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How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia

Amazon Flex delivery has become a popular way for international students to generate extra cash.

Amazon flex driving might be your next opportunity to earn additional cash if you have a car.

Simply put, Amazon Flex uses on-call or available drivers to transport items between fulfilment centres and their clients.

This blog post is an extensive resource for anyone in Australia interested in applying for an Amazon Flex Driver position.

So, let’s get going!

What Exactly is Amazon Flex?

The Flex program allows delivery partners or independent contractors to earn money by fulfilling Amazon purchases. If you want to make additional money, sign up for Amazon Flex and deliver Amazon items using your vehicle.

You don’t have to give up your day job to pursue this option; you can do it alone. Amazon Flex is a delivery service similar to Postmates and DoorDash. However, instead of delivering meals, you deliver Amazon packages.

The Amazon Flex supply chain consists of the following:

  • It’s common practice for Amazon drivers to pick up items from a central location and deliver them directly to their owners. Every driver has a specific window of time to accomplish their delivery, typically between three and six hours.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh customers can choose two- to four-hour delivery windows and pick up their groceries and household goods at an Amazon Flex delivery station.
  • Amazon Prime Now provides same-day delivery within fifteen to forty-five minutes in select areas.
What It Takes to Become an Amazon Flex Driver

What It Takes to Become an Amazon Flex Driver

You have benefited from the efforts of many Amazon Flex drivers, though you may not have realised it. Flex drivers utilise their vehicles to complete the “last mile” of Amazon package deliveries. They are self-employed similar to other gig workers. 

Flex has been operating since 2015, but in 2019, when Amazon shortened the duration of its Prime shipping program from two days to one, the business ratcheted up its efforts to recruit additional Flex drivers. Due to the surge in client orders caused by the epidemic, Amazon Flex drivers became increasingly in demand. 

Amazon Flex drivers have a few options for how they might put their skills to use, but the most frequent is picking their delivery routes, or “blocks,” from a central warehouse. This Gridwise article discusses Amazon Flex and the requirements for drivers.

Flex drivers schedule their deliveries when they are free to work. They arrive at an Amazon fulfilment centre or retail outlet and wait in line. They acquire a set number of items to deliver within their block’s time window after they reach the head of the line.

According to drivers, there can be a lot of stress on the job. Routes that carry them through congested locations sometimes have substantial package loads. This makes what they have to do far more intimidating. 

If all packages have yet to be delivered by the end of the designated timeframe, the pressure intensifies. To meet the delivery date, putting off more pressing concerns, such as eating, drinking, and locating a “to-go” location, is necessary. 

To learn more about what it’s like to drive for Flex, check out this CNBC article and the 2019 promotional video. 

While there are some downsides to working for Amazon Flex, like any other gig-driving job, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Amazon’s Flex driver compensation is one such example.

What Is the Salary Range for Amazon Flex Drivers?

Amazon’s Flex drivers can make up to $18-$25 per hour is rather near the mark. The median hourly wage for Flex workers increased from $21.78 to $23.35 during the first three months of 2022, as shown in a blog post by Gridwise. 

How much do Flex drivers for Amazon make per week on average? That is contingent upon the weekly block totals drivers are responsible for. Depending on the distance between the driver’s residence, the distribution centre, and the delivery route, some drivers may only be able to work 3 or 4 hours daily.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Earn Each Month

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Earn Each Month?

The average monthly income for Flex drivers in the United States was $419.50 in March 2022. 

However, this data reveals that most Flex drivers only work part-time. Taking the monthly wage and dividing it by the hourly rate of $23.35, we get a monthly work schedule of about 18 hours for drivers.

Despite the potential for good hourly pay with Amazon Flex, the model of working shifts of 3 or 4 hours at a time and delivering items to locations that could cause drivers to rack up a large quantity of mileage might mean that drivers can’t complete more than one or two blocks every day. 

Many Flex drivers do so as a secondary source of income or as part of a larger strategy involving ridesharing and food delivery.

However, this analysis should not focus solely on hourly wage rates. 

Rewards With Amazon Flex and Other Benefits

Amazon Flex drivers can earn points and benefits by delivering packages and finishing blocks. Maintaining a good reputation as a driver requires punctual attendance to scheduled blocks and successful delivery of products. 

As a driver’s standing rises, they will earn more points every block and per delivery. Follow the link for further information regarding the distribution of award points. 

Among the perks for motorists are rewarded for using the Amazon Flex Debit Card at checkout. A maximum of $500 monthly cashback is available for all debit card purchases, including gas and EV costs, food at Whole Foods, online purchases at Amazon, and more. 

They can load money onto the Amazon Flex debit card and designate that account as the one to receive deposits of Flex earnings. As drivers accumulate more points and attain higher levels, so do the cash-back percentages they receive.

They get more time to pick blocks as they go through the stages and earn more points. As they level up, they will get access to a wider variety of blocks that cater to their unique tastes.

Discounts for motorists. As they progress through the tiers, drivers earn more and more rewards, including savings on necessities and various other products and services. Amazon claims that there are thousands of deals, far more than we could post here. 

The potential bonuses and reductions are not gratuitous but depend on the drivers’ efficiency and quantity of deliveries. The program may not be worth it if you rarely drive for Amazon Flex.

However, there are numerous opportunities for compensation if you are a regular customer. Although the rewards scheme is appreciated, it is hardly adequate compensation for Amazon Flex drivers, given that they do not receive tips or surge pay. 

How can Amazon Flex drivers increase their chances of making much money in this economy?

Jobs Similar to Amazon Flex

The following are some of the options we have now if you’re seeking local employment similar to Amazon Flex.

UPS Driver With Own Vehicles

1. UPS Driver With Own Vehicles

Drivers who use their cars for UPS pickups and deliveries have that duty. Most drivers work around 20 hours a week because it is a part-time position. 

Drivers have a lot of leeway in determining their work schedules. UPS PSV Drivers only need to be present for work on weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, which are the company’s busiest delivery hours. 

A driver’s compensation includes hourly wages and per-mile reimbursement for business travel.

In addition, UPS PSV Drivers can take advantage of a 401(k) retirement savings plan and health and dental insurance. 

UPS PSV Drivers have a generous benefits package in addition to their competitive salary and accommodating work schedules. There are, however, drawbacks to the position.

For instance, motorists must cover all vehicle costs, such as fuel, repairs, and insurance. In addition to a spotless driving record, UPS Personal Car Drivers must also pass a thorough background investigation. 

Therefore, not everyone may be a good fit for the position. UPS PSV Drivers may be compensated for their valuable contributions to the firm.

2. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is an excellent substitute for Amazon Flex. CitizenShipper is a platform that facilitates the shipping of goods between users. After downloading the CitizenShipper app, drivers can look at shipping requests in their area. 

They can propose to the requester if they find a need they can meet. Upon acceptance of the offer, the driver will collect and deliver the item as specified. 

CitizenShipper deducts a fee from each rider’s total before paying the driver. You can earn money using Citizenshipper by facilitating the shipping of products for folks who need the means to do so on their own.

3. Curri

Curri is an instantaneous supplier of building supplies and delivery services. Last-mile delivery software is what Curri uses to link drivers with businesses requiring their services.

The driver will then collect the order and deliver the goods. All Curri drivers must pass a criminal history check and have a current driver’s license.


4. GoShare

GoShare is a service that helps people move and send packages on demand. Drivers with Go Sahare utilise their cars to collect and deliver bulky things for local businesses and residents.

You need a box, pickup, or cargo van to join GoShare as a driver. Through the GoShare app or website, riders can request a driver and pay for their ride depending on the distance travelled and time taken.

It takes around an hour to fulfil the typical customer request. GoShare drivers are considered independent contractors; as such, they are free to work for as little or as much as they like. The average daily wage for a driver is between $100 and $200.

All GoShare drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and own an SUV, cargo van, or truck no more than ten years old. 

If you match these criteria, you can apply to be a driver on the GoShare website or mobile app. You can begin doing so when you receive permission to take customer orders.

Fedex Personal Vehicle Driver

5. Fedex Personal Vehicle Driver

FedEx’s personal Vehicle Drivers (PVDs) are vital to the company’s operations. Package couriers (PVDs) make deliveries to residents and businesses in their cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.

Among your duties as a PVD will be collecting packages from FedEx hubs and delivering them to end users. In addition to driving and handling items safely, you must adhere to all FedEx safety requirements. PVDs need to excel at both driving and customer service. 

Being cordial and accommodating to consumers is essential, as is knowing the answers to their inquiries about their shipment. Becoming a PVD could be the ideal career move for you if you value autonomy and schedule flexibility in the workplace

6. Roadie

The app Roadie is comparable to Amazon Flex. Roadie is an app that links individuals who need packages shipped by drivers already in the area. You can earn money while also doing good by providing transportation for others.

Once roadie drivers have downloaded the app, they may begin taking delivery orders. When a customer orders, a driver will pick it up and bring it to the stated address. There is no cap on the number of deliveries made in a given shift by roadie drivers. 

Roadies may continue making money indefinitely so long as there is a need for delivery services. Anyone looking for flexible work and additional cash may become a roadie. 

In addition, there is no need to worry about making special excursions specifically for deliveries because Roadie drivers are already going in the appropriate direction. The Roadie app is a quick and easy method to earn money while on the road.

7. Dispatchit

You can find work that is comparable to Amazon Flex at Dispatchit. Dispatchit is a digital firm that provides an online and mobile platform for on-demand and same-day delivery services for businesses.

Independent contractors known as Dispatchit Drivers utilise their vehicles to make deliveries as part of Dispatchit’s network.

The platform provides a centralised location for businesses to keep tabs on deliveries, arrange pickups, and manage client data. Because they are the ones making deliveries, Dispatchit Drivers are crucial to the success of our business. 

Our team always thinks of new ways to enhance the platform for riders and drivers alike.


8. Instacart

Instacart is an app and service that provides same-day delivery of groceries and pickup. We deliver groceries customers order from their preferred local stores within a few hours.

Independent contractors known as “Instacart Full-Service Shoppers” source, bag, and transport food for the company’s clientele. They are crucial in connecting Instacart’s virtual grocery shoppers with clients who require same-day delivery.

The duties of an Instacart Full-Service Shopper include the following:

  • Pick out and bring customers fresh food from nearby stores.
  • You get to set your hours.
  • You may make as much as $20 an hour delivering food using your vehicle in some areas.
  • Gain access to weekly compensation, paid time off, and a community forum for Instacart shoppers.


  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • The right to work in the United States
  • A dependable vehicle with insurance
  • Data-capable smartphone

How it operates:

  • Shop: Before leaving on a shopping errand, you’ll head to our app’s “Shop” to make a list of what you need to buy. With product photographs and descriptions readily available within the app, fulfilling a customer’s request will be a breeze.
  • Checkout & Deliver: Use the app’s GPS directions to drive or ride to the store(s) on the list (remember the bananas!) and deliver the goods to the customer’s front door.
  • Get Paid: We will wire your first payment into your bank account before you leave for your new work. Every Tuesday, we handle payments, but if you need them sooner, you can sign up for an immediate deposit.
  • Repeat: The best thing about this job is that after a customer has experienced Instacart, they will likely use it again. This means satisfied customers are more likely to repeat your company’s purchases. Customers returning after a positive experience are likelier to leave a generous tip.
Uber Eats

9. Uber Eats

Consider applying to be an Uber Eats driver if you’re interested in flexible work opportunities like Amazon Flex. One of the businesses competing with Doordash is Uber Eats. The San Francisco-based startup has enhanced incentives for both new and current delivery drivers.

Making money by delivering food, groceries, and even flowers is possible with Uber. To become a delivery driver, you must meet a few bare minimums.

10. Doordash

Amazon Fresh drivers interested in other delivery opportunities, such as Amazon Flex, can look into Doordash.

Doordash is an app enabling users to get food and groceries from eateries of choice delivered to their homes.

Established in 2013, it now serves customers in more than 4,00 American cities.

A valid driver’s permit and proof of insurance are necessities for anyone hoping to become a Doordash driver. Upon verification, they can begin taking orders via the Doordash app. 

In most cases, when a consumer places an order, the closest available driver is alerted and given the option to accept or decline the delivery. If they take the order, they’ll get the meal from the eatery and bring it to the customer’s home. Doordash drivers can make money through gratuities from consumers in addition to their base pay per delivery.

11. Veho

Veho is an alternative money-making app to Amazon Flex worth checking out. Veho is an increasingly popular package delivery service. This position in delivery allows for some leeway in the schedule—drivers of vehicles transport packages from distribution centres to recipients’ homes.

Finding Work That’s Like Amazon Flex

The need for delivery drivers is at an all-time high due to the growing popularity of online shopping for necessities. Amazon Flex is an excellent choice if you want a career that allows you to choose your hours. is your one-stop shop for finding a job similar to Amazon Flex.

When it comes to driving employment and delivery driving, BestReferralDriver is your one-stop shop. If you’re looking for work similar to Amazon Flex, our site has many opportunities posted. 

To help you earn even more, we also provide details on eligibility conditions and limited-time offers. The ideal location to begin your search for a full-time or part-time job is BestReferralDriver.

Which Other Jobs Pay as High Like Amazon Flex

Which Other Jobs Pay as High Like Amazon Flex?

A 1099 contractor has no legal right to a minimum pay. Only the jobs you finish will earn you money. However, seasoned motorists can increase their profits by learning to optimise their potential. 

We ranked the highest-paying jobs that are similar to Amazon Flex. Drivers can maximise their earnings by identifying the most lucrative jobs. In addition, seasoned motorists are savvy in cashing in on bonuses and tips. Drivers can make substantially more money if they know all the opportunities available.

Therefore, professional drivers with experience in completing assignments like Amazon Flex are the ones who make the most money.

Amazon Australia’s Requirements for Part-Time Flex Drivers

There are prerequisites to meet before beginning work with Amazon Flex.

  • Age – There is a minimum age requirement of 20 years old.
  • Valid Driver’s Licence – A valid, unrestricted driver’s license from Australia is required. Amazon Flex does not accept international driver’s licenses.
  • Background check – An individual’s right to work in Australia is contingent upon passing both a right-to-work check and a background check.
  • ABN – Independent contractor status means you need an ABN to make deliveries using Amazon Flex. Obtaining an ABN (Australian Business Number) is essential, and you can find information on how to do so on this page.
  • A car – Cars are the only acceptable form of transport for Amazon Flex deliveries. Renting is an option if you don’t own a car or can’t afford one.
  • Insurance: You must carry the required insurance level, including Compulsory Third Party.
  • A smartphone – The bare minimum is a mobile device, specifically a smartphone. If you want to use the Amazon Flex app, choose your delivery blocks, and receive payment reminders, you’ll need a smartphone. It’s beneficial to acquire a high-quality Android or iOS handset that satisfies. 
  • Amazon Flex App – You can start working with Amazon Flex after downloading the Amazon Flex app and creating a profile with Amazon Flex.
  • Bluecard training – If you live in New South Wales and plan to make deliveries using Amazon Flex, you must also complete Bluecard training.

A Detailed Guide for Deliveries: Instructions for Becoming an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia

Some information and documents could be required when enrolling to deliver with Amazon Flex.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver:

Step 1: Get the Amazon Flex App or Register for an Amazon Flex Account Online.

Starting here is the first step in becoming an Amazon Flex member. You can join their service by visiting their website or mobile app.

Your current account information will work, or you can sign up for a new one. 

To sign up for Amazon Flex, you must supply certain information during the app’s download process.

  • Email
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • City

After logging in, you’ll need to specify the area you’ll be delivering to and the kind of vehicle you’ll be utilising. 

Step 2: Upload the Necessary Documents

A section may be shown to you for the documentation to be uploaded. These documents will be related to your identification, driving license, insurance and tax requirements, etc. 

These documents could include but are not limited to:

  • A valid ID –  Passport, Australia Birth certificate, government-issued photo card, or an immicard may be required.
  • Australian driver’s licence– A valid driver’s license may also be needed. 
  • ABN– An Australian Business Number is also required since you are considered to be running your own business. 
  • Vehicle Registration and insurance – Proof of your vehicle registration and insurance covers may also be a requirement if you plan to deliver with them.
  • You will also need to watch some of Amazon Flex’s videos to learn best practices for delivering with Amazon.

Step 3: Apply for a Background Check and Right To Work Check

Once you have uploaded the necessary documents, you must apply for a background and right-to-work check, done together and simultaneously.

This background check is done through Accurate, Amazon’s background check partner, which can take up to 3 to 14 business days or even less.

The reason for a background check is to check for your criminal history or record, and once you have applied for this check, the results will be sent to Amazon Flex. 

The optimal turnaround time for a background check is 3 to 14 business days. 

You should contact Amazon Flex support if you need support during the signup process or background check. You may contact them through email at [email protected] or by phone at 1800 290 564, open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm PT.

Amazon will inform you of the reasons for its decision if it rejects your application, including:

  • A car or smartphone that doesn’t meet their specifications.  
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Failed background check

The right-to-work check is done to check for your work entitlements in Australia. This is done with a background check, which is not a cost.

If you are based in New South Wales, you must complete Blue Card Training after completing your background check. At the time of writing this blog, this cost is covered by Amazon Flex. 

Step 4: Reserve a Delivery Block

Unlike food delivery services like Uber Eats or ride-sharing services like Uber, you can’t do deliveries all day or whenever you want.

So after your account has been set up and you have uploaded the necessary documents. Your next step is to reserve a delivery block.

You will need to reserve a delivery block that matches your schedule. A delivery block is like a schedule of deliveries. These blocks will appear on your app, and you will need to select these blocks.

Amazon offers these blocks throughout the day at different frequencies. 

You need to look for an available delivery block that works best for you and reserve it. This lets Amazon know when you are available for delivery and customers when packages are meant to arrive. You can select as many available blocks as you can deliver.

With each delivery block, your reserve comes with the expected earnings for that delivery and the time it will take you to complete the delivery from your current location.

Step 5: Make Deliveries

Once you have reserved the delivery blocks of your choice, your job is to pick up packages from the delivery stations and deliver packages to the named addresses on each block. 

The Amazon Flex App will help you navigate where these blocks are located and the estimated time for delivery from your location.

Step 6: Get Paid

When you make deliveries on these blocks, you will get paid by Amazon Flex once a week via a direct deposit or bank transfer. You can track your earnings in the Amazon Flex App.

Modes of Transport

Modes of Transport

The only acceptable transport mode when delivering with Amazon Flex is by car or a van.

This is because other modes of transport may not accommodate the packages needed for delivery or guarantee their safety.

You normally carry many delivery packages simultaneously, not just one, making using a more extensive car the ideal mode of transport.

You can check your vehicle eligibility requirements using the Amazon vehicle eligibility calculator here. 

Before you deliver for Amazon Flex with your car, you need to have a full Australian Driver’s licence and a car that meets the Amazon Flex car requirements. These include:

  • A four-door, midsize Sedan, SUV, large passenger vehicle, or cargo Van
  • Valid car insurance and compulsory third-party injury cover

Please note that two-door passenger vehicles, trucks and utes with open beds or trays are ineligible for deliveries with Amazon Flex.

How Much Does It Costs To Get Started As An Amazon Flex Driver?

The cost of getting started to work with Amazon Flex will depend on a few factors. Here are some costs you must consider when starting with Amazon Flex.

  • A large car or a van, approx. $8000 or more.
  • A background check and right-to-work check.  $40
  • A phone data plan approx. $50 or more.
  • ABN application is $0 if you do yours on your own or $80 if it’s done through an accountant.

How Much Money Can You Potentially Earn While Driving For Amazon Flex? 

The main question for anyone who wants to venture into this side job is how much they can earn.

According to Amazon Australia’s website, sedan drivers earn a minimum of $114 for a 4-hour block, $171 for a 6.5-hour Large Passenger Vehicle block and $225 for an 8-hour Cargo Van block in Australia.

If you take the minimum amount for the sedan car, then it comes to $28.50 per hour. For a large passenger vehicle, it comes out to be $26.30 per hour; for a Cargo van, it is $28.12 per hour. 

Remember, you can check your earnings via the Amazon Flex app. 

Depending on these factors and how many deliveries you make in a week, you get paid by Amazon Flex through a direct bank deposit.

Which Locations Can I Deliver With Amazon Flex

Which Locations Can I Deliver With Amazon Flex?

Below you will find a list of cities where we have delivery stations. If you see your city listed and are ready to become a contractor delivery driver with Amazon Flex, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android device to sign-up. 

There are three different vehicle types that you can deliver with (sedans, large passenger vehicles and cargo vans), so remember to check the Large Vehicle Eligibility Calculator before you start your registration!

You will also find useful maps below showing our pick-up locations in each city.

Sydney, New South Wales

Our Sydney pick-up locations are located in the following:

  • Regents Park (DNS2)
  • Botany (XNS1)
  • Bella Vista (DNS4)

If you choose to deliver in Sydney, you must complete Bluecard training as part of your onboarding. Amazon covers the cost of this training and pays you for the time. 

Melbourne, Victoria

Our Melbourne pick-up locations are located:

  • Mulgrave (DVT1)
  • Melbourne Airport (DVT3)

We are only looking for Cargo Vans and Large Passenger Vehicle delivery partners in Melbourne.

However, if you are still interested in Sedan drivers, you can download the app and create an account to place you on our waitlist. We will then send you an email to let you know once opportunities are available in your area.

Brisbane, Queensland

Our Brisbane pick-up location is located in:

  • Pinkenba (DQD1)

Perth, Western Australia

Our Perth pick-up location is located in:

  • Kewdale (DWT1)
  • Newcastle,

New South Wales

Our Newcastle pick-up location is located in:

  • Mayfield West (XNC1)

If you choose to deliver in Newcastle, you must complete Bluecard training as part of your onboarding. This is an NSW-only requirement. Amazon covers the cost of this training and pays you for the time taken to attend the course.

Gold Coast, Queensland

Our Gold Coast pick-up location is located in:

  • Arundel (XGC1)

Adelaide, South Australia

Our Adelaide pick-up location is located in:

  • Cavan (DQQ1)

We only look for Cargo Vans and Large Passenger Vehicle delivery partners in Adelaide.

However, if you are still interested in Sedan drivers, you can download the app and create an account to place you on our waitlist. We will then send you an email to let you know once opportunities are available in your area.

New South Wales

Our Gosford pick-up location is located in:

  • West Gosford (XWG1)

If you choose to deliver in Gosford, you must complete Bluecard training for onboarding. This is an NSW-only requirement. Amazon covers the cost of this training and pays you for the time taken to attend the course.

Advantages of Being an Amazon Flex Driver

Advantages of Being an Amazon Flex Driver

  • You will be your boss – This is one of the best benefits of being an Amazon Flex driver since you will make decisions, directs your actions and works for yourself.
  • High and reliable compensation compared to equivalent occupations. You will get paid handsomely according to how many deliveries and hours you work, comparable to the payment of many full-time jobs.
  • Very little client contact – You will need to make little to no contact with clients since your job is to deliver packages and take clients’ signatures for evidence of delivery.

Disadvantages of Being an Amazon Flex Driver 

  • Difficult to regularly find shifts – This is primarily due to competing with several other drivers to get blocks and find shifts for delivery.
  • To get shifts, you must outbid hundreds of other drivers, unlike ride-sharing applications – Before you can get a shift, you must place your bid for it on time to outbid hundreds of other drivers who may also bid for it.
  • The time frames may not always be sufficient to finish a more significant number of deliveries – At times, the time frames for each delivery might be too tight for you to meet up since you would have to make other deliveries in close variations of hours.

Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Requirements

Delivery jobs take work to manage. Amazon Flex drivers must deliver on time and efficiently manage the allotted work.

Depending on delivery location and timing, the Amazon Flex drivers must also handle conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, or snow.

Above mentioned were some considerations you must consider to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver. Below given is a list of essentials you must have to get started:

1. Smart Device

You must access the Amazon Flex application often during the delivery job, so you must have a capable smartphone to run the application smoothly.

If you have an iPhone, the minimum requirements include owning an iPhone 6s or newer. The iOS device should run on iOS 13 or newer.

Android smartphone owners should have at least 2GB RAM and Android 6.0 or newer to ensure the application runs efficiently on their Android phones.

Then, you need to grant permission to use your GPS location and phone’s camera that enables the device to navigate you and scan the barcodes.

2. Delivery Vehicle

You must use your qualifying delivery vehicle for Flex delivery services as an Amazon Flex driver. You must have a vehicle that can carry the quantity and weight of the packages to complete the assigned Amazon Flex jobs.

If you have an SUV, four-door sedan, van, or pick-up truck, you can deliver more products in a single shift, increasing profits. As an Amazon Flex driver, you must have a valid driver’s license and a bank account to receive direct deposit payments.

The vehicle must have insurance and vehicle registration. Also, you must comply with different requirements depending on the location of the delivery operations.

Once these vital requirements are matched, the application is submitted, and the Amazon team completes the background check to finalise the onboarding process.

3. Clean Background

Once you submit your delivery driver application, Amazon undergoes a background check to verify your criminal record. The team checks whether you are or were under any probe of cases like theft, violence, or felonies. Also, your driving history is checked to look into your past driving experiences. Make sure you have a safe driving history to get easy approval.

The verification process will be completed in a few days, depending on multiple scenarios like the applicant’s experience, document verification, and position to be filled in the particular location. While waiting for the approval, you can watch helpful training videos on how delivering in Amazon Flex works.

What Types of Amazon Delivery Jobs are Available?

Now that you know that Amazon pays you for driving your car, let’s check the eligibility to become a delivery driver and the available types of delivery driver jobs.

Below given are the eligibilities required to get a delivery driver job at Amazon:

  • Age must be 21 or above
  • Must have a US driving license
  • Must have a delivery vehicle

These are the types of delivery driver jobs available at Amazon:

1. Amazon Packages

It is one of the most common and preferred delivery services among customers of Amazon. They get their package delivered on the same day and in 2 business days. This service is available in the selected areas only, and the customers can check it by entering their pin codes on Amazon’s website.

2. Prime Now Delivery

Prime Now is one of the delivery services provided by Amazon. Customers can order things like household essentials, groceries, frozen items, and many other everyday items from Amazon, and the Prime Now delivery drivers get them delivered.

As a Prime Now driver, you have to make sure to deliver the orders in hours. So, it is the most demanding delivery driver job on Amazon.

3. Amazon Locker Delivery

You might or might not have heard about this delivery service by Amazon. But Amazon allows customers to get a locker at the Amazon Hub locker location. If they don’t want their packages delivered to their location, they can get them delivered to the Amazon Hub Locker location and pick them up whenever they want. 

4. Merchant Pickups

Merchant pickup services are for customers who order things from local shops and want to get them delivered instantly. Merchant pickups are part of the Amazon Prime Now services. 

As a delivery driver, you must pick up the order from the local stores and deliver it to the customers’ doorstep with your pickup truck.

5. Amazon Restaurants Delivery

Amazon has jumped into the food delivery business, and customers can order food from local vendors and restaurants. Being an Amazon Restaurant Delivery driver, you will be responsible for picking up food orders from the restaurant and delivering it to the delivery destinations of the customers.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

Amazon Flex offers an incredible ecosystem where you can earn a decent amount every month. With Amazon Flex, you can earn about $18 to $25 per hour at your feasible time.

The actual earnings of an Amazon delivery driver in the United States are around $39,000, and some of the top earners can make up to $50,500 per year. You can ride for a few delivery blocks and become eligible for commissions and payouts.

The locations and delivery work also impact the earnings, so you need to scale their earnings charts.

You must schedule your work in blocks to self-assign and choose using the application. Beyond the normal working hours, you can take ‘instant offers’ deliveries that add an extra income stream.

Upper Route Planner vs Amazon Flex App

Amazon Flex app is undoubtedly fast and easy to use, but many delivery drivers also use route optimisation apps like Upper Route Planner. Upper has many features that help the driver perform better and complete the delivery target minimally.

Upper is best known for route planning and optimisation. You require a route that helps you cover all stops without further delays. Upper optimises all the stops imported or entered manually by you and gives you the best route to depend on.

Besides, unique features like proof of delivery, one-click dispatch, import Excel, API integration, report, and analytics make Upper a reliable route planning app for drivers.

How Upper Simplifies Your Route Planning and Optimization Tasks?

Route planning and optimisation software adds automation to the delivery process and streamlines the business workflow. It can bypass the complexities of the Flex optimisation app and deliver goods quickly. 

It ensures smooth communication between the management and delivery drivers for better efficiency. Using Upper, you can scale the business operations and boost daily deliveries for increased profits and commissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Amazon Flex is just as easy as qualifying for the gig.

Read these frequently asked questions for more insight into opportunities with the delivery program.

Is Being an Amazon Flex Driver Easy?

Working for Amazon Flex is much like other gig economy jobs like driving Uber or Lyft or delivering for Postmates.

It’s flexible, can be a good source of quick cash, and the work isn’t demanding.

When Can I Find the Most Amazon Flex Job Openings?

The holiday season is the best time to apply for Amazon Flex gigs.

During this busy time for package deliveries, Amazon — much like UPS with their Personal Vehicle drivers  — ramps up its hiring nationwide to keep up with rising demand.

Can I Work for Amazon Flex Full-Time?


If you want to apply for Amazon Flex and turn it into more than a side hustle, you’re not alone.

Many drivers have successfully worked 40-hour weeks consistently since opportunities are available every single day of the week.

However, you’re not guaranteed hours because you’re not a traditional employee, and other drivers can pick up available blocks before you.

Can a Passenger Be In My Vehicle With Me When I’m Delivering?

Amazon advises against it, but if you choose to have a passenger in your vehicle with all your deliveries, they have rules that you must follow.

Some of the rules include:

1) The passenger must remain in the car at all times

2) can’t drive between deliveries

3) Can’t accompany the Amazon delivery driver to the customer’s door

All deliveries and the driver must fit in the vehicle along with the passenger.

Does Amazon Flex Offer a Debit Card for Driver Payouts?


In 2020, Amazon released the Flex Debit Card for contracted delivery drivers in partnership with Green Dot Bank and connected to a no-fee banking account.

The card offers cashback on purchases when using the card for fuel and groceries, which can help when using your vehicle for deliveries.

Will Amazon Flex Deactivate You for Inactivity?

The Amazon Flex delivery partner agreement states that after 180 days without claiming or scheduling a shift, Amazon may deactivate your account for inactivity.

What will happen if you report late for your block when working for Amazon Flex?

If you’re more than five minutes late after the start of your delivery block, you’ll be marked late, and after five late reports, you could have your account deactivated.

However, the delivery stations you report to for deliveries can waive or ignore late reports.

Unlike driving for Lyft or Uber, applying for Amazon Flex isn’t complicated and only requires a handful of documents, your vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and that possess a good driving record.

Earn Cash With Package Delivery

If you’re looking for a way to earn on the road without inviting passengers into your car, Amazon Flex offers plenty of gigs with great pay nationwide.

Whether you want to deliver traditional packages or help fulfil grocery delivery requests, this program makes earning easy with guaranteed payments for every delivery block you accept.

At the same time, you’ll still have the flexible schedule you’ve always wanted.