The Top 23 Most Popular Australians on YouTube in 2024

For millions worldwide, YouTube has become a key source of entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration in the constantly changing world of social media and digital platforms.

Australia has a sizable presence on YouTube as of 2023, with several creators garnering international acclaim for their material. The platform has over two billion monthly active users.

Australians have significantly influenced YouTube, whether as comedians, gamers, beauty experts, or musicians. This article will look at the top 23 Australian YouTubers in 2023.

But before we meet these amazing people, let us share a fact or two with you —a revelation most people probably would rather not hear. The business structures of social media networks are extremely complex “money harvesting” tools.

They will purposely allow you to build up a sizable organic reach before changing the algorithm to reduce it and forcing you to pay to regain the same level of reach you had previously for free.

Even marketers in some of the fastest-growing sectors (food, alcohol, travel, fitness, and sports) now need to spend significant money (mainly through their Youtube videos) to reach their arduously acquired fan base.

As a result, marketers are stressed and struggle to get a good night’s sleep while researching strategies to increase sales through their social handles. If you don’t find yourself on this list, we’ll guide you on some of the best strategies the most famous YouTubers use to get on top of the list. All in all, it’s essential to remember these two facts:

  • Your YouTube subscribers are not your own. Your hard-earned subscribers cannot be moved to another platform. You must create a devoted following on the platforms you control. We’ll show you how.
  • Youtube wants your company to pay for advertisements—total points. The YouTube algorithm will purposefully make it more difficult for your followers to see your material for free. Stop wasting time and put effective growth hacking strategies to work.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, let’s light up the mood by exploring 23 of the most famous YouTubers and their content. 

The Top Most Popular Australians on YouTube in 2023 List

Today’s second-most visited website, after Google itself, is YouTube, created in 2005 and perhaps the first widespread social networking platform for video content.

Below are the top 23 famous Aussie YouTubers ranked by number of subscribers. Settle in for anything from children’s channels to game streamers and everything in between.

1. Chloe Ting (20.9m)


Image Source- Instagram

Another extremely popular YouTube speciality is health and fitness, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and different stay-at-home mandates.  

Many people turned to websites like YouTube for their workouts because they were confined indoors, and there were gym closures everywhere. 

This is where one famous Aussie, Chloe Ting, steps in, with her YouTube channel expanding from 2 million to a stunning 20 million subscribers by 2020. 

Workout tutorials, healthy food recipes, and behind-the-scenes vlog-style content can all be found on Chloe’s channel. 

Chloe’s fame increased as the #ChloeTingChallenge became viral, especially during the epidemic.

2. LazerBeam (18.9m)


Image Source- Instagram

We now know how gamers can build and retain sizable online followings thanks to the growth of platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

LazerBeam ranks third on our list today and is the most popular Australian gamer on YouTube, has 18.9 million devoted fans.

His funny gameplay content, response videos, vlogs, and memes have helped him become well-known. His real name is Lannan Eacott.

It’s also encouraging that Lannan had already raised about $400,000 for Australian bushfire relief money by using his platform excellently.

When Fortnite originally came out, Lannan gained much of his success by producing material about it. As a result, in 2020, he ranked as the sixth most popular gaming creator on the platform.

3. JoshDub (8.95m)

JoshDub, another YouTuber who has succeeded on the network through its gaming specialisation, rounds out our list today.

JoshDub, one of the most popular YouTubers of 2020, creates content constantly. Many of his comedy videos focus on virtual reality (VR) games.

Particularly in so many other businesses, VR has become relatively widespread, and the gaming sector has mainly prospered.

The future is bright for the young Australian sensation JoshDub, who has amassed over 1.2 billion video views since launching his channel in 2013.

4. Troye Sivan (7.8m)


Image Source- Instagram

Troye Sivan Mellet is another well-known Australians on Instagram and YouTube. This Australian songwriter, singer, YouTuber, and actor got a contract with EMI Australia in 2013 after becoming well-known as a singer on YouTube and in Australian talent shows. 

His third extended play, TRXYE, reached number five on the US Billboard 200. Troye then released his return track, My My My!, which shot to the top of the iTunes list and received over a million Spotify streams on its first day. On August 31, 2018, Troye’s “Bloom” second album went on sale.

5. 5 Seconds of Summer (7.9m)


Image Source- Instagram

Australian pop group 5 Seconds of Summer, also known as 5SOS, hails from Sydney. The boy band started performing music in late 2011. Bassist Calum Hood, guitarist Michael Clifford, drummer Ashton Irwin, and lead vocalist Luke Hemmings make up the band.

The group released CALM, their fourth studio album, in 2020 after releasing other albums in 2014, 2015 and 2018. The album was a commercial success, garnering favourable reviews and appearing on charts in over 25 countries, peaking in the top 10 on 17 charts and debuting at number one in four.

6. Iggy Azalea (8.1m)


Image Source- Instagram

Iggy Azalea is an Australian female hip-hop star who first found success in the urban music scene before breaking into the mainstream of pop music. She is one of the most famous rappers in recent memory despite being a sassy blonde Caucasian Australian who raps in an odd Southern drawl.

She emulated the Beatles by holding the No. 1 and No. 2 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2014. Her debut album, The New Classic, peaked at No. 3 and received four Grammy nominations.

Azalea continued to make headlines for non-musical reasons before launching the EP Survive the Summer in 2018 with her Instagram twerking videos, high-profile relationships, and frank admissions of cosmetic surgery.

7. Lachlan Power (10m)


Image Source- Instagram

Lachlan Ross Power, an Australian YouTuber, professional gamer, and internet personality, was born on August 25, 1995. He is well known for his Fortnite Battle Royale video game commentary. He is the creator of the game company PWR and the lifestyle brand PWR.

Under the username CraftBattleDuty, Power created a YouTube account in 2013 where he primarily posted commentary on the video games Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Minecraft. His popularity on the platform significantly increased when he uploaded Fortnite videos to his channel in 2017. 

His channel achieved 10 million followers in January 2019, making him the first Australian game content producer to do so. The channel was the fifth-most watched and sixth-most subscribed-to channel from Australia on the platform as of September 2022, with over 14.8 million subscribers.

8. Kjra Gaming (8.5m)

The YouTube gaming channel KjraGaming, whose real name is unknown, is from Australia. It is best known for its Grand Theft Auto gameplay videos with various mods, epic racing series, and epic fight series that pit well-known superheroes, pop-culture figures, and villains against one another. 

KjraGaming’s YouTube channel had over 8.5 million subscribers and received an astounding 4,707,240,547 views overall.

KjraGaming first gained notoriety for its battle series, in which various characters—including Disney characters, monsters, supervillains, and superheroes—fight it out regardless of which universe they are from.

9. Hillsong Worship (8.6m)


Image Source- Instagram

Hillsong Worship, known initially as Hillsong Live, is a Christian praise and worship band from Sydney, Australia. They began performing at Hillsong Church in 1983. In the US, twelve have appeared on the Billboard magazine charts. Joel Houston, Darlene Zschech, Brooke Fraser, Reuben Morgan, and Marty Sampson are a few of the band’s well-known members.

While they were initially based at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, where the band was founded, they are now dispersed worldwide. Their members, including Reuben Morgan, Darlene Zschech, Brooke Fraser, Marty Sampson, and Joel Houston, have had successful individual careers. 

10. (8.7m)

You may have also heard that Cricket is one of the world’s most monotonous activities for individuals who ostensibly lack the skill to play a genuine sport.

Whatever your opinion of those above, one thing is certain: Australians do not fall asleep while watching sports, as seen by the millions of views this well-liked Australian Youtube channel has racked up for its videos.

11. Muselk (9.2m)


Image Source- Instagram

Elliott Watkins, a Geelong native accepted to law school, dropped out in 2014. He is now a multi-millionaire and receives over 50 million YouTube views weekly.

Elliott rose to fame due to his Fortnite and Team Fortress 2 plays. His clips on YouTube are jam-packed with live gameplays and “truth-or-dare” challenges. Elliott has collaborated with companies including Samsung, EA (Electronic Arts), and HP (Hewlett Packard), selling goods under his Muselk brand.

Muselk attributes the success of his channel to his ability to identify the media teenagers prefer to watch. He has also served as a presenter for Disney’s Gamefest, a weekly television programme.

He co-founded Click Management, a talent and brand management firm for technology and gaming and influencers, in 2017 with his older sister.

12. AC/DC (9.6m)


Image Source- Instagram

Brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, of Scottish descent, founded the Australian rock group AC/DC in Sydney in 1973. Malcolm plays rhythm guitar, and Angus plays lead guitar. The band simply refers to their sound as “rock and roll,” despite being called hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal.

Before releasing their debut album, High Voltage (1975), AC/DC suffered several line-up changes. The young brothers were then joined by Bon Scott (lead vocals), Mark Evans (bass), and Phil Rudd (drums) as the band’s core members. Evans left the group in 1977, and Cliff Williams took his place. Ever since Powerage (1978), Williams has appeared on every album.

Scott, unfortunately, later on, passed away from alcohol poisoning seven months after the band’s breakthrough record Highway to Hell (1979), and the other members contemplated breaking up. However, they persisted in collaborating at Scott’s parents’ request, and they went to add British singer Brian Johnson as their current lead singer.

13. Joshdub (9m+)

JoshDub’s YouTube channel is described as being for ” strange VR viral videos with the boys” in the channel description, and it’s evident that this strategy is succeeding. The Australian YouTuber has over 9 million followers and over 1 billion video views.

In 2017, JoshDub began posting videos to YouTube. His video game content on Blade, Minecraft, and Sorcery is well-liked. Along with the first four members, EddieVR, Mully, Your Narrator, JuicyFruitSnacks, and ReeKid, he collaborates with them.

Butthole Adventures feat. Mullen is the title of his debut YouTube video, published in May 2017. Then he uploaded slow-motion rescue antics and virtual reality spell battles.

His most watched videos are, reeked back, siren head hit my no-no square, Baby, no, and The Funniest VR Moments of 2020.

14. Primitive Technology (10.7m+)

From Robinson Crusoe almost 300 years ago to Tom Hanks in the film Cast Away, the dream of surviving alone in the wild still captures and scares the imagination of millions, even more than watching some of these best Netflix horror movies.

This well-known Aussies YouTube channel has also developed a category of videos showing viewers how to construct things without technology.

Further, the channel’s content – usually less than 15 minutes – is more than just about survival skills. They will show you what could happen if you press the reset button and how advanced you could become if left to fend for yourself.

Need a hammer? Use a branch and a stone to make one. Want a pot? Make a kiln with your clay mixture. Need some rocks broken up? Build a water-driven hammer.

15. Supercar Blondie (11.5m+)


Image Source- Instagram

YouTuber Alex from Australia posts videos of some of the sexiest and quickest automobiles and the high-end lifestyle. Alex lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She was born to a traditional family in Queensland, Australia, on September 21, 1985.

Alex began working with Hong Bao Media in Singapore in November 2009 for an eight-month stint as a producer and presenter.

Later, in September 2010, she relocated to the UAE to work as a corporate service coordinator for Deutsche Bank. Alex was employed here through February 2012. Later, she joined the Arabian Radio Network in Dubai in September 2012 and stayed there as a host until March 2017.

Alex pondered about pursuing a career in the luxury automotive industry since she loved driving Bentleys. She then began juggling her full-time career with her social media activities as Supercar Blondie. Finally, Alex left her position as a radio host in March 2017 to devote herself entirely to her work in social media.

16. Wengie (13.6m)


Image Source- Instagram

Wengie is an Australian Chinese YouTuber. Some of her channel’s content involves hair tutorials, morning and evening routines, diet and wellness tips, skincare tutorials and tips, lookbooks and fashion promotional videos, and everything else to help you improve, inspire, and simplify your life. 

Further, Wengie’s channel also features; 

  • DIYs, creative ideas
  • Amusing experiments
  • Simple life hacks
  • Games, 
  • Gags

Wengie’s YouTube channel aims to encourage Australian females to pursue their dreams. She enjoys experimenting and guiding the subscribers to her Youtube channel in the right direction. 

17. GeekAndGamerGirl (70k+)

Australian online gamer GeekAndGamerGirl gained notoriety thanks to her Twitch channel, which goes by the name GeekAndGamerGirl. She gained popularity on that platform mainly due to the live gaming broadcasts she participated in, where she played games like Battlefield 4 and Destiny. 

GeekAndGamerGirl, born on November 1st, 1988, is an Australian native of Sydney. GeekAndGamerGirl is 34 years old as of 2023. At age six, she began playing video games and became well-known on YouTube for her vlogs and game reviews. 

Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sites estimate that at 30, this popular Twitch Star is valued between $1 and $5 million. She made money as a Twitch professional star.

18. How to Basic (17.2m)

HowToBasic is a comedy YouTube channel from Australia that is a part of the American Fullscreen network. The video’s creator, who chooses to stay nameless, doesn’t speak or reveal his identity. The majority of the content on the channel is strange, harmful visual humour presented as instruction. 

2013 saw the channel’s initial surge in popularity. In two instances, the channel was temporarily disabled due to suspected violations of YouTube’s policy against deceptive content. Each time, the suspensions were lifted shortly after the channel was reopened.

19. Ellen Pellon (3m+)

Ellen Pellon, commonly referred to online as Kyutie (previously oJayWalker), is an Australian YouTuber who posts gaming, reaction, and vlog videos. Ellen Pellon was born on May 30, 1997. 

Despite starting to upload videos on March 26, 2016, she set up her YouTube account on June 20, 2010. She also has a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Coco, who appears in her vlogs occasionally.

She has one sibling, an older brother with a YouTube channel called Lammy, and was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Ellen was raised by two strict but ostensibly loving parents who expected obedience and discipline.

20. Ruthbell Pan (1.42m)

Ruthbell Pan is a 20-year-old Australian content creator born on January 23, 2003. She uploads humorous videos to her ruthbellpan TikTok and YouTube account, including pictures of animals with no necks and nude animals. 

Other material includes scams perpetrated by con artists. She also uploads videos of experiments, facts, and trends. 

She currently has 8 million social media fans. Additionally, she has uploaded Roblox videos to the OKEH Gaming TV YouTube channel. Ruthbell Pan.

21. Bounce Patrol – Kid’s Songs (27.7m)

The free Bounce Patrol clips on YouTube are much more handy and cost-effective for most Australian parents with little spare time than hiring a babysitter to play with their children. The threat? Australian children might never acquire a taste for other regions’ diversely flavoured music and dancing.

As highlighted by Ash Chang, there are promising indications that a wide variety of YouTube content is on the horizon, so the future generation of Australian children won’t have to sit through those tedious and repetitious Bounce Patrol characters.

Australia has a population that is 30% foreign-born. These people might connect well with original and distinctive tales that vividly depict the rich cultures of the nations where they were raised.

22. Ckn Toys (18.6m)

The Australian YouTubers known online as CKN Toys include Kaison (born: October 10, 2015) and Calvin (born: December 20, 2011). They examine toys, crack up enormous surprise eggs, and dress up as superheroes, among other things. 

This fun group is situated in Melbourne, Australia. They presently have the third-most subscribers on Australian YouTube.

23. Brittney Lee Saunders (600K+)

2015 saw Brittney shift her focus from beauty to a greater emphasis on lifestyle and comedy, significantly increasing her fan base. She now concentrates on advising her viewers, as seen in one of her instructional videos on handling fuck dudes and her ideas on confidence.

In addition to her success on YouTube, Brittney has launched a hair and skin care line, recently relocated from Newcastle to Sydney, and even dropped her debut single. This a girl that knows no limits.

4 Main Reasons Why These Australian Youtubers Are Popular

  1. Authentic content

Australians are suspicious of information that seems contrived or unauthentic; actual voices and people who speak and behave like them are considerably more likely to be listened to instead. 7 out of 10 YouTube followers relate to YouTubers better than traditional celebrities.

  1. The freedom to choose

Australians have complete freedom to view whatever they want when they want. This corresponds to a sensation that is quite significant: freedom. They seek out stuff that can fit into their schedules.

  1. Diversity

Most Popular Australian YouTubers have decentralised knowledge by creating a platform where anybody can watch and learn about anything they can imagine, including “unboxing videos,” “how-to” manuals, online tutorials, etc. 

The famous Aussies have transformed Australia’s visual online help and repository of thousands of visual instruction manuals for Australians.

  1. Inspiration from the experiences of other YouTubers

On YouTube, well-known Australians exhort viewers to attempt anything that appears challenging for whatever reason—financial, physical, or psychological. Their countless fans can experience it firsthand by viewing their YouTube content.

How to Hit the 10 Million YouTube Channel Subscribers


For people to follow you, your content must be relatable. To do such, various tactics can be used. Some might involve creating videos of stories about people who typically feel guilty or who can relate to someone who might feel guilty so they can enjoy the thrill of telling the tale.


A clear correlation exists between having fun and having more fans, followers, and subscribers. It’s essential to ensure you love what you’re doing since it’s straightforward for your audience to note forced content. 

Terrific branding

Successful Australian YouTube pages ensure that every clip is branded by watermarking them with a website, channel logo, and some awesome thumbnail cover images.

Content tilt

To communicate your experiences, most famous Youtube channels often add their flair. For example, the “How to Masturbate” video by the “How to Basic” channel was one of the most well-liked Australian YouTube videos of 2016. You could find the channel’s alternative take on “how-to’s” unusual, funny, peculiar, or cool.


Most of these well-known Australian YouTube channels have a unique approach to attracting millions of users and subscribers.

Partnerships with other YouTubers

The YouTube channel and music producer Flume collaborated with well-known musicians like Chet Faker, Jezzabell Doran, Moon Holiday, T-Shirt, and others to create his music. The moral of the story, travelling alone will have you going fast, but travelling with people will have you go far—food for thought.


Most videos “surprise” viewers with interesting material they might not otherwise encounter. Therefore, think outside the box and stand out to give your subscribers something unexpected.

Youtube branding

Promote the newest YouTube logo on all your internet properties and include a link to your channel.

Collaboration With Australian YouTube Creators Offers Brand Benefits

  • YouTube creators may give brands real connotations. When creators and companies work together, the end product must have the look and feel of the creator’s channel. A shared goal and, most crucially, the desire to produce original content that naturally appeals to a creator’s audience is necessary for successful collaborations.
  • Australian YouTube creators connect with actual people. Creators and companies can all agree on one thing: the audience is everything. Like brands, creators constantly hone their identities to appeal to broad or specialised audiences. Additionally, brands and creators track engagement to assess their worth and reputation.
  • Working with a well-known YouTuber gives brands everything they need in one package, including pre-and post-production services, including talent, filming, generating creative ideas, enhancing clips, etc. This goes for much less money than it would cost to accomplish the same thing with a creative agency.
  • Great Reach. Working with well-known YouTube creators guarantees thousands, if not millions, of video views, guaranteeing your brand achieves your campaign goals.
  • Australian YouTubers have the potential to improve society. A rising number of producers are utilising YouTube to raise social awareness. Why? Because web video allows creators to reach a wide international audience with their stories. 

Does Virality Help to Make a YouTube Channel Popular?

“Viral Marketing – The Science of Sharing” by Karen Nelson-Field, published by The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, is one of the most intriguing and expertly done studies on virality. Among the study’s interesting findings are the following:

  • Don’t overpay for inventiveness while underfunding dissemination. Even if you are the best musician in the world, nobody will ever hear you if you practice in your toilet. The majority of popular video material has paid for reach to go viral.
  • Be optimistic. According to trusted research, Strongly positive emotional video content is 30% more likely to be passed on to others. Strong negative emotions can be difficult to communicate without alienating your audience. Positive emotions are a better bet.
  • Focus on personal accomplishments and the weather instead of adorable kittens and celebrities. It’s a fallacy that all it takes to become viral is to include an adorable kitten in a video. Such artistic techniques are pointless if the video fails to stir strong feelings in the viewers. 

However, some innovative strategies should be more utilised by marketers despite being highly likely to generate substantial sharing. One is on personal victory, as seen in advertisements like P&G’s “Best Job” from the 2012 Summer Olympics. Videos focused on science, weather, or wildlife are a better bet. These come the closest to being a “sure-fire” viral marketing strategy if such a thing exists.

Opportunities for Australian YouTubers

Opportunities for Australian YouTubers

YouTube creators have a fantastic opportunity to work with the TV and film industries, as Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, recently keynoted. For example, YouTuber Rachel Bloom partnered with The CW Network to premiere her comedy series “Crazy Ex-girlfriend” successfully. 

Another example is Flulla, a YouTube celebrity who appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) and is currently starring in his film Issa Rae, who was the creator of the famous Awkward Black Girl and collaborated with HBL on the television show “Insecure.” 

A key takeaway for you as a YouTuber is to participate in Youtube Red, YouTube’s network for original content generated by YouTube creators, which is presently fiercely competing with competitors similar to cable programming. 

Youtube Red provides an ad-free experience. The creators featured on Youtube Red saw an increase in their subscribers to YouTube and time spent watching, and most of these new fans weren’t aware of the video.

How to locate the most renowned and talented Australian YouTuber 

Finding the YouTuber who will work the best for your company can take effort.

Utilising a platform for social media influencers like Meltwater saves countless hours. Reviewing dozens or even hundreds of YouTube videos and vloggers is no longer necessary.

 The benefit of using data to inform you decide that you can easily identify the finest brand ambassadors to support your advertising campaigns. Reviewing an array of Australian YouTubers with a few videos on their channels is a more systematic approach. 

You can locate the best YouTubers in Australia to increase interaction, streamline your marketing efforts, and get a solid return on investment with the help of the Meltwater Social Influencer Marketing Platform.


In conclusion, a new generation of Australian influencers has emerged from the YouTube world, winning over the minds and hearts of millions of viewers everywhere. The best Australian YouTubers of 2023 have shown that anything can be accomplished with a camera, a decent idea, and a lot of hard effort.

From tech professionals and comedians to makeup artists and gamers, these innovators strive to inspire and engage viewers with their distinctive skills and perspectives while accumulating sizable fan bases and earning rich sponsorships and collaborations. 

We can only speculate about what new YouTube stars and trends will appear, but we can be sure that Australian creatives will keep making their presence felt there.