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Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

Australia Post offers the country’s primary postal services, from letter and package delivery to financial and banking services. While Australia Post is dependable and easy to use, it may get pricey, especially for businesses shipping significant amounts of mail or packages. 

Fortunately, as e-commerce has grown, so has the number of rival parcel delivery services to Australia Post. 

This piece will discuss the ten best alternatives to Australia Post for people who want to save money on their mailing needs. In addition to employing innovation to send mail and packages digitally, these alternatives include private courier service options and fewer postal services.

What is Australia Post?

Australia Post, which has been operating for nearly 200 years, is a government-owned, for-profit organisation.

You can use their services to ship SKUs to clients in over 220 nations and territories at various delivery velocities. 

In addition to providing several shipping and packing options, Australia Post offers low shipping prices, worldwide parcel monitoring services, a single point of contact, and a single contract.

It has more than 4,300 post locations and enables carbon-free overseas shipping for Australia.

How Do the Postal Services Measure Up?


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This parastatal, the country’s primary postal service, operates a sizable network of post offices in urban and rural regions. Parcel pricing, in contrast to letter rates, is not controlled and is therefore subject to the impact of competition (Australia Post has marginally decreased its rates for lighter-weight goods to select places since 2017).


Australia Post is typically the most cost-effective (and straightforward) choice for packages weighing 5 kilograms or less. But if your cargo weighs 5 kilograms or more, compare prices offered at other post service providers.

Lodgement Experience 

This transaction is simple, but you must access a mailbox or post office. To ship packages internationally, you must additionally complete a customs form.

Delivery Times 

Standard worldwide delivery times with Australia Post are now estimated to be longer than with some of the more costly carriers; however, this does vary by location. The individual countries’ delivery estimates are on the company’s website. 


If the package is not registered, you will not be covered in the event of its loss or theft. However, for an additional $2.75 per $100 of your package’s worth, you can get Extras Cover for shipments up to $5000.

The Top Alternatives for Australian Postal Services

People are increasingly opting to shop locally in the face of the pandemic. Due to frequent delivery delays experienced by Australia Post, many Australians have sought alternative mailing alternatives. 

The following are examples of reputable Australian postal service providers that provide discounted rates on some services:

1. Aramex


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  • Delivery time: Within two-to-four working days
  • Weight Cut: 25kg or 40kg for cubic goods 
  • Size Cut: Max length of 2m 

Aramex is a worldwide logistics and courier firm providing some shipping options within Australia and abroad. If you’re searching for a more cost-effective substitute for Australia Post, this company’s affordable pricing and quick turnaround time could be a suitable fit.

Thanks to its many warehouses and business alliances, the business can make deliveries to various areas in Australia and beyond. Aramex provides several delivery choices, including standard and fast services and same-day and next-day delivery options.

Furthermore, they offer value-added services, including shipping tracking, insurance, and foreign customs clearance. 

These services guarantee your packages’ secure and timely delivery, giving you peace of mind if you’re shipping anything expensive or time-sensitive.

Based on the sender’s and recipient’s locations, they will arrive in two-four working days. Aramex services are also reputable for their competitive prices and many delivery options. 

For additional information about Aramex’s weight and size restrictions, experts recommend contacting the firm directly.

2. WizMe


  • Delivery time: three days for same-state deliveries and two-eight days to other states
  • Weight Cut: 25 kg or less 

WizMe, located in Australia, provides various shipping services, from package delivery to freight forwarding. If you’re seeking a replacement for Australia Post with lower prices and faster service, WizMe could be an excellent choice.

The business is known for its adaptable and individual delivery strategies. Customers can select the most convenient delivery option from three available time frames (same-, next-day, or standard) to get their orders as soon as possible. The company would only deliver packages up to 25 kilos in weight and 1.2 meters in length.

WizMe provides insurance, shipping monitoring, and customs clearance services for overseas shipments to guarantee your packages’ timely and secure arrival.

It promises delivery in three days inside the same state and between two and eight days across other states.

3. Sendle


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  • Delivery Time: Up to five business days, based on the sender and recipient’s location
  • Weight Cut: Up to 25kg and 100 litres, for weight and volume, respectively 
  • Size Cut: 120 cm or less 

Sendle, established in Australia, provides some shipping options focusing on environmental and social corporate responsibility. The business is famous for distributing some of its earnings towards its many ecological and humanitarian activities. Plus, it offsets all of their carbon footprints.

Sendle’s shipping services may accommodate packages up to 25 kilos and 0.5 meters long, with the choice of same-, next-day, or standard delivery.

The company offers enhanced services to guarantee safe and timely delivery of your parcels. Customs clearance, tracking, and tracing are all included under this category. You can trust that Sendle will dispatch your precious items without a hitch.

Depending on the origin and destination of your order, it will take anywhere from two to five working days to deliver.

4. Couriers, Please


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  • Weight Cut: up to 25 kg and 40kg volume (cubic)
  • Size limit: maximum of 1.8 metres

Parcel delivery options from couriers range from next-day to standard so that you may select the best service. Delivery to a Post Office box or parcel locker and online tracking are among the many optional extras they provide.

Couriers, Please enjoy many locations, which is also an advantage of using their service. They offer more than 50 locations around Australia, making sending and receiving parcels easy as you can use Australia Post’s extensive system, which includes over 4,000 pickups and deliveries to post offices, thanks to their agreement with the company.

4. Toll


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  • Delivery Time: Two to six days for deliveries for standard packages and one to two days for fast packages

Whether you need anything as simple as a letter or as large as a truck of products, Toll Group is the company to call. They even offer an alternative for shipping animals and pets in the Asia Pacific area, including Australia. 

Their standard economy shipping takes two to six days, whereas their express fast service just takes one to two days.

And unlike other services, Toll services allow you to send and receive your items over the weekends, during holidays, or after regular business hours. However, these top-of-the-line services from Toll come at an extra cost.

5. Pack and Send 


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  • Delivery Time: Packages will reach the recipient in five to seven working days. This may depend on the location of the sender and receiver. Air freight takes two to five days, while sea freight can take up to months.
  • Weight Cut: 30kg or less 

Pack and Send values customers and works hard to keep them happy despite tight deadlines and budget pressures. This business is among the best and most straightforward partnerships to work with. Pack and Send has a reputation as the leading supplier of cargo and packing solutions.

They offer local and worldwide shipping in addition to other eCommerce features.

Their delivery window is five to seven days (based on your region), and they allow up to 30kg in load.

6. Officeworks Mailman


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  • Delivery Time: The recipients in the same state will get their items in a day or two.
  • Charges: The fees start from $12. 

Officeworks Mailman is the best bet for startups that frequently send their products to customers in or beyond Australia. This Australia-based company offers comprehensive delivery services for many items, from office supplies to furniture and technology, for local and international services. 

It has delivery options like international, standard, and express deliveries. Officeworks Mailman provides different packages based on the size and weight of the items you want to send. 

The best part of dealing with this firm is that you will get all details you may need about your item on freight and even live-track it online. 

Officeworks charges $12 for deliveries within the same state, typically taking one to two business days to reach the recipient. 

Packages that are returned unclaimed are stored in a safe at the receiver’s nearest Officeworks, except for some rural and distant regions.  

7. E-Go


  • Delivery Time: The recipients get their deliveries in five to seven days. The unclaimed items are stored in the recipient’s nearest E-Go offices and will be returned if they stay for over 28 days. 

Compared to Australia Post’s $13.95, E-Go’s door-to-door, overnight service is a steal.

Repeat customers earn substantial savings, as do those who choose to drop off or pick up their packages at a depot.

Although there are very few depots (only about 100 in the entire country), the recipient can choose to have their package redelivered on a more convenient day if they miss the mail carrier the first time.

The company offers free storage at a depot for up to 28 days for unclaimed items before they return the package to the sender.

8. ParcelConnect 


  • Charges: Same fee as Australia Post, $13.95 
  • Delivery Days: Make deliveries any time of the day or night, during holidays, and on weekends

Fastway’s ParcelConnect affiliate offers package delivery service for $13.95, the same fee as Australia Post. Deliveries can be made directly to your door. Unlike Australia Post, you will receive your package any day or night, over the weekends, and even on national holidays.

If the intended recipient isn’t home when the package is delivered, they can arrange a new delivery date or pick it up from a nearby collection point.

Unfortunately, the non-urban and rural regions do not have many collection locations. If the package stays unclaimed in a depot for one week, they get delivered back to the sender.

9. Interparcel


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Interparcel is a parcel broker connecting customers with DHL, Startrack, UPS, and FedEx shipping services.

Compared to Australia Post or even Sendle, Interparcel’s prices for packages weighing 1 kilogram or less are reasonable. Interparcel has the lowest price in the research for packages under 20 kg.

Before having someone pick up your package, you must print tags and customs papers from the comfort of your residence. There may be hidden fees such as a $10 improper weight charge, a $10 missed delivery attempt fee, and a $10 fee for a paper copy of the delivery confirmation if you request one.

The estimated cost from Interparcel may change based on the shipping company and service selected.  

Based on the supplier, there may be an extra fee if the receiver fails to collect delivery. 

If the shipment needs a signature upon delivery, you are covered for damage or loss up to $100. Additional coverage, up to a maximum of $2,000, is available for purchase.

10. Ship2Anywhere


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Ship2Anywhere has partnered with TNT, DHL, and Aramex to facilitate one-off worldwide deliveries.

The business was, on average, the most costly service in its round-up. The company arrives at the costs using the actual or calculated shipment volume.

Before having someone pick up your package, you must print tags and customs papers from the comfort of your home.

The fee estimates provided by Ship2Anywhere change depending on the final location. Except for when you request a price for a parcel, no broad details are available on the website.

If the intended receiver is unavailable during the initial delivery attempt, a calling card will be left so that they can make alternative delivery arrangements.

The first $500 in damages or losses coverage is on the house, and you can get more range (up to $7,500) if you need it.

Sending a Parcel From the US to Australia

There are many reasons one would consider shipping goods to Australia from around the world. For starters, Australia is the fourth most popular country for online shopping; thus, packages will likely arrive and depart frequently. 

Given Australia’s stringent customs procedures, you could wonder how to send packages there. Numerous courier service companies are available to US-based customers, but their offerings’ quality and prices will vary widely.

This section will zero in on some of the best solutions you can use to ship packages from the United States to Australia. Products originating in the United States are typically sent to Australia via USPS (or United States Postal Service), UPS, DHL, or FedEx.

Let’s have a close look at each alternative! 

United States Postal Service (USPS)



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  • International options
  • First-Class International  
  • Priority Mail International
  • Priority Mail Express International 

The United States Postal Service is your best bet for shipping an item to Australia from the United States. Instead of waiting in extensive lines at the post office, you can schedule USPS services through their online portals. 

The States Postal Service provides numerous delivery choices, including Priority Mail International. 

Shipping costs to Australia are slightly less expensive with them than with other courier services. However, the prices will vary depending on a couple of factors, including the size, value, final destination, and weight of your shipment. These factors may hike the cost, but USPS is the way to go when the time is different. 

The US Postal Service has to rely on the Australian Postal Service to deliver packages from the United States to Australia, which can be a significant delay. You must wait for an updated tracking code because the original will change once the shipment reaches Australia. 

This means you will miss some time during the transfer process before the package finally arrives.  Nevertheless, the USPS is your best bet since it provides several shipping options, including First-Class International and Priority Mail Express International. 

Dalsey Hillblom Lynn (DHL)

Best for: 

  • Superior tracking services 
  • Faster delivery option 

DHL is another excellent choice for sending packages from the US to Australia. This logistics company is the industry standard for international shipping services.

In comparison to FedEx and UPS, they provide superior shipment delivery solutions. 

If you need your package to Australia, DHL is your best bet because of their prompt and trustworthy service. DHL has the most experience in the industry, so you can trust that your package will arrive in major cities with a good road network in one to six business days. 

It takes less time to ship to a significant metropolis in Australia than to a rural outpost. Poor weather and natural calamities are common causes of delays in Australia. Most notably, DHL provides package tracking solutions.  

Lastly, Australia has stringent customs rules and restrictions, so make sure your package is documented correctly before sending it. The time the company takes to check your cargo at the clearance point can be cut in half with the proper paperwork.

Send through UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx Options

  • UPS Worldwide Saver
  • FedEx International Priority
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited
  • FedEx International Economy 

Shipping packages from the United States to Australia using UPS or FedEx is your best bet. Packages sent through these companies will arrive safely and promptly. You may have faith that your item will arrive safely and on schedule, allowing the recipient to experience a sense of accomplishment and contentment. 

Their beginning-to-end tracking capabilities are more precise than those of the United States Postal Service. In addition, the sender gets an alert if their shipment is forwarded to Australia Post for delivery. 

Because of their extensive history with the Australian Post, sending items through them is quick and easy, unlike the United States Postal Service.

Furthermore, Australian Post directly communicates with UPS or FedEx; therefore, they cannot switch carriers. It’s important to note that UPS and FedEx charge extra for packages weighing more than 10 pounds. 

Their many international shipping alternatives, including FedEx International Economy, UPS Global Saver, and FedEx International Priority, have contributed to the reliability of their services.  

You must be pleased with yourself because the AUSFTA (Australia-US Trade Agreement) eliminates all tariffs. Items delivered from the United States do not incur any sales tax; nevertheless, you may be responsible for paying additional taxes upon delivery. 

Shipping has become more convenient because of the trade pact between Australia and the United States. Knowing what you can’t bring into Australia will assist you in preventing having your package returned to you if customs officials discover it.

Australian Post International Packing Instructions


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Investing in high-quality packing materials can prevent damage to your items during shipping and reduce shipping costs. If you’re sending a package overseas via Australian Post, follow these instructions for the best chance of arriving securely and in one piece.

Label Automation

You can integrate your MyPost Business account with your preferred e-commerce platform. A customer’s address and name tags can be made and printed with a few simple clicks. 

Thanks to automated shipping labels, you’ll never have to scribble down a customer’s name and address again.

Prepaid Envelopes

You should always be ready to mail an order internationally at a fixed charge by stocking up on International Standard and Global Express Post prepaid satchels. The included postage stamps and prepaid envelopes make shipping a breeze.

Australian Courier Alternatives 

1. International Express

Fast shipping (with a complimentary tracking number, date, and signature) is available for $26.80 for documents and letters and $29.80 for packages when you select International Express. You must complete a CN23 customs form when using this kind of transport.

2. International Standard

This is the best option if your consumer does not need the delivery but still wants to be able to monitor it. The signature on Delivery and Additional Cover are extra and can be added to your order for an additional $14.80. 

3. International Economy

Some items can be delivered without being delivered urgently or tracked while moving.  Affordably priced shipping alternatives for letters and paperwork, printed objects weighing less than 500 grams and with less or no commercial value, greeting cards (up to 50 gms), and Economy Air Parcel (up to 2 kg) are all available with the International Economy option.

You can fill out Economy Air Parcel shipments that require customs forms like CN22 and CN23. Letters and papers cost $2.60, greeting cards and postcards cost $3, and packages cost $8.95.

Sea mail is the best option for moving packages weighing 2-20 kilograms; their fee is around $51.40.

4. International Courier

Send packages and mail internationally with Australia Post and deliver them in two business days, even between major metro areas. This option is only available at a limited number of stores and venues.

This service begins at $89.80. Be careful to complete paperwork like the Courier airway bill and the International Courier declaration to speed up the customs clearance process.

Drop-off and Post-Pick-up Points in Australia 

Australia has many pick-up and drop-off points, each offering different services. You can pick from one of the following Australia Post parcel delivery and collection points: 

  • Post Office – There are 3,600 Post Offices nationwide where packages can be picked up or dropped off. Auspost’s Parcel Collect solutions provide convenient pick-up times and locations for your packages. 

Make a Parcel Collect profile with MyPost and select a Post Office to pick up your packages. When your package is available for pickup, you will receive email and text message updates. Parcel Collect is exclusive to Australia Post and StarTrack packages.

  • PO box – Post Office Boxes have varying annual fees beginning at $20. MyPost option welcomes both online and in-store applications. You can retrieve mail and packages at your leisure; the PO box will keep them safe for up to a month. 

You can set up email alerts whenever mail gets to your PO Box. If you prefer to keep your private address private, sending it to a post office box is a great option.

  • 24/7 Parcel Locker – If your package weighs less than 16 kilograms, mail it at your convenience using Auspost’s convenient Parcel Locker. You can get one at any of the nation’s more than a thousand convenience stores, 7-Elevens, gas stations, or Woolworths. 

You can use a Parcel Locker as an additional address by signing up for MyPost. When you have an Auspost account, you can use any Parcel Locker to ship packages.

Weight Comparison 

1. Lightweight Packages, 1KG or Less

Sendle and Australia Post competed fiercely in this category. Sendle’s doorstep delivery and all-inclusive cover require a printing device and a ready-to-go package. 

However, Australia Post outlets are all over Australia, so you may stroll in without waiting for a delivery personnel. Australia Post, on the other hand, takes longer, more expensive carrier alternatives.

2. Up to 5KG Packages

Australia Post was the most cost-effective option overall, albeit the slowest. Packages weighing over 2 kilograms cannot be sent internationally with Sendle, except those destined for New Zealand.

3. Up to 20KG Packages,

Shipping heavy packages of up to 20 kilograms will get you cheaper rates from some of the other postal companies. Interparcel, for example, is, at the time, the most cost-effective option for such heavy packages, although it takes the longest to deliver packages. Ship2 Anywhere and Pack & Send offer speedy shipping, albeit at their premium price.

Prices Comparison 

When comparing Australia Post’s rivals in the mailing services sector in terms of their prices, look into the best options that can serve you and your target internet market.

To do this, let’s examine the differences between the prices for sending an envelope and a 10-kg package to Sydney from Melbourne. 

The standard envelope measures 22x30x1cm and weighs up to 1kg, while the standard box measures 30x20x15cm and weighs no more than 10kg.

Company The Letter FeesThe Box Fees
Aramex $7.54$24.81
Australia Post$9.55$30.80
Couriers Please$8.40$32.23
Pack & Send $14.30$27.03,

In Conclusion, 

Australia Post is a trusted name in package delivery. Still, there are more affordable alternatives than this one. Several more reasonably priced options exist. 

To cater to a diverse clientele, several of these businesses provide monitoring and PO Box shipment, among other alternatives for shipping. People and companies can choose a reasonable delivery service by researching and comparing pricing and offerings.

With this knowledge in hand, it’s clear that there are viable, cost-effective alternatives to using Australia Post.

You may now choose the best shipping service for your packages from the variety of alternatives to Australia Post for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the most affordable method to Send an item within Australia?

Australia Post’s “flat rate shipping packages” and “if it fits, it ships” are the most cost-effective options for sending packages within Australia. Suppose you want other cheaper options in Australia. In that case, with the list of shipping options in Australia and a comparison of their pricing, this article will significantly benefit you.

2. How long will standard shipping take to deliver my package in Australia?

The standard shipping time is four to six working days; however, if the recipient’s residence is close to the post facility, the parcel may be shipped the following day.

3. Is DHL Better than Auspost?

Australia Post’s Express service costs less than DHL’s but takes longer to reach its destination. With its more extensive global network, DHL Express offers advantages over Australia Post on several international shipping lines.

4. Is Sendle vs. Auspost, which one is better?

Australia Post is a better option compared to Sendle. It’s the country’s primary mail service and is widely reputed as the most trustworthy option. Moreover, tracking it down is usually less of a hassle if anything goes missing because they only employ their messengers.

5. Why are most Australian shipping expensive?

This is because shipping items across such a large country is expensive. Most shipping charges in Australia vary; in Conclusion, the distance travelled is. Shipping fees, whether by truck or plane, and fuel and rural region surcharges are factored in.

6. Is Fastway superior to Australia Post?

Fastways is better than Australia Post. The most recent Canstar Blue rankings place CouriersPlease at the top. Australia Post came in at number four, behind StarTrack and DHL, which received four out of five possible ratings, and DHL and StarTrack, which received three out of five possible stars. Fastway is ranked fifth, whereas Toll is dead last.

7. Are Sendle services only for Australians?

Yes, Sendle is the only Australian-based courier service provider. The business caters to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and e-commerce merchants. It brags that it’s Australia’s first courier business to go carbon neutral.

8. How Much Does Delivery Cost in Australia?

The prices will vary depending on different factors. For example, for private home delivery, two midwives, prenatal and postoperative care, and other expenses might add up to $7,000 or more. Medicare may partially reimburse your prenatal and postnatal visits. If you decide to use one, a doula will increase your budget.

9. Does DHL offers its services in Australia?

DHL offers expedited international shipping services, and your cargo can arrive in Sydney or Perth in as little as three business days. Your package’s progress can be tracked online for free or via email anytime.

10. Are there alternatives to Australia Post?

Australians have many alternatives to Australia Post, most of which are more affordable, dependable, and faster than Australia Post. These include Couriers Please, Aramex, Sendle, Aussie Mailman, WizMe, and Pack and Send.