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Are luxury shoes a wise investment or not?

If you think pumping some serious cash into designer shoes is a bad idea, you must reconsider your perspective. Owning luxury shoes isn’t all about making a fashion statement but is also a smart financial investment.

Well, we can’t ignore how great designer labels feel when worn. However, the shoes will feel even better when you know you bought something that can yield substantial returns.

Got some extra cash to spare? Investing in designer luxury shoes can be the best way to spend your hard-earned money. Of course, the shoes will get some attention every time you show up, but the real value of the luxury shoes is in their post-market valuation.

For some context, in 2022, the estimated worth of the global footwear market was 382 billion U.S. dollars, indicating the value investors see in luxury shoes apart from their stylishness. And for moneyed individuals, these numbers are just icing on the cake.

For example, the Moon Star shoes and the Debbie Wingham heels come with meteorite, solid gold, and diamonds. These babies are valued at an astonishing amount of $19.9 million and $15.1 million, respectively.

Still, the likes of Passion Diamond Shoes go for only 17 million U.S. dollars. And if you’re still wondering how a shoe can be that pricey, Jason Arasheben and Tom Ford shoes will surely bring a room to a standstill with their customised 14,000 rounds of diamond that have been fully cut.

Within these kinds of price ranges, shoes can still be termed budget-friendly. Examples are Wizard of Oz, Rita Hayworth, and Stuart Weitzman, which might not be sparkly but have prices starting from half a million dollars. The budget-friendly shoes also spot some rubies, diamonds, sapphires, etc.

What Makes Shoes Valuable Investments?

Luxurious footwear is an excellent way of expressing your class. If you’re willing and able to pay, you don’t have to worry about comfort or quality.

But what makes shoes valuable investments?

The designs are from experts, the materials are well crafted and high-quality, and the branding is appealing, making these shoes great for those looking for an investment plus a fashionable product.

Shoes made by a designer tend to hold value over a long time, allowing the owner to resell them for good returns.

Some trainers see a return value of up to 60 times. Take the Air Jordan Silver Shoeshat that was bought for $65. This is a significant return on investment. Bigger than Bitcoin.

Demand and supply also rule the shoe game. Understanding factors like limited releases and the rarity of a design is crucial for spotting the best shoe to invest in.

Collaborations between the shoemakers and high-profile individuals in society, like celebs, also help fuel the hype around a shoe, increasing its demand and making it expensive.

One tip to remember when investing in a shoe is to go with what you like and your gut. Having a diverse portfolio does not necessarily equate to big wins. So, good research is important to have some value in the wardrobe.

Most Expensive Shoes in the World

One way to make a statement and showcase your status is by sporting the most expensive shoes in the world. These shoes are works of some of the best designers like Harry Winston, Antonio Vietri, and Debbie Wingham. They are made from luxurious materials that excuse quality and standard. 

The top expensive shoes in the world are the Passion Diamond Shoes and the Moon Star Shoes, which cost $17 million and $19.9 million, respectively.

Passion Diamond Shoes are crafted from 238 diamonds and D-grade diamonds that weigh 15 carats. Moon Star Shoes are for those who feel like digging deeper into their pockets, as they are made from diamonds weighing 30 carats, a meteorite from the year 1576, and pure gold.

However, it doesn’t matter the shoe you pick; all of them can attract attention and cause heads to turn once you show up, allowing you to showcase your worth without regret.

So, here are some of the most expensive shoes and their out-of-this-world price tags. You can’t believe how much it’s possible to make after investing in the following luxury footwear.

1. Moon Star Shoes


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $19.9 million
  • Type: High heels

Dubbed conversation starters, the Moon Star shoes are one of a kind. They are a creation of Antonio Vietri, a gifted Italian shoemaker who made them in 2019 and showcased them on a yacht in Dubai during the MIDE fashion week (Made in Italy, Designed in the Emirates).

To own these shoes, you must part ways with a cool 20 million dollars. They spot solid gold heels, are embedded with Argentian meteorite from the 16th century, and have 30 carats of diamonds to complete their luxurious look.

The gold heels are designed after the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, ensuring that its wearer stands out from the crowd.

When it comes to delivery, the lucky buyers of the limited editions equally get them delivered in a luxury way, by helicopter. So if you cannot reach UAE and pick your pairs, the shoes will reach you instead.

If you are after making some smart investments in the world of shoes, the Moon Star shoes should be among your top picks.

2. Passion Diamond Stilettos 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $17 million
  • Type: Stilettos 

The second position for the most expensive footwear in the world goes to the elegant Passion Diamond Stilettos that cost $17 million. These shoes were designed for nine-plus months by skilled shoemakers, and they feature pure gold, a two-round embellishment of 15-carat D-grade diamonds, and an additional 238 diamond.

In addition to being eye-catching because of their intricate design, the shoes also have a unique history that adds power to the testament they make in the realm of impressive luxury fashion.

The world was amazed by this extravagant creation during its unveiling ceremony in Burj Al Arab Hotel, thanks to its creators, Passion Jewelers and Jada Dubai.

Collectors keen on meticulously crafted products seem not to get enough of these lavish shoes. They will surely inspire admiration for many years to come.

3. Debbie Wingham High Heels 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $15.1 million
  • Type: Stilettos 

Debbie Wingham High Heels is a work of a fashion designer in the U.K. called Debbie Wingham in collaboration with a Florida contemporary artist called Chris Campbell.

It’s with no surprise that a United Arab Emirates family commissioned this creative product. However, the makers of the shoes charged the family an exorbitant fee of more than 15 million dollars for the work.

Debbie Wingham Heels possess many remarkable attributes, including heels adorned with three-carat pink diamonds, platinum framing embedded with 1,000 diamonds, and gold zippers and soles.

Other notable features that can’t be missed include blue diamonds weighing one carat, four diamonds weighing three carats each, a touch of 24-karat gold paint, intricate stitching with 18-karat gold thread, and a centrepiece featuring an Iranian leather jasmine flower.

With such luxurious features made from costly materials, it’s no surprise Debbie Wingham Heels is among the top three most-expensive shoes of all time. Unlike other shoes, this shoe is not heavy on commercialisation but is a celebration of the creativity of humans.

What makes this shoe valuable even more is the intricate design it has. The design combines talented craftsmanship, pure gold, and rare and precious gems culminating in a truly priceless treasure.

All said and done, Debbie Wingham and Chris Cambell created a piece of art in the form of footwear that shows how far human creativity can be stretched.

4. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $3 million
  • Type: Slippers

Harry Winston is a legend in the jewellery business, and to commemorate him, his only son, Ronald Wilson, created the opulent Harry Winston Ruby Slippers in 1989. The slippers spot 4600 rubies and diamonds weighing 50 carats. 

Ronald Winston gave his all when designing the Ruby Slippers, with the process over two months and dedication. The House of Harry Winston was also involved. The results were a masterpiece with a price tag of $3 million.

The opulence of the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers undoubtedly ensures the slippers remain among the expensive top shoes. It also serves as a testament to Ronald Wilson and his father’s impeccable attention to detail and appreciation for precious metals and luxury.

5. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

  • Price: $3 million
  • Type: Heels

Rita Hayworth created Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth heels to commemorate Rita Hayworth’s mother’s legacy. The shoes are fancy and have a beautiful rust hue. The centrepiece on the heels is a satin flower, easy to spot.

With a price tag of $3 million, this shoe managed to rank number five on the list of expensive shoes, sitting on top of the likes of Tom Fords, which are $2.7 million a pair.

Own a pair of these shoes like Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth, for sophistication and luxury. They’re a masterpiece, unparalleled and unique. They’ll remain elegant and fashionable for many years to come.

6. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $2 million
  • Type: Sneakers

Anyone who is after making a statement with their shoes should consider getting the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans. These revolutionary Jordans were crafted by a talented American artist, Mathew Senna. Their weight is 50 pounds, and they are crafted using 24-karat gold.

You can challenge Drake and own a pair of Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans since he is the only known man holding a pair. In 2016, he proudly showcased them on Instagram.

How much do these costly Nikes ever go for? A staggering $2 million in the market. They are the perfect accessories to make people turn their heads your way any time you show up.

These golden Jordans are a collaboration between Nike and Drake, and they’ve made it to the list of iconic fashion expressions.

7. Tom Ford Custom Loafers 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $2 million
  • Type: Loafers

The Tom Ford loafers take luxury to the next level with their extraordinary design and a hefty price of $2 million. Jason Arasheben commissioned their creation. They were then worn by Nick Cannon to America’s Got Talent final season and then donated to charity after.

A lot of work went into cheating Tom Ford Custom Loafers. Excluding the time it took to craft the shoe itself, It took about 2,000 hours to carefully set 14,000 round diamonds and white gold. These efforts, thoughtful design, class, and the diamonds contribute to the value of the shoe.

A combined effort from Jason Arasheben, Nick Cannon, and Tom Ford made the shoes appreciated worldwide.

8. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: $2 million
  • Type: Heels

The Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite is the best example of craftsmanship on steroids. Their level of luxury showcases extravagance. Eddie Le Vian, the famous jeweller, helped design these stunning heels.

The heels are 4,5 inches high, sport a silver construction, and are embellished with an impressive amount of gemstones, including the awesome looking 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 for diamonds. Tanzanites are rare than diamonds. They were only discovered recently (1967) by the Maasai.

The coating of diamond and tanzanite on the heels shimmer beautifully, making the heels versatile and hence can be paired with any outfit. People can’t help but admire these shoes when you show up with them on your feet.

9. Nike MAG Self-Lacing Back to the Future II


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: US$104,000

Nike conducted a raffle for 89 pairs of shoes, where each entry ticket was priced at US$10. All the funds generated from the raffle were donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

10. 1997 Air Jordan 12 Flu Game 


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: US$$105,000

Michael Jordan had several defining moments early in his career. One of the moments was during the “flu game” twenty-five years ago, and in this game, Michael Jordan wore the iconic Air Jordan 12s. 

After the game, Michael gifted the shoes to Preston Truman, a ballboy. Truman later sold the shoes in 2013 for a world record fee. Since then, the trainers with Jordan’s autograph have received hefty price tags and cult-like status.

11. 1992 Game-Worn Air Jordan 7 Olympic


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: US$$113,000

The 1992 Olympic basketball team dubbed the “Dream Team,” was one of the greatest ever assembled in American sports history. Jordan wore these shoes during the run, giving the US team a gold medal. Jordan signed them and gave them to a staffer who had travelled with the team.

12. 1984 Michael Jordan Game-Worn Converse Fastbreak Mid-Top


Image Source- Instagram

  • Price: US$137,000

Before the endorsement deal with Nike and consequently becoming associated with Air Jordans, Michael used to wear Converse. This is the pair that Micheal wore to the 1984 Olympics, by then still a star in the making. Apart from being the shoes associated with victorious games at the competition, they are also the last Converse shoes Jordan ever wore.

13. 1960s Bill Bowerman Handmade Prototype Logo Track Spikes

  • Price:US$$315,000

Although they may appear as worn-out shoes, they hold a significant historical value. These shoes, handcrafted by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman during the 1960s and modified in the 1970s, showcase a distinctive element: “waffle” soles with embedded track spikes. This pioneering feature marked Nike’s initial breakthrough when the Nike Moon Shoe was unveiled at the 1972 US Olympic Trials.

14. Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh 

  • Price: US$350,000

This shoe is a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1. The sale of this shoe generated a remarkable US$25.3 million from the sale of 200 lots, becoming Sotheby’s most valuable charity auction in almost a decade. The proceeds will help fund Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund.

15. 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe

  • Price:  US$437,500

This groundbreaking studded sole shoe resulted from Nike’s co-founder Mr Bowerman’s experiment of pouring rubber into a waffle maker. The shoe left a pattern in the dirt resembling the waffle and tracks left by astronauts on the moon in 1969. That’s how it got its name.

16. 1985 Game-Worn Nike Air Jordan 1 

  • Price: US$560,000

This pair of shoes is from when Jordan was still at Chicago Bulls. The pair sold over 3.5 times their estimated high, US$150,000, shattering the record made by Nike Moon Shoe

17. 1985 Game-Worn Nike Air Jordan 1 

  • Price: US$610,000

Well, Jordan is the only one who can break his record. In a game in 1985 in which Jordan had worn this Game-Worn Nike Air Jordan 1, there was an infamous incident where he shattered the backboard. One shoe still has pieces of glass embedded in it from the incident.

18. 1987 Game-Worn Nike Air Ship 

  • Price: US$1.47 million

This legendary pair of Jordan was sold for a staggering US$1.47 million. The Nike Air Ship made them legendary as their owner, Micheal Jordan. He wore them when he was a rookie on November 1, 1984. The NBA game was his fifth, and they won.

19. Kanye West Grammy-Worn Nike Air Yeezy Sample 

  • Price: US$1.8 million

From the time before collaborating with Adidas, Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy samples are among the world’s most expensive pairs of sneakers. They were the first pairs of trainers ever to cross US$1 million. 

In April of 2021, Sotheby’s reported that the sales for the pair exceeded US$1.8 million in a private transaction with Rares, an investment platform specialising in trainers. Interestingly, they were sold in Kanye’s size, US 12.

Is Investing in Shoes a Good Idea?

Besides being a worthy investment, the right shoe can offer incredible returns. For a while, the sneaker category has been recording impressive profits. However, it has upped its game and graduated to a billion-dollar industry.

The best investment in a shoe can see up to 6x returns, which are higher than risky cryptocurrency investments.

Factors you need to consider when investing in a shoe to maximise returns include the brand, release year, hype, limited edition, collaborations, and any unique attribute.

A good platform for buying some of the expensive shoes, including Moon Star Shoes or the popular Harry Winston Ruby Slippers, is StockX.

Other good shoes you can invest in if you’re after uniquely luxurious assets are footwear like the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers and the Nike Air Mag. They both have great returns.

For those searching for understated shoes to invest in, consider the Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild or the Testoni Men’s Dress shoes. Special treats like the Passion Diamond shoes or Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream might also interest you. Shoes crafted from solid gold or feature toe straps are also worth consideration.

Finally, Stuart Weitzman’s most outstanding collection is a great place to look for the best investment shoes. Footwear like Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe or Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose is a great starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Most Expensive Sneaker of All Time?

Going for $2 million, the Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan, which is more of an art, is undoubtedly the most expensive sneaker ever. Matthew Senna, an American artist, created them, and the collaboration between Nike and Drake, the rapper, ensured their debut. If you’re moneyed and can afford some spare cash, consider getting one of these, although they are slightly heavy, making them unsuitable for a basketball game.

What Is the Most Expensive Pair of Sneakers in the World?

The Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan is the most expensive sneaker. However, Kanye West’s innovative Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Prototype’ is expected to break the record of the most expensive pair of sneakers. 

With a public sale of $1.8  million, Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘prototype’ recorded the highest public sneaker sale, and after Ye wore it on stage at the 2008 Grammy, a collaboration between the Nike brand and the rapper began.

What Is the World’s Most Expensive Shoe?

Antonio Vietri Moon Star going for $20 million, is the world’s most expensive shoe. The cost of Moon Star shoes proves that footwear has grown to become a powerful luxury market. The extremely tall and steep Moon Star heel is made of pure solid gold and covered with 30 carats of diamond, making sense why it’s worth the price tag.

Why Are Jordan 4s So Expensive?

Few accessories convey a high social status, and the Air Jordan is one of them, including the Jordan 4s. These Jordans are loved by who is who in society, including sporting legends, movie stars, musicians, and rappers. 

And because of their sensational designs, easy-to-remember commercials, and nod of approval from the social elites, their popularity and demand increased, affecting their prices and therefore becoming expensive.