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Is Etsy Legit And Safe? Full Buyer’s Guide

Is Etsy a legitimate company?

Yes, Etsy is a reputable online marketplace open for business since 2015.

It’s reasonable to use caution while making purchases from unfamiliar internet retailers. That’s the appropriate mentality since it will protect you against fraud and other unpleasant surprises.

In case you’re thinking, “Is Etsy reliable? ” I want to calm your fears.

The following are some of the platform’s security features that I’ll be talking about:

  • Marketplace review system
  • Purchase protection program
  • Personal information confidentiality
  • And more

Okay, so let’s begin.

Is Etsy Legit or Not?

Absolutely. Etsy is a legitimate marketplace. has been online since 2005. Since then, it has become a reliable marketplace for acquiring unique, pre-owned, and creative products of all stripes.

Etsy is a billion-dollar enterprise with 95.08 million active shoppers in 2022.

The platform protects users from fraudulent activity by implementing many layers of protection. In a conflict, the customer service department steps in to help.

Why Do Some People Think Etsy Is a Scam

Why Do Some People Think Etsy Is a Scam?

Numerous people wonder whether Etsy is a Scam.

Even though Etsy is a secure marketplace, some customers may need more time to purchase there.

Although it’s a well-known marketplace, it lacks the prestige of competitors like Amazon and Walmart.

Some customers are wary of the site because they have heard horror stories about fraudulent merchants. This is because Etsy has no seller verification or approval procedure. Thus anybody may start selling there.

Is It Safe To Shop On Etsy?

Yes. However, you should still take precautions while buying anything online.

While Etsy has security protocols in place to prevent fraud, it is still possible for scams to occur for fraudsters to operate inside the platform. I’ll explain everything in more depth, including specific preventive measures, later.

Even so, the platform provides excellent support for its users. When problems arise, like fraud, Etsy works quickly to fix them.

Is Etsy a Trusted Website, and Is Etsy Authentic?

We will discuss the website’s safety and security features next so that you can make an informed decision yourself.

Etsy’s Buyer Protection Program

Etsy has a new Purchase Protection Program, a refund project with an annual $25 million budget.

The initiative aims to make online shopping on Etsy safer and more secure so that current and potential consumers feel secure making purchases there.

Any of the following are eligible for a complete refund under the Purchase Protection Program:

  • Didn’t arrive
  • Transport-related harm incurred
  • It appears to be different from what was advertised

This program safeguards not only buyers but also vendors. Etsy will cover the cost of the refunds so that participating merchants may retain all of the money from their sales of eligible items.

Etsy Review System

Reviews left by customers on Etsy may be a good indicator of whether or not a vendor is legitimate.

Etsy customers may provide feedback from one to five stars based on their purchase and overall experience. They may also rate and comment on the service.

You can use this information to judge the quality of the seller’s wares, support, and operation.

If there are many favourable reviews, you may be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and dependable vendor. On the other hand, negative feedback raises red flags.

Can You Trust Etsy Reviews?

While Etsy reviews may be relied upon in most cases, it is still essential to do your research. Read the vendor’s profile and investigate their social media accounts for more evidence of their legitimacy.

Furthermore, Etsy does not tolerate fraudulent reviews. The vendor will be penalised if the marketplace determines that a vendor has solicited fake positive customer feedback.

Etsy Sellers

As was already established, Etsy is a reliable platform populated by honest vendors. As with any online marketplace, you risk dealing with dishonest vendors.

Nevertheless, Etsy’s extensive seller’s policy helps keep the marketplace secure for buyers and sellers alike.

What Is the Etsy Seller Policy?

Every Etsy vendor is expected to abide by the policies outlined in the Etsy Seller Policy. It specifies the norms and requirements that vendors must meet.

Its main features are as follows:

  • Prohibited items list that includes counterfeits, controlled substances, and other contraband
  • Proprietary rights and brand names
  • Listing Policies and Procedures
  • Adherence to regulatory frameworks
  • Unacceptable actions on the part of sellers, such as spamming, harassment, or fraud

This collection of guidelines is meant to make selling on the platform a pleasant experience for sellers. Moreover, customers will feel more at ease knowing they are protected by these guidelines when purchasing online.

Etsy sellers that break these rules risk being suspended or even permanently banned.

How To Tell if an Etsy Seller Is Legit?

Consider these factors when you evaluate the vendor’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Star Seller Badge

You can tell whether an Etsy shop is trustworthy by looking for a badge next to the shop’s name. Etsy awards this emblem to merchants that consistently provide exceptional customer service.

Five-Star Rating

On Etsy, customers are encouraged to provide genuine reviews about vendors to help other shoppers make informed decisions.

Shops on Etsy that consistently get high ratings from buyers may be confident in their goods and service quality. However, you should only store with a few one-star and unfavourable ratings.

Search Results Ranking

The search function on Etsy sorts shops by various characteristics, including rating, age, sales volume, and more.

Those vendors that rank well on a search engine’s results page are usually reliable and have a solid track record.

Number of Sales

Take into account the vendor’s sales history. If their number is high, they reliably fulfil their customer commitments.

Shops with minimal sales should not, however, be automatically discounted. The Etsy store may have just begun in the past month, but its products are of the highest quality.

Years on Etsy

Visit any Etsy shop and look for the About section at the bottom of the page.

You may find out when the Etsy shop owner opened their virtual doors here. It is legitimate if the Etsy store has been active for several years.

Remember that younger stores may be legitimate but must have an established history.

Etsy Payment System

The platform uses cutting-edge encryption techniques to secure your financial data throughout transactions. You can be confident that your data will remain secure if you make purchases and payments inside the site.

The secure payment system protects sellers and purchasers from unintended losses due to theft or fraud.

What Payment Options Are Available

What Payment Options Are Available?

Etsy Payments accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Etsy credit
  • Etsy gift cards
  • Select bank transfer services
  • Etsy coupon

It’s also worth noting that Etsy collaborates with trustworthy payment systems like:

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

These reputable third-party providers and Etsy Payments contribute to a safer shopping environment.

Etsy Privacy Policy & Information Collection

By signing up on the platform, you accept the Terms of Use, which describes the platform’s data collection practices.

When you sign up for an Etsy account, the company will request personal information such as your email address and name. Additionally, while purchasing the marketplace, you may be asked for additional information, such as:

  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Billing information

The following prerequisites must be met for sellers to utilise Etsy Payments and authenticate their identities per local law:

  • Date of birth
  • Full name
  • Government ID
  • Social security number
  • Credit card information
  • Bank account information

In addition to the aforementioned freely submitted data, Etsy may collect the following information from your continued use of their services:

  • Device information
  • Browser information
  • Shipping info from vendors
  • Location information

If you are concerned about the possible abuse of your personal or financial information, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Latest Etsy Scams To Watch Out For

Below are the seven most recent frauds perpetrated on Etsy, ranging from shipping scams and stolen accounts to businesses offering false and deceptive items.  

1. Sellers Promoting Fake or Counterfeit Products Through Etsy Ads

Most Etsy frauds involve vendors selling counterfeit or otherwise deceptively described goods. 

One shop, for instance, sold roughly forty thousand pieces of jewellery advertised as “self-made” and “vintage,” according to a tweet from the account dedicated to exposing fraud on the online marketplace Etsy. The goods were manufactured in large quantities and sold on AliExpress at deeply discounted rates.

Here’s how to spot (and dodge) this Etsy scam:

  • Try a reverse image search on Tineye to check whether the product images appear elsewhere. 
  • Don’t believe the store’s stated location. Scammers often utilise dropshipping to sell goods from China and other countries while pretending to be based in Europe or the United States. 
  • Remember the cardinal guideline of avoiding fraud: A fair rule of thumb is that if a product’s pricing looks too good to be true, it generally is.  

2. Bogus Etsy Stores Attempting to Steal Your Identity and Money

Scammers on Etsy aren’t always seeking your money; sometimes, they simply want to impersonate you. Scammers set up phony online shops to steal your personal and financial details; they never intend to send you the goods they purport to sell. 

A customer purchased camera parts from Etsy. However, the customer still had not received any tracking details two days later. 

When they returned to look at the sale, the Etsy shop was no longer there. Even though they could cancel the transaction, the bogus shop had obtained the customer’s sensitive information. 

Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding This Common Etsy Scam:

  • If you suspect you’re dealing with a phony business, watch for telltale red flags, such as misspelled words, bogus product descriptions, and a lack of previous business history.
  • After making an order, it is essential to communicate with the vendor. Verify if they are keeping to their delivery estimates. You may request your money back or contact Etsy about the issue if you still need to. 

Take action: Scammers may use your financial data to commit identity theft and empty your bank accounts or secure loans in your name. 

If you sign up for credit monitoring as part of an identity theft protection plan, you’ll be alerted to any potentially fraudulent behaviour before a significant financial loss occurs. You can protect your funds against fraudsters using Aura-free. 

3. Receiving Items That Are Wildly Different From What You Ordered

This is a typical “bait and switch” scam in which the scammer advertises a product on Etsy but then sends the customer something of far lower quality. 

One Etsy buyer paid $70 for a high-end handcrafted incense package but ended up with a box full of cheap stuff from the dollar store.

Recognising and avoiding this Etsy scam

Recognising and avoiding this Etsy scam

  • By reading the listing details carefully, ensure you understand what you are purchasing. Scammers sometimes bury essential product information in fine print or a lengthy description. 
  • Before placing an order, capturing a snapshot of the listing is a good idea. After the shipment, you may use this evidence to file a dispute with the vendor.
  • Compare the product description with the photographs and reviews to see any differences. You can also tell whether others fell for this scam because they’ve posted negative comments about it. 

4. Sellers Purposefully Shipping Items to the Wrong Address

Etsy is a marketplace with safety features for both shoppers and merchants. Scammers capitalise on a clause that protects vendors from buyers claiming they never got their purchases. 

The perpetrators of this scam willfully use an incorrect shipping address, usually one they can access. When you attempt to file a claim or get your money back through Etsy, the scammers might “show” that the product was delivered. 

Scammers can also utilise false or stolen USPS tracking numbers to deceive you into thinking your package has been delivered and therefore get their hands on your money. 

Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding This Common Etsy Scam:

Verify the shipment confirmation email information, including address, package weight, and size. Please notify the vendor or Etsy of any errors you find. 

5. Multiple Shops Listing the Same Product

Conspirators in this scheme shopped on several e-commerce sites like Etsy and offered identical goods at wildly varying prices. 

To see their response, they may test different prices for the same item (say, $50, $100, and $200). If you attempt to negotiate a lower price, they’ll claim the item is sold out or try to pull another con. 

Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding This Common Etsy Scam:

  • Try typing a few words from the product’s description into Google to see if any results appear. Most con artists just copy and paste the product descriptions, so it should be easy to see if one has been used more than once. 
  • By running the product images via TinEye, you can check whether the seller has several listings for the same goods on Etsy, Shopify, or another website.
  • Browse the ad libraries on Facebook and TikTok for the name of the service or business. Social media may be an excellent place to spot fraud if fraudsters use it to promote their store(s).  

6. Sellers Requesting Payment off of the Etsy Platform

Your purchases on Etsy are covered by either Etsy’s Buyer Protection or the fraud protection offered by your credit card company. 

Scammers will say that Etsy’s payment system is down or that you’ll get a discount when you pay with a gift card, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or mobile payment services like PayPal and Venmo. 

The issue? After sending money via any of these ways, you’ll likely need help to get it back or track it down. It gets even worse: if you purchase anything from Etsy and then pay for it elsewhere, you have no recourse regarding a dispute or refund. 

Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding This Common Etsy Scam:

Never send money to a seller outside of Etsy. You should be wary of anybody who suggests you pay differently. 

7. Scammers Hacking Your Etsy Account

Etsy scams most often target buyers — but hackers target buyers and sellers. 

While customers are the most common target of Etsy scams, shoppers and sellers are fair game for hackers. 

Scammers try to fool you into handing over your account information using phishing emails, spyware, bogus websites, or search results that appear to be from Etsy support. 

Offenders will pay for advertising that promotes fictitious Etsy phone numbers in the hopes that you will contact them. Source: Twitter

If a customer’s Etsy account is compromised, criminals may get access to their personal information, such as their credit card details and shipping address. 

Hackers might steal client information, alter payment settings, or both if you’re a shop owner. 

An ex-Etsy vendor had her account taken over after fraudsters used an old password they found to change her email password and access her account. 

Once they gained access, they attempted to steal her money from previous purchases and prevent her from accessing her account by altering her email address.

Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding This Common Etsy Scam:

  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) and a strong, distinctive password to protect your Etsy account. Use a password manager to keep track of your login information and get alerts if it’s ever hacked. 
  • Make sure you’re getting emails from “” addresses alone. Fraudsters will frequently register names or subdomains that look like popular ones (like “”), hoping you would click on them believing they are the real deal. 
  • If you suspect fraud, check your credit card and bank statements for abnormal activity or unlawful purchases. 

Did You Get Scammed on Etsy? Do This!

If you’ve been a fraud or identity theft victim on Etsy, take these precautions to restore your account and maybe recoup your losses. 

  • Get in touch with the Etsy seller immediately. The very first thing you should do is contact the vendor and ask for a refund. 
  • Submit a ticket to Etsy for assistance. Start a support request with Etsy if the seller doesn’t answer or won’t refund your money. Although Etsy’s help is notoriously sluggish and ineffective, a submitted ticket may be used as evidence in a fraud allegation filed with the FTC or FBI.  
  • Contact your credit card provider to initiate a chargeback. You may dispute the charge and get your money back if you used a credit card to purchase. 
  • Immediately change your previous Etsy password. You should instantly reset your password if you suspect fraudsters have gained access to your profile. After doing this, they will have a more difficult time breaking into your account.  
  • Have your credit frozen. Request a credit freeze by contacting one of the three central credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Criminals won’t be able to use their identity fraudulently to get loans or create accounts. 
  • Use the FTC’s website to lodge a fraud report. Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission so that others may learn to avoid it. Report identity theft at if you believe that fraudsters have gotten access to your private data or Etsy account.
  • Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements. Con artists might target your financial information to steal from or borrow against you. Look for any unusual behaviour on your bank or credit card statements. You might also have a service like Aura, which monitors your credit, keeping your information safe.
  • You should look into getting identity theft protection. The top-rated identity theft prevention service provided by Aura checks your personal data, bank accounts, and login passwords for suspicious activity. 

Powerful online security features like antivirus software, a password manager, a VPN, and more are included with every Aura plan, along with access to U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialists around the clock and insurance up to $1,000,000 for qualified damages incurred as a result of identity theft. 

4 Reasons to Trust Etsy Purchases

4 Reasons to Trust Etsy Purchases

As previously said, Etsy is a trustworthy marketplace. Etsy has included many fail safes to address any problems on the site, which should provide users peace of mind.

So, in that spirit, I have listed all the reasons I believe Etsy is reliable. Let’s delve in:

1. Etsy Reviews System

Etsy has a review system to ensure the quality of all shops and items sold. When customers see many five-star reviews, they know they can trust the quality of the seller and the thing they’re purchasing.

You can tell whether a vendor did a poor job because of the feedback they received. However, a reputable seller will have many glowing recommendations. This is a significant factor in deciding whether or not to trust a vendor.

Also, reviewers are required to buy the products they critique. The need to buy before leaving a review eliminates all false reviews.

Criteria to Consider

When reading through a seller’s reviews, keep an eye out for comments about the following:

  • Customer support (returns, refunds, et cetera)
  • Shipping times
  • Quality of the product

If all of the reviews for a specific Etsy business are positive, you may feel confident purchasing from them.

Since crazies will always provide terrible evaluations to excellent Etsy merchants, I only accept those with 4.2 average star ratings. As for the number of reviews, I’d like to see at least 15, but the number is up to you.

2. Etsy Buyer Protection

Etsy does not intervene directly between the buyer and the seller, but a case system is in place in the event of a dispute. You may escalate a conflict with the vendor if you feel they have misrepresented their products or services to you and are unwilling to make amends.

Here’s what to do if anything disastrous happens with your order:

  • Contact the vendor: You should first try contacting the Etsy business directly to resolve the issue before contacting Etsy support. Most problems are resolved quickly. After all, a successful business prioritises client satisfaction above all else.
  • Open a case: If a seller causes you distress and won’t work with you to resolve the issue, you may contact Etsy’s customer service. From there, they may determine whether your situation calls for further action.
  • Fix the problem: Etsy will mediate the dispute between you and the vendor if customer service determines that the seller did not adhere to the site’s quality guidelines.

Etsy support may intervene directly in the following cases:

  • Non-delivery is when a product is sent but has yet to be received by the customer, and the seller cannot confirm delivery to the mailing address.
  • Faulty description: Etsy’s support team will blame the seller if the item the customer gets drastically differs from what was advertised. If the vendor delivers the item too late, the buyer might file a “not as described” claim based on the late delivery.

Etsy’s customer service won’t become involved in the following scenarios:

  • Products damaged in transportation
  • Products arrived late because of shipping complications
  • Used or broken items for which the customer has thrown away the receipt
  • Products bought outside of Etsy’s checkout 
  • Products returned without any agreement
  • Products purchased in person, regardless of whether they were found via the Etsy app
  • Products that don’t follow Etsy’s guidelines

As can be seen, Etsy does all in its power to safeguard its customers. So long as the problem is the buyer’s sole responsibility and the payment was made via Paypal or Etsy, customer support will have your back.

3. Etsy Payments Are Secure

When making purchases online, everyone is concerned about the safety of their credit card number and other personal details. Thankfully, Etsy takes the security of its customers’ accounts extremely seriously.

Etsy Cards Security

Etsy Cards Security

Only Etsy can access the payment details you provide when you purchase from a store on Etsy. Therefore, a seller on Etsy can’t steal your data since they will never have access to it. If you take standard precautions with your credit card, purchasing from an Etsy vendor should present no problems.

Etsy also employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure the safety of financial transactions. Global corporations all use this same kind of encryption. If they have faith in it, you should, too.

Combating Fraud

Even though Etsy is a safe site, fraudsters may attempt to steal your information for malicious purposes. Be careful you consistently access Etsy via its official domain,

You may verify this by checking the address bar at the top of your browser. You have reached the right website if the URL begins with “” and has a lock symbol in the address bar.

It’s also essential to stay away from phishing emails. Scammers may target Etsy users to get sensitive information or money. Remember that Etsy’s customer service will never ask for your password directly.

4. Etsy Enforces Strict Seller Policies

Etsy has seller rules to ensure the site’s smooth operation and the sale of vintage and handcrafted goods. They regulate the kind of goods that may be sold, the methods of purchase, and the acceptable conduct of businesses.

For instance, it is forbidden to sell things that are being actively produced elsewhere (on sites like Amazon and eBay). Etsy is an online marketplace for art supplies, antiques, and unique, handcrafted goods.

Although anybody may create an Etsy account, everyone is bound by the same policies. By adhering to these rules, Etsy protects its customers from fraudulent sellers and potentially dangerous goods.

What Does Etsy Do with Your Information?

Etsy needs this information to maintain service quality. For instance, a valid physical mailing address is required for shipping purposes when purchasing through the site.

Information about your device and browser, such as cookies and IP address, is automatically sent to the platform. Etsy may utilise this data for fraud detection and service integrity checks.

Etsy respects your right to privacy and will not use your information in ways not described in its Terms of Service.

Can Etsy Be Trusted with Your Credit Card Details

Can Etsy Be Trusted with Your Credit Card Details?

Yes. Your payment card information is safe on Etsy since the platform employs encryption methods like TLS (transport layer security). The confidentiality of your payment card details during the whole transaction is guaranteed.

Credit card details are encrypted on the site, so no one else can see them unless you share this information with them.

Can Sellers See Your Shipping Address

Can Sellers See Your Shipping Address?

The address is visible to the sellers. This data is required to print a label and schedule a delivery service.

Etsy Customer Support

Etsy’s customer service is excellent, aiding shoppers and merchants. The primary goal is to make the platform enjoyable for everyone who uses it.

Some of the most important roles they play are as follows:

  • Fixes problems with payments, orders, and deliveries
  • Determine the outcome of cases by reviewing the facts, the applicable policies, and your analysis.
  • Assistance with technological problems
  • Explains Etsy’s stance on various issues, such as returns, refunds, intellectual property, etc.
  • Helps individuals with questions and issues about their accounts
  • Provides Etsy vendors with access to helpful learning materials

Is Etsy Reliable With Its Customer Service?

To a large extent, you can trust Etsy’s support staff. Responding to your communications may take a few days, although this can vary based on urgency.

There are three methods to receive assistance on the site:

Help Center

The frequently asked questions and articles included in the Help Center are designed to provide help to customers.

Chat and Messaging

If you have any questions or concerns, you can talk to a representative in real-time by clicking the chat window or the Contact Support button.

Resolution Center

When a problem arises between a seller and a customer, they may go to the resolution centre to try and figure it out. The assistance staff acts as dispute monitors.

Risks When Buying From an Etsy Shop1

Risks When Buying From an Etsy Shop

Etsy is committed to providing a safe and trustworthy environment for its users, but there are certain dangers you should be aware of. Since small enterprises and individuals may sell their wares here, the quality of services and goods varies widely.

Remember the following potential hazards while making purchases on the platform:

1 – Quality and Accuracy Discrepancies

The goods you get could sometimes not match the description or the promise. There may be colour discrepancies or the materials utilised from what was advertised.

2 – Seller Integrity

As was previously said, there is a remote possibility of dealing with dishonest vendors.

3 – Shipping and Delivery Issues

Etsy sellers are responsible for shipping and delivery. It might be more time-consuming for others, or you could be out of luck with some choices.

The courier provider is responsible for other problems, such as late deliveries, broken items, or missing shipments.

4 – Fake or Infringing Items

Selling counterfeit goods or commodities that infringe on another party’s intellectual property is strictly forbidden on Etsy. However, it is still possible to find such content on the website.

In light of this information, you may make an informed decision about whether or not to use Etsy’s services. To have a pleasant shopping experience, check the seller’s reputation, carefully examine the item description and images, and contact the seller.

Can You Get Scammed on Etsy?

Anyone using Etsy, whether as a consumer or vendor, risks falling victim to a scam.

The platform is also vulnerable to the following frauds in addition to the ones already mentioned:

  • False shipment tracking information and failure to deliver goods
  • Fake products
  • Phishing scams
  • False advertising of mass-produced goods
  • Products with inflated prices

How To Avoid Scams on Etsy

Follow the safety suggestions below to ensure you can purchase on Etsy safely.

Examine the Product Description and Photos.

Examine the Product Description and Photos.

Read the product description thoroughly to know what you’re buying. Verify the quality of the material, the exact proportions, and the degree of personalisation available. Pay attention to certificates and warranties, particularly for expensive things like jewellery.

Verify that the images and the description of the product are consistent with one another. Check for generic quality and make sure the photographs are of excellent quality.

Etsy’s in-built messaging system allows you to contact vendors for clarification.

Research the Sellers.

Use our earlier advice to verify that the vendor is authentic and trustworthy. Look into the seller’s feedback, recommendations, and past sales.

Check the Seller’s Returns Policy.

Sellers might allow the return of products if you decide not to make the purchase.

However, not every Etsy shop will let you return an item. You may see the specific return policy of every given Etsy vendor by visiting their shop or product detail page.

You should always examine the seller’s return policy if you make impulsive purchases online.

Keep Transactions Inside the Platform.

Do not proceed with an order if the vendor requests payment using a method other than Etsy.

You can’t submit a claim if you did not purchase on Etsy. If you made the exchange off of Etsy, the company has no way to investigate.

Protect Your Credit Card Information.

You may communicate with Etsy merchants directly using the site’s message feature. You can contact vendors and inquire about their items and delivery options through private messages.

However, keep your payment card information private from vendors or other users. Etsy handles all payments and transactions, so they won’t require your financial information.

Keep your credit card number private over the phone.

You should only enter credit card details at Etsy’s checkout.

Trust Your Instincts.

Don’t purchase if you think the seller or any part of the procedure is off. You may want to notify Etsy of the problem if there are evident red flags.

What To Do if You Get Scammed on Etsy

What To Do if You Get Scammed on Etsy

When a problem arises, it is best to contact the original vendor first to see whether the situation can be fixed.

If they are unresponsive or unhelpful, you may file a complaint with Etsy for assistance.

Follow these instructions to create a case on Etsy.

1. Open your Etsy account page.

Go to Your Account after logging into Etsy.

If you purchased as a guest, you must sign up for an Etsy account before submitting a complaint.

Step 2: Track Down That Purchase.

Select the Purchases and Reviews tab. Find the order in question, then click the Help with the order link.

Click on  “Still need help?” on the next page that opens. Next, choose “Open a Case.”

3. Explain why you’re filing a case.

You may choose one of the following:

  • Non-delivery: Not receiving your order because the vendor sent it to the incorrect address or needs delivery confirmation.
  • Not-as-described: The item you got does not match the description given during manufacture.

After making the correct selection, proceed by clicking Next.

4. Tell Etsy’s Help Team All the Specifics.

Include pertinent information, such as your encounters and experiences with the vendor. Please provide a detailed explanation of the problem and any relevant proof.

To speed up the resolution process you may provide Etsy with supporting evidence, like photographs, screenshots, and invoices, to speed up the resolution process.

5. Wait for Etsy’s Decision

Etsy will evaluate the evidence and make an assessment. You may expect a swift resolution from the platform if it is determined that the vendor was at fault.

Etsy may be in touch for further details before making a final decision. In such a circumstance, responding quickly to Etsy’s requirements will help move the process forward.

6. Check in on the development of your case

If you go to your account and click on Cases Reported by you, you may see where your case stands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Etsy?

Etsy was founded in 2005 as an online marketplace for one-of-a-kind arts, crafts, and antique goods. Over time, it has grown to include jewellery, home furnishings, apparel, accessories, and even materials for DIY projects.

Is Legit?

Yes. is the official domain name of the shop. Always complete a purchase on the website to keep your financial details safe.

Will Etsy Refund Money if Scammed?

You may get your money back if you fall victim to a scam or fraudulent transaction through Etsy’s purchase protection program. Etsy’s customer service requires you to report such incidents with supporting documentation. Etsy evaluates the situation and issues a refund or takes any necessary steps.

How Do I Know if an Etsy Seller Is Legit?

Here are some things to look for to determine whether you can trust a vendor:

  • Find their star seller badge
  • Read the comments and ratings left by previous buyers.
  • Get in touch with the vendor.
  • Look through their past transactions.

Where Is Etsy Located?

Etsy’s corporate offices are located in Brooklyn, New York. As a worldwide marketplace, however, it serves domestic and foreign customers.

Is Etsy Safe To Sell On

Is Etsy Safe To Sell On?

Yes, it’s a secure place to do business. Etsy safeguards its merchants, including payment options and customer feedback. Service is only partially safe. It’s essential to safeguard your data.

Is My Credit Card Safe on Etsy?

Yes. Etsy only works with reputable payment processors and utilises standard encryption practices to safeguard customer credit card data. 

But don’t give out your personal information to vendors. Nevertheless, you should review your credit card accounts often for any irregularities.

Is Etsy Legit for Shoes?

Yes, you can find handcrafted, authentic, and various varieties of footwear, including customised pairs, on Etsy. However, be cautious and only deal with reputable vendors. Make sure your expectations are met by reading the product description carefully.

Why Is Etsy So Cheap?

Etsy prices vary widely since they are determined by each seller’s manufacturing expenses, business model, and marketing approach. Some things may be less expensive on Etsy because the seller avoids the intermediary by selling directly to consumers.

Is Etsy Jewelry Real?

The authenticity of jewellery purchased on Etsy depends on the item and the seller. The market is flooded with handcrafted, unique, antique, and mass-produced jewellery pieces. Check out the description to learn about the product’s construction, approvals, and warranties.

Is Etsy a Reputable Company Like Amazon?

There is no doubt that both are trustworthy places to do online shopping. However, each store offers a distinctive buying experience because of its unique procedures and standards.

Can I Track My Etsy Purchases?

Yes. Your Etsy seller must provide you with their shipping tracking information.

The Bottom Line

Are purchases made on Etsy secure?

Since you now know the answer, you may confidently shop on the site. Follow the advice we’ve given above to purchase online without worry.

Etsy isn’t risk-free, but it may be a valuable and secure shopping option if you’re careful.

The marketplace is an excellent place to discover unique creations by local artisans and merchants. It’s a secure marketplace where you can set up a shop and sell your wares to the world.