Top 10 Highest-Earning YouTubers in 2024

Over the past ten years, YouTube has been the best-paying content creation platform. 

In that period, this video creation platform has also been considered the best entertainment and news platform for the Native American audience and even people around the world. 

And now, with many success stories of content creators earning from YouTube, more and more people are considering putting their content out on this platform. 

Therefore, you must know some of the highest-earning YouTubers in 2023 for even more inspiration. 

1. Jay Jeon


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Even though Jeon prefers to keep his identity underwater, he owns one of the largest and most dominant YouTube channels. Cocomelon has millions of subscribers with worldwide viewers.

His YouTube channels focus on making exciting content for children. 

On several occasions, Cocomelon has made headlines as the Channel with the most significant number of viewers. Currently, coco melon is worth about $460 million. 

2. Jeffree Star


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Jeffree Star was first a musician for MySpace. However, as time passed, he found his footing for make-up, and that’s when he started his YouTube channel where he talked about make-up. 

His videos are tutorials, but he still reviews brands and hosts challenge videos with other make-up artists. Jeffree is a make-up pro. 

He recently launched his make-up line, Jeffree Star Cosmetic, which he promotes on his Channel. Although his line is all amazing, he’s famous for amazing lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. 

3. Ryan Kaji


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Ryan is an 11- year old whose content is focused on reviewing and playing with toys. His parents opened his account for him in 2015 when he was four; his first video was of him opening his toys. 

Ryan is a millionaire, and his content has fans and viewers worldwide. He gives most of the toys he evaluates to charity organisations for a donation once he’s done with them.

Apart from toys, Ryan also deals with a wide variety of apparel. 

4. MrBeast


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For five consecutive years, Pewdiepie’s Channel made the Channel with the most significant number of subscribers. He is a famous gamer, but his content is mainly comedy with fans worldwide. 

Although he’s still famous, in 2019, Pewdiepie lost his title as the comedian with the most significant number of subscribers to T-Series. His loss was after they contented live on Facebook and people chose T-Series.

He makes most of his money from ads, sponsorship and endorsements from brands looking to feature on his YouTube. He’s making about $ 35 million from YouTube, with over 111 million YouTube subscribers. 

5. Logan Paul


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Logan Paul owns a YouTube channel with about 20 million subscribers focusing mainly on pranks and stunts. 

Logan Paul sparks many feelings on YouTube, where most people hate him but still love and subscribe to his content. He is famous for the dangerous stunts and pranks he pulls on random people. 

In 2017, Logan posted a video on YouTube that included a body of a Japanese who had committed suicide in the forest, which is when he gained popularity. 

Many people wanted his account banned, but YouTube sustained the video. 

He began posting on YouTube after the Vine app was closed.

6. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins


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Ninja had earned millions of dollars from recording live video game challenges. He began his career immediately after high school when he played and streamed the Halo 3 tournament. Still, he has also been a part of other significant challenges like the Battle Royale and Fortnite.  

In 7 years, Ninja had broken the 1 million subscribers challenge on YouTube, In addition to having millions of followers on Twitch, a popular streaming service.

7. PewDiePie


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For five years now, PewDiePie has maintained the title as the most subscribed Channel on YouTube, with over 100 million YouTube subscribers. 

He is a famous comedian who mainly makes funny video comments. YouTube is his primary source of income, but he still makes a good amount from his book, This Book Loves You. After publishing his book, he sold over 100 000 copies quickly.

Although his net worth has dropped slightly, he has remained the most-paid star on YouTube. 

8. Markiplier


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Mark Edward is the mind behind Markiplier’s, who was born in Hawaii but later relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio. He opened his first account on 6th March 2012, where he had planned to post and earn from creating action movies and comedy videos.

However, he joined his account with them to create Markiplier, meaning he played in every sketch. In 2019, he joined hands with Ethan Nestor, popularly called CrankGameplays, to create another channel where they started videos daily. After which, they would erase the videos end of each year.

The channel gained popularity within a very short time; A week after they began the Channel, they had earned over a million members and 5 million viewers after the first few minutes. Within a week, they had 13 million viewers.

9. DanTDM


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Daniel has made billions of dollars from playing video games live on YouTube. Many companies are approaching him to advertise on his Channel and paying more money to advertise between his videos. He posts about 4 million views from people worldwide. 

10. Jake Paul


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Logan Paul’s brother is also a popular character on YouTube, where he broadcasts his talents as a musical actor and producer. He started his page in 2013, although he was still popular on Vine. Currently, his videos on YouTube have reached 4 billion views.

In 2017, when he released his song, It’s Everyday Bro, when he gained popularity after the video gained more than 60 million views in a month. It is the 3rd disliked video on YouTube 

11. Vlad and Niki


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This kids’ channel video features two brothers, Vlad, 9, and Niki, 7. 

Their parents created their Channel in 2018, mainly focusing on toy reviews, challenges and adventures. Vlad and Niki were born in Russia, but their content has gained popularity worldwide and is currently in made top 10 of the most viewed videos.

They are about $88 million worth, which they doubled from last year. Most of their income comes from ads and endorsements from various brands. They recently did a video exploring toys on YouTube; the video has millions of views on YouTube.

12. Like Nastya

Another child channel that has gained popularity is Like Nastya, which currently earns her about $ 18 million annually. Her content mainly targets toddlers and younger children when she stars Anastasia Radzinskaya.

Although she’s Russian, her content has gained popularity worldwide. Her parents make videos of her playing, singing children’s songs and playing videos. She currently has more than 104 million YouTube subscribers

13. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect started as a jokes channel where five college roommates, Coby and Cory, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney and Cody Jones, started to create a YouTube channel that mainly focuses on sports and comedy. Most of their videos are stunts, trick shots and stereotypes. 

Dude Perfect is the most popular Channel, but they also have two other channels that fans like, although they are currently inactive. 

14. Rhett & Link

In 2011, Charles Lincoln and Rhett James McLaughlin began Good Morning Chia Lincoln, a channel mainly focusing on personal stories and views on several topics. Abraham Lincoln and Chia Pet are usually the main focus of the show.

The program started in 2012 after they relocated to LA when their program Commercial Kings was terminated. 

15. Seán William McLoughlin

Jacksepticeye, Sean’s YouTube channel, mainly focuses on game challenges, but she still posts comedy and funny videos. Recently he posted ALL THE WAY, which gained over 100 million views within a very short time. 

Through his gaming content, he has gained over 39 million YouTube subscribers with a net worth of $15 million. Although he has other sources of capital, most of his income comes from YouTube.

16. Stevin W. John, AKA Blippi

Stevin W. John is the creator of Blippi, a channel mainly focusing on kids’ content. His content is a beautiful blend of educative and entertaining content for kids. His view list is primarily made of children. 

The video with the most significant number of views on YouTube is “Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids”, with over 800 million viewers. He is about $14 million rich from his YouTube content, which is spectacular. 

17. Evan Fong AKA VanossGaming

Evan Fong created his Channel in 2011, and since then, it has earned over 14 million views. He mainly focuses on gaming and documentaries but is also a DJ and music producer. 

All thanks to his YouTube channel, he is currently $ 13 million rich. Evan has another account, VanossExtra, that he is still building. He mainly posts content that isn’t appropriate for his main account but is still relevant for gaming. 

18. David Dobrik

David created the David Dobrik in 2015 after he gained popularity on Vine. He named his account after himself, where he mainly posts jokes, Vlogs, comedy and pranks, among other content. 

Although he is from Slovakia, his content has views from people worldwide. 

He is about $13 million rich and is currently in most of the most-paid YouTubers worldwide. He has three accounts, with 18 million, 8 million and 1.6 fans.

19. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is mainly known for her unique lifestyle, which has earned her over 12 million YouTube subscribers, but she still has other content, like personal stories. 

She also has 16 million Instagram followers thanks to her unique lifestyle. She is currently $12 million rich, which he has earned from podcasts and endorsements.

20. Lilly Singh

If you are a fan of indo- American, then Lily’s content is for you. She started her account in 2010; she mainly focuses on comedy, jokes and funny videos revolving around Indian Americans. She is currently over $11 million rich from YouTube. 

She also hosts A Little Late with Lilly Singhshow Snow, which she launched in 2019. The show has also been part of her success on YouTube. She owns several platforms on YouTube. 

21. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is a media personality with millions of followers on all her social media platforms. She has 20 million Instagram followers and 30 million Tiktok followers. Koshy is currently over $6 million rich. 

Although she has several sources of income, she mainly depends on YouTube, which has over 20 million subscribers. She is famous for her Vlogs and comedy videos. Her most popular video has about 100 million views.  

22. James Charles

James Charles is a famous YouTuber whose Channel focuses on beauty and make-up tips. He launched his Channel in 2015, and since then, he has earned more than 25 million YouTube subscribers worldwide.

He is about $5 million rich from his videos, which get up to 4 billion views. The most popular video on his Channel now has more than 50 million views. Although James has other sources of income, YouTube is his primary source of income. 

23. Roman Atwood

Another popular YouTuber is Atwood, who blogs and posts life stories on his page. His page is famous for pranks. He’s currently about $2 million from YouTube. He launched his account in 2013; since then, his videos have earned about 6 billion views. 

24. Preston Assessment

He has several accounts. Here are the most popular ones: 

Preston has more than 24 million fans. PrestonGamez has about 3.68 million fans, PrestonReacts currently has 1.84 million fans, and PrestonPlayz has 14.3 million fans, among others. He posts several niches that have earned about $17 million.

Preston is currently one of the best-paid content creators on YouTube. Most of his content is mainly gaming content that he mostly plays live. 

25. Nathan Graham, AKA Unspeakable

Nathan Graham has a net worth of about $28.5 million and is among the wealthiest YouTube content creators worldwide. Like most popular content creators, his videos mainly revolve around video games, comedy and pranks, which seem crazy for an average human. 

He owns another channel that also has a significant number of viewers. Apart from YouTube, Nathan makes money selling computer accessories, hats, T-shirts, and socks, even though his customers are mainly from YouTube. 

Bottom Line

Being a star doesn’t always happen every day. To be a star, you must be patient, consistent and hardworking. YouTube is competitive, so you must put in extra effort to make it on the platform.

YouTube offers several opportunities for young people to make money, showcase their skills and air their thoughts and ideas. However, to be recognised, you must be creative and dedicated to your Channel.

Most wealthiest YouTubers have made their living from creativity, consistency in what they post, and dedicated followers. To make it on YouTube, you need several monetisation skills. 

YouTube allows you to have as many channels as you want, meaning you can earn as much as you want. You can land various deals or when status your business from YouTube.

You can follow the YouTubers if you need motivation and guidelines on making it on YouTube. Most of them even share tips on creating captivating content on YouTube.


Who Is the Richest Youtuber Worldwide?

Jimmy Donaldson is the wealthiest YouTube content creator. He is about $ 60 million rich from his YouTube content. 

He has gained popularity over the last few years, to the point that he even beat Pewdiepie, who was the most popular YouTuber for the longest time. Thanks to his success, he has landed million-dollar deals that have elevated him to the world’s richest YouTube content creator.

How Much Does Mr Beast Make a Month?

Several sources show he makes over $ 2.5 million monthly from YouTube. However, this amount can vary each month depending on several factors. 

How Much Will I Make With 1 Million Views on YouTube?

For each million, you are awarded about $2500 from the ads between your videos. 

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

For every 1000 views with ads, YouTube will pay you $18. But this number can vary because of several factors. 

Who Is the Richest Kid Youtuber Worldwide in 2023?

11-year-old Ryan Kaji, owner of ‘Ryan’s World’is now the wealthiest kid youTuber in the world. His videos vary from toys and kid entertainment to science experiences and music videos.

Which Video Has the Most Views on YOUTUBE?

Baby Shark is the most viewed video, with about 13 billion views on YouTube. Ping Fong created Baby Shark. 

Who Is the Richest Female Youtuber?

Nastya is the most famous woman YouTuber with over 100 million YouTube subscribers. She has 11 channels and an average net worth of $ 30 million. She has made her wealth ads and brand endorsements.

Who Was the First Youtuber?

Born in 1979, Jawed Karim was the first to post a YouTube video. He is a software engineer born in Germany and a YouTube co-founder. He is also an entrepreneur with several businesses in Bangladesh.

Does YouTube Pay for Each View?

You will earn about $0.018 for each view on YouTube. That is an average of $18 for every 1000 views. 

Who Is the Most Subscribed Youtuber?

T-Series, an Indian record label with over 250 million subscribers, has the most subscribers on YouTube. Mr Beast has the most significant number of subscribers on Youtube, with the third largest account with about 150 million YouTube subscribers. All these details were rated as of June 2023.

How Much Money Can I Make With 1,000 YouTube Subscribers?

You can earn about $75 depending on your membership charges. Although YouTube taxes some amount, that is still significant money to make from your Channel. It is independent of sponsorships and ads that pay $18 for every 1000 views.