Pauline Hanson Net Worth 2024

Net Worth $20 Million

Age: 69

DOB: 27 May 1954 (age 69 years),

Birthplace: Woolloongabba, Qld, Australia


Pauline Hanson is a controversial Australian politician who is best known for being the leader and founder of the populist, right-wing political party, One Nation.

A highly divisive figure, Pauline is known for her outspoken views on immigration, multiculturalism, and Indigenous affairs. Despite this, she has represented Queensland within the Australian Senate ever since she won a seat at the Federal Election in 2016.

Hanson has endured a tumultuous political career that has spanned several decades and resulted in her being in jail. During that time though, she has accrued a significant net worth estimated to be around $20 million at the time of writing.

Early Life


Pauline Hanson grew up in Woolloongabba, a suburb of Brisbane, and worked in various jobs before entering politics, including for Woolworths, as a real estate agent and in a fish and chip shop that she owned.

Her foray into public life began in the 1990s when she became a local councillor in Ipswich. However, it was her 1996 maiden speech in the Australian Parliament as the Member for Oxley that catapulted her to national prominence. In that speech, she expressed her concerns about immigration, claiming that Australia was at risk of being ‘swamped by Asians’.


The speech stirred controversy, with critics accusing her of racism, while supporters praised her for addressing what they saw as important issues. Despite the backlash, Hanson’s political career gained momentum, leading to the formation of the One Nation party in 1997.

One Nation Party


In 1997, Hanson, along with David Ettridge and David Oldfield launched a new political party – One Nation.

The party aimed to represent the interests of what they perceived as disenfranchised Australians. The party’s key policy positions included advocating for stricter immigration controls, opposing multiculturalism, and expressing concerns about the economic impact of globalisation.


However, One Nation faced internal strife and controversies that marred its reputation. Hanson herself encountered legal troubles, including a brief imprisonment in 2003 for electoral fraud. Despite the challenges, she remained a persistent force in Australian politics, making comebacks and running for various offices.

One of the defining moments of Hanson’s political career was her return to the Australian Senate in 2016. Her return signalled a resurgence of populist sentiments, with many Australians disillusioned with mainstream politics turning to her as a symbol of anti-establishment values.

Challenges and Controversies


Pauline Hanson’s political career has been marked by numerous controversies that have ignited fierce debates and public scrutiny. As mentioned, one of the most significant controversies arose from her 1996 maiden speech in the Australian Parliament, where she expressed concerns about Australia being ‘swamped by Asians’, sparking accusations of racism and xenophobia.

However, in 2003, Hanson faced legal troubles and spent a brief period in prison for electoral fraud related to the registration of her One Nation party. Her return to politics in 2016 and subsequent re-election to the Australian Senate reignited debates over her stance on immigration and multiculturalism.


Additionally, Hanson has faced criticism for her views on Indigenous affairs, with some accusing her of perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Her unapologetic and outspoken style has both fueled her popularity among certain segments of the population and fueled animosity from those who find her views divisive and inflammatory.

In 2019, Hanson was accused by Brian Burston, a fellow Senator, of sexual harassment, a claim she vigorously denied.

Net Worth Overview


Pauline Hanson’s Net Worth is reputed to be about $20 million. During her 40-year political career, much of her income has come from parliamentary salary, allowances and income that was generated from her role as the leader of the One Nation party.

In addition to this, Hanson has made several savvy investments in real estate and has also generated significant income from public appearances and appearances on TV in shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Enough Rope, Dancing with the Stars, This is Your Life, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


She has also made money through book deals, having authored various publications and a number of media interviews and engagements.

Personal Life


Hanson was born Pauline Seccombe and has four children, all boys, to two different men. When she was only 17 in 1971, she married Walter Zagorski, a Polish labourer who worked in the mining industry. They had two children together. However, she left him after discovering he had several extra-marital affairs. Although they briefly got back together in 1975, he ended up leaving Pauline for another woman.

In 1980, Pauline married Mark Hanson, a tradesman from the Gold Coast who was divorced and had a daughter from his first marriage. She had two sons with him, although they eventually separated due in part to a difficult marriage that was impacted by domestic violence and alcohol abuse.


Hanson has since had relationships with David Oldfield, who co-founded One Nation with her, Chris Callaghan, a country music singer to whom she was briefly engaged and more recently, Tony Nyquist, a property developer.

Hanson currently lives in Beaudesert, Queensland, on a large block of land. She previously owned an investment property in the New South Wales town of Maitland before selling it in 2023.