The Inspired Unemployed: How Much Do These Beer Legends Make?

Australians have shown a keen interest in investing cash into their most preferred beverages. While at this, a beer brand was recently launched by comedians to raise twenty million dollars to revive their business and stay on top. 

They are looking forward to becoming one of the clubs where you will stay for long hours.

This beer brand has zero carbohydrates and no sugars. They are the owners of the Unispired Unemployed. They have garnered a massive following with over three point two million followers on Instagram.  

Just like you have a vision, these two comedians who have turned into business partners, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, acted on their vision of becoming tradies. They introduced the Better Beer brand in November, just in 2021. 

Alongside them is the chief executive officer, Nick Cogger of Torquay Beverages, who shares a similar longing to create a healthier beer with no carbohydrates and sugars. Your typical beer has about three point six grams of carbohydrates, which is too high and has starch as one of the primary ingredients.

They also have sugars which, when consumed, often lead to diabetes and other related illnesses. Having launched in November 2021, it has had purchases of over one million litres in just a month. They are on their way to hitting around forty-five million dollars in revenue for their financial year. 

The Better Beer brand has also expanded and launched its products in New Zealand, which has been doing a tremendous job.

According to the chief executive, Nick Cogger, the beer has expanded its consumer base from drinkers to drinkers who are not of the Inspired Unemployed followers in all their socials. This expansion happened shortly six to around nine months after its launch date. 

Cogger commented and thanked the Inspired Unemployed supporters for their unwavering support. He commented that the supporters had made their mothers and fathers consume the Better Beer and their uncles and aunties. He hopes the beer will do well as it is just beginning to enter the most popular markets. 

He is also heard saying that for Better Beer to become one of the most popular brands we know, the company must spend significant money. Turning huge crowds into Better Beer consumers will take a lot of cash. 

The world is evolving daily, with the priorities of people in it changing. The same changes are also happening in the beverage industry. With the introduction of Gen Z and millennials, these drinkers are always seen to choose healthier drinks. They are reaching for drinks with low alcohol content or with no alcohol at all. 

In addition, they want beverages with no sugars and carbohydrates. The reason for this is commonly known by many, including me, and they cause illnesses when consumed in large quantities. 

This change in trend has had upcoming brands like the Heaps Normal drive at an advantage since they have these low alcohol options and have only a small amount of carbohydrates. The brands that have been in the game for quite some time, like Heineken and CUB, have also started expanding their products that contain no alcohol. 

The twenty-point three million that Better Beer is soliciting from its capital is meant to fund a drive to increase its marketing strategies and reach out to many people. The brand will raise awareness by erecting outdoor billboards across all radio platforms and television. 

This move is meant to help reach your local pubs and get this beverage on their taps and in all other watering holes or taverns. 

According to Cogger, Australia had some of the best world-class beer commercials in the past fifteen or twenty years. He feels like this is the best time to bring the classic beer commercials back to life.

He says it’s about putting your big-boy boots on and competing with the previous brands. Try to equal the big players in terms of venues and prices.

Craft beer and a mid-strength lager are some other products that Better Beer is working on, launching soon. The remaining share of the funds has been put in place to hire more employees and increase resources.  

Ford and Steele have a twenty per cent stake in the Better Beer brand since they are joint founders. The brand’s CEO has described the duo as committed to ensuring the brand grows and is heading in the right direction. 

According to Cogger, they are constantly chatting in various groups daily, making the big decisions that concern the brand. They always hold a meeting every week with the Better Beer employees. They have also incorporated a seat for each of them on their board.

The trio’s decisions must pass through the employees and the other directors on their board. He is quoted saying that the employees are more involved with the business proceedings, contrary to what people might think. 

Jarden’s, an investment bank, has been tasked to manage Better Beer’s capital raise.

The Better Beer brand is soliciting funds just when beer consumers in Australia are willing to invest their cash into young and growing beer brands and food startups.   

According to a report done in 2022 by Birchal, the platform involved with equity crowdfunding in Australia, indicated that the industry with the highest number of investments is the food industry. Thirty-nine per cent of the total crowdfunding cash in Australia was from the food and beverage industry, which is about twenty-eight million dollars. 

In 2022, the top three most successful campaigns on Birchal were all run by beer firms, each raising more than $2 million.

Valuable Life Lessons You Can Learn on Optimal Living From “The Inspired Unemployed”

Valuable Life Lessons You Can Learn on Optimal Living From “The Inspired Unemployed”

Recently, this duo of comedians cum business partners, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, have turned into Instagram stars, amassing about one million followers. Their Instagram social media handle is commonly known as @theinspiredunemployed. 

They attract audiences from all corners of the world with their hilarious content. Together, they have achieved every dream a marketer could have. 

Big and prominent brands and companies like The Iconic, Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have been swarming over each other to offer this electrifying comedy and business duo an opportunity to work together.  

This duo receives offers of six figures daily due to their meteoric rise to influencer popularity. However, these Australian guys appear to be unmoved by these offers. They have taken a solid stand.

In recent interviews that the duo has featured, they have provided a fascinating glimpse into their perspectives on life, friendship, work, and other aspects of their lives, even though they are still in their twenties.

Don’t Stop Looking, and Once You Find It, Make a Commitment to ‘Go All In’ With It.

1. Don’t Stop Looking, and Once You Find It, Make a Commitment to ‘Go All In’ With It.

This duo was featured in a Youtube video recently. One of the things that caught my attention was when Jack Steele mentioned that he felt he was prepared but needed to comprehend what he was prepared for or even how to locate it. 

After a few minutes, he is heard saying that once you know the suitable time and are sure of what you want, you will want to go all in. Jack says he has been in a situation where he was not quite aware of what he wanted to do with his life. 

You know, a lot of people often give up on looking, and they end up settling for a job that is just mediocre. They choose to pay more attention to less difficulty in life. 

Matt Ford and Jack Steele have performed excellently as comedians and business partners. The duo is a perfect definition of dedication and perseverance. These virtues have finally paid them off! 

The duo recognised that they were hilarious and made people laugh. Therefore, they started making funny videos. 

Initially, they didn’t have a big audience, but they never gave up, posting videos without fail. Suddenly, they posted a video that blew up in less than twenty hours and had them going from ten thousand followers to thirty-thousand.

When you are starting, a lot goes on behind the scenes. There is nothing like an overnight success. You have to put in the work for you to achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions. 

It might be different for you, but for The Inspired Unemployed, it took them about a year of constantly uploading videos on social media handles for them to gather for them to gain traction. It was after a year that people began paying attention to their videos. And that is how they got their breakthrough.

Nothing comes on a silver platter. You must put in a lot of work to live a good and fulfilling life. You will have to learn how to be dedicated, put in effort and learn persistence. This applies even to you who still need to figure out what to do with your life. You will still know what you want to do eventually.

Spend Time Away From Distractions To Find Your Creativity.

2. Spend Time Away From Distractions To Find Your Creativity.

I was amazed to learn that the videos for the Inspired Unemployed began when there was a storm in the French Alps. They were sheltered in an air bed and breakfast shoebox. 

The duo, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, decided to go on one last journey to Europe before returning to Australia to start their careers as trade partners. 

The boredom, loneliness and being away from their friends helped them figure out what they wanted to make a career from. They needed the space to focus on themselves. They were sure that fixing broken houses and plastering them was not it! 

The absence of distractions and the unavailability of wifi made them start making videos. They also read many of Tony Robbins and Gary Vee’s motivation materials. 

Usually, we are terrified to show our real selves around folks we know.  

However, we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to challenge us to try new things and explore different ways of thinking.

Putting yourself far from others to find originality, creativity and new inspiration in your life can be helpful. Stay away from distractions, creature comforts, and the judgements of folks. 

You can also achieve this by taking walks in nature often without tagging your phone. You do not have to travel overseas for this, and you can achieve it right where you are in the serenity of your environment. 

Maintain Your Principles of Integrity and Focus on the Long Haul.

3. Maintain Your Principles of Integrity and Focus on the Long Haul.

These gentlemen receive at least ten emails from different businesses, companies and brands looking to collaborate with them on various marketing projects daily. Without a doubt, the manager receives compensation that is twice as high.

What would happen if they compromised their integrity? 

Of course, the various brands, companies and businesses that work with the duo comedians and business partners would just drop them. Without honesty in their endorsement deals, they would risk becoming another pair of forgettable 15-minute-fame celebrities.

Matt Ford and Jack Steel knew they needed the integrity to survive this highly competitive industry. One of them was heard saying they knew they were to be men of innocence since the first day they had begun. Everything passed up, or any offer they rejected, was to help them maintain their integrity as people and in business.

They say that in every choice we are presented with, we ought to always act according to our principles and make the best decision. There should only be limitless opportunities in life that will help us learn, contribute, create and grow, and there should be no final destination. 

Emphasise the long-term goals you’ve set for yourself rather than the quick wins that may be presented to you financially despite whatever amount of cash is flashed on your face.

Laughing at the Absurdity of Everyday Life Helps Us Remain Sane

4. Laughing at the Absurdity of Everyday Life Helps Us Remain Sane.

The Inspired Unemployed deliver hilarious skits that are well-suited to this topic. Some of these skits are about strict parking officers, egotistical bouncers, and tradespeople who despise Lycra.

Having a good laugh at the foolishness of other people’s actions can make it easier for us to recognise the absurdity in our behaviour.

If there is one thing we’ve picked up from our time at COVID, we will only live for a while to get worked up over the insignificant details.

No matter how much you despise riders, you shouldn’t take life with too much seriousness.

Acknowledge the Current State of Your Mind

5. Acknowledge the Current State of Your Mind

Ford acknowledges that the prejudice associated with mental health will soon halt. You know what? He is right! At times in any stage of our lives, we have felt anxiety creeping into us. Sometimes, it is the depression that affects us.

We now have places to share misfortunes and pain without fear of judgment. There are resources we can read and resources to help ease pain.

Always Keep On Dancing With Your Pals.

6. Always Keep On Dancing With Your Pals.

The comedic duo still believe in having fun with their friends. They have recorded hilarious videos while dancing with The Backstreet Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Mariah Carey’s songs.  

One is heard saying they fondly remember creating a routine for the Ace of Base dance with their friends. Another beautiful moment for them was when they were recreating the Spice Girls and dressed up like them.  

They recall that they did not mind how they appeared in our eyes. They were just having fun moving on the dance floor, making weird faces, and singing at their loudest. 

What You Ought to Be Aware of Regarding the Inspired Unemployed

What You Ought to Be Aware of Regarding the Inspired Unemployed

We all saw the electrifying comedic duo make a big, humorous performance in  Australia on the Celebrity Apprentice tv program.

The duo made an introduction for an online challenge whose theme is social media based and had a lot of skill. They will also be the judges in this competition.

Anyway, who are Matt Ford and Jack Steele

Anyway, who are Matt Ford and Jack Steele?

The following information is all you require to learn about who The Inspire Unemployed are. We have incorporated some fun things regarding their global fame. 

Where Did the Idea for the Inspired Unemployed Come From

1. Where Did the Idea for the Inspired Unemployed Come From?

Matt Ford and Jack Steele decided to form The Inspired Unemployed so that they could leave their respective professions and enter the entertainment industry.

On 9Honey, Jack Steel is heard saying he never wanted to be a tradie, not even once.

He says The Inspired Unemployed was launched as a CV for the entertainment industry. They had yet to learn what all the launching meant. They decided that if they simply created a few videos and got some attention, it could be possible for them to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

It all started while they were touring New Zealand and wanted to share some of their experiences with their family and friends in Kiama, a suburb in South Sydney. Their account’s growth was modest initially, but it began to pick up speed after some time.

They probably survived the ordeal. Some of the guys’ videos became viral, catapulting them into the global limelight so they could quit working every day.

What Is the Total Tally of the Inspired Unemployed Followers on Social Media

2. What Is the Total Tally of the Inspired Unemployed Followers on Social Media?

It might have taken them some time to expand their following base, but since then, they have grown in popularity on several social media platforms.

On Instagram, they have more than one point four followers, seven hundred and fifty thousand followers, and seventy-five thousand subscribers on Youtube. In comparison, TikTok they have a huge following of one million two hundred thousand followers. Their rapid expansion has just begun. 

When the Celebrity Apprentice was recording their challenge, they had a fan base of about one point two million followers on Instagram. Just after a few months down the line, they have had an increase of over two hundred thousand followers.

What Should I Do to Join the Inspired Unemployed Social Media on Their Socials

3. What Should I Do to Join the Inspired Unemployed Social Media on Their Socials?

Perhaps you enjoyed their performance on the Celebrity Apprentice show or are curious about their meteoric rise to fame; read on!

Their profiles on all socials are as follows:

  • On TikTok, their account is commonly known as @theinspiredunemployed
  • On Facebook, they go by the name The Inspired Unemployed
  • Their YouTube channel is called The Inspired Unemployed
  • On Instagram, their handle is @theinspiredunemployed 
What Kind of Content Does the Inspired Unemployed Create

4. What Kind of Content Does the Inspired Unemployed Create?

The Inspired Unemployed’s content frequently mocks aspects of Australian social media or culture through sarcasm and humour. 

For instance, in a video they posted on their socials teaching people how to be with a child on Instagram, Ford posed as a pregnant woman while Steele mimicked the kinds of postings that expectant parents frequently make online.

It’s common practice for Steele and  Ford to use wigs whenever they portray female roles in their comedies.

They have made fun of everyone from tradies to cyclists to tradies to hipsters to real estate brokers to people who frequent fitness centres.

Other Activities the Inspired Unemployed Have Involved Themselves In

5. Other Activities the Inspired Unemployed Have Involved Themselves In

The Inspired Unemployed, who recently appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, has been doing more than just making social media posts.

Steele and Ford launched their podcast in September of 2021. Furthermore, the title is The Inspired Unemployed.

The Inspired Unemployed have been featured in  GQ  and Vogue and ads for Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

Jack, Matt, and their partner Nick Cogger founded the Better Brewing Company. They have made Better Beer which has no carbohydrates or sugars.

You can keep up with their latest antics by following them on Instagram.