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How to Do a VEVO Check for Uber and Uber Eats?

To qualify as an Uber Eats, ride-sharing app service provider, or work for any other food delivery service, you must complete your VEVO or “right to service” verification before you get started.

Here is how you can get started on VEVO and right-to-work verification. 

What is VEVO?

Officialised in 2009, VEVO is a video service created by a collaboration of various companies and is currently used in more than 300 countries. Here are the companies that own VEVO; Abu Dhabi Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

The companies opened Vevo more to regulate YouTube, which was already famous and dominant in the music world. Therefore, the companies created VEVO, which was more friendly to the artists regarding video quality and better opportunities to make money.

Like YouTube, as a member of SME, UMG, among other labels, you can post your original and live videos that viewers will stream. As a VEVO user, you can watch exclusives, interviews, BTS clips and live videos as they happen on VEVO.

Since its launch, VEVO has created significant waves within the music industry, with over 30 million viewers and approximately 99 million monthly checks.

 However, the most considerable advantage of VEVO is to the music producers who are currently making good money from subscribers and adverts on VEVO.

Why Use Vevo For Your Music?

Most musicians are now turning to VEVO to host and market their music. Here is why;

Great Exposure

Currently, VEVO has partnered with several popular platforms. Therefore, it opens many channels for artists to market and broadcast music. 

Currently, VEVO distributes music to; Apple TV, Samsung, Roku and Pluto. In addition to being a label on its own, VEVO takes it upon itself to distribute videos to more platforms and networks. 

High Royalties

While this is a plus to signing up with VEVO, it also has more bonuses. First, the videos on VEVO are always high quality. Therefore you can be sure they’ll be credible in the market with total royalties. 

Additionally, their majesties lie between $0.0021 and $0.0026. However, you’ll need to have significant exposure to enjoy them.

The most significant advantage of VEVO is its exposure. The videos on VEVO are of high quality, and they get thousands of viewers monthly from their exposure. 

They also allow you to pocket all your earnings in addition to helping you gain popularity worldwide. That, combined, makes VEVO the go-to platform for all music producers; high profits and many fans are guaranteed on VEVO.

How To Get Your Music Video On VEVO

How To Get Your Music Video On VEVO

You can partner with one of their content producers or distribute your videos with independent labels. While submitting your videos through a label is good, what matters more is the company that presents your videos. 

If you choose to distribute your work through independent companies, you can use Symphonic Distribution, Ditto Music, View Maniac and Vydia to submit your videos.

The Submission Process For VEVO

Submitting your videos on VEVO is more like signing up for an app for the first time. The first step to creating an account, upload your work to your account and then wait for VEVO to verify your content. Ideally, within 11 days, your channel will be ready for use.

However, before VEVO publishes your first video, there are a few requirements and standards you need to comply with.

You can check online to see if your video meets their standards. You can also talk to your video editor, who will tell you if your video meets their criteria. 

You can also use Free Vevo to send your videos to VEVO. Even so, it also comes with a few offers; as many uploads as you want, 24-hour publications, direct marking to their partners and royalty details. 

 If you’re on YouTube as a content creator, you might already know how VEVO works. However, with VEVO, your videos must be high-quality and comply with their standards. At first, VEVO may not accept your videos, but with time they will. 

However, ensure your YouTube account remains intact even after you start being a hit on VEVO.

Like other platforms, you must be honest with your subscribers and produce quality content on VEVO to remain relevant. However, why not go out alone with YouTube instead of dealing with VEVO’s standards? 

Understanding Music Video Hosting Platforms

While having quality content and partners is excellent, it’s only worthwhile if you have subscribers to enjoy your content. Youtube is the most powerful video platform, but you must market yourself to remain relevant. 

Your content must also resonate with a specific audience to hit on YouTube. 

Trending Lists

We analysed YouTube and found that out of the 30 hit videos on the platform, only 7 have a VEVO watermark attached, while other labels produce the rest. 

Therefore, as crucial as labels are, success on YouTube depends on how exposed your content is, especially since not all hit videos are music videos. 

For example, the 15th video on the list is “Happier” Than Live by Bullie Eilish, which he did on Jimmy Fallon, meaning not all music videos end up being a hit.

How Can I Get My Music Video Recognised by Vevo?

1. Create an Account With an Official VEVO Partner 

The only way to get your video content on VEVO is by passing through one of their official partners. Some partners, like Ditto Music, allow you to keep all profits and royalties you earn from the platform. 

That means they don’t get any direct cut from your music; all you make goes to your pockets. You can check online for ways you can sign up with Ditto.

2. Upload Your Music Video

After creating your Ditto account, you’re no4 ready to upload your videos to VEVO through the dashboard. Ditto uploads your music immediately to VEVO, and they directly verify it.

Therefore, you should ensure your music video complies with all of VEVO’S requirements to avoid delays and rejects from the platform.

Luckily, there is enough information on Google to help you with VEVO’S requirements you must meet for them to approve your music. 

3. Wait for Your Channel & Video To Appear 

Ditto is VEVO’S official partner; however, if you still need to create your official artist’s account, viewing your video will take about 11 days. 

However, if your page is set up, your video will be ready in about 48 hours or less. Therefore, as you proceed with Ditto, set up your artist’s page to make your work easier and shorten the time you use to upload.

Who Can Access Vevo?

You can check your visa information and conditions online if you own a visa. You will need your grant number, ImmiCard or passport details and the transaction reference to access your account. You can also request your reference number on VEVO if you lack any.

When Can You Use It?

There are various times when your Visa comes in handy. Therefore, we have highlighted a few of those times. They are;

  • If you intend to work with Uber Eats and other ride-sharing services
  • If you’re looking for an opportunity and your employer asks to check your visa details 
  • When landlords ask to confirm your period living in Australia 
  • As you start on a new course or if you plan on applying for a scholarship

Vevo Alternatives


1. MeFeedia

MeFeedia is among the largest hosts of movies, TV shows, tutorials, TV shows, study lessons, theatre shows, music and documentaries, among other entertainment. If you love to get entertained by watching what other people post, then this platform is for you. 

You can also post your content on this platform. While it’s a great platform, it’s smaller than the rest, like YouTube. 

However, you can access any content you want for free. Vevo also assures its users of the best quality and enough video diversifying. Like YouTube, you can create a channel to post videos that other MeFeedia users can easily access.


2. YouTube

YouTube is currently the largest video-sharing platform worldwide. It opens you up to a world of Vlogs, live streams, content creation and other kinds of video. You can access all trending videos on YouTube. 

Apart from accessing all kinds of videos, from fashion, news, lifestyle, parenting, entertainment, life hacks, movies and other types of videos, you can also pocket some big bucks from this platform. 

Once you create a channel, you can market it and create quality content that attracts subscribers. 

With YouTube, you can upload or live stream any video you want, as long as your content meets their guidelines. Additionally, by being the most effective platform, the platform opens your content to billions of viewers worldwide.

Currently, YouTube has partnered with Google. Therefore, it uses the kind of search metrics as Google. Thus, for the best search results on YouTube, it is best if you use keywords to look for content. 

With YouTube, you can post any number of videos without the platform limiting you or charging you.

Additionally, the platform allows you to post, stream and access videos for free. However, there are some videos, especially movies, that the profile users decide to charge before watching. Many content creators, musicians, and actors have joined and now broadcast their content on YouTube. 


3. Vimeo

One thing with Vimeo is that they don’t bargain with the quality of their videos. As you turn on the platform, you can be sure to find high-quality and HD-quality videos. You can also stream and host your videos online, which is now everyone’s go-to system.

We only have a few sources of video content platforms that offer their services on the web, much less those with high-quality content. There are better platforms for dealing with a collection than Vimeo.

It’s also limited when posting complete TV shows and movies compared to other streaming platforms. 

However, because of their high-quality videos, you can enjoy your videos enough to repeat them severally. They may have a few videos uploaded to their platform, but the ones uploaded are top quality.


4. Dailymotion

Daily Motion is now available to stream and upload videos in more than 40 countries worldwide. With Dailymotion, you can host and share content without much limitation. 

It may not be as broad and diverse as YouTube and other platforms, but it’s still a great platform to access original movies, TV shows, documentaries, songs and drama shows. 

Most users have complained that the platform takes long to stream its videos. Many users say it can take about a while for a 2-minute video to load fully. However, this is understandable, considering the web streaming isn’t responsive. 

Like YouTube and other services, you can create your videos and soon start to earn from the platform. 

5. Metacafe

Metacafe is the best platform if you’re a fan of short clips, movies, trailers or videos, It’s an online platform where creators post short clips for their audiences, but their services are generally more like the other video platforms. 

While it’s common for short videos, you will also find complete movies and long shows on the platform. It has everything, from documentaries, sports news, drama shows, TV programs and many other services on the forum. 

Another popular thing about Metacafe is that it sets apart a whole area for gamers, where they can access all the information they require about games. From the upcoming games to a preview of new videos, as a gamer, Metacafe has got you covered.

Like the other platforms, this allows you to upload or live stream and share your content with your fans. However, you first need to create an account where all your videos will appear. 

6. Youku

Youku was once based on two different video-sharing platforms in China. However, it is now China’s most outstanding video-sharing platform and among the world’s most excellent video-sharing media.

While most of its users are from China, it also provides its services to the rest of the world, but the content is focused on China. That said, since it allows worldwide users, you will find a replication of content you have seen on another platform like YouTube. 

While it’s common for sharing videos and live streams, people also use it to distribute and promote their movies, shows and their brands. Therefore, if you’re looking for high-quality and top-rated films, stop by the Youku platform and see what they got. 

You can also use the venue to host your videos and other services. 


7. EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a platform where you can share and live stream your videos for others to watch, search or download. However, the platform has limitations, such as you need help finding top-rated or full videos on EngageMedia.

Even so, you will still find other kinds of videos, primarily educational, research or technological. 

Although it’s not ideal for entertainment, it’s top-notch for research and educational materials. It has the best quality materials in the genres, available online and for download. 

8. Muvi

With Muvi, you can stream your video or audio on different devices simultaneously to the platform. It has unique features and a complete OTTP to multistream your videos. 

You can live stream any video or audio, from sports to documentaries; your floor is open on Muvi. Once you connect to Muvi, your live stream is one click away.

Muvi has features that allow you to host and manage your live stream and videos on different devices and platforms. 

It also has a live server that ensures its users have the best quality videos and experiences with live streams. That means you can manage different kinds of ads on other apps, platforms and websites. 

9. YouUpload

YouUpload is a mobile software where you can post videos directly from your gallery (camera roll) to YouTube. 

You need to download the app from your mobile store and choose where to upload your video. From there, you can now upload directly from your camera roll or any other app. It also allows you to edit the video’s description and title you are uploading. 

That means you can add hashtags and other tags to the videos you are posting to broaden your view list. You also have the option to post your video as public or private or upload it as an unlisted video.

Finally, the app can handle various tasks at once. That said, you can handle other jobs on the software as YouUpload uploads your video on YouTube. 

10. Vidoza

Vidoza is a platform that hosts your videos at no cost, meaning you can upload your videos for free. The best part about this video is that it allows you to share videos of all kinds and sizes without restrictions. 

With Vidoza, you can choose your videos privately or publicly, but sharing with the public has more advantages. By sharing your videos publicly, you open your account to the probability of earning from your subscribers. 

It is a broad platform where you can watch and share your favourite videos with other users.

Like most other platforms, Vidoza has an area where the videos that are trending worldwide appear. 

It’s also relatively easy to get started; To register, you only need to provide your name and contacts to the service providers.

As soon as you register, you can immediately upload and stream your videos to make money from the platform. Finally, It’s easy to operate and has easy tools to edit your videos. 


11. Megavideo

Megavideo was a hosting service where you could explore videos, watch them then share them for other users to view. The platform was quite huge, with every genre of videos available for users to consider. Creating an account is easy; you can share your videos on your profile. 

It had all other divisions except the highly viewed videos, one with the most comments and the featured clips.

The platform allowed you to search and view the video you wanted from its category. The main categories were; vehicles, comedies, music and entertainment, although it still had other genres. 

It also had a premium option where you could access premium videos. Generally, most of its services were free, but you needed a paid subscription to rate the videos. The creators and the users could see how many views the video has and the reviews people have given in the comments. 

12. Diecast

Diecast is a platform designed for businesspeople to upload videos for other users to see easily. It comes with various options to customise your videos to the colours and plans your company stands for. 

You can also add your logo, watermark your videos, add a call to action and share the videos to another platform, making it the go-to app for most businesspeople. 

It also has features where you can customise your videos to fit the business descriptions and add features to make your business get better publicity. 

Dacast is compatible with most devices available on the market. It also allows you to post, edit and share your videos with other users. 

It has excellent features that many businesses across the world turn to. You can upload as many videos as possible, advertise them, watermark and customise your videos to fit your brand. 

13. NovaMov

NovaMov is an affordable video platform where you can upload and store videos to its servers, ensuring they remain safe as long as you need them. It also has excellent features that support individuals and businesses looking to keep their videos safe and has no limitations with video sizes.

Like other platforms, you can share your videos with friends and family by generating a small link to share your content. The platform is also easy to use, as you only need to provide your name, email and create a password to register to the forum. 

After successfully registering your account, you can start to upload your videos and divide them into the various categories you’d like.

NovaMov is affordable and has different plans depending on your preference. However, it’s a platform where you upload, edit and share your videos with friends using a link.

14. Streamango

Streamango is a streaming platform famous for its quick and easy-to-use services. Because of how fast it is, most users prefer it to other services. Streamango is mainly designed for creators who want to share their content on one platform, allowing users to rate and drop likes on their videos. 

It has bread features that content creators require to make screaming enjoyable. It has mix options where you can combine several videos, add filters and use other features to edit your videos. It’s those options that make it different from other videos.

Streamango has a file manager where you can manage all your files, saving you time and energy. It’s a free service that is accessible worldwide to all users. 

15. Sendvid

Sendvid is an online video platform where you can upload, secure and share your content with other users. The platform has no limits, meaning you can post videos of all sizes and genres that you can manage on the forum. 

The platform is private, meaning all your videos remain private until you share them with other users. It’s also swift, and you can share different videos at once and immediately share them with others, even on other social media platforms. 

With one click, you share your videos to all other platforms you desire, saving the time you could have spent individually posting the videos.

It also has a community where you can join in on trendy video discussions and have other people comment on your videos. 

16. Openload Fun

Openload Fun is a great platform where people worldwide can catch up on top movies for free without many limitations. It’s famous for its high quality and High Dimension videos that Will keep you glued to your screen. 

The videos are also well organised and categorised, meaning you can easily find your favourite movie by searching on the genre it belongs to.

Finally, you can access all movies for free without paying or subscribing to the service. Downloading the platform is also optional, meaning you don’t need to download the platform to access the movies. 

You can also share your favourite film by generating a link accessible to anyone you send it to.

17. Footytube

Footytube is the go-to platform for football-specialised news, highlights, videos or interviews. If you missed the live stream, it’s the best platform to catch up on your favourite team’s recap.

It also collects all football-related information, from podcasts to quotes, making them available to everyone on the platform. 

For that reason, the platform is becoming popular daily as more football fans and lovers join the forum to add to the large fan base. You can still create your platform on Footytube and compete with other users, e.g., on fantasy teams. 

It’s the largest and the most comprehensive platform online, providing updated information on football. It portrays podcasts, live videos, results and various team statistics. It’s also free and allows you to interact with other users in the comments area.

18. Streamable

The best part is that Streamable allows you to post your videos to the platform without signing up for it officially. It has been developed to enable you to post your videos quickly and easily to the forum without needing an account. 

Currently, it has two options, the free option and the more expanded option that you pay for to access broader and better services. Still, if your device is compatible with the service, you can only stream HD videos (1080p and 60fps).

The videos automatically save on the platform, so you are not constantly worried about losing your data. It also bans any ads that could disrupt you as you enjoy your shows, ensuring you flow as you enjoy your shows. 

It’s easy to use, so you only need to copy the URL and upload your videos. That makes it a fantastic way to share your content with your audience, depending on your preferred plan.

Pluto. tv

 19. Pluto. tv

It’s currently the American online TV platform offering over 300 channels and thousands of top-rated movies and shows. While it has some charges, most of its services are provided free.

It has different videos that you can watch on most devices. It has agnosticism that allows you to access Pluto. Tv on other devices, like your TV, gaming gadgets, movies, etc. You can check online for the various ways to get the service on your phone. 

It primarily offers international movies, but rumours say you will soon access even local moves directly from your antenna on the platform.

Once you activate it, you can easily pair your phone as your remote to edit the channel list. It’s available in some areas, but we hope to access it worldwide. 

20. ZTube

ZTube focuses on keeping you entertained. The software works exactly like Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion. You can upload and watch videos on the platform. You can also customise your account to share only one type of video. 

The metrics study your patterns and recommend videos that match your preference. You can use YouTube and Vimeo to watch your videos. 

21. Vine

Vine is a service where you can create and edit videos of about 5 seconds to share with your family and friends. You can also share these videos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with only one click. 

To participate, you must sign up to set up your profile so other users can see it and view your content.

Vine displays public data so people can see when you posted the Vine, the exact time and date, the number of loops, likes and the comments your Vine has. It also has different platforms, one that supports children’s content and the other for adult content.

Once you upload your video, Vine allows you to edit the videos with its various platform features, ensuring your content is all high quality.

You can use it to make short comedy, music, and animation clips to entertain your friends, family and fans. Soon enough, there will be an updated version, V2, that all mobile and Windows versions will support. 

22. is a video service that supports middle to small-sized businesses by allowing you to post and review your videos without being limited by the app. 

It was developed to help you streamline as you create your videos by adding communicating, creative and collaboration features. You can collabo anytime worldwide using your mobile phone. 

The parts are also easy to understand and access, meaning you can operate the critical services without much strain. It also allows you to upload and transfer high-dimension video formats like ProRes, which is why users prefer it. 

You can also share images, audio and PDFs by inviting your friends to receive the files from the cloud. It’s more secure because only the people you authorise can access your files. 

Additionally, you can receive feedback from your customers from noted embed in the app, which saves you effort and time, as it ensures maximum security to your conversations. The best part is the features where you can showcase your sales to your customers. 

It’s affordable, with various options, each with unique characteristics.

23. Verystream

Verystream is more of a movie and series service provider where you can watch any movie without buffering challenges. On this platform, you will find various films, from action to crime movies and romance shows. 

It is where you will find all the latest films and top-rated popular series, not to mention the latest episodes of TV shows. 

You can also upload movies and videos for other users to access. The best part of this service is the extensive search panel where you can search the film by the release date, IMBD rating, or genre. 

It’s a free platform, such that all you need to do is search for your favourite movies and enjoy your show.


24. Rediff

It’s India’s most significant movies and video streaming service, with the latest news, entertainment and information ready for its users. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest and best films, Rediff is your go-to platform. 

In addition to being on top of the latest movies, the service also shows all previews for upcoming series and movies, that way; you can stay updated in terms of film.

With Rediff, you don’t need to create your account; search the website to watch the movies online or download them to watch later. However, that means you cannot have your channel of specialised videos and preferences.

25. Ku6

Ku6 is currently the best source if you are looking for Chinese videos, movies and general news. From movies, sports and news, Ku6 will cover you with the best kinds and the latest films. The platform also reads your metrics and suggests videos based on your preference. 

This platform also allows you to upload and live stream your content as you enjoy what other content creators have posted. It’s free, meaning you can post and enjoy content from other users at no extra charge. 

Like most other platforms, Ku6 requires registering an account before enjoying their services and sharing your content with other users. 

While Ku6 is based in China, you can still access videos in other languages, not just Chinese. It has movies, fashion trends, games, videos, and other forms of entertainment to keep you hooked to your computer.

 26. StupidVideos 

StupidVideos is where you will find all the funny stupid videos the internet offers. Therefore, if breaking your ribs is your go-to entertainment, you will surely like StupidVideos to pass your time. 

The platform also has stand-up shows of famous comedians who work tirelessly to ensure you’re thoroughly entertained with funny content. 

It’s more of a collection of all the comedies you find on the various platforms. Therefore, instead of creating several platforms for comedy, wait to sign up for StupidVideos and get all you require on a single platform.

You can also share your funny videos and clips on the platform for other users to enjoy.


27. GodTube

GodTube is just like every other video hosting platform, only that this one deals with family content. However, unlike other platforms, you will never find sexual and nude content on this platform, as they only allow a range that favours family members of all ages. 

All the videos are godly and Christian based. Like other platforms, you can share your content; only it has to be religious content for it to qualify to be on this platform. You must also create an account and wait for approval before sharing videos on the forum. 

Therefore, if you plan on sharing content on GodTube, remember to adhere to their regulations, or the system will reject your content and ban your account. 


28. AOL On

If you are looking for the best movies, latest shows and news updates, then AOL is the platform for you, as it only focuses on keeping you entertained and updated with the latest news as short clips.

Like most platforms, AOL also has a search base to find your favourite show without wasting time and energy. You only need to click on the specific genre and look for your favourite show.

29. Rutube

Launched in 2006, Rutube is currently the leading video platform in Russia, offering free and updated movies to users worldwide.

 While all the content is free, you should register with the platform for unlimited video and music access, as unregistered users only get limited and short videos. 

You will find all kinds of videos, from the world of business to romance movies, all on YouTube, but only if you register an account with the platform.

Does Everyone Need To Do a VEVO Check in Australia?

No. You only need a VEVO check in Australia if you have to. The instances where you might need a VEVO check are mentioned in the introduction.

If you got your Visa anywhere after 1990, you could already access VEVO. Here are the people who can’t access VEVO in Australia;

  • If you got to Australia before 1990, you can still register for a visa online. 
  • If you come from Australia and New Zealand, you are not required to take a VEVO check, but you must prove you are a citizen. With a passport or a birth certificate, you’re good to go.