Sam Kerr Net Worth and Weekly Salary From Soccer

Sam Kerr is a forward for Chelsea in the FA Women’s Super League and a professional football player from Australia. This article reveals more about Sam Kerr’s personal life, net worth, income, accomplishments, and other details.

Samantha May Kerr made her professional debut in 2005. She was born in East Fremantle, Western Australia. Since the beginning of 2019, she has been the team’s captain.

She began playing for Chelsea in 2020, and the following season, Chelsea won the FA Women’s Super League. She played with the Chicago Red Stars for two seasons, scoring 35 goals in 43 matches, before moving on to Chelsea.

Sam Kerr’s Net Worth and Salary

Sam Kerr, formerly of the Chicago Red Stars, joined Chelsea in 2019 on a contract for more than US $600,000. 

Her base pay, excluding sponsorship and commercial partnerships, is US$500,000 annually. Her estimated US net worth is $5,500,000+. Given how important she is to the storied Chelsea team, it will be soon that her pay scale significantly increases.

Samantha Kerr Early Life

Samantha Kerr Early Life

Sam Kerr was born in the neighbourhood of East Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia, on the country’s west coast. She began playing Australian soccer when she was a little child since she was raised in a sporting household. 

She initially picked up the game because her father and elder brother, Daniel Kerr, were both professional Australian standards football players. 

She gave up playing Australian football despite her desire and aptitude because of the gender limitations in place. At 12, even though she detested the sport, she began playing soccer. She even claimed that she started at that age. 

When younger, she detested soccer; therefore, she never kept a soccer ball around the home.

Sam initially needed some help adjusting to the Australian style of football. Still, she overcame the difficulties, and at 13, Perth Glory striker Bobby Despotovski recognised Sam as a talented female footballer. He thought she possessed exceptional football skills. 

She might eventually discover her successful way. She began playing amateur football in 2006 with the Western Knights at Mosman Park. After three years, she was able to enter Perth Glory.

Samantha Kerr Profile

Samantha Kerr Profile

We shall examine Samantha Kerr’s professional career in this section of her biography, starting with her early years and ending with her current status as one of the best female football players in history. 

She formally joined Perth Glory in 2008 and made her senior debut at 15 in the 2009 W-League season. She quickly became well-known among the supporters and within the team’s organisational structure. 

She won the 2009 W-League Awards because of her noteworthy performances and efforts, and she also received Strike of the Year for her long-range strike against Sydney FC. 

She signed a new deal with the Western New York Flash before the 2013 National Women’s Soccer League season after a three-year successful run. She made 19 starts in her 21 outings during her first season and was also capable of six goals.

Her squad defeated Sky Blue FC 2-0 in the semifinals to get to the final, but they lost, and Flash moved to Portland. She stayed with the Flash in 2014, participating in all 20 games and emerging as the group’s top scorer with nine goals. 

After that, in August 2014, she signed a one-year contract to return to Perth Glory, her previous team. While Sam’s first season was practically a success, the second one presented some challenges for her. 

Her side still chose to negotiate a one-year contract extension before the start of the new season. However, she was forced to miss the balance of the season despite her outstanding performances in the season’s opening matches due to an ankle injury. 

Sam became the first marquee player in the W-League following her extension in October 2018 when she was given a 400,000 dollar deal to stay in Perth rather than sign with other teams and travel abroad.

This advantageous deal was handed when she finished first in the goal-scoring standings for the 2018–19 W–League season with 17 goals at or over a goal per game. Sam Kerr was traded to Sky Blue FC by Flash at the end of the season in exchange for Elizabeth Eddy. 

Sam might participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada alongside Caitlin Foord, a colleague on the Matildas. 

She scored several goals throughout her two years playing for Sky Blue, but two, in particular, helped her win the Player of the Week award. At 23, she topped the all-time NWSL goalscoring list after finishing the 2017 season with a league-record-breaking 17 goals. 

Sam Kerr was then traded to the Red Stars in January, along with Nikki Stanton. She made her 2018 season debut, which was not particularly noteworthy because she was able to score in the eighth game of the year when she assisted her team in a 1-1 tie against North Carolina Courage. 

After that, things started to turn around for her and she earned several individual player achievements.

After that, at the end of 2019, she decided to transfer to Europe despite her favourable situation with Chicago Red Stars. Sam Kerr and Chelsea officially agreed on a two-and-a-half-year contract on November 13th. 

She may quickly overtake Chelsea’s leading goal scorer and assistant in the 2020–21 campaign. Continue reading to learn more about Samantha Kerr and to get to know her better.

Style of Play

Style of Play

According to critics and certain media, including the Guardian, Sam Kerr is the world’s top female football player, which may make it implausible. She is most well-known for her determination, ability, and quickness. 

As described on the football analysis page, Samantha Kerr’s playing style is based on her placement and movement in the final third. She may be a “complete forward” who sees possibilities to advance possession by bringing teammates into action, dropping deep, or running the channels. 

As the player who plays the most forward, Kerr serves as the centre of attention for the team, winning long passes like a target man, breaking lines like a poacher, pressing defenders like an advanced striker, or forming connections like a trequartista. She can open space for fellow players and is an exceptional game reader.

One of Kerr’s more vital traits is her capacity to open up space in the final third. The ability of the Australian forward to shift into various positions to make space is remarkable. 

One of the most crucial factors in this respect is her position. Her squad has an advantage when attempting to penetrate obstinate defences because they can create space for inside strikers and late runs from box-to-box midfielders.

She can evaluate the game and plan her next few plays because of how her body is positioned. Kerr is one of the few attackers who combines clinical goal-scoring ability with sophisticated movement. 

These attackers are an uncommon breed, and managers tend to favour non-scorers. However, if a player has the same potential as Kerr, you should assemble a club around her.



She also told The Guardian that it wasn’t thrilling for her when she initially switched to football and that it hurt to be separated from something she loved. As previously noted, Sam wanted to continue playing Australian football early on but didn’t enjoy soccer. 

However, she was able to advance in women’s football after spending years playing for male Australian rules football teams. She holds multiple records and is among the best female football players ever. 

She currently holds the title for the most goals scored in the W-League with 69, the most goals scored in the NWSL with 77, the most goals scored in an NWSL match with 4, the most goals scored in an NWSL season with 18, and the most goals scored in a W-League season with 16.

Goal Celebration

Goal Celebration

The year Samantha was 29, she was one of the best technical attackers in football. She now has 220 goals total for different teams in the domestic league and 61 goals for the Australian feminine senior team squad. A celebration of his plan is highly unusual. Every time she scores a goal, her backflips go viral. 

Her impressive backflips celebration was then included in the Nike commercial Dream Crazier, which also included Diana Taurasi, Megan Rapinoe, and Serena Williams, and was broadcast during the 91st Academy Awards.

The celebration mirrored the exact gesture that Tim Cahill, the highest-scoring player in Australian men’s soccer history, had been renowned for before his retirement following the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Samantha did the same thing in a match against Italy in the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France when she scored a goal. She immediately ran to the corner flag for a shadowboxing game.

Samantha Kerr Outside Football

Samantha Kerr Outside Football

Sam Kerr appeared in the episode of Aussies Abroad on ESPN in 2013 titled The Matildas. Four Australian national team members (Kerr, Kyah Simon, Lisa De Vanna, and Caitlin Foord) are highlighted in this episode, along with their experience competing abroad. 

ESPN has been monitoring the international prospects of every Australian feminine football player because, in their opinion, the emergence of Europe on the feminine club scene is a critical factor in the tidal change the game is undergoing. 

This talented young forward and her other Matilda colleagues are the first female football players to appear in a FIFA video game that EA Sports developed in FIFA 16. 

In September 2020, it was revealed that Sam was the second-most-rated female player in FIFA 21 thanks to her 92-rated card, which was only surpassed by Megan Rapinoe’s 93 ratings. 

She later appeared on the front cover of the Australian edition of the FIFA 19 video game. On FIFA 23, she has 91 overall.

Additionally, she has experience working with prestigious publications. Sam was on the cover of Australian FourFourTwo’s July 2011 edition with a few of her Matildas colleagues, including Sarah Walsh, Kyah Simon, Melissa Barbieri, and Thea Slatyer in July 2013. 

In 2018, she was also seen on the cover of Vogue Australia. She also has a sponsorship deal with Nike and serves as Powerade’s spokesperson for Coca-Cola. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she also participated in a three-minute advertisement, which debuted at the Champions League final and was shown on screens throughout the World Cup in Paris. Stay tuned as we examine Samantha Kerr’s history to understand her private life better.

Samantha Kerr’s Personal Life

Samantha Kerr’s Personal Life

On September 10, 1993, Samantha May Kerr was born in East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia. She has mixed ancestry. Her father, Roger Kerr, is Indian and was born in Calcutta to an English father. 

Sammy Kerr, Her father and uncles, played professional football in the West Australian Football League (WAFL), and another uncle, J. J. Miller, was a prize-winning jockey who won the Melbourne Cup in 1966 on Galilee. She spent her childhood in an athletic family.

Family, Children, and Relationships

Family, Children, and Relationships

One of the LGBT football players that speaks out about this subject with courage and pride is Samantha. 

She has been in a relationship with Nikki for several years. In a short film created by her sponsor, Nike, Samantha discussed her emotional connection with her partner, Stanton, for the first time.



There is no information or documentation accessible on Sam’s Kerr Philanthropy other than that she has become one of the most inspirational female players in the world, motivating other girls to pursue their dreams of playing the game.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

Samantha has gone a long way and is now regarded as one of the friendly and professional footballers who has never had any legal troubles or problems up to this point. She has only ever had eight yellow cards and no red cards at the club football level. She only had two yellow and no red cards while playing national football.

Samantha Kerr Career Statistics

Samantha Kerr Career Statistics

Following Samantha Kerr’s biography, we will summarise her career data in this section.



Her senior football career officially began when Samantha Kerr joined Perth Glory in 2008. She played for her first team for almost three years, making 22 games and tallying five goals. 

Later, she joined Sydney FC, another Australian team, where she played for two seasons, making 24 games and tallying 13 goals. She then relocated to the United States to join Western New York Flash. 

She played with the American team for just one season before returning to Australia and her previous club, Perth Glory, after 41 matches and 15 goals. This time, she stayed with Glory for five years and played 49 games while contributing 52 goals. 

She played with Sky Blue from 2015 to 2017, and after participating in 40 matches and tallying 28 goals, she returned to the United States to join the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). 

She participated in 43 games and scored 35 goals in a calendar year. After all, she joined Premier League team Chelsea in 2019 and has registered 71 goals in the Women’s Super League.



Admittedly, until athletes like Samantha Kerr were well-known, the world paid little attention to Australian women. 

The name of the Australian feminine national team evolved as the players from that country excelled in other competitions. 

When Samantha was chosen to represent her country’s squad, she was 15 years old. 

She made her senior national team debut for Australia in a friendly match against Italy in Canberra in February 2009. She came on as a 76th-minute replacement. 

She eventually had the opportunity to score her first goal for her country against North Korea in the 2010 AFC Ladies Asian Cup final. 

She was invited to play for the Matildas in the 2010 AFC Women’s Asian Cup, which served as the qualifying event for the 2011 FIFA Female World Cup in Germany, one year after making her senior debut. 

At 17 years old, Samantha was selected by her coach Tom Sermanni in 2011 as a member of seven players who may compete in the FIFA Female World Cup under the age of twenty. She made her World Cup debut in a match against Brazil, becoming a 79th-minute replacement.

The 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada was her next significant international competition. Sam sustained the knee injury that prevented her from playing the remainder of the 2014 W-League season before the world cup during the second half of the game between Canberra and Perth Glory. 

She put in a lot of effort with her physical coach Aaron Holt despite suffering severe wounds to be able to compete in the second world cup. She recovered from her physical injuries to represent Australia in the Canada World Cup, where the Matildas came in seventh. 

Newly hired head coach Milicic selected her to lead the Matildas in their subsequent World Cup. She was also one of the five finalists for that year’s BBC Women’s A soccer player of the Year award. Sam Kerr won several individual accolades in that competition even though The Matildas could not surpass the Round of 16. 

She becomes the tenth player to score four goals and the first Australian footballer, male or female, to score a hat-trick at a World Cup match. She finished fourth in the 2019 Woman’s World Cup with five goals, behind Ellen White of England, Alex Morgan, and Megan Rapinoe of the United States, who each scored six.

She earned the Golden Boot with eight goals in five games in the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup despite leaving the competition in the quarterfinals after scoring five goals in the group stage opener.

Samantha Kerr Honors

Samantha Kerr Honors

The 29-year-old Australian forward’s list of accolades is chock-full of outstanding honours and accomplishments that seem startling for a girl her age, given that she is one of the most accomplished female footballers in soccer history. 

Sam may take home the W-League Championship in 2012–13 with Sydney FC, one of her first teams. Later, joining the Western New York Flash, she received the 2013 NWSL Shield. After that, she and Peth Glory captured the W-League Premiership in 2014. 


Sam Kerr’s achievement in the sport of soccer has increased not just her stature as one of the most gifted and well-known female athletes but also her net worth. 

Although precise estimates for Kerr’s net worth are hard to come by, her wealth is believed to be in the several million dollar levels. 

She makes money via sponsorships, endorsement deals, and her pay as a professional soccer player, among other things. Sam Kerr’s net worth is likely to keep rising over the next several years because of her excellent abilities, accomplishments, and expanding popularity.

Sam Kerr earns a sizable weekly wage from soccer in addition to her net worth. Kerr’s weekly wages are reportedly in the tens of thousands of dollars, making her one of the highest-paid female soccer players in the world. 

This highlights her extraordinary skill and growing support for and interest in women’s soccer worldwide. Sam Kerr’s weekly wage is anticipated to stay exceptional due to her constant success and marketability, giving her financial security and establishing her as one of the highest-paid female athletes in the sport.