Logan & Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake and Logan Paul are the most formidable social media forces. Since 2013, these two brothers have made a name for themselves in the entertainment world. Jake, the elder brother, is a well-known celebrity and a boxer. He and his younger brother became prominent on the Vine app, featuring in the Disney comedy, Bizaardvark. 

Even though Paul was considered the most popular of the two on Vine, he lost his large followers when the website was suddenly shut down.

Because of their meteoric rise from a humble start as social media sensations to being world-famous boxers and starting their clothing brand, it is no surprise that they have earned more than $135 million. The brothers are a force to be reckoned with, whether in boxing or show business.

Jake Paul Facts

How Old Is Jake Paul?


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Jake Paul is barely 24 years old, even though he has been active on YouTube for many years due to his widespread popularity and the many times he has reinvented himself.

On January 17, 1997, Paul was welcomed into Cleveland, Ohio. When he started becoming popular on Vine, he decided to drop out of school and started his YouTube channel. Since then, YouTube has helped him launch an acclaimed profession as a fighter and celebrity.

How Tall is Jake Paul?

The countless boxing weigh-ins which have characterised Jake Paul’s fighting profession over the past years provide some knowledge about his height. Jake Paul is shorter than his brother and has an elevation of 1.85 meters (6 feet and 1 inch).

What Is Jake Paul’s Net Worth?


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The flashy and pricey attire that Jake Paul wears and the supercars he keeps in his garage provide some insight into the lifestyle he leads. According to one valuation, his net worth is approximately $11.5 million.

Where Does Jake Paul Live?


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Jake Paul resided in a vast estate in the Calabasas Hills valued at $7 million. Paul relocated into his new home in 2017, giving it the name “Team 10 House,” after having tensions with his prior neighbours due to the pranks he engaged in while producing material for his channel. 

In 2021, he said he had become tired of living in California and intended to relocate to Miami. However, nobody knows where he would settle down in Miami.

How Did Jake Paul Become Famous?


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In September 2013, Jake Paul became a member of Vine, which was a short-form video-sharing app that served as a forerunner to TikTok. In the following months, beginning in May of 2014, he also started uploading longer YouTube videos. 

After some time, he decided to stop using Vine since he was among the producers who expected remuneration from the application for their success. Instead, he opted to focus on YouTube.

Jake Paul on YouTube and Team 10

After over two years and six months of uploading videos to YouTube, Jake Paul finally started his own entertainment business, which he dubbed Team 10. He used it as an influencer marketing agency and a management company for most prominent YouTube producers; the majority would reside with Paul by then. 

Because of the departure of many of its founding members throughout its history, the group is now a mere shadow of its former glory.

Jake Paul’s Relationship with Logan Paul


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Jake and Logan have had a lot of disagreements and fights in the past, but they have always patched things up and gotten back together. There have been times when they have butted heads, but on other occasions, one has been accused of sleeping with the other’s girlfriend. 

In 2017, the two had a controversial time when Jake Paul claimed that Logan hooked up with his ex-girlfriend Alissa.

Jake Paul on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark

Jake was a part of the Disney program, Bizaardvark, from 2015. However, he parted ways with the program in the middle of 2017 when his neighbours lodged numerous concerns about his offensive conduct.

As a result of being sued by the firm that owned the home, Paul ultimately decided to move out and into the mansion held by Team 10.

Jake Paul’s FBI Raid and Arrest


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Jake Paul continues to find himself in contentious situations, such as participating in demonstrations at an Arizona mall in 2020, where several businesses were robbed. In June 2020, he was arrested and charged with unlawful entry and illegal assembly, although he maintained that he did not participate in such activities.

The FBI conducted a search warrant at Jake Paul’s residence in August 2020 and reported that it was packed with enough weapons that could be used for criminal activities. After the raid, Paul disproved the ridiculous narratives and other probable causes for the event.

Jake Paul vs Deji

In a fighting battle in August 2018 at Manchester Arena, Jake Paul competed against Deji. Jake Paul prevailed when Deji’s squad conceded defeat, and the contest was called off. The fight was Paul’s first ever in the ring, and it sparked an enthusiasm for the sport that has stuck with him as a second professional career.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib

Jake Paul and AnEsonGib competed against one another in a one-off event scheduled by DAZN and held in Miami in January 2020. Once again, Paul demonstrated his superiority by dominating the fight in the opening round through knockout after rapidly throwing him to the ground. Following the victory, Jake had just earned another match versus Nate Robinson.

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson

Jake Paul also faced off against Nate Robinson, a former NBA player, and prevailed in the contest via knockout. Paul won the fight by knocking out his opponent multiple times in the first two rounds, giving him a decisive triumph.

Jake Paul’s Dating History

Alissa Violet


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Jake Paul’s romantic life has never been out of the spotlight for too long. Alissa Violet, also a content creator of Vine, was his first known girlfriend after he became famous. However, things did not end well for the two, as Violet claimed that she was subjected to mental torture by Jake and their relationship was nearly entirely fabricated for content.

Tana Mongeau


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In a ceremony held in Las Vegas, Paul wedded Tana Mongeau, who was also a Youtube. Fans were able to purchase admission to the broadcast of the ceremony online. Tana said the relationship was finished in late 2019, although the level of commitment they had towards the relationship was not known to the public. 

There were rumours that Jake had been cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, yet this encounter seems wholly innocent and only intended to purge the air.

Julia Rose


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Jake’s marriage to Tana Mongeu did not last long, as in the year 2020, Jake Paul was seen going steady with Julia Rose, who had recently been arrested for changing the Hollywood sign to “Hollyboob.”

Jake Paul’s music career

In addition to having an excellent track record on YouTube, Jake Paul has also published several diss songs, which he uses to escalate ongoing online fights with other producers. The song “It’s Everyday Bro” is probably the most well-known; when it was first published in 2017, it was certified platinum, thanks to streaming services.

Despite having a substantial amount of views on YouTube, Paul has subsequently recorded many songs, but they have yet to be successful enough to chart anywhere globally.

How Logan & Jake Paul Made Their Money


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Jake Paul, a social media star from the United States, is the master of the grind. He makes his living as an elite boxer, entrepreneur and YouTuber and has accumulated wealth via all these endeavours. To begin, he boasts over twenty million followers on YouTube, broadcasting material on various subjects, ranging from boxing and comedy to lifestyle advice.

Because of his success as a professional boxer, Jake Paul has amassed a fortune worth millions of dollars. He has competed against great opponents, including Nate Robinson. He is expected to earn $40 million in boxing contests. The premiere of his music video “It’s Everyday Bro” generated buzz.

Jake Paul has multiple other sources of income, such as sponsorships,  PPV revenue, and endorsements. He has also collaborated with boohooMan, RNBO Clothing, DraftKings, and Sprayground. Jake is believed to have a net worth of $100 million.

In 2013, Logan Paul was merely an ordinary kid living out his goal of becoming an engineer. However, in a brief period, all of that shifted. Six different sources of revenue contribute to Logan Paul’s current net worth, which is approximately seven figures.

He earned $10 million for battling boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, in addition to the one million dollars he got during his bout with KSI. In addition, he owns a big clothing business that rakes in over a million dollars daily and generates 11.5 million dollars in yearly revenue.

In addition to that, he owns Maverick Club, which has the potential to earn him $5.5 million in a single year, as well as a side business selling Pokemon cards, which brought him $270,000.

Furthermore, Logan Paul has more than two million subscribers to his podcast, and he pulls in $2 million yearly from sponsorships alongside the $3.35 million annual YouTube AdSense revenue. Logan may make up to $32.7 million annually from his endeavours.

The Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, have emerged among the most successful and sought-after YouTube personalities in recent years. They have made millions of dollars pursuing what they are most passionate about, which ranges from producing films in their homes to boxing.

How Logan & Jake Paul Invest


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In recent years, Logan and his brother Jake have become the most successful young entrepreneurs. They have amassed enormous fortunes via the acquisition of a variety of assets and participation in business endeavours.

While they may have an identical appearance, their approach towards investment is very different. Logan is driven by the glitz and glitter, as seen by his extravagant spending on the newest and most luxurious automobiles, a pricey Holo Charizard card, gorgeous NFTs and many more.

On the other hand,  Jake is a flashy high roller who likes to show off his wealth by wearing expensive watches and driving Lamborghinis with diamond-studded wheels. 

Despite their high spending habits, they have various investment portfolios, including cryptos and real estate.

Well, let’s hone down even more on the two brothers’ financial investments, shall we?

Startups: Maverick Apparel

In 2018, Maverick Apparel, a range of products with an influencer-oriented motif, was introduced. Paul asserts that during the inaugural year of the company’s inception, he generated around $40 million, an unbelievable amount of money considering the business’s success.

Real estate

Both Logan and Jake Paul have succeeded in making it seem as if real estate investing is simple and enjoyable. Jake appears to be a more seasoned investor, already owning over ten homes throughout the United States. 

Jake has a magnificent mansion in California that is 14,000 square feet and costs approximately $11 million. This villa is one of his primary properties. However, his property investment also includes a $7 million home in Florida, a  $3 million mansion in Los Angeles, and a $4 million apartment in New York City.

Both Logan and Jake Paul have succeeded in making it seem as if real estate investing is simple and enjoyable. Jake appears to be a more seasoned investor, already owning over ten homes throughout the United States. 

Jake has a magnificent mansion in California that is 14,000 square feet and costs approximately $11 million. This villa is one of his primary properties. However, his property investment also includes a $7 million home in Florida, a  $3 million mansion in Los Angeles, and a $4 million apartment in New York City.

Crypto and NFTs

The Paul brothers have been prominent promoters and supporters of cryptocurrencies for a long time. They have invested significant amounts of money in various forms of digital currency. Jake revealed in April 2021 on the most popular cryptocurrency channel, BitBoy Crypto, that he made his first bitcoin investment at 16 when the price for a single bitcoin was $100, stating that it ended up being one of the most successful investments he had ever made.

Logan has kept investing in digital assets despite the crisis in the cryptocurrency market. He is currently operating his enterprise, which is called CryptoZoo. Others have had a lot of negative things to say about the project; however, Logan is sure that he will keep his word and fulfil his obligations.

The brothers have substantial holdings in Ethereum and Bitcoin, with Logan having invested considerable sums in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Logan has experimented with NFTs, placing approximately $2.6 million towards NFT investments in 2021.

However, cryptocurrency investors have certainly been on a roller coaster ride. Bitcoin reached an all-time high of about $70,000 in November 2021 but has since fallen to its current price. The previously robust cryptocurrency sector, valued at $3 trillion, has now declined to roughly $1 trillion. 

Many investors now view the next phase of Bitcoin with trepidation and uncertainty due to the abrupt change. Despite the disappointment, some industry professionals keep up the optimistic view that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to gain acceptance and worth over time.

On the other hand, some investors are more pessimistic and cautious about the dangers of putting money into a highly unpredictable market. Overall, only time will provide insight into the future of this quickly growing industry as the Bitcoin sector continues to expand and adapt.

Luxury watches

The Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, have a good handle on spending their financial resources. These two brothers make no secret of the fact that they have an obsession with high-end timepieces.

Jake Paul has such a deep-seated passion for wristwatches that he decided to treat himself to an 18.5-carat diamond wristwatch when he turned 21. He has an estimated collection of over $850,000, including brands such as Patek Philippe,  Montblanc and Richard Mille.

Exotic cars

Logan Paul’s automobile collection is as spectacular as Jake’s wristwatch collection. It is estimated that he spent $230,000 on his Mercedes-Benz G550.

To purchase a Mercedes-Benz Maverick Sprinter, Paul spent $150,000. Remember his $70,000 Dodge Challenger, a real bargain in today’s market. Additionally, he has what he calls “The Cool Bus,” completely customised and worth $110,000.

In addition, Jake has a collection of premium vehicles totalling $750,000, which includes automobiles from brands such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley. It is logical to assume that the two have a significant amount of money at their disposal, and they are not bashful about flaunting their wealth.

Although the returns on their expensive luxurious wristwatches and vehicles may not compare to those on real estate and bonds, both have shown their viability as portfolio investments for people more relaxed about maintaining their liquidity.

There has been a 69% increase in the value of luxury timepieces over the past decade. Furthermore, luxury automobiles stay ahead of the general market and may have a double-digit profit for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. According to estimates provided by McKinsey & Company, the luxury automobile market might see yearly growth of between 8% and 14%.

On the other hand, luxury watches are less valuable than other timepieces and should be regarded primarily as an accessory. Nevertheless, these luxurious items are lucrative for investors because they can acquire something magnificent that has historical significance, is rare, and has resold power.


Logan and Jake Paul have grown into becoming the most prosperous business people of the internet era by capitalising on their celebrity status and influence in the entertainment industry. 

They have amassed riches through successful investments ranging from property and startup companies to cryptocurrencies and non-traditional assets (NFTs).

You must give it up to the two that they make running investments appear effortless, regardless of how much you like or don’t like their outrageous behaviour.