These Are The Top 20 Aussie Bands Ever According To Australian Musicians

Like most Western countries, Australia is also quite ahead when it comes to music. Recently, a news reporter interviewed Australia’s favourite musicians, and the answers were mind-blowing. 

Cameron Adams also distributed a survey of the answers given by about 150 Australians within the music industry on his website.

The survey’s main question included their favourite band, and the answers were quite intriguing. Afterwards, they then posted the study in Daily Telegraph, and that’s where we got that information from.

Each respondent gave their answer, but a few names appeared several times. They are as follows;

  • Dave Faulkner
  • Jon Fariss
  • Hugo Gruzman
  • Isabella Manfredi
  • Chris Cheney
  • Adalita
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • John Farnham

However, in the same list, most people agreed that AC/DC is currently Australia’s hit band. 

AC/DC are commonly known for their hit song, Thunderstruck. However, they have also produced other hard rock tracks that have been a hit. 

A few weeks ago, the band announced they would embark on a national tour before the year ends. This is fantastic news for the Australians who have fallen head over heels for the band.

After AC/DC, the second most popular band is INXS. They are followed by Midnight Oil Barney & Co, then Crowded House.

Only one lady in the list that Cameron Adams provided made it to the top 20. The late Chrissy Amphlett, the second half of The Divinyls, is the only woman who made the top 20 in the list.

Interestingly, the voters preferred older musicians to the recent bands, so even Tame Impala did not make it among the top 20 musicians. However, we hope that after the band releases their third LP, they will top this list. 

In this article, we have highlighted Australia’s 30 favourite bands, and we hope by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have developed an interest in at least one of them.

1. AC/DC 

As mentioned above, AC/DC is Australia’s favourite band for a reason. With their untamed fashion, they highlight the crude behaviour of their die-hard fans.

Their songs also come with fantastic lyrics, remembering the fierce beats from their guitars, keeping their die-hard rock fans glued to their beats. They have several unique pieces, but “Highway to Hell” and “Back In Black” are great starting spots.

Bee Gees

2. Bee Gees

If you categorically fall in the list of old classic lovers, then Bee Gees are the band for you. Their songs are famous for the extreme pitches and high vigour that bring out the riches of Australia’s music. 

If you haven’t, you should find yourself some Bee Gees songs to take you back in history. More “Than A Woman” and “Stayin’ Alive” are the perfect hits that perfectly bring out their style.


Rufus has terrific songs that will take your imagination to the beachside ambience. Within a short time, from their music, they reached great heights and surpassed other great musicians that came long before them. They have fantastic music, good enough to take your imagination to another dimension. 

Among his unique songs, “Treat You Better”, And “You Were Right” will take you to a new level. 



In the 80s, anyone looking for amusement turned to INXS songs. While they have other excellent pieces, “Never Tear Us Apart” is still the go-to song to get all your emotions out. On the other hand, “New Sensation” and “Need You Tonight” will stay the theme songs at every senior school meet-up. 

In these songs, they outdid the music of that time by applying high-pitched pianos with a fantastic mix of flirtation and elegant lyrics. 

While at it, INXS have amazing musicians; thanks to Michael Hutchence and his unique vocals, they have outdone their peers.

5. Daryl Braithwaite 

If you are looking for the perfect combination of a summer breeze with adolescent drama, then Bruce Springsteen is your answer.

For most of the ’70s, he was Sherbet’s lead singer, but he broke out of the band shortly after and went out alone. Daryl’s songs have appeared in the top 40 on various lists for a while now. “Love Songs” and “The Horses” are some of his songs that will take you to a new dimension.

6. DMA’s

DMA captured Australia’s attention with their hit “Believe” when they played it in the Like A Version show.

Their songs blend beautiful lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and unique sounds that keep you glued all day.

Additionally, their songs provoke you to reflect in a space full of grace and wisdom, thanks to their perfect mastery of guitar chords. 

“Warsaw” and “Lay Down” are a few of their masterpieces. 

Tame Impala

7. Tame Impala

Tame Impala captured the attention of different Australian categories with their perfectly blended sounds. In addition to being an Australian favourite, this band nudged other bands to up their game in the rock world to level up with them.

Tame Impala is the go-to band if you are looking for natural talent that flows naturally. 

You could listen to their songs 100 times; each will feel like the first time.

8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave has fantastic music that has held him at the top of the musicians’ lists for decades. On the other hand, Bad Seeds attempt to create new music by their own rules, refusing to follow any guidelines set by those before them. 

As a result, their songs are mind-blowing tunes that you will never come across anywhere else.

Nick’s songs are poetic to nudge the listeners’ minds.

Hilltop Hoods

9. Hilltop Hoods

You will never see a pub on game night that fails to play The Nosebleed Section by the Hilltop Hoods. It is a pre-game anthem. 

Still, Cosby Sweater is often called Australia’s road trip anthem on the Hilltop Hoods. If you find yourself on a calm road trip, turn on the radio; the poetic lyrics will get everyone in that vehicle to light up because music is often favourable with broad hip-hop beats.

They are a great band but don’t take themselves that seriously. They have the perfect combination of rap, instrumentals, and optimistic choruses. 

10. The Church

The church is the perfect illumination of Australia’s culture, from the tunes to their vocals. However, unlike our expectations, they are a dark emotional highlight, although we expected a lively and untamed band. As with the band, their songs are complex and under the weather, perfectly representing people from the early 80s.

You can see their craft in Under the Milky Way song in the album; Starfish. 

11. Silverchair

Silverware stole the world’s attention around the early ’90s. Their songs captured attention by going against a world that only praised money and conforming to a particular way of living. 

While they got several catch songs, Tomorrow will, for a long time, remain the perfect representation of the band. 

12. Cold Chisel 

In the topic of dramatic songs, Forever Now is Cold Chisel is an all-time masterpiece. Their tracks are sincerest to bring out the natural way of life of people in the 80s.

The band was created in 1973, and since then, they have held the flag of pub rock of Australia high. They also have catchy lyrics that will pull off words from your mouth, begging you to sing along. 

Their perfect beats mix know when to bring tears and when to hype you up.

Dope Lemon

13. Dope Lemon

Dope Lemon is another voice that genuinely takes your imagination to another world that pushes you to be yourself. They are a band that ignores the corporate way of life.  

Angus Stone is the main face and the director of Dope Lemon’s success. 

They have amazing songs, but the album they released in 2016 will remain a hit for a very long time. Honey Bones took this band to a new dimension. 

Marinade, a spoken word that begs to stick to your mind, is one that people in the 2010s will sing along to for a while.

14. Crowded House

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” is a romantic song from 1985 that grabbed the attention of several lovers worldwide. The brand was created in 1985 in Melbourne, and they have taken jangle pop to a whole new dimension way above their competitors.

While they are typical for pop, this band has also produced other kinds of music, from folk songs to instrumentals, which is also likely to place them on the map. Until now, they have supplied about 17 million copies. Recently they made an announcement they would be back to create new crafts.

Empire of the Sun

15. Empire of the Sun

This band was created in the late 90s when indie-electronica hit. They are a daring band that brings out the perfect art of music with their bold music. 

Their songs are a mix of everything. From boldness to synth vocals, you’ll love their art.

Walking On A Dream and Alive are the addictions that got them to new scales worldwide. 

16. Wolfmother

Andrew Stockdale is currently the face of Wolfmother, and in art, as a vocalist and guitar player, he brings out the perfect art of this band.

Many often compare them to the jam crew that was a great hit in the ’60s and the ’70s. Like them, Wolfmother portrays wisdom that begs for respect from anyone who comes across them 

17. Men at Work

Another anthem of Australia is Down Under. This song has been a great hit since Men at Work sang it. Almost every Australian from that time can sing it off their minds.

They created the band in Melbourne in late 1978. Since then, they have had a couple of waves that have well-represented Australia.

1981 they took a new turn when they combined reggae beats with pop-rock voices. The song they produced at the time was a great hit and won them several accolades. 

In 1983, they won a Grammy recognition titled Best New Artist, and since then, their fire has remained unextinguished worldwide. They are known as easygoing and the hype kind.

Gang of Youths

18. Gang of Youths

If you belong to the opposite direction of indie, you must have heard of their violin hit, Achilles Come Down,” and the love song, Magnolia.

In 2017, they produced a great hit that portrayed their artistic side of music, perfectly combining philosophy, classical tunes, and joyous vocals.

The band was created in 2015 in Sydney, and. Since then, they have attracted several accolades and awards their way. They have managed to develop a reputation of being as loud and as surreal as The Lumineers and the Arctic Monkeys

19. Sticky Fingers

This Sydney band has managed to find its way into Australians’ hearts. They are trendy by nature, with hits that highlight Australia’s culture. They have cultivated their brand with the perfect blend of reggae and alt-rock that they sing from the soul. 

Their songs bring out the perfect relaxation during summer with the excellent after-beach feeling you have combined with an untamed spirit. 

Gold Snafu and How To Fly will leave you in high spirits.

Little River Band

20. Little River Band

Little River was created in the ’70s in Melbourne and is mainly known for its calm rock, which has made them iconic for a long time. Their songs are smooth with a romantic touch that leaves you sensational all day.

Although American bands are more prevalent in rock, this band has sold over 25 million copies, raising the Australian flag for rock music. 

They have many other songs, but Lonesome Loser will leave you singing its lyrics all day. It is the perfect song if you are looking to sing your soul out. 

“Cool Change” has remained top 30 among the best Australian hits for a while now.

21. Cut Copy

Synth-pop Sleeper was released in the early 90s and portrayed the Cut Copy’s commitment to taking over the industry with their mind-blowing sound.

Strangers in the Wind and a few of their other songs became the perfect competition for American bands like Crystal Castles. 

Their songs are the perfect listen if you are looking for a relaxed afternoon and a study evening. They are the ideal songs if your mood speaks revelry. As a result, they have won several awards, but the Grammy for the perfect electronic album stands out. 

Confidence Man

22. Confidence Man

This band will leave you excited for days when they hit the floor with dance moves and cheeky words that have always filled the crowd with screams. 

They represent the joyful and creative end of Australia’s culture which keeps the fans in high spirits throughout their performance. 

Initially, these Brisbane-born artists wrote a song for fun, only to realise it had the potential to be an Australian hit. In no time, Sugar Bones and Janet Planet had hit the world. They have maintained their position on Australia’s celebration circuit and, soon enough, are likely to bring home an international award.

23. Icehouse

You might not know their name, but you must have heard their masterpiece, Crazy. This song has hit the world and becomes the metal movement’s perfect face. 

This Sydney band was formed in 1977. They began as pub rock musicians before joining a nationwide band in the 80s. From then, their glory filled the nation. 

They took over the waves of the 80s; their songs were among their country’s most aired on radio. Icehouses were the definition of success back then

Angus & Julia Stone

24. Angus & Julia Stone

From what we know, this duo has taken up a family line talent. These two were born in Sydney and formed the band in early 2006. Their songs are the perfect picture of the Sydney culture where they were raised. 

The music is the best listen on a crazy weekend when you’re looking to relax. Soon after, Angus and Stone entered the indie-pop motion full of successful bands like Sons & Mumford.

They have various hits, but Chateau qualifies to be their masterpiece. 

Midnight Oil

25. Midnight Oil

Beds are Burning is the most popular song in the list of hits by midnight oil. The band was created in Sydney, and since then, they have quickly found their way to the top. However, it was in 1978 that their hippy songs hit the international market after they disagreed among themselves. 

The music is unfiltered and extremely thrilling, which has won the hearts of many people worldwide. Until now, they have supplied over 19 million copies of their music for the last 40 years they have been in operation. 

They are known to criticise the political world through music and add meaning to activism. Those two views have contributed most significantly to their success in their creative journey. 

It is the most famous and liked band in all of Australia. 

26. The Presets

This electric duo is made of Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton, famously known to be sophisticated. Their songs are mainly seductive but full of energy. 

Their vocals are pleasing, building a gothic, compulsive, and hype mix of instruments. 

If you are looking for relaxed music, look the other way. The reason is that their music is the hype that brings to attention all senses in your body to action. Their music will take you to a new dimension. 

Paradise is the perfect masterpiece to showcase their sophisticated talent.


27. Mansionair

Australians took Mansonair as their own and propelled the band until they reached the top. Until now, they are still Australia’s pride and the representation of their culture. 

Their beats are the best blend of synth, floodlit and untamed vocals. They have unforgettable hits but Strangers and Easier remain the masterpieces of their songs. Listening to the songs makes you feel sensational in a new world. 

In 2017, the band collaborated with Odesza to produce Line of Sight; since then, they have become a band worldwide. 

Birds of Tokyo

28. Birds of Tokyo

Their band produces well-thought, broad, and perfectly tuned rock music. March Flies and Day One are albums that have garnered several on-air radio hits, bringing them nationwide fame. Their songs are terrific and relatable and will spark your mind to reflect.  

Their calm music is the perfect fit to listen to as you study or look for a relaxed evening. Their beats are well-measured, allowing you to daydream and reminisce about their lyrics. 

29. Ocean Alley

This band was created in the northern area of Sydney, where the beaches dominate. They have several songs, but Knees and Confidence have hit Australia and become the perfect hit for cocktail parties. 

Their songs are mellow, held back, and full of positivity that hits direct to the soul, making them the perfect band for a more mature audience. Their songs are calm to soothe any time of the day.


30. Divinyls

If you are looking for a kitschy band with sweet pop, then Divinyls are for you. Their lyrics and beats are well thought out to produce the perfect masterpiece. 

The band was created in Sydney in the 80s, with Chrissy Amphlett being the band’s voice. His voice will glue you to their songs all day. They also have proto-synth beats that complete Chrissy Amphlett’s vote. 

“I Touch Myself” is their masterpiece, although they have several songs that have earned them various local recognition. Science Fiction was ranked among the best top 30 songs in Australia. 

31. Bee Gees

This band began making waves when it was created in the early ’60s. Since then, it has created new heights in the music industry for new musicians to cross. They earned a spot in 1997 at the Hall of Fame to cement their impact.

They are decades old, but their songs are still among the most famous songs in Australia, and they deserve to be recognised much more. The song is the perfect masterpiece of Australia’s history to remind us that quality music will always retain its taste.

32. Midnight Oil

Having started in the ’70s, you can already tell that it’s an Australian classic. The midnight oil band has had its way with many Australians with their hard rock. Although much rock music is known for its beats, this jam has deep lyrics that draw your attention and spark your mind. 

33. INXS

The Farriss Brothers created this band in 1977, and ever since, INXS has paved its way to the top as one of the greatest bands. However, this band was disbanded ten years ago, unlike the other still-intact bands. Even so, it’s still a hit in Australia. 

34. Cold Chisel

There’s always that moment when all your heart wants is the traditional pub rock band. When that time comes, look for Cold Chisel songs to brighten your day. Their tracks will always leave a sensational feeling within, and their beats remain unbeaten.

35. Crowded House 

Regardless of where you are, when Crowded House’s songs start to play, they’ll always trigger a reaction. For a while now, they have maintained Australia’s favourite, with their songs leaving a trace of hope to every listener. The songs leave you longing for another day. 

36. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

This band has taken hard rock to a new dimension many singers don’t get. As a result, their songs have triggered a strong connection between the fans and the band. These jams are the songs to play during autumn. Harry Potter movies have highlighted a few of their songs to cement the band’s quality. As a result, the band is now a hit worldwide 

37. Silverchair

Created in the 90s, this band has made its waves worldwide in the hard rock genre. The narrative is the singer went through a hard time in his life, but instead of crumbling, he used the trainers to bring out the heroism in Silverchair’s tracks. 

38. The Easybeats

Easybeats was created in 1964; since then, it has made waves all over Australia. It is also considered to be the best representative of Australia’s culture. Listening to their songs is the perfect concoction of nostalgia for Australia’s history. 

39. You Am I 

The lyrics of their songs will always touch your soul in some way. Their music perfectly blends touchy lyrics, a great vibe, and the best beats. You and I talk directly to the fans and fill their hearts with the warmth only music can give. 

40. Powderfinger

They are everything a rock band is supposed to be. From the hard beats to the memorable lyrics, this band has outdone itself in the world of rock songs. Back in the day, this song was also a radio favourite for most stations. If you’re looking for hard rock to spice your day, you should look for these fellas.

41. Garden

Although Australian, this duo has made waves after producing their singles in the US. As a result, they became Australia’s finest and most successful band. Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes have worked hard to cement their legacy and popularity in both Australia and US.

42. Skyhooks

This band was among the great hits of the ’70s. Therefore, you should check out Skyhooks if you want a touch of the past or a reminder of that century. They have the perfect tracks and a mix of naughty and decent ways.

43. The Saints

The Saints is a rock band created in 1973 in Australia but began hitting Brisbane and neighbouring areas. They are the perfect combination of rock and blues tracks that will remain relevant for a long time. Until today, there isn’t a band that comes close to replicating their songs. 

44. The Living End

The Living End was created in 1994 by members who put all they got into their music. You can tell this from the quality of every track they produce; they have made their name all over Australia.

Final Thoughts

Australia is full of musical bands with massive waves on the national and international markets. Its musicians are saturated with talent, leaving you glued to the songs for days. While there are many talented bands, some have made global waves that have made the top of the list of Australia’s best bars.

Some such bands are INXS, Midnight Oil, and the iconic AC/DC that, have managed to become the face of Australia’s culture. Their songs have touched many Australians and set the bar for the music industry all over Australia. 

While most of these bands are known for specific music genres, some have diversified into other kinds of .music that portray how talented Australia is in music. Silverchair, The Waifs, and Men at Work are just a few bands that have dipped their toes into different waters. 

The most common element that stands out in all these bands is the art of simultaneously capturing the attention of various kinds of audiences. With hard work and commitment to their work, these bands have inspired many new Australians to follow their dream and desire of producing music nationally and internationally. 

The mark these bands have left will continue to set the pace for many upcoming bands now and in the future. These bands will likely remain the iconic bands of Australia for a very long time.