any danger. 

The blanket and the wires come in between you and how your body shapes when sinking in memory foam. 

11. Sleep Temperature

The cooling features in the TENCEL and the general mode of the Ergoflex 5G come with a cool-sleep airflow system and an open-cell foam that allows air circulation. Unlike other mattresses that retain heat throughout the night, the elements make the bed the best option for a hot sleeper. 

Additionally, the mattress is inserted with a unique core system, combined with the modern cool-sleep airflow system and a removable organic cooling TENCEL cover that continues to favour hot sleepers. 

However, If you are an excessively hot sleeper, consider buying a pocket spring or a hybrid mattress with higher-notch features to support you. 

12. Edge Support

Although it is common for all mattresses to say as they age, the situation is quite different with the Ergoflex 5G, fitted with a 9CM later to prevent sagging. The memory foam layer supports the edge making it firm and free from sagging. 

If you care about the edge or your mattress sagging, you should consider other brands like Eva mattress, among other hybrid and pocket spring mattresses. 

13. Maintenance & Care

If you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions on looking after the mattress and the recommended weight, your mattress should last you more than ten years. 

To prolong the life of your mattress, you can buy the Ergoflex LIFE mattress cover, which is waterproof and has anti-microbial features. The mattress cover is removable and washable either by machine or hand, making it a hygienic option for your mattress.

14. Motion Transfer

The medium firmed foam combined with uniquely structured materials the memory foam allows you to make any movements without disturbing your partner in their sleep. The firm and thick bottom also will enable you to toss on the upper layer without distracting your partner. 

Regardless, foam mattresses could be better if they added the extra bounciness (a result of the springs) found in hybrid mattresses like Eva’s. The extra bounciness is an excellent spice in the bedroom for intimate matters. 

15. Accessories


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Even though the Ergoflex 5G is best known for its quality mattresses that are constantly improved, the company still deals with other unique products. They are as follows:

  • Memory Foam Pillows are designed to give your neck ultimate support all night. They are also installed with a removable and washable TENCEL pillow cover to ensure your pillow always remains clean.
  • Ergoflex Organic Bed Linen – the gift of nature to your bedroom, supporting even people with asthma and allergies.
  • Ergoflex LIFE Tundra Protector – this waterproof mattress protector ensures no liquid goes into your mattress, increasing your bed’s lifespan. 

16. Prizes and Certification

The Ergoflex brand has always been among the leading brands of mattresses due to their consistent quality since 2006 when they began. 

As proof of their quality, they are Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified to show they are a sustainable and hygienic brand. 

Additionally, most Australian back doctors, including Dr. Mark Craig, a musculoskeletal and spine expert, recommend Ergoflex 5G to their patients with back pains and other complications.

The brand also appointed seven athletes in Australia to speak of Ergoflex 5G high quality. 

They are: Annette Edmondson, Michelle Heyman, Olympia Aldersey, Tay Clark, Daniel Repacholi, Lucien Delfour, and Mariafe Artacho del Solar

Is Ergoflex Mattress Better for Couples?


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For the longest time, couples have been fighting due to rolling together while in bed, causing sleepless nights and flared tempers. For this reason, the Ergoflex 5G had been specially designed to avoid roll-on together among couples.

When you experience a roll-on, your mattress is old, has become damaged, and has taken out forms that make rolling on inevitable. The condition is common among old foam and spring mattresses that last a shorter period and lose their shape faster than foam mattresses.

Memory Foam mattresses are known to retain their shape even when old. The best part about these mattresses is their unique features that detect and adapt to the body temperature to fit you and your partner perfectly. Additionally, the dense foam that only softens with heat ensures your movement does not disturb your partner, ensuring you get the most out of your sleep without disruptions. 

The mattress is also covered with a protector that keeps dust, bugs, and dust mites from your bed. The cover ensures the mattress remains hygienic and comfortable, even for asthmatics and those with allergies. 

Get a memory foam mattress to prevent any roll-on between you and your partner, ensuring you get the most out of your sleep. 

Final Thoughts

If your weight combined with that of your parties is over 23 stone, you should go for hybrids or pocket springs mattresses instead. These two brands are specially made to hold people with larger weight frames. The average couple’s weight in the UK is around 20 stone, which is ideal for the Ergoflex 5G mattress. 

The Ergoflex 5G is slightly thinner (by 2cm) compared to other brands like Emma mattresses, which means your bedsheets may not fit perfectly in different beds. The ideal UK mattress is 25CM, making Ergoflex 5G, which is 23CM, slightly thinner. 

However, the mattress’s price and quality are favourable, balancing the thickness with other leading brands. 

Also, Ergoflex 5G often has a discount code allowing it to compete fairly with other premium brands.


Are There Any Display Shops Do Ergoflex 5G?

No. There are no display shops for Ergoflex 5G mattresses. When Ergoflex was selling its products through traditional methods, a lot of its money was going into sorting rent and other overhead costs. Whereas, when they shifted to online selling, they could save money and transfer a lot of their savings to the customers by offering services like free delivery on Saturday. Soon most mattress-selling companies will be operating online. 

Why Is Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Better Than Other Mattresses?

Ergoflex 5G is the UK’s and Australia’s best mattress in a box that has earned trust over many years of producing high-quality products with excellent customer service. Ergoflex has operated for the past seventies, manufacturing Ergoflex 5G mattresses with higher-end raw materials than competitors. They also have a wide price range, placing them above their competitors. 

Additionally, their long warranty period of 10 years combined with cash-back offers during the trial period is enough proof of their high quality. 

Where Can I Purchase the Ergoflex 5G Mattress and Try It?

You will find the Ergoflex 5G showroom In Hunter Valley, NSW. 

However, only a few people are comfortable purchasing mattresses online. If you are one of them, do not worry, as the Ergoflex 5G company has a 30-day trial with guaranteed cash back and a ten-year warranty to ease the buyer’s mind. 

With those benefits, it is easy to carefully assess the quality of the mattress and check if it fits the needs of your house since you will have it for more than ten years; The Ergoflex 5G is durable.

The home trial gives you a better feel for the mattress than the demonstration in the showroom; The best way to know a mattress is by testing it on your bed in your home environment. 

Why Does Ergoflex 5G Only Have One Kind of Mattress?


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The Ergoflex 5G has explicitly been designed with several features added to it to meet the needs of various kinds of people, regardless of their sizes, weight, or sleeping styles. The mattresses also offer a broad range of prices that favour most customers, placing them above their competitors.

Ergoflex 5G competitors started by producing one type of mattress but drifted to diversify their products to meet the price difference with Ergoflex 5G.

Does the Ergoflex Mattress Have the Zero Partner Disturbance Feature?

Yes, the Ergoflex 5G had this feature. The quality of the Ergoflex 5G has gone beyond other memory foam mattresses and provides undisturbed sleep for its customers. Watch the Ergoflex 5G vs. 9 Tonne Tractor mattresses to vet quality. Extreme competition

Does the Ergoflex 5G Mattress Support Hot Sleepers?

Unlike standard mattresses, memory foam mattresses have been designed to retain most body heat. 

However, the Ergoflex 5G has extra features and layers, allowing additional air circulation. All Ergoflex 5G mattresses have a Cool-sleep airflow feature that assists in temperature regulation throughout the night, ensuring you stay relaxed and comfortable all night.

The TENCEL mattress cover is also made with a breathable and unrivalled fabric that absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and synthetic mattress covers.

Which Bed Is Best for the Ergoflex 5G?

Ergoflex 5G is adaptable and can fit almost every kind of bed, including divans and adjustable electric beds.

However, given a choice between a slightly sprung bed with a curved base and a flatbed, pick the flat as the mattress performs better when placed on flat ground than the other options.

What is the average weight of the Ergoflex 5G mattress?

The single Ergoflex 5G mattress is about 24 kg, while the king-sized one has 41 kg.

Why Don’t All Memory Foam Mattresses Have the Same Price?


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Every foam mattress is made of a different material, and the technique makes it perform differently, which is why they vary in price. 

 Generally, there is a big difference in the quality and performance of the various foam mattresses sold at the higher and lower end of the market. However, without having the same name, these products are entirely different from each other and shouldn’t be compared with each other.

However, you should be careful while purchasing a memory foam mattress since not all have the money foam material; you should always buy from a memory foam-approved vendor.

What is the difference between memory foam and a spring mattress?

Each kind of mattress satisfies its own set of needs for its customers. The Memory foam is famous for its comforting and body wrapping features that offer relief to the back, while the spring mattress is famous for the support on the edges and how well it bounces. 

Are Ergoflex 5G Mattresses Recommended for People Dealing With Back Problems?

Most medical practitioners recommend Ergoflex 5G to their clients who have back pain and need relief. It likens itself to the shape of your back, relieving any pressure you could be having on the joints.

Since Ergoflex 5G began working, they have received consistent praise from customers who have had relief from sleeping on the mattress.

Is It Advisable to Rotate an Ergoflex 5G Mattress?

Most mattress manufacturers suggest that you turn mattresses after every six months to prolong their lifespan and also even put their wear. 

However, you should never flip an Ergoflex 5G since the materials have been strategically placed to offer you complete support- if you convert it, you risk permanent damage to the mattress. 

Who Are the Manufacturers of the Ergoflex 5G Mattress?

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is Australian and made in the European States and China. 

Is the Ergoflex 5G mattress shipped in a compact box?

All Ergoflex 5G mattresses are vacuum-sealed, compression- packed and rolled to ensure it’s transported safely in a compact box. 

Compact box kind of packing comes with various advantages to the buyer: 

  • It makes it easier to move the mattress around the bedroom after the purchase
  • It makes it easy to store the bed if the use is not intended immediately 
  • It is economical to ship

Most mattress vendors have adapted to this kind of shipping after Ergoflex first demonstrated it in 2006 in the UK and 2010 in Australia.

How Firm Is the Ergoflex 5G Mattress?

On a scale of 1-10, the firmness of the Ergoflex 5G mattress stands at a 5 or 6. The medium level of firmness is ideal for different kinds of people and weights, which is why most medical practitioners recommend it.