Koala Mattress Review For 2024

People spend around a third of their lives in bed, and that figure may go even higher if they prefer to sleep extra hours on the weekends and holidays. That said, you should spend money on a high-quality mattress. 

This, however, doesn’t mean you have to cough up too much cash on a bed, but it implies that you shouldn’t skimp on quality. After all, a high-quality bed should serve you well for many years… but I’ll get to that.

The Australian mattress industry is complex, and the usual purchase is a long-term investment of ten years or more. You can choose from various support mechanisms, including memory foam, springs, a comfort layer, latex, etc.  

Koala is one of the top boxed mattresses in Australia. The company is named after a well-known Australian animal, which helps shoppers remember the name easier.

Koala’s marketing plan emphasises quality over quantity; hence the company charges a higher price for its products than most Australian mattress brands. 

Here is a comprehensive review of Koala mattresses to help you purchase a mattress that will serve all your sleep needs for an extended period. 

Let’s get started!

What is Koala Mattress?

An Overview of Koala Mattresses.

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 Koala has released the new Koala Bed to replace its prior mattress, and they have also introduced two additional models to its mattress collection. 

Koala was founded in 2015 by Byron Bay natives Dany Milham and Mitch Taylor, who were frustrated by the difficulty of sourcing high-quality furniture online. 

Pushy salespeople and limited free trials initially characterised the Australian mattress industry, with months-long delivery waits (and high costs) and huge markups. But thanks to Taylor and Milham, these issues are fast becoming a thing of the past. 

Koala has developed an open-cell foam they call “Kloudcell” that allows air to circulate.

The special foam mimics the plush texture of latex and memory foam but with added bounce and airflow, so you won’t feel stuck in your mattress or overheat.

The open-cell design of the foam generates channels that supply ventilation and allow heat to dissipate.  

Each mattress has two layers: a sturdy foundation layer and a top comfort layer that works together to achieve the perfect balance between the bounce and sink.

It’s more bouncy than the memory foams, which often feel like slowly gulping at night, so you get a hard base and a squishy or elastic top layer.

A new Koala Mattress comes with a 120-night trial period. You can send it back if you’re not satisfied.

Delivery in just four hours is available to customers in most of Australia (except Darwin and Hobart), and express shipping is free. 

Koala designed the bed base, and it is a simple, elegant wooden structure in the Scandi style that fits together like a jigsaw. The couch is sturdy and stylish; it just takes four minutes to assemble.

Stylish memory foam pillows have been introduced—one pillow with a lofty upper and a plush lower sides.

An Overview of Koala Mattresses


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The Koala Mattress is a fantastic option for anyone needing a restful night’s sleep. It provides outstanding ventilation and bacteria protection and great support and comfort.

Since it comes in various firmness options, this bed works well for couples. This means that everyone can make their side more supple or more robust. It also prevents you from being disturbed by your partner’s movements throughout the night.

The open-cell design also aids in regulating body temperature while you rest. If you’re looking for a supportive and comfy mattress without breaking the bank, consider the Koala Mattress.

Available Sizes

There are five different sizes of Koala Mattresses, all Australian standard sizes, that will work with any bed.

  • Single size 
  • King Single size 
  • King size 
  • Double size 
  • Queen size 

The most common and convenient bed size for couples is the queen. It doesn’t hog any unnecessary floor space. This mattress will accommodate even the tallest of couples. Those in the market for a personalised mattress might consider this.


  • Free Delivery
  • 120 Night Trial
  • A ten-year Warranty
  • Great Customer Service
  • Free Returns and full refund

The Pros and Cons


  • Firmness can be adjusted anywhere from moderate to firm.
  • Keeping cool at night with breathable fabric.
  • Strong enough to last a long time
  • Verified by both GECA and CertiPUR-US 
  • The non-slip bottom ensures stability on the bed frame.


  • Poor edging support 
  • Doesn’t have a soft, quilted cover

Other Koala Beds 


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If you don’t find the original Koala mattress suitable for your needs, you can research other options online. Let’s quickly examine the two other Koala mattresses on sale in addition to this one. 

1. Soul Mate Mattress (The Latest Koala)

If you’re looking for the lushest sleeping experience, look at the Soul Mate bed, one of three options from Koala. 

The mattress includes bamboo charcoal memory foam to improve rest and promote cleanliness in a non-chemical approach. In addition to its Sensapole technology, which helps adjust the temperature for a soothing experience, it also features six support levels that provide optimised support to each body section. 

Another great feature of this bed is the adaptable foam springs that allow it to conform to your body as you move through the night.

2. Calm As Mattress

The Koala Calm As Mattress bed is perfect for people willing to spend extra to get the best product in the mattress.

The seven-inch polyester comfort adds, and COOLMAX fibre keeps you dry and comfortable all night. Generally, this Koala mattress model is a good choice for hot sleepers and works well on warm Australian nights. 

It comes in two firmness options—firm and medium-firm—to better accommodate sleepers with varying preferences. StayPut Edge Support also helps keep the mattress in place regardless of how you move at night. 

Where are Koala Mattresses Made? 


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The manufacturing process of koalas mattresses in Australia started just recently. There aren’t many “100% Australian manufactured” box brands, but this was one of them. Buying Australian-made products guarantees that you receive products of the highest quality and help sustain the nation’s economy, workforce, and families. 

While Koala beds are currently manufactured in China, Sydney serves as the home base for the company’s design department.

Koala Mattress Review 2023

The Koala Mattress is an eco-friendly, non-toxic foam mattress. There’s a handy adjustment knob to tailor the mattress’s firmness to your needs.

The Koala Mattress is an updated version of the wildly successful (Original) Koala Mattress, which debuted in 2015.

Koala’s mattress lineup consists of the base-level Koala Mattress, the mid-tier Calm As Mattress, and the high-end Soul Mate Mattress.

Let’s closely examine the main things you need to know about Koala Mattresses. 

1. Purchase and Delivery

Like other mattresses-in-a-box products, the Koala Beds allow you to order online (from their official website) and ship directly to the customer’s home. The bed’s base and the removable comfort layer now ship in their boxes; you will know why this was necessary in a moment.

The Koala mattresses are available for free shipping anywhere in Australia. Koala boasts a remarkable same-day delivery to most of the major cities in Australia.

The Koala Mattress’s ‘2 box’ delivery approach makes unboxing it slightly more time-consuming (15-20 minutes) than its single-boxed rivals. Always have at least two people on hand while unboxing a mattress from a box.

The koala plushie was a wonderful addition. However, most customers would appreciate it if the mattress came with a cutting tool because removing the plastic wrapping can be harder than other bed-in-a-box items.

Let the mattress rest fortaller t to loosen up before trying it out.

Tryouts of the (Original) Koala bed were initially offered at Myer and ‘The Treehouse’ in Sydney. However, you can’t check out a Koala Mattress before you buy it because there aren’t any in stores right now. The only way to test this mattress is with their generous 120-night trial.

The Koala Mattress looks great with its simple, contemporary design. The brand name label adds a pleasant touch, and the product’s primary colours are white and (very) light grey. The label sewn onto the zipper puller exemplifies the Koala’s dedication to quality.

2. Warranty and Return Policies 

Koala offers a full warranty on all of its mattress models for a full decade, which indicates its confidence in the quality and longevity of its products.

What is Covered

The insurance covers any dings deeper than 2.5cm that can’t be traced to an unsteady bed base. The mattress is still covered under the warranty if used with a proper foundation. Ensure the distance between your bed’s slats is at most 7.5 inches.

You will also be compensated if the foam develops splits or cracks with regular use or if there is a flaw in the cover’s construction. The 10-year guarantee on Koala mattresses still stands if used for business purposes like Airbnb.

What is Not Covered

Regular use will break down the foam over time. Koala is realistic in their assessment that a softer mattress will sta relieve pressure spots. Koala doesn’t accept swaps for comfort preferences that alter after the 120-night trial period.

The Koala mattress warranty promises to compensate the “original owner/buyer of any bed 

is in Australia.” This implies that the mattress will not be insured if received as a gift or purchased secondhand. The guarantee on your Koala bed is null and void if you purchased it from a retailer who is not an authorised Koala retailer.

Since mattresses are meant to be used flat with sufficient airflow underneath, they should not be used on a bed with an adaptable base or the floor.

Warranty Process

When filing a claim under Koala’s warranty policy, you will need your receipt. The company also has an online form provided on its site for filing a claim. After entering your name, email address, and order number, you will be directed to a page where you may describe the issue. You will also be asked to attach images of the damage on your mattress, the cover, and the mattress’s respective manufacturing labels. This is par for the course when claiming a bed-in-a-box warranty.

If your claim is accepted, Koala will pay for shipping the mattress back to them.

If you file a claim for your mattress’s covering, you may receive a cover of a different colour.

How Koala Disposes of Its Returned Products 

Koala disposes of its returned products to organisations helping victims of natural disasters or charities; they also recycle others. Koala partners with over 30 organisations in Australia, like Generous and Grateful.

3. Mattress Construction


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If upgrading from an innerspring bed, you might be sceptical that foams can provide the same comfort level. The simple answer is they will function differently since they are made of different materials and have distinct operating systems. 

How a bed feels on one person may be completely different on another. A good mattress should provide adequate back, neck, and head support so that you map soundly.

You should select the best bed “system” (spring framework or hybrid) that suits your sleep needs but is within your budget range.

Give it a chance if you haven’t already. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, though. Remember that adjusting to your new bed will take a few weeks if you go from a spring bed to a foam one.

The Kloudcell comfortable surface serves as the top layer of the Koala bed, and the no-pressure adaptable core support layer is the bottom layer. Soak it all in!


The Koala mattress cover is 65% polyester and 35% Tencel Lyocell. It unzips easily so that you can change the feel of the bed. The Koalas padded this cover with seven centimetres of padding. This may eventually sag, but for now, it’s accommodating. 

Tencel is fantastic. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly and feels soft, light, and airy. While polyester’s environmental impact is significant, using a polyester-Tencel combination is understandable. Combining them combines their best features. Tencel and the polyester blend have excellent elasticity, durability, softness, and breathability. It doesn’t soak up water easily and dries off quickly if it does.

Layer 1 – the Kloudcell Comfort Layer

The Kloudcell layer is reversible, so you can choose how firm you want your mattress to be. If you prefer a firmer mattress, you can do that by opening the cover and turning over the top layer. This layer is made from a special polyfoam developed by Koala. 

It’s a supple polyfoam designed to simulate memory and latex foam in texture while maintaining air circulation. While not as thick as the foams found in mattresses like Sleep Republic, this one boasts a 35kg/m3 density, making it sturdy and long-lasting.

The Koala bed has received the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) seal of approval. This is fantastic because it demonstrates that the foam was produced ethically and is good for your health. 

The mattresses have a low volatile organic compound level and the free of heavy metals, and are better for the environment because there are no ozone-depleting substances. Antimicrobial agents have also been added so it won’t be a breeding ground for germs.

Layer 2  

The Koala mattress has two layers of foam, with a firmer Dunlop polyform featured as the bottom layer. It has a foam density of 35kg/m3 and is GECA-approved. Some claim it can outperform memory foam and latex in support and breathability. It is extremely durable so it won’t wear out quickly. This layer is designed with strategically placed grooves to support three key areas.

You may have seen commercials where a wine glass sits untouched beside a cannonballing person on a bed. This layer ensures that there will be no disruptions. Your sleep mate can toss over or get up at midnight to use the restroom without disturbing your sleep.

4. Weight And Thickness


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When shopping for a mattress, it’s crucial to remember that the size of the bed has a role in how comfortable it will be. The thickness and weight of the mattress are also included in the dimensions. And they ultimately determine whether a mattress will give your body the support it needs. 

Some love thinner spring beds because they are simpler to climb in and out of, while others prefer a thicker one because of the extra support it gives. This also makes it simple to relocate the mattress if necessary. However, if you like a gentler, plusher surface, thicker mattresses are the way to go.

The Koala mattress comes in various sizes, so finding one that works for you should be easy. New Koala mattresses come in a variety of sizes, which are detailed below:

Size Dimension  (in cm)Weight 
Single 25 x 92 x 18820.47 kg
King Single25 x 107 x 20325.25 kg
Double 25 x 138 x 18829.98 kg
Queen 25 x 153 x 20335.43 kg
King 25 x 183 x 20342.04 kg

If you sleep alone, the King and Single King are your best choice, while the Queen, Double Queen, and King are best for couples.

5. Additional Specs

NoPressure Adaptive Core

The three high-density, precision-cut supporting zones relieve pressure and offer a comfortable resting surface. In general, sleeping in your preferred posture will improve the quality of your rest.

Flippable Kloudcell™ Comfort

The double-sided Kloudcell comfort surface can be adjusted to your preferred firmness level. You may easily go from a medium-firm feel to a firmer one by opening and changing the mattress’ comfort layer.

Modify Your Mattress


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What your partner finds comfortable differs from what you need. Because of this, Koala mattresses’ designs have a dual-sided comfort layer with options for both medium-firm and firmer support. It’s easy to get the right fit—just take it apart and flip it over.

Best Support  

Our firmer support base beneath the hips prevents your body from sinking into the mattress. This comes in real handy when it comes to helping you maintain a healthy sleeping posture.

Perfect Cooling Feature,   

The capacity to breathe easily in bed is unrivalled. Its sensitive and calming 7cm comfort cover is made with TENCELTM Lyocell fibre. This material absorbs and expels moisture, making falling asleep easy.

Zero Disturbance  

Stop fidgeting and get some sleep. With the Koala’s Zero Disturbance bed, you won’t be disturbed by your bed partner.

6. Cost of Koala Mattresses?


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The Koala ‘Calm As’ mattress, which starts at $999, is a good compromise between the budget and luxury options. While some Koala mattress models are way more affordable than Calm As a Mattress, the difference in quality is that this one has an additional layer of Kloudcell Foam.

The Koala Mattress “Original” Model
Size Price 
Single $749 
King Single $899 
Double $1,000 
Queen $1,050 
King $1,299 
‘Calm As’ Mattress 
Size Price 
Single $999
King Single$1,199 
Double $1,499  
Queen $1,699  
King $1,999 
‘Soul Mate’ Mattress
Size Price 
Double $2,490  
Queen $2,890  
King $2,990 

7. The Customisation Feature


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The Koala products have a handy customisation option, allowing you to pick the firmness that best suits your needs.

Little cylinder clips begin a zip system that may be used to join the various comfort layers. Although this zipper can be used with little effort, a steady, delicate motion yielded better results than a swift, forceful one.

You may select one of the two firmness settings (medium-firm to firm) by simply unzipping and turning this comfort layer.

Tags at the bottom of this comfort layer show the firm and the medium firm. One person can flip this top layer, but two will make quick work of it.

The Sleeping Duck, the Macoda, and the Ecosa mattresses are a few more examples of mattresses that can be ordered online and assembled at your doorstep.

8. The Koala Mattress Packaging

The main perk of the bed-in-a-box concept is how simple the purchase and shipping are. No more will you walk into a mattress shop and be greeted by a pushy salesperson trying to sell you the $8000 bed. Koala has simplified the purchase and delivery process, making it easier for both the customer and the business.

Two boxes were waiting for me when the shipment arrived. The first contains the mattress’s primary support structure, while the second contains the mattress’s “comfort” layers and removable cover. You’ll need a lot of room to store all the boxes while removing your old bed. In some areas like Sydney and Melbourne, Koala has partnered with Soft Landing to offer old bed disposal services for a pocket-friendly price.

Is the Koala Bed Easy to Setup?

You can watch some Youtube videos to understand better the process of setting up your Koala bed.  

Experts suggest making some room after you have removed the old bed and spreading out the new foam one. In this case, a flatbed foundation is ideal, but if you don’t have one, you’ll need to find another room and move the bed back onto its base after 48 hours. If you already have an IKEA bed base, you should know that the Calm As is a snug fit.

The mattress’s zipper makes assembly a breeze. Unlike most foam beds, the Koala mattress can be used immediately, but it will feel most comfortable about 48 hours after being removed from the plastic. It’s up to you to decide how hard you want the topmost layer to be; you can go with the same level of firmness as your old mattress.

Here are the simple steps for setting up a Koala mattress: 

  1. Open the box adjacent to the mattress you want to use.
  2. On the base, floor, and frame, unfold the mattress.
  3. Open the plastic wrap carefully to avoid damaging your mattress.
  4. Within the following 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Give the mattress a few hours to air out.
  6. Set a bottom sheet down.
  7. Put a mattress topper down for further comfort.
  8. Once you’ve finished, add your pillows and duvet.
  9. Take pleasure in your Koala bed.

9. Comfort and Support

After putting the new Koala Mattress through rigorous testing, experts are confident that it has features that improve the quality of your sleep. What is the big deal with foam mattresses? Turns out, it’s intricate (and cozy).

The following are some of the highlights of the Koala ‘Calm As’ Mattress:

  • Anti-Slip Bottom
  • Multi-Level Zoning
  • Three-Zone Support
  • COOLMAX Technology
  • StayPut Edge Support
  • One-cm plush cover
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment.
  • CertiPUR-US-Approved foam
  • Zero disturbance feature

How does one feel relaxed while using all this cutting-edge equipment? Keeping cool is the key to sleeping for longer. The cushion and support are only part of the story; Koala’s innovative COOLMAX technology performs exceptionally well. 

Specialty fibres and persistent moisture-wicking technologies give you the best night’s sleep and the coolest temperatures you have ever experienced. You won’t know it’s working until ten hours have passed, and you’re still cozy and dry despite not wearing any “moisture wicking” athleisure. You will finally be able to sleep through the night without interruption.

Another most-liked feature is Mattress’ support. This is not just any ‘piece of foam,’ and it’s obvious from the minute you lay on it. The multi-layered Zoning technology that quickly silences the foam mattress naysayers offers support from all angles, regardless of your sleeping position. 

If you often sleep on your stomach, you don’t need anything to prop you up. In particular, those who toss and turn during the night (such as those who sleep on their backs) will value the obvious StayPut Edge Support. 

Your companion will appreciate the non-disturbance mechanism that will keep them from kicking your legs at night. The sole source of debate is which side of the Kloudcell’s flippable surface to rest on.

It’s also noteworthy that Australia’s new Koala beds are the country’s first GECA-certified mattresses. In other words, you’re advocating for methods of manufacturing and consumption that are easier on the planet. 

You probably have seen mattresses that are destined for a landfill laying by the side of the road. However, that negative impression may soon fade through Koala and Soft landing.

The Finer Details


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The mattress had a nicer texture and was a hit with users. The original Koala Mattress had a ‘rubbery’ texture and lacked the modern mattress’s stability and balance.

The Koala Mattress is a significant upgrade in terms of construction quality over its predecessor. Koala has increased the height by 2 centimetres from the previous edition (just 23 centimetres), and the quality of the materials and finishings are excellent.

The zipper holds up well if you need to reverse the soft padding. Thanks to the anti-slip bottom, the mattress shouldn’t slide or slip on your bed foundation.

Motion transfer is similarly low to the original. Those easily woken up by a fidgety bedmate may find this information useful. Of course, the size of the people sleeping in the bed is a major factor in how much one person is disturbed by the other.

The absence of side handles is a major flaw. While not spectacular, the foam mattress’ edge support is adequate, meaning that most sleepers may make full use of the bed without worrying about rolling over the side.

If you are not completely pleased with your Koala Mattress within 120 nights, you may return it and get a full refund. The mattress is backed by a generous 10-year guarantee that should have you sleeping well.

The Koala Mattress, along with the rest of the Koala Mattress collection, is notable for being the first mattress to get complete GECA certification. Human and environmental safety are at the heart of GECA’s certification process.

CertiPUR-US, another credible organisation, has verified that the Koala Mattress is non-toxic. Customers maAustraliaain that harmful substances, including mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds, have been detected and eliminated thanks to this certification.

In addition, all Koala mattresses are treated with antibacterial chemicals to stop the spread of germs.

What Bed Base Should I Use?

The Koala Paddington Bed Base, or a similar sturdy bed frame with fixed slats (no more than 8 cm apart), is recommended for use with the Koala Mattress, as with most mattresses.

The space between each slat is less than 8 cm, but a bed frame may still be sufficient. The guarantee on a mattress is typically invalid if used on a sagging base.

The guarantee is also invalid if the Koala Mattress is put on an electronic (adjustable) bed foundation, which experts strongly advise against. Mattresses that work with a flexible bed frame are listed below.

It’s important to remember that various bed frames will affect your mattress’s firmness, performance, and longevity.

Available Sizes

This mattress is offered in 5 different sizes (king, queen, double, king single, and single size), making it suitable for various bed configurations.

How to Buy Koala Mattress


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You may choose from a few different retailers if you’re interested in purchasing a Koala mattress. Buying via their website is the quickest and simplest option. When funds are cleared, shipping is expedited.

Koala is unique in that they accept payments via both Zippay and Afterpay.

Most Myer shops also have koalas available for viewing in-store. Before deciding, you may test the mattress in various sizes and comfort levels.

There is little reason to shop at Myer instead of the Koala website, even though you can earn Qantas points there.

How to Buy Koala Online

Enter the promotional code for a $100-$150 discount when purchasing a mattress on the official website. It’s possible to receive an even better deal if the fiscal year-end quickly approaches.

Credit/debit cards, PayPal, and two different credit companies are all acceptable payment methods.

The 120-night sleep trial period begins on the delivery date, not the date of purchase. Customers in Western Austra

ia and rural areas may have to wait three to five days for delivery, while those in the metro area may anticipate same-day delivery within four hours.

Neither in the country nor the city? Delivery of your mattress often takes place within two days.

Why Buy Koala Mattress?

The Koala website uses a lot of technical jargon, which may make it difficult if you have never purchased a boxed mattress before. However, with reviews like this, this should be a big concern to you. 

Kloudcell, Koala’s take on the foam that covers the top of a traditional mattress, is designed to be a soft, breathable open-cell layer that adds a comfort layer to the bed.

They have invented a new type of foam with the plush feel of latex and memory foam with the bouncing and airflow of latex and the resistance to overheating provided by the former.

The Koala has a cover that can be removed and washed to preserve it smelling and looking new, a feature not offered by many manufacturers.

Koala, like other foams, Koala has multiple layers, with five zones of varying foam densities to keep your body in optimal alignment from head to toe and everywhere within.

You may rest guaranteed that you will feel cozy, perhaps even too cozy, and that you will not want to get out of bed, clean the dishes, or go to work.

Koala mattresses have a zero disturbance feature, allowing you to sleep soundly without awakening your companion. You may experience little to zero disturbance when sleeping on the Koala. The Koala’s pressure relief feature is only when compared to other, less expensive boxed beds.

Last, Koala asserts that its open-cell structure, which generates channels inside the foam, provides optimal ventilation and heat dissipation. They can accomplish this using fewer layers and less glue, so you stay cool and comfortable year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will my Koala mattress take to be delivered? 

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide customers may get a free four-hour delivery from Koala. Other than that, shipping is still quick and free.

Recycle properly, and keep in mind your old mattress!

Does the Koala mattress sag?

The Koala mattress’ cover comprises 65% polyester and 35% Tencel Lyocell. You may easily modify the mattress’s hardness by unzipping it. Koala designed this cover layer a staggering 7 cm thick for further padding. This is extremely comfy, although it might eventually sag.

Are Koala beds durable?

We are aware that they last for at least ten years. They have all undergone such thorough testing that they can safely provide a ten-year guarantee on each.

Is Koala Mattress any special?

Laboratory testing has shown that Koala mattresses don’t contain any heavy metals, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, or other dangerous substances that might cause allergies, cancer, or disruptions to the hormone systems.

Does a Koala mattress fit an IKEA Bed frame?

The IKEA bed frames are smaller than average, but the Calm As mattress fit well during testing on the IKEA MALM bed frame. A bed frame up to 3 centimetres smaller than the mattress may fit the mattress.

Emma or Koala, which one is better?

The Koala mattress offers a more balanced sensation regarding pressure relief so that sleepers get the best support possible. However, The Emma Comfort Mattress is designed to cradle pressure spots while providing additional support and alleviation.

Do Koala mattresses make sleepers feel hot?

No. The mattresses are made with comfort in mind. The amount of softness in the flippable Kloudcell comfort layer is adjustable, and its zoned base layer maintains proper spinal alignment.

Can I flip my Koala mattress?

Every month, consumers are advised to turn their Koala mattresses 180 degrees. Much more often than you may anticipate. According to internet reviews, rotating your mattress every three to twelve months can equal everyday wear and tear and maintain your body in neutral alignment.

Why does my new Koala bed smell?

Opening a new mattress may produce a distinct polyurethane foam scent, typical of foam mattresses, similar to the smell of a new automobile. The stench will often go away rapidly if exposed to air or stored in a ventilated environment; this normally happens between a few hours to two weeks after unpacking.

Is Koala Mattress soft?

It is natural for the foam to soften with regular usage over time. Koalas will not consider this softening to violate their policy, which is logical as long as the mattress can alleviate pressure spots. In addition, Koalas won’t let exchanges or replacements if comfort preferences alter after the 120-night trial period.

Is Eva vs.Koala which one is better?

The memory foam Koala mattress is a wonderful choice if you want a comfortable, supportive mattress. The Eva Mattress may be ideal if you want a much firmer, more responsive, and highly supportive mattress.