The Most valuable australian coins 2024

Carrying loose change in our pockets has changed from a parking convenience to an annoyance that promotes card payments. However, when taking into account the value of rare Australian coins that have historical and collectable value, this idea assumes a renewed significance.

Coin collecting has become more popular, especially since the demise of Queen Elizabeth II in September. The value of coins from the Royal Australian Mint honouring her Coronation and Platinum Jubilee has increased. Rare Australian coins bearing Queen Elizabeth II are anticipated to keep increasing in value due to King Charles III’s imminent coronation in May and the release of new money. Additionally, coins featuring King Charles III have the potential to develop a brand-new market for collecting.


Even though it might appear easy to find valuable coins in your change, they are harder to come by than most people realise. Only 1% to 5% of the 15 billion coins produced during Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign are regarded as rare or unique.

It is instructive to examine some of the most expensive rare Australian coins. Although some coins have seen a large increase in value, decimal currency may not be as useful as it previously was.

Australian coins that are exceptional and valuable to collect include:


2012 Red Poppy $2 Coins: These two-dollar coins, which honour Remembrance Day with a red poppy, are only available in small quantities. The minimal circulation of these coins, which come in variants with a ‘C’ mintmark and coins without a mintmark, has increased demand.
Due to its restricted mintage of 503,000, the 2012 Red Poppy has a market price between $150 and $370.

The Royal Australian Mint introduced coloured coins with the 2013 Purple Coronation $2 coin, which has a recognisable purple stripe. Their value has been significantly boosted because to a very low circulation of 995 000 coins and increasing attention following the Queen’s demise.
The value of the 2013 Purple Coronation $2 coin, which had a slightly higher mintage of 995,000 coins, increased to $75 to $180 during the course of the previous week.


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 50 cent Coin for 2022:
This uncirculated coin, which was issued to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, was previously priced at $12.50. However, since the Queen’s death, these coins are currently selling for between $70 and $100.

2019 6-Coin Collector Set “Effigies Over Time”:
This collection of six Australian coins from 1953 to 2019 features the Queen’s changing effigy, which was associated with the late monarch. Prices for this distinctive set range from $250 to $1,000.


$2 Double Struck Coins from 2008 or 2009: In contrast to coins associated with the Royal Family, “double struck” coins are ones that have had their stamps applied twice as a result of a rare error in the Mint’s procedures. These coins currently have a worth of up to $3,000 due to their limited availability on the market.

The value of these outstanding rare Australian coins has never been more clear in a world where the utility of decimal money has changed.