Celebrate Your Birthday With These 90+ Free Birthday Deals in Australia.

Free stuff is the cherry on top of every good deal. Some ideal freebies include coupons for discounts on meals or merchandise or other similar vouchers and discounts. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of Australia’s top gratis offerings. This list is invaluable, and you may sign up from any location. 

Here are several ideas that will be well worth the investment before starting. Please note that deals are subject to change and that it is always wise to double-check the specifics by going directly to the website in question. 

How to Get The Birthday Freebies

The birthday freebies sound delightful, and many of them are surprisingly valuable for their cost.

Before you redeem, please bear the following:

  • You’ll need to join the reward programs to get most of the offers (and, in other instances, spend a certain amount).
  • You should join the loyalty programs of these stores at least a couple of months before your birthday since some of them need you to have already been a member of the program before receiving the birthday incentives.
  • I read the fine print if you get a discount or freebie through email. Some stores may need you to purchase, giving you freebies for your birthday.
  • A few stores will only bother reminding you about freebies or discounts once you specifically ask for them, and then you’ll have to use the app to scan the barcode and earn your reward. (A wink and a nod to Salsa and Boost Juice.)
  • These deals are subject to change by the retailers offering them at any moment, so be sure to check the webpage for the most recent information.
  • Check that your information is valid to get the vouchers.

Birthday Food Freebies

1. Muffin Break

With the Muffins Break app, you can get a free muffin on your birthday. The first step is to sign up for a new account. After downloading, you should sign up directly in the app rather than connecting with your account number.

Alternatively, you can join up with your Facebook or Apple ID account. After signing up, you’ll be asked to specify the month and year you were born. The system will keep track of your birthday and email you a reminder when it’s time to deliver gifts.

2. Boost Juice

Boost Juice is a web-based juice and smoothie bar that provides nutritious beverages. If you sign up for the Vibe Club, you can enjoy a complimentary drink on your special day. Get the deal by just scanning the code on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Chatime

Chatime is also an online retailer that offers birthday celebratory beverage purchases. If you record your birthday with Chatime, they’ll send you a complimentary drink a week before your birthday.

You may get your free birthday drink by making a single transaction during those seven days. As a bonus, new members get their first drink at half price when they join.

4. Oporto

Oporto is the ideal app for everyone who wants to get the most out of their smartphone. You’ll automatically enter the app. You may redeem the gift card through text messages. You may use the $5 gift code after registering for a birthday lunch at any Oporto restaurant.


5. Nando’s

Nandos is a popular fast-food chain in Australia. Download the app, and on your birthday, you’ll get a free meal and other discounts and perks throughout the year. They also provide applications for both Apple and Google’s mobile platforms. If you use Instagram, you should follow the company.

6. Jamaica Blue

Here’s all you need to know if you want a complimentary slice of Jamaican Blue Cake on your birthday. You may join using their app in a few easy steps, and you won’t need an actual card number. 

7. Baskin Robbins

Treat yourself and your family to a complimentary serving. Baskin-Robbins has an easy registration process for families. You can get a free scoop every day if you sign up, but just once per day. There is a nominal charge for utilising a non-standard payment method. However, connecting a payment method within the mobile app will reward you with extra scoops.

8. San Churro

On your birthday, you can get complimentary churros at San Churros! To sign up, you must provide contact information, such as a phone number and email address. 

You will only receive any assistance if you lose your password. If you need to update your password, they will give you instructions through text message. Once you check-in, you’ll get a nice “Happy Birthday!” message.

9. Cold Rock

When you join up, you’ll get a $5 voucher for a scoop of the flavour of your choice at Cold Rock, plus other great perks. You’ll be impressed first by how quickly and easily you may join up and then by the superior quality of the service you get.

10. Sumo Salad

Sign up and get a free Sumo Salad. When compared to Subway sandwiches, Sumo Salad is the healthier option. Pick your favourite meat, then pile it on the toppings (vegetables, cheese, sauce, and bread)! Vegan and vegetarian choices are available. 

Their products contain only organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan ingredients. You may use the mobile application to place orders at discounted pricing. The app is easy to use, and new users get a $5 coupon just for signing up.

11. Spudbar

Enjoy a complimentary spud on your special day, but this freebie is exclusively available in Victoria. Download the app and sign up to get going. It may take some time to complete the required information by hand during the signing procedure.

12. Mrs Fields

All Mrs Fields locations in Australia offer complimentary cookies. However, you can only get them in-store, so if you hankered for some on your birthday, you had the best hope a shop is open in the area. If you need help, keep looking until you find another Mrs Fields.

13. Krispy Kreme

First-time customers get five boxes—four freebies for their birthday and an additional one as a gift. After enjoying a while box, you will feel sluggish and want to stay in your cozy seat for the foreseeable future.

14. Starbucks

If you download the Starbucks app, you can get $2 off your first purchase and a free drink on your birthday. The best thing is that you can sign up without a card once you have the mobile app.

The Cheesecake Shop

15. The Cheesecake Shop

You may save a lot of money with this freebie since they provide a $5 coupon on your birthday and another $5 voucher just for joining up. Buy a few pieces of their fantastic cheesecake and store them in the freezer for a long-lasting flavour experience.

16. Ikea

Celebrate your birthday by treating your friends and family to a complimentary dessert. You can also get a $10 voucher on your birthday. However, rumours have claimed that this policy has changed. Still, they have tasty cakes, so it should be money well spent.

17. The Coffee Club

You can get free drinks on your birthday if you’re a member. Once you’ve logged into the app, it’s simple to navigate. Although the sign-up process might take longer than anticipated, everything should go smoothly from there on out.

18. Hardrock Cafe

Hardrock Cafe also offers a complimentary meal on your birthday. Their website is now down for maintenance, though. Make sure you research it thoroughly before giving it a go.

19. Gloria Jeans

This app is excellent for coffee enthusiasts since it allows you to celebrate your special day with a free cup of coffee. Get started right now by downloading the app.

Noodle Box

20. Noodle Box

Noodle Box is an app that gives users a birthday bonus of $10 to spend on noodles. You may always ask Noodle Box for a recommendation if you need clarification on what noodles you enjoy.

21. Hungry Jack

If you have the Hungry Jacks app, you can enjoy a free Whopper bugger on your birthday. Download the app and redeem your coupon at checkout to take advantage of this offer. It’s simple, but only some people have used their codes.

22. Doughnut Time

Yum, I love a good doughnut. Pretty much everyone adores them. Who doesn’t like saving money? Doughnut Times often distributes doughnut-themed promotional materials. If you’re a member of their group, you may get a 10 per cent discount on your next order of doughnuts. 

23. Salsa’s

You can get complimentary burritos at Salsa. Pick them up in-store since they celebrate everyone’s birthday by giving them free burritos! Visit their webpage for more information.

24. Banjo’s Bakery Cafe

If you sign up for Banjo’s VIP Club, you’ll get a complimentary birthday goodie on the house on your special day. Get the app right now, and ensure you become a VIP well before your birthday.

Red Rooster

25. Red Rooster

Visit Red Rooster if hunger strikes! Enjoy exclusive benefits such as buy one get two free dinners and a free lunch on your birthday. Checking in with the RedRooster app will also provide you access to exclusive deals.

26. Hakataya Ramen

Hakata Ramen offers a special birthday deal. You must present your ID at the counter for a complimentary bowl of Hakata Ramen. The coupon is valid on your special day.

27. The Groove Train

You may celebrate your big day with a complimentary tasty meal at Groove Train worth $25.

28. Mos Burger 

Mos Burger is a great restaurant, and they give you a complimentary Wagyu burger for your birthday. You’ll automatically get them after signing up. This exclusive deal is valid for your birthday and not any other day.

Gelato Gelatissimo

29. Gelato Gelatissimo

Everyone may get a free scoop of gelato at Gelatissimo. It’s good news if you despise filling out paperwork. Join now and get a $5 discount on your first purchase.

30. Montezumas

The Montezumas’ complimentary main course is another excellent birthday treat. Get started right away since signing up is a breeze.

31. Grill’d

If you buy a burger at Grill’d on your birthday, you’ll get a free drink on the house. Grill’d give out fantastic free stuff all through the year. Get going right now!

32. Shingle Inn

Birthday guests at Shingle Inn get complimentary cupcakes. If you join up, you’ll have access to more freebies. Caution: an actual membership card is required for discounts and other perks. You may choose from various membership levels, and each has its benefits. You can always purchase cupcakes if you need something else.

33. Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries is another app that may help you celebrate in style. Each member receives a voucher as a birthday present.

34. T2

Birthday parties at T2 are awesome! They’ll give you a complimentary drink on the house when you join. The procedure of joining up is simple as well.


35. Vapiano

Vapianos are fantastic places to dine if you’re excited about something unexpected. There’s a wide variety of options to satisfy your hunger, whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Italian, American, Asian, or even completely out-of-this-world cuisine.

On your big day, they often offer a buy one, get one free special, so you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune. The only way to take advantage of this is to join up at least seven days before your birthday.

36. Taco Bell

If it’s your birthday, you can get a free combo meal from Taco Bell. Once you’ve signed up for their app, taking advantage of promotions and receiving freebies is simple.

37. The Pancake Parlour

Bless your special day! If you’re a VICEN and it’s your birthday, you can get complimentary pancakes at the Pancake Parlor. Poor luck to everyone outside of Victoria.

38. New Shanghai

New Shanghai celebrates birthdays with complimentary dumplings for everybody! With this amazing offer, you’ll count down the days until your birthday every year.

39. Wok It Up

If you want free noodles for your birthday, all you have to do is wok it up. Simply register and confirm your account information online. It’s a piece of cake!

40. Ferguson Plarre

Get a $5 voucher on your special day. Is this a small amount? Yes. However, a deliciously sweet cupcake from Ferguson Plarre is just $5.

These offerings are restricted to the Victoria area. For more information, see their website.

Mad Mex

41. Mad Mex

Mad Mex has recently updated its app to include a free burrito offer for new users. While the Birthday Burrito promotion is still advertised on the website, it may have been discontinued lately. You should sign up for the newsletter if additional scrumptious Mexican treats are included. 

42. Darling & Co

You may make and share wishlists online with your friends for free with Darling&Co. In addition, users may pay to access premium features, such as exclusive deals and discounts. For instance, the most recent (and as-yet-unverified) birthday promotion included a complimentary malted milk chocolate mousse dessert.

43. Bondi Pizza

Sydney locals are the only ones eligible for this deal. Looking for a great deal? Bondi Pizza has everything you need. After your birthday, you’ll be entitled to a month’s worth of free pizza. The number of pizzas you may order is limited. So, sign up right now!

44. Made in Italy

Having pizza delivered to your house for free on your birthday is a terrific way to celebrate. When you join up, you could also get a bonus of $5 if you’re fortunate.

45. Taco Bill

On your birthday, Taco Bill will provide you with a free entrée and a free piece of cake. This is a once-a-year deal, so if you want to take advantage of it on your birthday, you’d better register early. 

There aren’t many testimonials, however. Therefore, it’s beneficial to rethink. Additionally, you can only get it in Victoria.


46. Wokinabox

Wokinabox WokBox Wok Wallet Credit of $12 in Honor of Your Birthday! Concept Ate, etc., will be participating in this promotion. However, you can only choose one participating restaurant to get the discount.

47. Sake

When it’s your birthday, you get a complimentary ice cream cookie at Sake Sake. You could be lucky if you live in New South Wales or Victoria. If you are far from one of the locations given, check their official website to check if you still qualify.

48. Crust

Crust Crust Pizza gives first-time customers a complimentary birthday slice. Also, for every nine slices you purchase, you’ll get a tenth at no cost. 

49. Gelato Messina

You can score free gelato with the Gelato Messina app. Simply input your birthdate when you sign up for an account. After doing so, you’ll be alerted whenever a scoop becomes available. Find out what flavours are on the menu currently at any of your favourite spots.

50. Bird’s Nest

On your birthday, take a group of four to supper at the Bird’s Nest and enjoy a free $35 meal! This exclusive deal is restricted to Brisbane residents only. You’re in luck if your birthday falls on that day and you’re in that vicinity.

Donut King

51. Donut King

DonutKing is a service that facilitates online orders from fast food joints. You’ll get a complimentary drink on the house when you use the app to make your order. You might save $5 on your first buy.

52. 7-Eleven

Sign up with them and get a free Krispy Kreme app doughnut. There are other fantastic deals you should take advantage of. Sign up today.

53. Brumby’s

On your birthday, Brumby will give you a free loaf of bread or coffee, depending on your preference. The birthday bread orders are baked and delivered to consumers. If you join up for the service, you’ll get a free loaf. You will also get larger loaves at a lower price.

54. Monty’s Rewards / ALH Group

You may use Monty’s Rewards app to earn rewards as you enjoy free online games, films, and articles. Shop, browse, watch shows, read books, listen to music, and more to rack up points for rewards.

You may trade your points for rewards like gift cards and vouchers. Even better, you’ll get a coupon for free food or drink every year on your birthday.

Chat Thai

55. Chat Thai

On your special day, you may cash in a voucher for $10. Join now to get exclusive offers and savings from Chat Thai!

56. Concept Ate

There’s a new app in town called Concept Ate, and it’s all about eating out at places like Wokinabox, Patty’s, and NoodlesBox. On your special day, you’ll get a $10 voucher as a gift. The website also serves as a place to redeem meal coupons at participating eateries.

57. Hello Harry

On your birthday, Hello Harry will treat you to a complimentary burger on the house. Signing up for their app is hassle-free and comes with a discount coupon.

58. Rashays

If you’re looking for something modest and affordable, a $10 gift card to Rashay’s is a fantastic option. A minimum yearly membership fee of $10 is required to participate. One of the many benefits of joining Rashay’s is access to member-only pricing on items and services. Sign up now to get information about upcoming sales and promotions.

59. Pancakes on the Rocks

On your birthday, Pancake on the Rocks will give you 20% off your total bill. Your meal will be supplemented with pancakes valued up to $25. Join up now!

60. Pizza Capers

Pizza Capers offers a complimentary pizza for your birthday. Simply download the app and input your birth month to get started. When you’re ready, click “Sign Up!” to get your free pizza voucher in the mail.

TGI Friday’s

61. TGI Friday’s

Celebrating your birthday with TGI Fridays gives you a complimentary dinner of up to $15. You should download the app since it often offers discounts and specials.

62. Pub Life

Pub Life offers birthday dine-in credits of up to $25 for those who sign up. Checking in with this app will earn you points you can use at bars all around the globe.

Some bars provide free or discounted drinks or appetisers, while others have contests where customers may win gift cards or other prizes. Users may exchange their points for free food and drinks or savings at other participating businesses.

63. King’s Creek Hotel

If you want to get away from it all for your birthday, the King’s Creek Hotel is the place to go. Every year on your birthday, simply provide a valid form of identification to enjoy a special rate. Members may also take advantage of exclusive savings offers.

64. Macey’s Bistro

Victoria’s Macey’s Bistro provides excellent cuisine at reasonable prices. You’re entitled to a complimentary birthday meal! To place an order, you’ll need to provide identification.

65. Bubba Pizza

Bubbas Pizza has a wide variety of tasty pizzas, giving you a free traditional pizza for your birthday. They don’t provide delivery, so you must pick it up yourself. This promotion is valid just in Victoria.


66. Kazbah

You can celebrate your birthday in Sydney with a huge $35 bonus from Kazbah. This is a beautiful present to get on your birthday.

67. Pacino’s Restaurant

When it’s your birthday, you may get free food at Pacino’s. If you find yourself in or are a resident of Melbourne, consider yourself fortunate.

68. The Grand

When it’s your birthday, it’s a good idea to toast with a glass of something smooth like Vino. And you can get it at The Grand! Recently, a deal on the internet was for a free $85 six-course Italian supper. Nearly unbelievable, but who would turn down the chance to be pampered at a five-star meal? Visit their site to see if they have any better deals.

69. Calvino Coffee

Calvino Coffee is another one of Victoria’s freebies. They provide complimentary coffee on your birthday, and the registration procedure is quick and painless.

70. Southside Bistro

If you are in Brisbane on your birthday, stop into South Bistro for a complimentary dessert on the house. It’s simple to join up and start using their applications. 

Lone Star Rib House

71. Lone Star Rib House

Sign up for the Lone Star Rib House birthday club and get $5 off your bill on your special day.

72. Pancho’s

And here’s some more good news you’ll appreciate on your birthday: at Pancho’s, you can get a complimentary dessert and a meal on your special day. Does it sound too fantastic to be true? Certainly not because of Pancho’s.

73. Stakeholders

Few restaurants would throw you a steak for free after dinner, but Stakeholders will! On your special day, you may enjoy free rib-eye steaks. Sign up online and then visit their Sydney eatery.

74. Sun Wah

Celebrate your birthday in Victoria! Then, take advantage of Sun Wah Chinese Restaurant’s complimentary lunch special.

75. Brewhouse

Brewhouse Freebies is the perfect solution for a memorable way to celebrate your special day. In just 5 minutes, you can sign up and celebrate your birthday with a free drink.

76. The Manly Hotel

Voucher for $15 at The Manly Hotel (valid only in Brisbane). You may get your coupon by filling out a simple form at any of their hotels. Please remember to show your Manly Rewards card.


77. Gilhooleys

It has been an annual tradition at Gilhooley’s Pub to provide free food to everyone who attends. Join them in celebrating your special day and feast on the house.

78. Coco Cubano

Those in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia may enjoy complimentary coffee and other treats daily, but unfortunately, the birthday coupon is no longer available. So, it’s best to hold your breath and hope for the best.

79. James Squire

James Squire wants to wish you a happy birthday with a wonderfully made beer on the house. This special is only valid in Sydney.

80. Four Frogs

The folks at Four Frogs are celebrating your birthday by giving you a complimentary galette. If you are a Sydney local, you’re in luck; give them a go.

81. Soul Burger

Soul Burger is a free app that everyone should try at least once. The app provides access to a wealth of no-cost options available in Sydney. You may also obtain special offers from places like Starbucks by adding a unique code.

82. The Colonial British-Indian Cuisine

You and your loved ones are invited to a free Sydney dinner. Visit Caffe Roma, La Cantina, or The Dining Room for a delicious meal. You may choose from an assortment of appetisers, main dishes, desserts, and coffee and tea.

83. 3 Sons Cafe

You may get a complimentary drink and the usual discount if it’s your birthday. To get your free dinner, just register online.

84. Bensons

Sign up now and get a voucher for a free hot drink. On your birthday, Benson’s will treat you to a complimentary dinner! Exclusive to the state of Victoria.

85. Curry Leaf

An unforgettable birthday present is a complimentary bottle of wine in your birthday month (only in Victoria). Start using Curry Leaf.

86. The Wharf Hotel

When booking a stay of three nights or more via the VenueCo mobile app, guests of The Wharf Hotel in any of their Australian properties will get a $10 voucher. Create an account and provide your actual date of birth to qualify for the freebies.

87. Yo-Chi Club

This club is an internet store where you may get yourself presents for your birthday. Any item featured in the Yo-chi Club shop will earn you 10 dollars. 

After getting your gift card, you may buy anything you want. If purchases are made within seven days, your card will stay active.

88. Slices Family Restaurants

Every month, all of Slices Family Restaurants’ locations provide free lunches. The objective is to commemorate milestones like birthdays and other joyous events.

89. Locanda

On your special day, enjoy complimentary treats from Locanda. You may walk away with a $50 gift card. Follow them on social media and visit their website to learn how to enter the Victoria-only prize.

90. The Sporting Globe

Sporting Globe will offer you a $25 store credit on your birthday.

Birthday Fashion Freebies

1. Bonds

Receive ten dollars’ worth of Bonds on your special day. In addition, you’ll get a discount of 10% on all internet purchases from their website. Online purchasing will now be more affordable.

2. Cotton On

Get a $5 discount on your next purchase. Happy birthday! Although it may seem pointless, this is a gift and will put more money in your pocket.

3. Country Road and Trenery

You’ll get a free Country Road and Trenery coupon following your membership tier. You may get started with as little as $10.

4. Glue Store

Save $10 on your first order at Glue Store with their discount voucher. Moreover, sign up and get a $10 bonus.

5. JAG 

Sign up for a birthday surprise! You may also opt out of receiving messages other than the birthday greeting. That’s awesome, right?

6. Mimco

You may get a free coupon for as little as $15 based on your membership level. Spenders may need to move up to a more expensive membership tier.

7. Review Clothing

If you join up before your birthday, you’ll get a $20 gift card and the $20 you’ll receive on your special day.

8. Sportscraft

The local community is essential to Sportscraft, so the company hosts charity events. Athletes may go there to be professionally fitted for equipment and take advantage of the store’s low costs. 

Sportcraft offers everything you need to find the perfect birthday gift! Spend $30 or more and get a $20 gift card for future purchases.

9. Saba

What a kind present from Saba on your birthday! You will be given a $20 gift card redeemable at any Saba-affiliated business. To find out which shops are eligible, check out their website.

10. Witchery

Membership may be attained at one of three tiers: gold, silver, or bronze. Your joining and birthday will be celebrated with complimentary Witchery vouchers to kick things off. 

After that, you can choose between the Gold, Silver, and Bronze membership tiers. At each tier, you have access to better benefits for less money. You may get a present, exclusive pricing, and invitations to private events.

11. JeansWest

If you sign up for an account at JeansWest, they’ll give you a $10 gift card to celebrate your birthday and another $10 on your account anniversary. Members get an annual $10 gift card as a perk.

12. Katies

Katies is offering you a gift to help you look your best. Once you join, they’ll email you a birthday voucher for a certain amount.

13. Best & Less

At Best & Less, you may get men’s underwear at cheap costs. You will get a 15% off coupon code every week through email. You may even walk away with some free underwear!

14. City Chic

 Happy Birthday from City Chic! Take $20 off your purchase of $100 or more with this exclusive voucher. No Welcome Offer!

15. Kathmandu

A 20-dollar gift certificate to use at Kathmandu. Once you’re a part of the team, you’ll also get discounts on membership purchases.

16. Tony Bianco

Take advantage of a massive $30 gift certificate on your big day. You must upgrade to the next membership tier to access this bonus content.

17. Strandbags

Here’s a birthday gift: a coupon for Strandbafgs. Sign up and immediately have access to all of the current promotions. Plus, they have a good response time for customers.

18. Levi’s

Just type “Levis” into the search bar, and you can shop for Levi’s jeans on their website. By creating an account with them, you may save 10% immediately. You may get your favourite pair of jeans from any retailer without spending much money.

19. Anaconda

You’ll get a discount code for $10 when you join up with Anaconda. However, they are connected to Spotlight, so this may become complicated. It’s also a pain to recover lost login information.

20. Speedo

You can get a $20 gift certificate to Speedo if it’s your birthday. If you need assistance deciding what to buy with your voucher, the personnel there is happy to provide suggestions. It’s a great site to hunt for freebies.

21. Rockmans

Their goods are wonderful. If you sign up, you’ll get a present on your birthday. That’s the only justification you need to join. The first-time buyer discount is $10.

22. General Pants Co.

Take advantage of General Pants’ sign-up bonus of $20! Furthermore, on your birthday, you will get a promotional code for a percentage off your first purchase.

23. ASOS

Registering on their website entitles you to a discount of 10% for the first 30 days and a $20 gift card. You’ll get email updates about sales, events, and special offers. Most importantly, you can choose to get sales-related alerts and opt out of all others.

24. Spanx

You may test Spanx without spending money using their free trial offer. If you purchase within 30 days of registering, you’ll get 5% off. On your birthday, you’ll get a discount of 10%.

25. Crossroads

Crossroads will give you a $10 gift certificate on your special day. Signing up for them is a breeze. Birthday presents like pencils, pens, notebooks, etc., are available in various styles and prices. They just came out with bamboo sheets, and they’re very nice.

26. Adidas

Happy birthday! In exchange for creating a new Adidas account, you will get a discount of 15% on your first purchase. Check your Adidas account for prizes and new information if you purchase there often. The freebies range from a discount on shoes to a gift card to a free T-shirt.

27. The Iconic

On your special day, you’ll get a 20% discount on anything you buy. Purchase $100 or more to get $20 in free credit. If you join up for one of their services, you will get $20 in free credits and a $20 credit to use as you choose.

28. Veronika Maine

Registration is quick and easy; you’ll get a confirmation email after you sign up. In addition, you’ll get a $30 coupon just for signing up!

30. H&M

Get a discount of up to 25% on the most-wanted item throughout the month of your birthday. You may save 10% on your first month if you create an account before you start shopping.

31. Surfstitch

SurfStitch is an online retailer that discounts surf gear, swimwear, eyewear, and beach towels. You’ll also get a free bonus for purchasing over $100 on selected items. The first-time buyer discount is $20, and they will also get a free bonus.

32. Nautica

When you shop at Nautica during your birthday month, you’ll get 20% off your whole order. As a bonus, new subscribers get a 10% discount for joining the newsletter.

33. Forever New

Forever New fans may get a $25 coupon with a purchase of $100 or more. After signing up, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase.

34. Rockwear

Their goods are excellent, and so is their support staff. Sign-up takes just a few seconds, and you’ll never miss another opportunity again.

35. Modi Bodi 

Modi Bodi offers a 20% off discount on birthday gifts. They provide excellent customer service that will guarantee you obtain what you are owed.

36. Target

Target may not provide freebies, but they offer a $10 incentive just for signing up! You could receive a gift just by signing up on your birthday.

37. The People Vs. Again

You may find some of the highest-quality clothing items at The People Vs. Again, this may not be a gift on your birthday, but if you join up on your birthday, you will get a special bonus.

Birthday Entertainment Freebies

1. Hoyts

Is it possible to get free popcorn? You may get a complimentary Choc Top or small popcorn at every participating Hoyts theatre. If you still need to do so, you may obtain your free popcorn by redeeming your voucher code at the store’s kiosk and presenting the actual card.

2. Zone Bowling

You may play two games of bowling on the house for free at Zone Bowling. There is no limit to the number of times you may play. You’ll appreciate how fast and straightforward the signup process is.

3. Dymocks

If you become a Dymocks member, you will get a $5 or $10 voucher on your birthday. As membership tiers rise, so do the voucher prices.

4. Captain Cook Cruises

Birthday perks include a free voyage. What a fantastic bargain! It just takes ten seconds to join up. Yes, it will satisfy you.

5. Cinebuzz

Looking to spend as little as possible on superb birthday movie entertainment? Then you need to use Cinebuzz. When you sign up for an account, you’ll get a $9 movie ticket reloadable.

If you’re a film buff wanting access to exclusive perks, see as many movies as possible to rise through the VIP levels.

6. Palace Cinemas

Brisbane, Australia, is home to the Palace Cinema. The theatre is among the biggest in the nation. On your birthday, Palace Cinemas will give you a certificate for $10 to use in the theatre’s bar.

7. Escape Hunt, West End

You may celebrate your big day with a free play chance in Brisbane. Simply join up and bring along a couple of pals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

8. Rewardle

If you use the Rewardle app on your mobile device can save 15% on your next purchase. To learn more or look for fantastic alternative deals, just visit

Birthday Beauty & Cosmetic Freebies

1. Body Shop

You may get a freebie from Body Shop if you join up today. You could also receive a $10 coupon for your special day.

2. Swarovski

As a Swarovski member, you can access amazing savings and incentives. For the most up-to-date 2023 deals, check out their website.

3. Priceline

To begin, you must sign up with a Priceline account. After signing up, you may use the occasional $5 coupon to begin making purchases on the site. The website offers various products, including airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental vehicles, and more. Gift cards are also available.

4. David Jones

All David Jones members have access to $5 gift coupons. Before using your coupon, you must register for an account and sign in. If you want the price cut, you must provide an actual birthday.

5. MyerOne

On your birthday, MyerOne Myerson sends you a $10 gift certificate. You must remember your card number if you want it to work.

6. Amcal 

Amcal offers a 5% off coupon on your birthday if you sign up for their newsletter list. Thus qualifying for the giveaways list.

7. Heinemann

What do you think about getting something unique every year? Anything considerate will do, regardless of what it is. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration, the site’s recommendations may help.


You’ll get a free present at Mecca for every dollar you spend there. If you’re a regular customer at Mecca, the company will send you a gift card on your birthday that may be used at any of their stores.

9. Sephora

Sephora is a web-based beauty supply store that often runs sales. You may earn twice the points on every transaction during your bonus month. You may not be able to call it a freebie, but it’s still a good value.

10. Napoleon Peris

You can use your points to buy anything in their store. A birthday bonus of $10 is also available.

11. Ella Bache Myer Centre

When you schedule a facial at the Ella Myer Centre, you may also get a free anti-stress massage. It’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful day at the office.

And remember to reward yourself on your special day! You should check out their site for further information since certain things must be verified.

12. Essential Beauty

The next time your birthday rolls around, you can request a gift card from this outstanding service. Your gift card will be sent to you when you register on their website or use their app.

13. Brazilian Beauty

Users get points whenever they share anything on the site. Then, you may trade in your points for goodies like presents and birthday certificates good for things like cosmetics. Affiliates may also profit from the purchases made by their recommendations via the affiliate program that Brazilian Beauty provides. Payment options for affiliates include both PayPal and Amazon Payments.

14. L’occitane

L’Occitane is a great brand that stands out in the cosmetics industry. Get freebies on your birthday from all of your favourite stores.

15. Pharmacy4Less

You must respond to a brief survey asking for information about your gender, age, and location. A $10 voucher is waiting for you at the end of this survey. However, this coupon is only valid for the specified days after receipt.

16. Michael Hill

Birthday gift certificate for $50 off a purchase of at least $200. In addition, membership grants you a $20 discount certificate. However, this certificate may only be used for purchases totalling $100 or more. In other words, you should prepare your pocketbook for this one.

17. Pandora

In honour of milestone occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, Pandora provides 15% off jewellery purchases. You’ll get additional discounts if you provide your engagement and wedding dates.

18. Quality Pharmacy

This birthday gift is perfect for anybody celebrating their special day in Victoria. Join now to get a $15 gift certificate for your big day.

Other Birthday Freebies

1. Lincraft

Would you like a $10 gift certificate for your birthday? It’s a great token of appreciation that won’t strain your finances. However, the registration procedure is quite time-consuming. But it’s not that awful of a bargain if you can wait.

2. Sheridan

When it comes to the freebies, Sheridan ranks high. It provides a $25 sign-up coupon and a $25 birthday voucher.

The one drawback is that resetting a lost password takes a long time. The wait, though, will be worthwhile in the end.

3. Qantas Frequent Flyer

Qantas’s frequent flyer program gives members discounts of up to 15 per cent. You can rack  points by making purchases, exchanging gift cards for products, or both.

4. Kikki K

Kikii K is a web business that sells high-quality office supplies, including pens, notebooks, and other writing implements. The company also provides monthly birthday presents. This is the best place to find a unique present for your loved ones.

5. Smiggle

You may save $5 on your first birthday purchase if you sign up now. Smiggle is an excellent online retailer to look into for your next buy. If you buy $25, you receive a $10 discount.

6. Spotlight

Get a birthday discount of $10! You’ll also get a coupon for a free $10 credit when you join.

7. Adairs

A two-year membership to Adair’s Linen Lovers Club costs only $20. When a new member joins, they are given a free bonus. On some holidays, future purchases will be discounted. When you sign up, you’ll have access to more discounts.

8. Toys’R’Us

Toys’R’Us sells fun stuff, including movies, games, music, gadgets, baby gear, and more, on their website. Birthday gift cards are available here, so be sure to sign up!

9. Best Friends Pet Store

Many people consider their dogs to be family members. Best Friends Pet Store has a unique offer for you if you want to purchase a pet as a present for someone special. Spend as little or as much as you want and walk away with a $10 gift certificate to Best Friends Pet Store.

10. Ted’s Cameras

When joining the club, members will receive a $10 coupon, and on their birthday, they’ll be granted a $20 voucher. This presents a fantastic chance to save money while venturing into the field of photography. Additionally, there’s a discounted catalogue available, offering a wide range of top-notch electronics, such as SD cards.

11. Dusk

Vouchers are available for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The membership fee is also reasonable. Get two years of subscription for only ten dollars. It may take a while to check out, but the free coupon is appreciated.

12. Flight Centre

When you join Flight Centre Rewards, you’ll be eligible for a free flight. You’ll get a free plane ticket as a present on your birthday. However, this detail has not yet been clarified.

13. Woolworths

When you purchase any Australian Woolworth location, you’ll get 5 points weekly. Every client is issued a Woolies card that may be used to accumulate points toward future purchases. You can use those points to receive deals at Woolies, too. If you spend $2,000 on groceries, you’ll get $10 off your total!

14. Angus & Robertson

If you create an account, you’ll save 5% immediately. It just takes around ten seconds to sign up. You’ll get a confirmation email when you sign up. Before the discount can be applied, your first purchase must be approved.

15. BWS

Birthday cocktails are even better when they’re on the house. To get the most bang for your buck, though, BWS membership is a must. Then, on your special day, you’ll get a coupon for $5. 

Simply joining up will get you $10. You got some decent value out of those few minutes. Just wait for the emails to arrive; it might take up to half an hour. You should wait it out since the benefits will be substantial.

16. Thirsty Camel

When you’re in the mood to party, download the Thirsty Camel app and get a discount of $10! After the initial setup, using the app to commemorate special occasions is as simple as tapping a button. It takes roughly 20 seconds to create an account on the app.

17. Cedar Creek Lodges

Cedar Creek Lodges provide fantastic packages for friends, families, and large parties. You will immediately get a discount if you book your stay online and choose two nights. If you book for two nights, the second one is at the house. 

Considering the going rate of about $200 per night. Finally, club members are given priority when invites are sent out for activities at the Lodge. This promotion is valid exclusively in Queensland.