Ecosa vs. Koala: Which Mattress is Right for You in 2024

Ecosa and Koala make some of Australia’s most popular and well-made mattresses. We recommend the (Use code – AFTERPAYSALE) for up to 30% off.

The and Ecosa mattresses utilise advanced foam technology to help alleviate morning back pain. 

The Koala mattress features self-cooling support foam, while the Ecosa incorporates gel foam layers. Both brands offer generous trial periods for customers to try out their beds.

This post has done the legwork for you by trying them out and writing down what happened so you can make an informed choice.

What is an Ecosa Mattress? 


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Ecosa is among Australia’s most well-liked mattress-in-a-box providers. They’ve been so successful that they’ve spread internationally, setting up shops in New York, Hong Kong, and Wellington, New Zealand. 

The original Ecosa mattress is constructed with three layers of comfort, open-cell technology for increased airflow and cooling, and the option to customise the mattress’s level of firmness. 

Ecosa has just released two new hybrid mattresses, the Pure and Vital mattresses, in response to the continued demand from customers who love this company and its original bed.

Australia was the first market to see Ecosa in 2015, and the firm has since opened up in New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

The company’s goal is to make the finest bed-in-a-box foam mattress on the market, and they already make some of the best mattress toppers today. 

CertiPUR-US certification for Ecosa mattresses guarantees that no toxic chemicals were utilised in their production. Their covers are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, and GECA approved, so you know they’re safe for the environment and persons with sensitive skin. 

Are Ecosa Mattresses Worth It? 

Ecosa’s 3-in-1 adjustability is enticing since it allows users to try out three different foam textures and densities. This ergonomic brand provides superior back support regardless of whether you want a memory, poly, or latex feel.

The demand for the Ecosa mattress in the United States led the manufacturer to bring the product here from Australia. Regarding all-foam bed-in-a-box products, this firmer brand offers a wide range of options and excellent motion isolation.

Enjoy the gentle sink of memory foam without sinking to the bottom of the bed on the softest setting, or switch to the firmer, more durable latex-like feel by flipping the top layer over. 

When the third layer is placed on top, the mattress is at its firmest setting, providing optimal support for spinal alignment. Even individuals of much greater weight may sleep comfortably on this bed due to its firmness.

You may have found the solution to your quest for a firmer mattress that adapts to your changing needs in Australia. The company’s expansion into the American market will continue unabated.

Ecosa Mattress Pros and Cons 


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  • Want a mattress with multiple feelings, but a more rigid feel? This product features three firmness levels, all stiffer than what we would classify as a medium. Depending on what feels best for your body, you may choose between a contouring memory foam sensation, a bouncy latex-like feel, or a harder poly-foam feel.
  • The remarkable motion isolation here should allow people prone to waking up quickly to sleep peacefully without worrying about a restless companion.
  • This model has a machine-washable cover that can help you keep your bedroom tidy and a second cover designed to keep out moisture that might grow germs and potential dust mites.


  • Not bouncing 
  • Change may be difficult. 

What is a Koala Mattress? 


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The Koala mattress is one of Australia’s most popular mattresses. They revolutionised the direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box market. They have improved their mattress designs. Most customer reviews for the brand are positive, with a few flawed studies addressing shipping and long-term feel issues.

Since 2015, Australians have had access to Koala’s premium mattresses. While the Koala mattress was their original offering, they have expanded into selling everything from high-end bed frames to luxurious sheets. 

The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress and the Koala Calm As Mattress are two of their most recent models. 

Koala Mattresses are the first mattresses in Australia to be accredited by the Green Environmental Certification Association (GECA) and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). 

In addition, as a WWF Australia member, they give back to environmental causes by contributing one percent of their annual revenue. 

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It?

The decision, while disappointing, is reasonable given the difficulty of maintaining a fully operational business in Australia when the great majority of your rivals manufacture their mattresses in China. 

However, they also contribute significantly to environmental protection and charitable efforts in other ways, which you should notice. Because you are a side sleeper and somewhat light, the Koala mattress could work better for me. 

Without the mattress topper, you may not have felt like you were sinking in as much as a heavier person. If you sleep on your back or stomach, the 120-night trial period is well worth taking advantage of.

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


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  • Maintaining comfort while providing firm support
  • The boxed delivery method is excellent.
  • Real gains as you go through the levels
  • Reasonable Cost


  •  It’s not worth the hassle to deal with Kloudcell.
  • Poor edge support persists.
  • Lots of paper, plastic, and cardboard trash.

Ecosa Vs. Koala Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

Before discussing the value and cost of these mattresses, it is crucial to note that they are already among the most reasonably priced new mattress options on the whole market, leaving the final decision to your financial situation. 

The Koala Mattress in Queen size retails for $1050, but with one of these exclusive discount codes, you can save $150.

Usually selling for $1099, the Ecosa queen mattress is presently on sale for $849 during their end-of-fiscal-year clearance event (accurate as of 24 June 2019).

Koala Pricing:


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  • Single – $750 (+)
  • King Single – $880 (+)
  • Double – $1,000 (+)
  • Queen – $1,050 (+)
  • King – $1,250 (+)

Ecosa Pricing: 

  • Queen – $1,099
  • King – $1,199
  • Single – $799
  • King Single – $899

Both mattresses are relatively inexpensive, as you can see above; nevertheless, other factors, including edge support, firmness, and comfort, should be considered in addition to pricing. 

2. Comfort and Firmness 

  1. Ecosa

On the firmness scale, which ranges from 1 (the softest) to 10 (the harshest), we rate this brand’s Medium setting as a 7. This setting of Medium-Firm should be the most flexible and accommodating for a wide variety of body types and preferred sleeping positions. 

At the same time, if desired, you may change the layers to provide a firmer sensation (a level 8 or 9).

The top layer of memory foam has a slower reaction time than the other two levels, making it ideal for relieving pressure and conforming to the sleeper’s shape. The underlying layers react considerably more quickly, yet it has very little bounce.

This mattress is ideal for mixed sleepers since even with the plushest layer on top; you shouldn’t sink more than into a gentle cradle. The adaptability of this setup allows for several positioning options.

Mattress Firmness Scale Ecosa

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The memory foam contours to your lower back, keeping your spine neutral, while the other foam layers below provide support. Lighter people who sleep on their backs may have problems sinking into the more complex settings and may find the Medium location more comfortable.

Those who sleep on their sides, where their weight is distributed more evenly over a thinner area, may also find this configuration most comfortable. 

Heavier side sleepers may find that the other two settings provide the cradling they need, so they may want to try them. Since people who sleep only on their sides tend to weigh less, they could be happier with a softer mattress.

Since its hardness aids in keeping your hips aligned with the rest of your body, this mattress is ideal for belly sleepers of varying body types. You may raise the bed quickly to accommodate taller or heavier individuals.

The manufacturer recommends the Medium setting for those up to 195 pounds, while the other levels may be more appropriate for heavier users. 

The manufacturer suggests a maximum of 440 pounds on each side, or 980 pounds per mattress, making this model one of the few all-foam beds that can accommodate greater weights.

Motion Transfer

Ecosa’s motion isolation technology attracted the attention of the whole globe, and it excels in this situation, particularly in the Medium or memory foam configuration. The foams assist in guaranteeing that your sleep is uninterrupted by capturing motion at its source and preventing it from spreading to your sleeping companion.

  1. Koala 

The medium-firm variant is thick yet comfy and does an excellent job distributing body weight. Even while it has a very spongy sensation, moving about is still not too difficult. Although it seems sensible that this arrangement would work for the stomach, back, and side sleepers alike, different people may find it more or less comfortable.

Our staff gave this arrangement a hardness rating of 6.5 out of 10. Although we shared the Original Koala Mattress with the same firmness rating, it is essential to note that they ‘feel’ different.

Please know that our hardness ratings are intended to reference and may not always correspond to comfort. Bedbuyer’s testing methodology is also used to determine our hardness ratings, which may not match those other providers provide.

Medium-Firm Version

The complex version is, as could be expected, stiffer than the medium-firm, although the change is slight. The firm understanding has the same solid, weight-absorbing sensation.

While those who like to sleep on their backs will appreciate the mattress’s firmness, those who prefer to sleep on their sides or stomachs may still find it comfortable.

Our group determined that the firm setup was a 7.5 on a scale from 1-10, with ten being the strongest.

Firm Version

Both firmness levels provide a steady, balanced, and supportive sleep surface for your spine. The results of the tests indicate that this mattress is suitable for persons of varying heights and weights.

We’ve already mentioned that, unlike innerspring mattresses, the lacks the inherent bounce and responsiveness that makes them desirable. This implies that particular mattresses better suit various sleeping positions (and other personal activities).

Please remember that everyone has different preferences regarding responsiveness and that our scales are meant just as a guide. Innerspring mattresses are often more responsive than foam mattresses, which is something to keep in mind.

3. Warranty and Shipping

  1. Ecosa 

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You may buy the Ecosa Mattress online, and it will be sent to your door in a small box, much like other “bed in a box” goods. Delivery is free, and shipment is expedited. Many urban regions provide “same-day delivery.”

We gave the Ecosa Mattress 24 hours to decompress before testing; unpacking should only take 5 to 10 minutes. In the promotional unpacking video from Ecosa, you can view this mattress in “real life” here:

The Ecosa Mattress box, the best-looking package in the internet mattress industry, came in perfect shape. The box’s strong wheels make it simple to move as well. A welcome pack from Ecosa is also included in the package and contains a plastic cutter to help with unpacking and an informational leaflet.

The mattress was simple to take out of its packing, but we always advise having two persons ready when taking a bed out of a box.

The Ecosa Mattress features a contemporary, fashionable design from a visual standpoint. The trademark label for Ecosa has a distinctive blue colour, while the overall colour scheme is grey and white.


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The Koala Mattress, like other mattresses sold in the “mattress in a box” format, may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website and sent straight to your home. This mattress’s new and enhanced design necessitates the base and the removable comfort layer to be sent in their boxes.

The Koala Mattress is available for free, Australia-wide delivery (details on when to expect your mattress may be found in the ‘Delivery’ section below). Koala boasts a special same-day delivery’ policy for critical cities.

The Koala Mattress has a longer unboxing time (15-20 minutes) than its single-boxed rivals due to its ‘2-box’ shipping technique. Having two persons on hand is often helpful when unboxing a mattress.

While the koala plushie was a charming touch, we would have appreciated a cutting tool instead since unwrapping the mattress was more complex than with other bed-in-a-box items we have used.

We let the mattress rest for 24 hours to allow it to decompress before doing our standard set of tests on it. Check out our real-life’ video review of the Koala Mattress below!

Myer and ‘The Treehouse’ in Sydney used to provide test drives of the first Koala Mattress. The Koala Mattress, however, can’t be tried out in a showroom now. The 120-night trial is the only opportunity to test out this bed.

The Koala Mattress is hard to beat in terms of bare visual appeal. The brand name label adds a pleasant touch, and the product’s primary colours are white and (very) light grey. The label sewn into the zipper puller shows the Koala’s dedication to quality.

5. Unique Specifications

a) Ecosa

  • Try the mattress out for a hundred nights. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you and set up a mattress donation.
  • Fast & Free Delivery: We ship to Auckland urban regions within 4 hours. Our standard free shipping is available in all other areas.
  • 15-Year Warranty: You may rest well all night thanks to the 15-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Sleep guilt-free knowing that your Vital Mattress isn’t harming the environment. At Ecosa, we prioritise sustainability, beginning with how our goods affect the environment. 
  • One hundred twenty ocean-collected plastic bottles converted into the Vital Mattress cover are OceanCycle certified.
  • Carbon neutral with pride. All carbon generated to make and transport the Vital Mattress is offset through Green Story.
  • The Vital Mattress is Oeko Tex 100 certified, meaning it was made without using any hazardous materials or unpleasant compounds.
  • Getting the Right Kind of Support: The Vital Mattress is a pleasant hybrid mattress that is medium firm. It features seven zones of pocket springs around the body to offer greater alignment and reinforcement where you need it, allowing you to sleep pain-free.

Individually wrapped coils known as “pocket springs” may move independently to conform to your body, and stiffer springs are employed at the mattress’ edge for more robust edge support.

b) Koala 

  • The magic occurs in the flippable KloudcellTM Comfort Layer. You can select between medium-firm and firm at home thanks to the double-sided KloudcellTM comfort layer, which provides outstanding comfort and breathability. To discover your sweet spot, just unzip and flip.
  • Good stuff. Not stuffing: KloudcellTM is more comfortable, supportive, and durable for a single reason alone. We make use of higher-quality, higher-density foam. KloudcellTM has a density of 50 kg/m3. The thicknesses of our nearest rivals? 38kg/m3. Nowhere near.
  • Where you most need support: You may switch positions up to 20 times each night. To assist you in maintaining a healthy sleeping posture, improved spinal alignment, and pressure point alleviation as you move during the night, Koala’s support base includes three focused high-density support zones. The Koala Mattress is intuitively responsive and supports you so you can rest all night peacefully.
  • Sleep coolly: Our bodies must first cool down before we can fall asleep. The open-cell KloudcellTM construction allows your body to breathe, allowing you to sleep comfortably and fall asleep more quickly. TENCELTM Lyocell fibre is used in the Koala Mattress cover fabric to absorb and release moisture, making falling asleep a breeze.
  • Sleep peacefully: Having a tosser in bed? No matter who you lie next to, you will have a restful night’s sleep thanks to our renowned Zero Disturbance® Tech, designed to isolate motion.

6. Quality of Materials

Despite modest design differences, the Ecosa and the Koala are all-foam mattresses 25 cm deep.

Let’s examine the details.

  1. The Ecosa Mattress Design 

The 5-layer Ecosa mattress is made of memory foam and has two distinct cover layers. 

  • The cover is removable and machine washable, made from a TENCEL (40%) and premium poly (60%) hypoallergenic blend. 
  • Underneath that dust-proof shell is another watertight one built with German microfilament technology.
  • The top layer comprises temperature- and pressure-regulating G-7 Gel Memory Foam. The ECO-Tex Memory Foam used for the middle layer is medium-firm and open-cell, making it breathable and long-lasting. The bottom layer comprises Ergonomic Support Foam, which is firm enough to support the body’s pressure points without causing any disruption to the sleeper’s spinal alignment.

b) The Koala Mattress Construction 


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As one of the greatest foam beds-in-a-box, the Koala mattress, on the other hand, has three layers of eco-friendly open-cell poly foam.

  • A durable, soft, breathable, and antibacterial 7-centimetre-thick cover made from 65% polyester and 35% TENCEL lyocell protects the mattress’s inner and outer layers. 
  • The KloudcellTM foam used in the mattress top layer is dual-sided, so you can change the level of firmness to suit individual preferences. The high-density foam at the base relieves pressure and keeps you aligned as you sleep. The breathable top layer keeps you comfortable all night long. Thanks to Zero Disturbance Technology, you may toss and turn all night without disturbing your sleeping mate. 

WINNER: Tie. The excellent designs of both mattresses provide pressure alleviation, spinal alignment, and temperature control. 

8. Best Suited For 

  1. Ecosa 

Looking at where pressure points develop when a person lays down on the bed is a terrific technique to observe how a mattress feels.

If you want to provide the most thorough description possible, pressure alleviation is essential to every mattress purchase. To accomplish this, lay on your back, side, and stomach while putting a pressure map on the mattress. You must carry out this action for every mattress setup.

Back – Your weight was uniformly distributed when resting on your back, regardless of the hardness level you selected, as seen by the virtually all blue pressure map findings above. The layers of foam were filling in the gap at your lower back and hips while you were in this posture. 

You experienced considerable body contouring with the memory foam in both the soft and medium-firm configurations, sinking slightly into the top layer of foam in both. You could still move about without any difficulty despite this sinkage.

Side – When you turned onto your side, you immediately saw the stark variations in the bed configurations. Due to the base layer’s thick foam, you may have discomfort in the hips and shoulders while lying in the firmest setting. 

Side sleepers, who tend to have more significant trouble with pressure points, are best served by bedding that is softer and sinks into the body more. You judged the Ecosa more lenient when comparing it to the medium and medium-firm setups. The pressure relief from the memory and poly foam layers was enhanced in specific arrangements.

Stomach – After shifting onto the stomach, the body experiences uniform pressure, regardless of position. When in this posture, there is a heightened sense of the bed’s weight bearing down on the hips, making it crucial to maintain proper alignment of the hips and spine. 

Therefore, individuals who sleep on their stomachs may prefer firmer mattresses. Switching the base layer with the top layer and utilising the bed in its most supportive setting is advisable to ensure optimal support for the hips and spine.

  1. Koala 

A Koala mattress may be suitable depending on personal tastes and requirements. Although koala mattresses are made to be comfortable and supportive for various sleepers, some people may benefit from them more than others. Here are some things to think about:

People who prefer medium-firm mattresses: Most Koala mattresses are classified as medium-firm, so they are a good option for sleepers who want a middle ground between very soft and extremely firm beds. Koala mattresses are a fantastic option if you like a supportive mattress without being overly tight.

Hot sleepers: If you sleep hot, choose a Koala mattress since they are constructed with heat-dispersing elements like gel-infused memory foam and a breathable mattress cover. A Koala mattress is a good option if you sleep hot and need a bed that encourages ventilation and temperature management.

Couples: The design of Koala mattresses is intended to reduce the amount of motion transferred from one side of the bed to the other. 

This means your spouse on the other side of the bed will be less likely to be disturbed by your movements. This may be an excellent choice for couples who are both sensitive to the disruptions caused by motion and want restful sleep.

Eco-conscious individuals: The foam used in Koala mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified, emitting few dangerous chemicals and having a minimal environmental impact. Koala also reduces its carbon footprint by using eco-friendly and recyclable packing materials. 

A Koala mattress can fit your beliefs well if you place a premium on ecologically sound goods.

Customers in Australia, take note: Koala is an Australian mattress company whose products are tailored to the local market’s needs. A Koala mattress may be a smart option if you’re in Australia and want to shop local.

9. Edge Support

  1. Ecosa 

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Edge support refers to a mattress’s ability to provide consistent support to its edges and is another area in which these mattresses excel. These mattresses will not shape excessively under your weight, which is beneficial for those who want to sit on the edge of the bed.

  1. Koala 

The absence of side handles is a significant flaw. Users should feel safe using the total surface area of the mattress since the edge support is adequate but not outstanding for a foam mattress.

The medium firmness setting is the factory default for this mattress. The G-7 Gel Memory Foam is placed on top, followed by the ECO-Tex Memory Foam, and finally, the Ergonomic Support Foam is placed underneath everything.

The layout is intended to accommodate all three common sleeping positions (side, back, and stomach), although each person will have their preferences.

This is our preferred version for reasons that we’ll get into later. On a scale from 1 to 10 (with ten being the firmest), our staff has given this setup a 7.5.

Note that the firmness rankings are meant just as a guide and may not reflect actual comfort levels. The hardness ratings are also awarded based on Bedbuyer’s testing technique, which may differ from other organisations’ testing procedures.

The medium-firm mattress has three layers: ECO-Tex Memory Foam on top, G-7 Gel Memory Foam in the middle, and Ergonomic Support Foam on the bottom.

Most side and front sleepers may also find the arrangement comfortable. On a scale where ten is the firmest, our staff gave it an 8.

Last, the healthy option stacks the G-7 Gel Memory Foam on top of the ECO-Tex Memory Foam, which sits above the Ergonomic Support Foam.

Many side and front sleepers may also find this arrangement comfortable. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the firmest), experts found it to be an 8.5. 

10. Maintenance & Care

The Koala and the Ecosa are both simple animals to maintain. Although flipping them is not necessary, you can rotate them once a year to keep the bed’s shape. 

However, the Ecosa offers a washable mattress cover that you can remove and an inside cover that is dust-mite resistant and shields the mattress from bacteria and allergens. 

The mattress cover may be unzipped and washed in the washing machine. Ecosa’s particular cover material sets it apart from other bed-in-a-box options. The microfilaments in the inner surface keep moisture out and dust mites away from the mattress’s innermost layers.

Ecosa has won. The Koala mattress’ top cover is not removable, although basic spot cleaning will remove any spills and stains; a head cover that can be machine washed would be much more practical.

11. Motion Transfer

Like most all-foam mattresses, the Ecosa and Koala mattresses include zero disturbance technology, reducing motion transmission. 

Having two mattresses available would be ideal for couples, particularly those whose partners often toss and turn throughout the night. 

However, since they aren’t bouncy, these mattresses may need to be more comfortable for private interactions. A hybrid or latex mattress might be suitable if you like an active and responsive bed.

Both beds effectively reduce surface motion and provide a restful night’s sleep. 

Ecosa vs. Koala: Which is Better for Couples?

You probably will be fine choosing either mattress since they are comparable overall. The fact that the stiffness level is changeable is one aspect that often comes up in customer evaluations and provides Ecosa with some advantages.

Therefore, the Ecosa is a better option if you need clarification about the firmness you want or the flexibility to switch between degrees of firmness as your body evolves. 

Suppose you have small children or often unintentionally knock over your Saturday morning coffee in bed. The Ecosa is an excellent option since it also features a built-in waterproof cover to guard against spilt liquids.

If you need more clarification about your purchase, the Koala provides a 20-night extension to its trial term, which may give you greater peace of mind.

The Koala is an excellent option if you want something that will be delivered and set up with the least amount of trouble. The mattress-in-a-box will be delivered to your house, carried up any stairs, placed in the desired room, and all packing will be handled if you choose Koala’s premium delivery option.

Special Offers and Sales

Ecosa provides discounts of between 25% and 30% on mattresses and 20% off silk pillowcases, pillows, mattress toppers, bamboo bedding, and weighted blankets. There are also bundle offers that provide excellent value. 

Ecosa takes Visa, American Express, MasterCard,  and PayPal as forms of payment. Additionally, prices may be made with Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Koala now gives up to 25% off original product prices during its EOFY sale. Additionally, there are fantastic package offers that enable you to combine the best-selling goods of the business and save a ton of money

Koala provides its consumers with multiple payment choices by accepting Afterpay and Zip.

The winner is a tie. Both companies can provide the economical mattresses and bedroom items that Australians demand. In addition to offering up to 35% discount during holidays and other occasions, Ecosa and Koala operate year-round specials. 

Final Thoughts

You can go right using either mattress since they are comparable. Customer evaluations often highlight the changeable firmness level as a significant selling point for Ecosa.

The Ecosa is more suitable if you are still determining the firmness you like or just want the flexibility to adapt to your changing physique. 

The Ecosa includes a built-in waterproof liner to prevent damage from spilled liquids; this makes it a fantastic option for households with small children or someone who often spills their Saturday morning coffee in bed.

If you’re still on the fence about your purchase, you can rest easy knowing that The Koala provides a lengthier trial period of 20 nights.

The Koala is the superior option for minor trouble during delivery and installation. Koala provides a premium delivery service in which two persons will bring the bed-in-a-box to your house, carry it up any stairs, place it in the room of your choice, and then remove all wrapping.


What Is The Koala Mattress Controversy?

The Board determined that Koala Sleep’s advertisements were false and deceptive because they claimed that the mattresses sold at the time had been rated higher than any other Australian mattresses, which was not the case.

The business gained notoriety due to a dispute with Koala Mattress, who accused Ecosa of stealing their concept for evaluating a mattress’ flexibility and shape memory by jumping on it. At the same time, it had a wine glass on it.

Is Ecosa Australian Owned?

Ecosa is a business that is established and owned in Australia. Only the highest quality raw materials are sourced by us from around the globe. 90% of these materials are from Germany, 5% are from Japan, and 5% are from China. 

The mattress is then expertly put together in China under independent quality monitoring.

Does The Koala Mattress Sag Over Time?

The Koala mattress cover comprises 65% polyester and Tencel Lyocell. You may easily modify the mattress’ hardness by unzipping it. Koala designed this cover layer a staggering 7 cm thick for padding. This is highly comfy but might sag.

What Mattress Is Similar To Ecosa?


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The Emma Comfort mattress is the ideal substitute for the Ecosa. The Comfort is exponentially better quality and more reasonably priced. 

This mattress compares well to the Ecosa, so this would be a great option to save money while shopping for a bed like the Ecosa. In terms of both popularity and quality, it is the closest. There is a significant price disparity, particularly during the Emma mattress sale.

What Is The Main Reason Why Koala Declined?

The lack of habitat is the main danger to koalas. In Queensland, a large portion of the koala’s habitat overlaps with regions that have seen extensive clearing for urban, industrial, and rural development, and amnesty is still ongoing.

More than 1000 persons are added to the population in South East Queensland each week. The limited surviving koala habitat is under tremendous pressure from this population boom and the growing demand for housing.

Koalas are increasingly prone to pass through urban areas when habitat patches become smaller and more fragmented. Koalas must cross roads and pass past homes in urban areas where they risk being bitten by dogs or drowning in swimming pools in the backyards.

Do Koala Mattresses Get Hot?

All Koala mattresses are constructed with cutting-edge cooling and breathability characteristics because the quality of your sleep is too important to compromise. 

According to our research, the Kloudcell Mattress Foam used by Koala is up to 50% cooler than other renowned memory foam options, making it a more comfortable choice for those looking for a good night’s rest.

Do Ecosa Mattresses Sag?

The official Ecosa website claims that its mattresses don’t sag. However, some customer testimonials claim that you can feel some support reduction after the first year of use. The memory foam mattress from Ecosa is hygienic, green, and has firmness adjustments. No stress, sagging, or flipping

Is Ecosa Made In China?

Ecosa was founded in Australia and is headquartered there. Only the finest raw materials available worldwide are purchased by us. The remaining 10% is split between Japan and China. 

The mattress is assembled in China using only the highest quality materials and stringent third-party quality checks. The result is a more comfortable bed brought right to your door at a price you can afford.

How Do I Make My Ecosa Mattress Firmer?

Easy! Depending on how you want to sleep and how firm a mattress you prefer, you can pick between three layers.

A top layer of blue G-7 memory foam is recommended for a comfortable middle ground in firmness. Evenly dispersing your weight and avoiding pressure points allows you to sink slightly.

The white ECO-Tex foam should be used as a medium-firm top layer. While this layer analyses and adapts to your body, you may relax and enjoy cuddling time for your back.

If you like a firm mattress, place the yellow Ergonomic HD Breathable Support Layer on top. It will support your spine in the best possible way all night long.