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How To Cancel Audible Membership

The Audible service offered by Amazon is a streaming audio platform where users may listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

You’ve found the perfect page if you’ve been thinking about terminating your Audible membership but have yet to find any clear instructions.

I can assist you with cancelling for whatever reason you see fit.

I’ll show you how to terminate your Audible subscription across all platforms. I will also explain how to end your Audible Premium Plus subscription and free trial.

Okay, so let’s begin.

So, What Exactly Is Audible?

Audiobooks have made classic literature more available than ever before. Audible has become a favourite among audiobook fans since it allows them to peruse thousands of books from the convenience of their phones. 

Amazon’s platform allows users to receive push alerts for new versions and publications, stream content directly from the application, download and listen to content offline, and more.

With an Audible + membership, you can borrow as many new and previously released titles as you like. With a Premium Plus membership, you can use your monthly credit to purchase an audiobook.

If, after giving it a try, you realise that nothing beats the feel of physical pages moving in your palms, cancelling your Audible subscription is a breeze. 

If you’re ready to return to the fundamentals and return to paperbacks (or you cannot afford another subscription), here’s how to cancel your Audible membership.

The History of Audiobooks

The History of Audiobooks

Amazon’s Audible is the leading provider of downloaded audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment worldwide. They cater to customers in over 180 nations worldwide and stock more than 200 thousand audiobooks. The goal of Audible is to increase the impact of spoken language.

Don Katz created Audible in 1995, and the company pioneered the digital audiobook industry when it debuted in 1997. 

In the first quarter of 2005, Amazon purchased Audible. Since its inception, Audible has expanded swiftly to become the largest provider of digital audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment worldwide.

There is a wide selection of audiobooks available on Audible, from recent releases to timeless classics. You will only discover this information here, as they provide stuff exclusive to their platform. Audible isn’t just for books; it has radio shows, comedies, podcasts, and more.

Audible offers a free 30-day trial for anyone interested in trying out the service but hesitant to sign up for a paid membership immediately. After that, your membership will continue for only 7.95 dollars each month.

Explaining how an Audible membership works

Audiobooks and additional audio content are available to users of Audible through the subscription-based service. You can access the service by downloading the Audible application from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free.

For 14.95 dollars per month on the regular plan, you can access the entire Audible library and download one audiobook at no additional cost.

You can purchase additional Audible credits in packs of 3 or pay cash for audiobooks. In addition to having access to special member-only sales, Audible subscribers receive a price reduction of thirty per cent on all books in the shop as a standard perk. screenshot highlighting the ” Buy 3 more credits” option in the top right menu.

You can borrow as many titles from the Audible Plus collection and the books you purchase. 

Similar to how Netflix or a community library would work. However, only a small subset of Audible’s library is available through Audio Book Plus.

Desktop Cancellation of Your Audible Subscription

Desktop Cancellation of Your Audible Subscription

Here is how to terminate your Audible subscription on a desktop or laptop computer.

1. Enter Your Audiobook Account Details.

To access your Audible library, please sign in to the Audible account.

To access your account’s settings after logging in, mouse above your username and choose Account Details.

You can terminate your Audible membership at any time through Your Account.

2. You’ll Find the Choice to Terminate Your Membership on the Page Detailing Your Account.

The next thing to do is to select Cancel Membership.

3. Specify or Explain Why You Are Cancelling.

When you click the Cancel Subscription button, you’ll see a window asking for the cause of leaving.

Pick the most appropriate justification from the options. Select “Other Reasons” if none among the preceding options apply.

4. To Complete Your Audible Cancellation, Use the Proceed Canceling Button

You may receive an immediate offer based on your reason for cancelling your Audible subscription. The purpose of this Audible message is to encourage you to continue your Audible subscription.

If you cancel your Audible account and say, “It’s too pricey,” you may receive a promotional offer from the service for a specified period. If you’re interested in changing your paid membership plan, you can do so by selecting Switch Membership.

On the desktop site for Audible, click the Proceed Canceling option to complete the cancellation process.

How to Deactivate Audible on Your Mobile Device

How to Deactivate Audible on Your Mobile Device

You can cancel your Audible subscription just as easily from your smartphone or tablet as from a laptop or desktop computer.

The only catch is that you may not have access to the Cancel Subscription option when cancelling from your smartphone or tablet.

Here are ways to terminate your Audible membership on your mobile device.

1. Open a Mobile Web Browser.

Open the mobile version of the Audible homepage in the browser of your choice.

2. View Your Account Information Here.

On the mobile site, tap the Menu option in the top left corner. Click on the My Account menu and then on View Subscription Details.

The Cancel Subscription button on the Member Profile page is not available on the mobile version of the website for Audible.

3. Select the Complete Site Menu Item.

It takes you through the entire site on your desktop, where you can see the Quit Membership option.

To terminate your Audible membership, visit the Member Account Details page and proceed as described above.

4. Verify Account Cancellation for Audible.

You will get a “We are sad to have you depart” message from Audible once you cancel your subscription. In addition, your Audible account email address will get a confirmation message from Audible.

Cancelling Your Audible Subscription Through the Mobile App

Cancelling Your Audible Subscription Through the Mobile App

The Audible app also allows you to cancel your subscription. If you subscribed to Audible through an app developed by a third party, such as Amazon, you have to terminate your subscription through that app.

Here is how to terminate your Audible subscription through the mobile app.

  • Find the Audible app on your gadget and open it.
  • Select it by clicking the Menu button in the upper left corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Account Details.
  • Select Membership, then select Cancel Membership to terminate your subscription. This will terminate the Audible Android app and Audiobook phone subscriptions, respectively.
  • To cancel your subscription, you must go through a series of steps.

Why You Should Stop Using Audible

I have discussed some of the issues with Audible that necessitate Audible’s cancellation below.

It’s Not Affordable to Become an Audible Member

The monthly fee for Audible Plus is 7.95 dollars, while the fee for Audiobook Premium Plus is 14.95 dollars.

Some people may find the prices for these memberships prohibitive, especially for Audiobook Premium Plus.

The Information You’re Looking for Needs to Be More.

Not being able to locate the material you need is another valid justification for terminating your Audible subscription. If you are unsatisfied with Audible’s selection of podcasts and audiobooks, you may terminate your membership at any time.

You Discovered a Less Costly Substitute.

Not every audiobook is available on Audible. There are numerous alternative options for listening to books on tape or discs. You can terminate your Audible subscription if you discover a more cost-effective alternative.

Regarding audiobooks, no one does it better than Audible, which is an Amazon subsidiary. Bestsellers, recent releases, plus classics are all available as audiobooks here. 

There is a wide range of original works available only on Audible. However, a small percentage of Audible subscribers decide to discontinue their membership. Here are a few of the more typical ones.

Expensive Expense Per Month

The standard membership fee at Audible is 7.95 dollars per month. If you only pay attention to a couple of audiobooks a month, this might add up quickly. Audiobooks and Scribd Now are two cheaper choices worth considering.

Time Restriction

Unfortunately, not everyone who signs up for Audible listens to the books they bought. The average listening time for an audiobook is about 10 hours, so most listeners give up too soon. 

Try something else, like checking out books at the library, if you are still determining if you will have sufficient time to enjoy audiobooks.

Paper Books

They would rather read a book or watch a movie on paper or on-screen than listen to an audiobook. Some folks will always keep the physical copy of a book or the DVD of their favourite movie. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Audible Subscription

Why Can’t I Cancel My Audible Subscription?

The Audible mobile app does not support terminating your membership. You’ll need to use your desktop browser to terminate your membership.

Use a desktop browser like Google Chrome or Safari to access the Audiobook website. Once you’ve entered the website, you can terminate your Audible subscription, as I described.

Before cancelling your Audible subscription, be sure you’ve used up any leftover credits. You will lose your remaining Audible credits if you do not.

Warnings Before Cancelling Your Audible Membership

If you cancel your Audiobook membership, you will not receive a prorated refund of any fees already charged to your account. In addition, you can no longer access any of the information associated with that account.

Before you terminate your Audible membership, make sure you’ve listened to everything you want to.

If you need help with your Audible account, please contact customer support.

What Audible plan provides the best value for money?

Price of an Audiobook Membership

The least expensive option is Audible Plus, which costs 7.95 dollars a month. It allows you to borrow unlimited audiobooks from the Audible Plus inventory of over 10,000 titles.

Audible Premium and Premium Plus start at $14.95/mo or $149.50/yr. All audiobooks in the Audible library are yours to listen to, and you get one credit each month (or Twelve every year) to use toward a new purchase.

The books you purchase with credit will remain yours and can be listened to whenever you please, even if you cancel or pause your Audiobook membership but not your Audiobook Plus membership.

The annual cost of Audiobook Premium Plus with two credits costs 229.50 dollars or 22.95 dollars per month. Audible Plus subscribers receive two Audiobook credits monthly (or twenty-four per year) for purchasing audiobooks in the Audible store.

Audible Premium Plus’s two credits annually are a fantastic bargain for those willing to pay the high initial cost. You save $5.21 off the regular price of credit, bringing the total to 9.56 dollars.

Consider making the switch should you find yourself frequently purchasing extra Audible credits.

Can You Get Discounts on an Audible Membership?

Discounts on Audible US’s standard membership plans are quite unusual. Subscribe for the Black Friday deal that Audible United Kingdom and various marketplaces typically provide. 

The complete Plus collection is available on Audible UK. Going international as a listener may be a good option when you want to save money on an Audible subscription.

Except for novels with specific geographical restrictions, all of Audible’s markets offer the same selection of audiobooks. However, they depend on your region rather than the Audible marketplaces (so if you’re in the UK, you’ll get US audiobook versions when you visit Audible UK, conversely ).

Cancelling your Audible subscription is a common tactic to obtain a discount. There are multiple confirmation and explanation prompts during the cancellation procedure on Audible.

If you haven’t utilised this offer in the past few months, the “it’s too pricey” option will likely result in a price reduction of fifty per cent for about three months using Audible Premium and Premium Plus.

How Long Do Audible Credits Last?

Warning: this is real! Take excellent care of your credits because each everyone values the Audible credits highly (typically 14.95 dollars). You will lose any remaining credit once you discontinue your Audible subscription.

In most cases, unused credits carry forward to the following month—credits for Audible only last for a year. When your credits are close to expiring, we’ll let you know in plenty of time to use them.

Another suggestion: if you have credits left over and haven’t used them because you have yet to find something appealing, use them toward a reservation instead. You can pay for pre-orders using Audible credits just like every other book, plus the app adds the audiobook to your collection as soon as it becomes available.

This holds even after membership cancellation. You can use your remaining credits to pre-order books, cancel your membership, and have the audiobooks shipped to you when they become available.

Is It Possible to Take a Break From an Audible Subscription?

You can interrupt your Audible subscription if you have credits and no time to listen.

This is effective once a year, lasting a maximum of three months. The app will not charge the fee on your credit card or Audible throughout this time. The Audible Plus library is also off-limits to you.

However, you can use any remaining credits on any books in your Audible collection that you own.

Can I Stop Using Audible Anytime?

You can terminate your Audible subscription at any time. And there are numerous applications for this!

You can terminate the trial period immediately after starting it so you don’t forget. You can still use your Audiobook credit(s) and have a subscription to Audiobook Plus until the completion of the current paying term.

You can also cancel the membership and join up again immediately if you run out of Audible credits and need more quickly. You’ll get a new bill, but you’ll also have new credit!

As I said, you can use the cancellation procedure to your advantage and get a bargain membership.

How Often Do You Wait to Swap an Audiobook on Audible?

In the past, a common tactic for getting the most from your Audible subscription was to swap out your books as frequently as possible to receive more listening time from each credit.

The first is that Audible’s process for permanently turning off this membership perk for an account is now considerably more streamlined. They keep closer tabs on transactions and will restrict access to your account if they deem your activity “strange.”

Second, you’re not robbing Audible or Amazon but the authors and performers of the audiobooks you exchange. Holy cow! Audible incurs no costs from offering a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on their products (which they advertise heavily).

They don’t compensate the publishers, writers, or voice actors!

This information just recently surfaced, and it has caused a significant uproar among those who make audiobooks. Because of this, Audible has modified its policies marginally. 

Within the first week following purchase, the app assumes a quality issue and does not compensate the book’s publisher for returned audiobooks. After a week, Audible will reimburse royalties for any returned audiobooks.

Audible hates having to shell out money. You can’t build a successful business by paying employees more than they’re worth. Audible isn’t joking about turning off the exchange option.

If you start listening to an audiobook and decide you don’t like it or the audio recording is poor, you are entitled to return it. The ability to try out new narrators and authors with Audible’s generous refund policy is a huge perk.

However, you’ve listened to the end of a book and found it somewhat enjoyable. In that case, you should seriously consider if you wish to purchase or return it for the benefit of your Audiobook account and for the authors too who the app should compensate. 

Some books just aren’t worth the price of Audible credits.

This seems harsh. However, one Audible credit is worth only 4.95 dollars, and you frequently save money by purchasing audiobooks through Amazon Whispersync.

Whispersynced audiobooks allow you to easily switch between listening to the book on Audible and reading it on Kindle. Sometimes it’s economical to buy both the audiobook and the ebook, regardless of whether you only want the audiobook, because of these bargains.

Whispersync is compatible with free ebooks and Kindle Unlimited ebook rentals.

You can select only the Whispersynced audiobooks you want to listen to on Audible.

If the book gets Whispersynced, the app will display the Whispersync pricing using a link to Amazon so that you can purchase the bundle.

Instead of using an Audiobook credit, purchasing the Whispersync bundle that includes the ebook is frequently more cost-effective when the price is 7.49 dollars or even 1.99 dollars.

Browse for Whispersync discounts to include in the Audible books for a reduced price if you already possess several Kindle ebooks using Amazon’s Audible Matchmaker.

Audible +

Accessibility to an Audible Plus catalogue is the primary perk of having an Audible membership compared to a subscriber of a competing service like If you have an Audible subscription, you’re not limited to just the one book you purchase with every month’s credit; you have access to as much as you like!

Audiobook Discounts and Offers

Member-only promotions are a great advantage of being an Audible subscriber. Thanks to the Everyday Deal feature, you may get an exciting audiobook at a low price daily.

There are also frequent Two-for-One and five dollars discounts where you may get two ebooks from a select catalogue for the price of 1. Such events are usually interesting to observe.

They also ensure that the wishlist function in Audible is useful. You can save a book to a wishlist if you’re interested but have yet to be ready to buy it. Audible will let you know when a sale occurs for that book so you may snag it at a steep discount.

Audiobook Creations Exclusive to Audible

Audible is both an online audiobook retailer and a major audiobook distributor.

Audible’s original works are known as “Audible Originals.” Authors often create new works expressly for the app’s production, intending to have the book published “audios-first” or possibly solely as an ebook.

Books may include everything from novels to biographies to manuals for running a business. Only on Audible can you find this collection of exclusive audiobooks. In addition, they frequently offer a Whispersync discount or are part of the Plus library, which costs only 1.99 dollars.

These are consistently fantastic performances! Audible has a firm grasp on what audiobook fans value. As a result, they frequently employ many actors to speak or go to great lengths to ensure an engaging auditory experience.

How to Fully Benefit from Your Audible Subscription.

Spend your money wisely. Put your credits to use with lengthy, pricey audiobooks or even audiobook collections.

Ensure there isn’t a better offer on the app you desire on Whispersync.

Make use of the Audible Plus library. There has been scepticism from certain people, particularly previous Audible Escape customers. The collection has some flops, but if the quality could be better, you can always move on.

After all, members of Audible Plus can stream books at no cost. Use it to experiment with new styles through short audiobooks or podcasts. The service is fantastic, and Audible is expanding its library.

If you’re an audiobook fan, The app makes it easy to utilise the service solely with the limitless streaming in the Audiobook Plus catalogue, the frequent sales, discounts, deals, and credits.

If you listen to ebooks daily, your Audible membership will pay for itself in no time, and you can do so for as little as 14.95 dollars per month.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free One-Month trial today. Regardless of whether you quit your Audible membership immediately after using your first credit to purchase an audiobook, you will still be able to keep the book.

If, despite the rewards, you’re not completely satisfied with your app’s membership because it fails to meet your listening preferences, I have some wonderful options for you to consider.

The Advantages of an Audible Membership and Their Features

Audible provides its subscribers with several valuable tools that make listening to audiobooks easier and improve the overall experience. In addition, there are a lot of perks that come with membership that make it worth paying for. This has many advantages, so let’s look into them.

One of Audible’s most appealing features is the ability to set your own narration pace. Audible lets you customise the playback pace to your choice, so you can listen slower to absorb the subtleties or accelerate the pace to go through books faster. 

This tool is for you if you want to speed through your reading list or are a foreign language learner with a slower narration speed.

Having the capacity to highlight and save passages from an audiobook also comes in handy. Marking key sections, phrases, and areas to return to is as easy as tapping the screen. This function allows readers to quickly return to select sections of the book without having to take notes by hand.

Audible’s ability to sync between gadgets is an additional perk. Listen on your phone when commuting, on your tablet while unwinding at home, or on your PC while taking a break at the office; Audible will keep track of your listening progress and bookmarks in each location. 

This synchronisation makes it possible to transition between devices and continue listening to an audiobook without missing a beat.

Additionally, Audible members receive special savings on purchases of additional audiobooks. Members can save money on book purchases by offering special member-only discounts. Those who listen to many audiobooks every month will find this perk extremely useful.

Members can also listen to Audible Originals at no additional cost. Audible original audio creations span various genres, from podcasts to audio plays to live concerts. 

Audible Originals feature well-known authors, famous people, and skilled narrators in works unlike anything else in the audiobook industry. These original creations are a fantastic opportunity to hear new artists’ perspectives and experiment with new forms of expression.

Plus, members-only discounts and special offers are available to them. Members of Audible can take advantage of unique sales and price reductions on audiobooks regularly. During these offers, members can save money, try new books, or re-read old favourites.

In addition, Audible provides a lengthy money-back warranty for its listeners. You can return an audiobook for a different title within a certain period if you aren’t satisfied with it. With this assurance, you may try works by new authors or in different genres without worrying about wasting your audible credits.

Offline playback is only one of the many benefits of becoming a member. This is especially handy when you’re on the go or in a location with spotty cell service.

As a whole, Audible’s membership perks and features improve your listening sessions and make it more than worth the price. 

Personalisation of the listening experience is possible through controls like narrative speed, bookmarking, and cross-device syncing. The sound guarantee, special price deals, free Audiobook Originals, and members-only promotions all add to the significance of membership.

Next, we’ll learn the specifics of acquiring an Audible membership, including the accessible trial period and paid service tiers.

Options for a Free Audible Trial and Paid Membership

If you’ve never used Audible, look around for free first. You can try Audible without spending a dime by signing up for their free trial. We’ll take you through the steps of registering for the free trial and describe your options for continuing your membership after the free period finishes.

You may try out Audible risk-free for 30 days and gain access to all of its features and advantages. Membership benefits include access to the extensive audiobook library, personalising your listening experiences, and member-only discounts and offers. You can learn as much as possible about the service during the trial period and see if it meets your expectations.

You can keep your Audible membership after the free trial finishes by upgrading to a paid plan. Various Audible membership plans are available to meet the needs of listeners with varying interests and preferences for reading. Monthly and yearly subscriptions make up the bulk of the market.

If you’d like more leeway in how often and how much you pay, the monthly plan is for you. In exchange for a consistent monthly payment, this plan grants access to Audible’s audiobook store and one credit to apply each month toward purchasing an audiobook. Also, as a regular subscriber, you’ll save 30% on any extra audiobooks you buy.

The yearly subscription plan may be more cost-effective if you are a heavy Audible user or intend to listen to many audiobooks each month. 

You’ll save money if you commit to a year of this plan. When you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll get 12 credits all at once, and you can use those credits to buy 12 audiobooks whenever you like during the year. You get the same 30 per cent savings on subsequent audiobook buys as with the regular plan.

The qualities and advantages of an Audible subscription are the same regardless of the membership plan. In addition to free Audiobook Originals, other perks include adjusting the narration speed and syncing your reading across multiple devices.

Audible also provides several limited-time discounts and special deals on top of its regular membership tiers. New member specials and time-sensitive promotions which add credits or perks can fall under this category. You should watch for deals like this because they enhance the value of your Audible membership.

User Feedback and Reviews

To give a thorough account of Audible, including ratings and comments from actual users, is crucial. 

If you’re trying to decide if Audible is the perfect audiobook service, hearing feedback from other app users can provide helpful insight into how they dealt with the platform and their listening experience. Let’s examine what people say about Audible, focusing on positive and bad feedback.

One common theme throughout Audible’s rave ratings is the service’s extensive collection of audiobooks. In addition to reading their favourite authors and publications in an alternative format, readers also appreciate the wide variety of titles and genres available. Numerous reviewers have also commented on the excellent narration and production values.

Users also regularly comment on Audible’s adaptability and ease of use. Listening to books on tape while doing mundane tasks like driving, exercising, or cleaning has become increasingly valuable. Many customers particularly appreciate the syncing option, which keeps their progress intact while they transfer between devices.

Members also enjoy free Audiobook Originals and exclusive savings and deal unavailable to the general public. For users who listen to a lot of audiobooks and want to make the best use of the discounts and credits, Audible is a great value.

However, a few persistent themes often appear in Audible’s bad evaluations. Users have complained that the subscription price is excessively pricey compared to competing audiobook services or that they use only some of their monthly credits. 

Others have complained about problems with customer service, citing challenges in paying their bills or fixing technological issues.

The quality of the production or narration of some audiobooks may need to be improved from the listening experience. Most Audible listeners are pleased with the quality of the narration and production. However, some may be dissatisfied due to taste or differences in the quality of different audiobooks.

Because everyone has unique interests and expectations, opinions and user experiences vary widely; if you want to get a well-rounded picture of Audible, it’s best to read various reviews and take constructive and constructive criticism into account.

App-Based Book Summaries: A Competitor to Audible?

For those who enjoy listening to books rather than reading them, Audible is a great resource. On the other hand, book summary applications present an appealing option for those looking for a new way to learn. Blinkist is one such tool that does this by summarising and highlighting essential points from various non-fiction books.

Compared to Audible’s extended audiobooks, the summaries available on Blinkist will help you get the gist of a book in far less time. With Blinkist, users can easily read short summaries from various authors and study various subjects.

Book summary applications like Headway Application, getAbstract, Blinkist, etc., provide a quick and easy way to gain insight into new topics or refresh your knowledge of old favourites. If you want to learn more about the advantages of book descriptions, you can start using Blinkist right now for free.

Closing Remarks

Audible is an unrivalled audiobook platform for fans and voracious readers. Audible is a high-quality service that adds additional dimensions to the pleasure of reading thanks to its vast library, intuitive software, and several benefits. 

Through its vast library of over a million volumes, Audible caters to a wide range of listeners, from those interested in fiction to those interested in self-help and business.

The Audible application makes listening to audiobooks easily and portable, turning otherwise boring activities such as commuting, working out, or performing housework into something worthwhile. Adjusting the narrator’s tempo, saving specific passages as bookmarks, and syncing between devices improve the listening experience even more.

Subscribers receive extra value from Audible because of their membership perks, such as special discounts and complimentary Audible Originals, including entry to members-only promotions and sales. Those interested in trying out the application for the first time can do so risk-free by signing up for a trial subscription.

Then why hold off? Join Audible now and start a new exciting chapter in your reading life. Audible is here to help you on any literary excursion, whether you are an old hand at listening to books on tape or just starting in this fascinating field. 

Join Audible for free during your trial period, search the huge collection, and dive into the exciting world of books. Best wishes for a pleasant listening experience!

Questions & Answers & Synopsis

How Much Do Audible Credits Typically Cost?

An Audiobook on Audible credit has a minimum value of 14.95 dollars—the price of an Audible Plus or Premium membership per month. Signing into a yearly plan or taking advantage of a price reduction offer could reduce the value.

Improving Your Audible Subscription

1. open a browser and visit the app’s website.

2. In the top right, click “Hi, (enter username).”

3. Select “Switch Membership” from the Member Details page.

4. On the next screen, pick the best package for you.

When Do You Usually Receive Audible Credit?

That is a question of strategy. If you have the regular Audible plan, e.g. yearly, you will receive credits on the first of every year. When you join up for or renew your annual membership, you will receive all credits at once.

How Can I Get Extra Audible Credits?

Upgrade from Audible Premium with one credit to the app’s Premium + two credits if you’re already a subscriber. You can buy a bundle of three credits from Audible when left with one credit or nothing. In the top right corner of the Audible website you access using a web browser, it says, “Buy three more credits.”

How Can I Increase My Audible Book Borrowing?

Numerous alternatives exist! You can either download “Audible Plus” titles or pay money to purchase Audible books, or you may upgrade to a package that has additional monthly credits. There are frequent promotions at Audible where you may get audiobooks for under ten dollars.

So Why Do We Have a Credit Cap at Audible?

Intriguing thought! The fact that credits become null and void within a year is not, particularly customer-friendly. 

You do not need to use only one or two credits each month. You may make as many as twelve-monthly purchases of three credits or two yearly purchases of twenty-four credits. 

You may terminate your membership at any time and re-enrol at your convenience. Billing and instantaneous credit adjustments are both in store for you.