Sleeping Duck vs. Koala Which is better?

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Well, you’re in luck since I’ve tested both Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses, and I will share my findings to help you choose which best suits your sleeping needs. What I looked at when comparing the two included the material of the mattress, comfort level, and overall value.

Like any other product, these two mattress brands have pros and cons. However, the Koala mattress comes on top, and let me explain why:

Compared to Sleeping Duck, the Koala brand is more experienced, has higher ratings, excellent reviews, faster shipping times, and a more extended trial period.

All that said, there are still some things to consider. Let’s dive deep into our comparison.

What You Need to Know

Before we get into the nitty-gritty stuff, here are a few essentials you need to know about Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses.

First, the quality of both mattresses is incredible, and a good night-long rest is guaranteed. Both are Australian-based; however, Sleeping Duck is Chinese-assembled. has been on the market for about six years, while sleeping Duck is still new.

Regarding delivery, Koala provides free shipping of new purchases Australia-wide, while Sleeping Duck offers free shipping and returns.

In design, these two employ different techniques to offer critical back support. Koala utilizes Kloducell technology, while Sleeping Duck’s foam has a topper and pocket springs below for that extra support.

Note that while Kloducell technology improves back support in Koala, its main source of support comes from the bottom layer, so there is no need for springs.

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress? 

Sleeping Duck is a bed-in-a-box mattress brand based in Australia.  In 2019, the brand won Australia’s ‘Best Innovation’ award; however, it became even more popular when it turned down offers from Shank Tank investors.

In terms of both pricing and quality, Sleeping Duck products are inclined toward the higher end of the luxury spectrum.

Since its inception, the mattress has seen significant improvements in overall design, including functionality, aesthetics, and name changes, and now it’s called SD Mach II.

Even though the original design has seen a few changes here and there, the comfort of the mattress remains the same – extremely good. Also, you can now rearrange the foams to achieve your desired firmness.

The score below takes into account the older version of the mattress.

Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Worth It? 

When it comes to personalisation, Sleeping Duck leads, and others follow. You can easily customise the degree of firmness you want. How about a half-half firmness where you can enjoy the best of both worlds?

The only drawback is that it’s pretty costly, especially if you don’t have particular needs. However, if comfort and customisation are your priorities, Sleeping Duck is your go-to mattress.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • You can adjust its firmness
  • Delivery on the same working day – (applicable only to metropolitan areas)
  • Sleeping Duck has a showroom in Melbourne
  • You get a free trial period that lasts 100 nights


  • A bit costly compared to others
  • Their design is heavy
  • Their production process is not environmentally friendly (More on this in the final section)

What is a Koala Mattress? 

A Koala mattress is an Australian-born design recognised for its eco-friendliness. The Koala bed features a unique open-cell foam layer that enables it to be neither too soft nor firm for your back.

Did you know Koala deliveries are faster than Amazon? If you’re in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney, Koala offers a 4-hour delivery.

Koala also has hundreds of reviews online and prides itself as the most reviewed mattress – so it claims. With many reviews, it’s easy to check out and know what other customers think about the bed.

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It?

Koala 1

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Well, Koala Mattress enjoys good, if not high, praise from its loyal customer base. However, those unsatisfied with the original version noted that it needed to be firmer. Also, a few had issues with its long-term comfort.

Today, Koala has a range of options regarding firmness, with most leaning towards the medium-firm level option. The options also allow the top comfort layer to be flipped to increase support if desired.

Individuals who sleep on their back or stomach and prefer a firmer surface will find these mattresses suitable.

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • It’s a well-known brand
  • You get a free trial period of 120 nights
  • Offers fast delivery of up to 4 hours in some areas like Sydney
  • Features unique technologies like the open-cell foam layer
  • Suitable for all sleeping styles
  • Exceptional edge support
  • Excellent at isolating


  • There is a chance that some slight off-gassing may occur

Sleeping Duck Vs. Koala Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

As we get deep into our analysis of these two amazing Aussie mattresses, let’s start by looking at their pricing and determine if it falls within our means.

Although the Koala mattress is priced more competitively than the Sleeping Duck, both options are more affordable than the Ecosa, which has a similar design. With prices set at $780 for a single and $1,250 for a king-size mattress (the cost of a Koala’s mattress), these products offer highly competitive features.

Koala Pricing: 

Koala 1

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  • Single – $750 (+up to 30% )
  • King Single – $880 (+up to 30% )
  • Double – $1,000 (+up to 30% )
  • Queen – $1,050 (+up to 30% )
  • King – $1,250 (+up to 30% )

Not enough cash for a Koala mattress? Koala accepts Openpay, zipPay, and Afterpay. Therefore, you can get a mattress and pay over 12 months with 0% interest.

Sleeping Duck: 

  • Single – $799 (No current deal)
  • King Single – $899 (No current deal)
  • Double – $1,149 (No current deal)
  • Queen – $1,449 (No current deal)
  • King – $1,599 (No current deal)

While SD Mach II is a bit pricy for a pocket spring variant, its variation firmness gives it an edge over other mattresses in the Australian market.

From the above prices, it’s clear that the Koala mattress takes the day, especially for the larger sizes. However, with these prices, some people disagree that they are within the mid-tier.

But the best thing is that you’ll get more value for your money if you opt for any of these two than the cheaper options. You’ll enjoy fast, free delivery, a 10-year warranty, and 100+ night trials to decide whether the quality is what you seek.

2. Firmness 

The firmness level is something most mattress buyers take seriously into consideration, and Koala has made sure to satisfy this sector. On a scale of 10/10, this mattress scores 6.1 when sold, striking a balance between firmness and softness.

The design and medium-firm firmness suits any of your sleeping styles.  You can be sure of optimal support whether you’re a  front, back, or side sleeper.

Koala Comfort:

Koala 1

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When buying a Koala, the firmness option you choose is final, so be sure to pick something that suits your sleeping style. The softer option is at 6 on the firmness scale, while the firmer one is at 7.5.

Some users have found Koala’s edge support a little softer, making it difficult to sleep and sit right on the edge of the mattress for an extended amount of time.

Koala mattress is made from eco-friendly foam with excellent body conformance for better comfort. The design minimises disturbance and can absorb any movement, so if you get up frequently at night, you won’t worry about interrupting your partner’s sleep.

Koala also passes the famous cup spill test, meaning it’s hygienic, durable, and comfortable.

Generally, Koala’s firmness is ideal for most people. Some may find it too firm in the first nights before the body adjusts to the foam. In the worst case scenario, a mild sore lower back might occur, which is very rare since almost all Koala customers report having a perfect sleep from day one of using the mattress.

Sleeping Duck Comfort:

Sleeping Duck

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Sleeping Duck is equally comfortable as Koala when considering all aspects.

While sleeping on this mattress, you can feel the three layers responsible for your comfort and support beneath you.

At the top is the foam layer, whose primary work is to help you relax by absorbing the weight on your head, shoulders, and hips. The pocket spring layer is responsible for your lower back support while lying on the mattress.

Since Sleeping Duck has a spring layer, it won’t give you the authentic foam mattress experience. However, if your primary concern is comfort, you should consider purchasing this mattress.

When shopping for a Sleeping Duck mattress, you’re initially presented with three foam variations with different firmness levels, an approach different from Koala. The levels include 6, 8, and custom. The custom level is ideal for those with particular sleeping needs, as they can choose what they prefer.

Unmatched Customisation

The lengths at which you can customise Sleeping Duck are pretty impressive.

What you can achieve with this mattress has never been seen in any other brand. Sleeping Duck dual firmness customisation This customisation feature allows you to split the upper memory foam into two sections, firm and soft. If your partner prefers a softer foam, you can have both.

However, if you go for both soft and firm levels, you might encounter limits to how you use your side. All in all, it’s a great feature when it fits your needs.

Even after splitting the mattress into different firmness levels, you can still divide the firmness level on your side into three sections, the head and shoulders on a firm foam, the lower back on a soft foam, and the legs and feet on a medium-firm level.

As previously mentioned, the foam is supported by pocket springs. The springs’ purpose is to support your back so you won’t wake up in the morning with back pain. They ensure the foam topper does not flatten under your weight.

3. Warranty and Shipping

The Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses have excellent trial periods lasting at least 100 nights. The trial periods are risk-free, with no charges or fees if you return the mattresses. Also, both offer a full refund on returns.

Koala Trial and Warranty: 

Koala 1

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The Koala brand has a more extended trial period of 120 nights, which is plenty for you to decide if it’s perfect. Throughout your trial, you’ll be dealing directly with the company, and they quickly offer guidance in case of an issue. Also, they have a 10-year warranty which is longer than most other brands.

Sleeping Duck Trial and Warranty: 

Compared to Koala, Sleeping Duck’s 100-night trial is a bit lower. However, a hundred nights are enough to decide if the mattress suits your sleeping needs. Sleeping Duck mattress also comes with a decade-long warranty that covers you from a costly replacement if it prematurely ages.

4. Sleeping Style 

What’s your sleeping style? Back, front, side, or a combination of the three?

Your sleeping position determines the type of mattress that is perfect for you.

Sleeping Duck

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  • Medium firmness option: Best for side sleepers
  • Firm option: Best for back sleepers
  • Customisable option: Best for a combination and also compatible with a  front sleeper

Koala Mattress

Because of how it’s constructed, the Koala mattress is best for side sleepers. However, back and stomach sleepers can also use it comfortably as well.

Koal has a firmness level of medium to firm. If you want it to feel firmer, side sleep since this position has a greater weight distribution. If you want it to feel a little bit softer, then stomach or back sleep since these positions have a less weight distribution.

5. Unique Specifications

It’s in design where the two brands differ the most. Each mattress has a unique construction that sets it apart from the other.

The Koala mattress is a traditional option made entirely of foam. On the other hand, the SD Mach II combines different materials, including foam and steel springs that have been tempered twice.

Here’s how each mattress is built.

Specifications of the Sleeping Duck

The SD Mach II has an innovative technology that splits the mattress into four layers.

  • The initial layer on top, the BreatheTech Cover, is made of bamboo yarn, known for its softness, delicate texture, and cooling abilities. Moreover, you can detach the cover and easily washed by machine.
  • Beneath the antimicrobial covering, a layer of high-density polyurethane foam can assimilate moisture and heat whilst imparting a sensation of weightlessness.
  • The third layer, also a foam rubber, is SD’s AirGrown foam. It has been designed with different firmness levels to accommodate various sleeping preferences.
  • The final layer is the Motherboard. This bottom layer comprises steel springs that offer customised support to different body parts.

Koala Mattress Specs

Koala 1

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Sleeping Duck emphasises employing cutting-edge technology to deliver an exceptional sleeping experience, whereas Koala is dedicated to crafting an environmentally friendly mattress that incorporates natural materials.

The three layers of the Koala include the following:

  • The top layer is a high-quality cover constructed from Tencel’s fibres. It is soft, breathable, and antimicrobial, giving the best and most peaceful nights ever.
  • The middle layer is made up of a Kloudcell foam that has two sides. This layer allows a sleeper to adjust how firm the mattress is, improving desired comfort level.
  • The last bottom layer is the support layer. It’s made of a firmer foam than the rest layers, and it’s responsible for minimising partner disturbance and aligning the spine. It also provides the best pressure relief your body could get from a mattress; for more support and stability, its base is anti-slippery.

6. Quality of Materials

A Koala mattress is made with Kloudcell and Eco foam, while SD Mach II is supported by pocket springs. Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses meet environmental standards and use GECA-approved foam. Koala’s Kloudcells are environmentally friendly and safe.

Koala Materials and Build: 

Koala has two main types of foam within its construction. The upper layer is a soft Kloudcell foam, while the lower layer is a more firm, eco-friendly, breathable foam. The advantage of the Kloudcell tech is that inside the mattress, it’s breathable plus heart dispersing, enabling the temperatures to remain cool throughout summer and warmer throughout winter.

The Kloudcells’ unique design sets them apart from other foam mattresses, including memory foam ones. They provide a generous bounce, which is not commonly found in other foam mattresses. This feature makes the Koala mattress comparable to Sleeping Ducks’ pocket springs, which also offer a great bounce, even though they are made of two completely different materials.

Sleeping Duck Materials and Build: 

Sleeping Duck

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The build of Sleeping Duck mattress is designed to encourage the materials used to complement each other for the overall effect. The soft foam layers on top of the mattress work together seamlessly with the supportive pocket springs underneath, ensuring you will be well-supported and comfortable for many years.

The quality of this mattress is excellent, and you don’t have to worry about it showing signs of wear, tear, or flattening anytime soon. Additionally, if it does, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty to assist you. The curated and unique design ensures that the mattress is durable and long-lasting.

7. Best Suited For 

8. Sleep Temperature

Both SD Mach II and Koala are excellent at cooling you down when the night is hot.

Mach II’s temperature is well-regulated thanks to its porous comfort foam layers and bamboo cover. In addition to that, the springs at the bottom boost airflow and breathability.

Both the cover and the mattress foam can absorb moisture, which helps keep the sleeping surface dry and comfortable.

The winner: Again, Sleeping Duck. The Koala is purely a foam mattress and therefore tends to sleep hot, while the Sleeping Duck employs various technologies to aid in cooling.

9. Support at the Edges

SD Mach II mattress has robust, solid edge support thanks to its pocket springs. Because of the springs’ steady support, the bed’s entire surface is stable and secure, so you can enjoy a full night’s sleep without worrying about feeling like you might roll off the bed.

It is no surprise that Sleeping Duck asserts that their spring design yields a surface area up to 20 percent greater, thus providing the sensation of a King bed while being priced as a Queen.

Like the SD Mach, the Koala mattress also performs well regarding edge support but can’t rival the latter.

The winner: Sleeping Duck. It’s normal for other foam beds, including Koala, to sag on the edges. However, the spring design on Sleeping Duck checks in immediately after you sit or sleep on the mattress. The system helps in preventing the mattress from sinking.

10. Maintenance and Care

It’s easy to ensure that this mattress is always clean and fresh since it has a removable cover that can easily be washed using a washing machine. You can also easily dismantle the layers and vacuum-clean them.

While Koala’s cover is permanent, meaning you can’t take it off the mattress, it’s antimicrobial and keeps bacteria and dust away. You can also spot-clean the mattress to keep it in shape.

To prevent sinkage on both mattresses, you can rotate them two times a year but do not flip them since they are built not to be flipped.

The winner: In this regard, Sleeping Duck emerges as the clear victor, as its mattress is simple to maintain and look after. The cover of the Sleeping Duck mattress can be effortlessly detached and washed in a machine.

Koala vs. Sleeping Duck: Which is Better for Couples?

Some partners can’t stay calm at night but turn and toss till morning. If you’re sleeping with such a partner, consider a Koala mattress. Koala has two layers of high-density foam made with Zero Disturbance tech that absorbs all the motions making it impossible to feel any movements even if you’re a light sleeper.

Unfortunately for Sleeping Duck, its’ springs cannot fully isolate motion even though they have been wrapped individually. The good news is that Sleeping Duck might be better when performing intimate activities since it’s more responsive.

The winner: It’s a tie as each provides an advantage the other doesn’t have. While Sleeping Duck offers bounce and responsiveness, Koala offers undisturbed sleep throughout the night as it eliminates motion transfer.

Special Offers and Sales

Sleeping Duck offers four bundles that let you assemble the mattress with fitted sheets and branded pillows. Also, you can get two mattresses once and save $200 with the second purchase.

Conversely, Koala has some attractive deals that go well with its luxurious bed frames. For example, they have a Guest Sleepover package deal with two pillows, a sofa bed, a pair of sheets, and a duvet cover for under $2000.

Additionally, Koala offers are not seasoned but have them yearly. The offers can fetch you up to 50% off.

The winner: I’ll give Koala a win on offers. Koala mattress is cheaper than SD Mach II, and the company has yearly offers, deals, and promotions. It’s possible to land significant deals any time of the year you buy a Koala mattress.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict is that Sleeping Duck outperforms the Koala in most places, including the number of layers, quality of materials, and mattress engineering technology.

On the other hand,could be a more attractive option for people with limited funds. In fact, Koala’s Queen size bed is priced at nearly half that of Sleeping Duck’s. Moreover, the year-long offers can make their prices go even much lower.

However, in terms of pricing, Koala outshines Sleeping Duck as it provides a cheaper quality solution. Sometimes, a Koala Queen-size mattress’s price is almost half that of an SD Mach II. Plus, Koala’s never-ending promotions can make their prices go way further low.

Another advantage of Koala is that it emphasises using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, helping in environmental conservation. If you’re eco-conscious, consider buying a Koala mattress.


What is special about a Koala mattress?

Koala 1

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After undergoing laboratory tests, the Koala mattress has been confirmed not to have heavy metals, VOCs, formaldehyde, or any hazardous materials that might be allergenic or affect the body’s hormone systems.

Is the Koala mattress firm or soft?

Koala has different options for firmness, although it tends to lean more toward the medium-firm level. You can flip the top comfort layer if you want more support for your back. Generally, Koala is an ideal mattress for both back and stomach sleepers.

Does the Sleeping Duck mattress have springs?

Sleeping Duck

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Sleeping Duck mattress has an incredible foundation with a multi-zoned steel spring system that offers the main support. This spring, all the layers connect, allowing for high responsiveness.

Where Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Manufactured From?

Materials that make Sleeping Duck mattresses are designed and constructed in Australia and then shipped to China for Assembly.

How Long Will My Sleeping Duck Mattress Last?

Sleeping Duck

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SD Mach II lasts at least eight years when well-maintained. However, the warranty covers up to 10 years.

Does China Manufacture Sleeping Duck Mattress?

China only assembles Sleeping Duck mattresses. The materials are designed and constructed in Australia and are only shipped to China for assembly.

Will My SD Mach II Mattress Sag?

No, Sleeping Duck won’t sag because of its construction.  The foam is high-density and has twice-tempered steel springs, so it is unlikely to sag.

Is Koala or Sleeping Duck softer?

On both mattresses, you can adjust the firmness levels. However, Koala tends to be softer, making them more appropriate for side sleepers.