Campervan Relocations In Australia Where To Book And What To Know

You should get in touch with Australia’s breathtaking nature, its Rainforest, glorious beaches and rolling hills by relocating your company’s campervan at the best available prices.

Finding the best companies with affordable prices to relocate your company can be taxing, Not to mention the thousands of companies that offer road trip services, making it hard to narrow down to one. 

However, that’s why we’re here; we’ve collected all the data you’ll need as you prepare for your trip.

Collection & Delivery

With us, you will get fantastic depot and door-to-door services. With us being the largest company of transporters in Australia, we assure to move your car through the port safely and at the best prices.

 Regardless of your kind of campervan, whether residential or business, we got you covered. 

Door to Door

We will pick up your property from your desired destination to the address you give with no stress. 

Door to Depot

We will pick up your property from your chosen destination to the depot near you, where you can collect your parcel. 

Depot to Door

Once we safely deliver your cargo to the nearest depot, we will organise for your property to be delivered to your chosen address.

Depot to Depot

Once we safely drop your property to our depots, we will organise for your property to be delivered to a depot near you where you can collect them.

How To Relocate a Campervan?

Relocating with Transfercar is easy and convenient; you can safely transfer your vehicle with a few steps. First, you need to decide where the company will pick up your car and where they will deliver it. 

Afterwards, you can search on Google for the best deals in your area to cover transportation. 

Pick the best deal, then confirm the drop and pick-up time to confirm your requests. 

Different companies have various terms, so make sure you read each to ensure they are favourable. Once the company receives your bid, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm if the details you put in are correct and any additional information. 

There are various destinations you opt for in Australia. Read along for ideas. 

Plan Your Road Trip at an Affordable Price l Rent a Campervan.

The best idea is always to relocate with campervans, as it’s cost-effective. It often comes with free deals, appealing motorhomes, cities, and fuel and ferry transportation. 

Although hiring campervans is quite costly, the general cost is affordable. It means enjoying a trip without considerable accommodation and transport costs. With your campervan, food and snacks are all you need to spend. 

Luckily, we have various options and cost-effective solutions to your campervan relocation that will save you a few thousand dollars. 

Book Last Minute Campervan Deals for Your Relocation

Luckily, we have several campervan deals that are easy to book, saving you time and effort, and affordable to save you money. Additionally, we update our offers regularly to meet our customer’s dynamic needs. 

Therefore, ensure you constantly pop up on our page for more fantastic deals for your relocation. In the meantime, check out our page for the most recent updates for your trip. 

However, if you need more time to check our website frequently, you can turn on notifications for our page or subscribe to receive regular emails for each listing we make. We may not have any available listings, so subscribe for a notice when we have an available relocation. 

The best part of relocating with your campervan is that it’s flexible. You can carry any drink and travel to all your desired locations. Additionally, your family will have all the time and space to bond and play the games they want without anyone or rules holding them back. 

For example, if you were to board a plane, your bottle of vodka can only be as large as your backpack, with a ton of plane regulations. 

Have the Best Time With Your Campervans

Travelling in your campervans is relatively easy and ideal for your family. First, you can take your time with bags everywhere to catch your flight. You only need to get your 

campervans to your destination in time as per your booking plans. 

It also comes with opportunities like extending your stay and exploring various areas in your goal; you can park any place and enjoy any view of your destination without being held back by the position of your hotel room.

If one destination tires you, you only need to move your campervans without any challenges of booking or finding a new hotel. 

Travelling on campervans comes with a simplicity that other forms lack. You need to check out our website and find the best deal. Our campervans may be unavailable when you need them or find the desired arrangement. 

However, your trip might be the Best even if they fall outside where you need them. Book your vehicle; the dates and destination will fall where you need them.

You will find Australia between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and It’s currently the most incredible island in the world but the smallest country on its continent. Australia has fantastic places you can visit and mind-blowing sceneries that will leave you excited for days.

It’s also a culturally rich country with incredible beaches, islands and national parks, ensuring all visitors have the best time. There is something for everyone. 

Here Are a Few Fantastic Places To Visit in Australia

Australia is home to various amazing beaches and calm waters. It’s also famous for the Great Barrier Reef on the shore of the beach. It’s one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions, among other notable places you’ll enjoy exploring. 


Canberra is the capital city of Australia which started in 1913. It’s also commonly known as the Bush City, as you’ll find it in several natural reserves and maintained ranges in northern Australia. 

However, it has recently grown and developed into a more likely and stunning place you’ll enjoy spending time in.

The city only allowed government officials and politicians to access it when it started. However, it has grown and is home to several museums, art and monuments that attract people worldwide. 

It also has world-class hotels, barf, restaurants and diverse shops where you can enjoy various cultural foods. Despite the cultural and historical monuments, the area is home to students and youths, which makes the nightlife lively and active. 

Canberra is also quite remote. Therefore, you can enjoy exploring the outdoors as you hike or bike in its outstanding parks and serene gardens. The artificial lakes are also excellent places for fishing where people can bond with their families. 

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

Pinnacles are found on the Western side of Australia, inside the Nambung park neighbouring Cervantes town. However, because of the hidden place, nobody discovered the land until late 1967, when people built a reserve that protected the pinnacles.

From a general view, the pinnacles look like a thousand tombstones built together in the desert. The area is beautiful as the wind blows over the sand from the dunes ro the landscapes.

Although it’s unclear how the dunes are formed, it’s presumed that the pinnacles come from limestone resulting from the seashells left behind when the underwater area was. 

The peaks are now among the world’s most fantastic attractions, and you’ll often spot the Western kangaroos in the area.

Gold Coast

Located in the southern region of Brisbane and the southeastern side of Queensland, the Gold Coast is one area in Australia where you’ll find sunny weather and warm temperatures throughout the year.

 It’s one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions thanks to the warm weather and calm environment.  On the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is where most people enjoy their time. 

The area is well-packed with high-end restaurants, accommodation areas, bars, shopping malls, and other vacation necessities. 

It also has fantastic beaches with the best temperatures if you want to swim, sunbathe and conduct other activities. 

Most people call it the tourist trap and for a good reason. Gold Coast is packed with tons of stunning beaches, in addition to a breathtaking sunset. It also has water and amusement parks that will blow your mind ad hook you to the area all year long. 

Alice Springs

Alice Springs

You will find Alice Springs in the middle of Austria and the northern area of the territory. However, the site is more than 2000km from a city, which tells you the location is remote. 

Although it’s far, the area has many places to explore, with the Red Centre being the most famous.

While it’s less lively than other locations in Australia, Alice Springs is the best place to start on Australia’s cultural heritage and history. 

It has various cultural reserves and art galleries, all speaking to the rich Australian culture, in addition to the large population of the Aboriginal tribe. After exploring the area, it also has plenty of restaurants and bars to relax in the evenings. 

While everything else is stunning, this area is famous for its landscapes and surrounding rock formations. The most common rock formations are; 

  • Uluru
  • Kata Tjuta
  • Kings Canyon
Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park

Being the first runners up of Australia’s national parks, the Karijini is about 1000km north of Perth, between the Hamersley Range. It’s hilly and, therefore, famous for its waterfalls, canyons and gorges that are excellent views. 

In Karijini, you’ll also find the three tallest peaks or Australia, which are the best places if you are looking to hike. In the semi-arid area, you’ll also find hidden holes and water holes where you can swim or refresh after a hot walk.

It’s also home to about 1000 plant and several animal species. If you’ve been there, you have probably come across several wallabies and kangaroos that are adamant in the area.


Darwin is now famous for being close to the Indian Ocean, while other countries are. Still, back then, being close to the Indian Ocean, the area was common for port transportation of cargo through it to other sites. 

In 1974, the area was destroyed by a Cyclone, commonly known as Tracy. , the site is now a popular place in Australia for people worldwide and home to about 75 000 Australians. You’ll find it in the northern area of Australia.

It’s rich in other things, but the primary source of attraction is its sandy beaches with bara lining up its shores and diabetes kinds of shops. It also has cruises from 2 – 12 hours, where you can explore the mangrove forests in the area.

It’s home to the Litchfield and the Kakadu national parks, which are famous for their different species of crocodiles.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforests in the northern area of Australia in the Daintree National Park, and It’s currently the latest one, the oldest Rainforest in the world, located in Queensland. It also has diverse flora and fauna with ancient species that are incredible places to visit.’

In addition to the plant species and diverse wildlife, it also has several natural sceneries like beaches and coral reefs, all of which contribute to the area being a popular tourist attraction. 

Cape Tribulation is currently the most beautiful white sand beach of all the beaches in Australia, and It’ll take about three hours to get to Daintree Rainforest if you access it through Cairns. It has plenty of outdoor activities and hiking to keep you occupied all day.

Byron Bay

You’ll find Byron Bay on the eastern side of the mainland of South Wales. It’s off the Pacific Highway connecting Sydney and Brisbane and famous for its beautiful beaches and relaxed, calm environment.

Being recognised as a surf area, It’s currently among Australia’s top 10 tourist attractions. 

Although it has many cultural and artistic events all year, in addition to a significant market where farmers can display their products, it’s more famous for its laid-back lifestyle and many outdoor activities. While on the island, you can enjoy the following; 

  • surfing 
  • Scuba diving 
  • Yoga
  • Sky diving
  • Watch whales

Due to its diversity, everyone from aged people, business people and artists to businesses have found their home in Byron Bay. Hence, the area is well developed with hotels, restaurants, bars, art galleries and accommodation spots all at the world-class level.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located in the southeastern area of Queensland, where The Great Sandy Strait separates the mainland from this island. It’s currently the largest island in the world, with over 100km attached to its name, with many beautiful sceneries and unique places to visit. 

Although famous for its white sandy beaches, you can also find mangroves, rainforests and coastal dunes. It’s also rich in freshwater lakes famous for fishing activities. Lake Mackenzie and Wabby are the most popular ones. 

It’s home to wild and sea animals of all kinds; wallabies, whales, mammals, birds and dolphins that make the area worth visiting. It’s also a great spot to hike, swim or enjoy other water activities. The sunsets and under-the-stars views are one to die for.


You’ll find Broome on the Northern side of West Australia, on the peninsula jutting into the Indian Ocean. It’s more than 2000 km from the nearest cities, to tell you how remote the beach is. It’s—however, the beginning of the area’s fantastic scenery. 

The best place to chill in Broome is cable beach, one of the island’s largest and most popular beaches. It has serene waters and white beaches to spend your time as you sip your cocktails.

It’s rich in spas and resorts to refresh you throughout your stay. Camels on the beach will also keep you entertained all through. 

If you love exploring, the dinosaur prints, rock formations, and red cliffs are also great places to visit. You can also check out the Horizontal Falls, Kimberley, and the Dampier Peninsula, where the landscapes will blow your mind.


It’s excellent for its tropical air, calm environment, and closeness to the Great Barrier Reef, making it one of the most fabulous destinations in Australia. It’s a well-developed city on the north-western side of Australia, with about 200,000 people.

The area is a neighbour to excellent mountain terrain, the Rainforest and large sugarcane plantations. It has unique restaurants and bars to entertain you after your nature walk. There are also great shopping locations in case your vacation supplies run out.

While Australia is known for its beaches, Cairns has a saltwater lagoon you’ll mind in the middle of the city. It also has modern cars, boutiques and bars, all over the city, with a touch of Australian culture. 

As for the beaches, you’ll need to board a bus or hire a car to access them. 

Opposite the botanic garden, you’ll find yourself in the Rainforest at the Centenary fresh water Lakes, home to various crocodiles. 

The botanic garden, though, is famous for plants with multiple uses in the Aboriginal culture. 

You can also enjoy various outdoor opportunities, from scuba diving to snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Daintree is the oldest Rainforest in the world and a tourist attraction for many people worldwide is a fantastic place to hike and explore. 

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is a fantastic place within Australia’s Watarrka Park, known for its large size and beautiful scenery. Of all the attractions in Australia, the gaping George is the oldest and the largest, having formed over 400 million years ago as the sandstones were eroded. 

It’s also a primary water source for the Luritja people and a place to hide from the scorching sun. While it is a tourist attraction, most people from the area consider it a sacred place. 

Because of the sweltering temperatures, you should always carry a water bottle to hike the canyons.


With more than 1.2 million people living in the area, Adelaide is currently the 4th largest city in Australia. It’s located in the eastern region of South Australia, and it’s the capital city of southern Australia. 

It’s between the Gulf and the Adelaide Hills, known for its wine sceneries. 

The area got the nickname “the town of churches” and has dotted spires contributing to the city’s beauty. It also has lovely parks to relax and enjoy time with friends. 

Many people have migrated from Europe and Asia to this region, giving it a wide variety of foods to enjoy. The area is also close to farms and grapes plantations, which ensure all the food supplies are fresh; this gives the food a unique taste. 

There are also several festivals held every year that portray the richness of Australia’s culture.

Blue Mountains

The blue mountains are one of the most admirable yet accessible places in Australia. They are located in New South Wales, on the Western side of Sydney. 

The area is famous for its incredible mountains, escarpments and plateau, which will take your breath away as you explore. 

The blue mountains were labelled after the misty cure that the eucalyptus plantations portray, which are the source of Australia’s tourists’ visits. The sighting from the natural scenery will blow your mind and be the ideal spot to hike and bike rides.

The stunning view from the echo place is just the perfect place to be as you enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

For a while, the blue mountains have been the home to the Darug and Gundungurra people, making it the best place if you’re looking to learn about the Aboriginal and Australian cultures. 

The villages and the towns will also tell you all you need to know about Australian culture. 

You will come across Springwood which has all kinds of art galleries, and Leura, for Australia’s craft shops and cultural restaurants. 

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a 250km road that runs through the South Coast of Victoria. Built in 1932, this road is typical for road trips and carries some Australian history. It’s said that soldiers of World War three made the road as a dedication to people who lost their lives. 

The road runs from Torquay Shore resort in Melbourne through Allansford, a small town famous for its quiet and reserved nature. As you drive through, you will encounter great surf sports, coves and limestone stacks. 

As it runs through the Rainforest, you’ll come across eucalyptus trees and Winelands, all taking part in the fame of this area.

Bell’s Beach has unique surfing spots that attract people from all over the world. In addition to Otway, Park is home to various natural sceneries. 

The 12 Apostles are also a great beauty along the great ocean road. It has excellent sea stacks pummeling as the southern ocean runs through them.


That is currently the Capital city of the Western side of Australia, which is entirely hidden from the busy areas of the country. Even so, it’s still one of the most habitable places to be in all of Australia. 

It’s quiet and serene, with lots of places to adventure on. It is also home to many cultural and historical sites of Australia.  

You will find Most of the attractions in the city close to the sea, starting from the sunset coast, parks, picnic areas, and many areas where you can take a nature walk along the river Swan. The beaches, however, are the most remarkable beauty of Perth. 

Fremantle, also known as Freo, is the largest port in the city is a bustling marina, popular among students who are always here to learn and artists to showcase their work. Cottesloe Beach is the most adorable beach in Perth, just a few kilometres from Fremantle.

Kings Park is currently the most excellent park in the world, taking over 1000 acres of land. It surrounds Mount Eliza, a hill adjacent to gbe city. It has aerial walkways and a beautiful garden in addition to being home to the State Memorial Park. 

You will also find kangaroos in the Perth Zoo, among other Australian animals. With the Ferry services, you can enjoy a free ride to the islands, where you can enjoy the beautiful penguin slightings. 

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is currently the 3rd among most extended island in Australia. It is located on the coast of the southern side of Australia, a 50 minutes ride on a ferry ride from Cape Jarvis. 

While Australia has several amazing sights, this island is one of Australia’s most travelled tourist attractions. It has several breathtaking landscapes, including incredible natural sceneries and different species of wild animals.

You will find impressive dunes, immense cliffs and unique rocks among other natural sceneries in this destination. It’s home to many wild animals, the most interesting ones being koalas, dolphins, echidnas, sea lions and penguins. 

The different landscapes are perfectly organised for hikes, scuba diving, sandboarding and other outdoor activities. 

While it’s common for the natural sceneries and wildlife, Kangaroo Island is also famous for many local foods; you can try well-brewed wine. You can find all these delicacies in the towns neighbouring Kangaroo City and the small farms near the island.


Brisbane is the place to be if you’re looking ro be sunbathed all year. With around 2 million people, it is currently the third most populated city in Australia after Melbourne and Sydney. 

It’s an active place that comes with new changes every once in a while. It’s also a stopover spot for many tourists as they proceed ro the various beaches, hotels, resorts and accommodation sites around Brisbane. 

The area favours many outdoor activities along the river Brisbane because of the yearly warm temperatures. Your bike, climb mountains or hike in the region. It also has great music making it one of the world’s most excellent music spots attracting tourists worldwide. 

With fantastic restaurants in the region, Brisbane is the area to be. 


Although it’s pretty separated from the other cities in Australia, it’s still among the most beautiful places in the country. The government protects half of Tasmania, intending to preserve the nature of Australia. 

It’s rich in alpine plateaus, white beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, rich forests and other breathtaking natural scenery. You should reward yourself with a trip to the coast, where you’ll encounter penguins, dolphins and seals on your journey.

The area has large farms. Therefore all the products are served fresh from the garden; the food is always delicious, and the wines are mouth-watering. On the island, you’ll also find several festivals serving locally-made wines and beers and playing traditional music. 

Whitsunday Islands

You will find the Whitsunday on the northeastern side of Queensland, famous for its warm and calm waters. It’s currently the most popular tourist attraction in Australia, as it lies along the Great Barrier Reef, which holds most of the natural parks in the country. 

It’s full of beautiful natural sceneries and beaches to blow your mind. With the underwater and coral reefs filling this place, Whitsundays is the perfect place to scuba dive and snorkel. 

It has 74 islands and islets that are unique places to visit. Archipelago Beach in Whitehaven is one of the most stunning beaches worldwide. 

While Whitsunday is famous for its natural scenery, it is also home to various art and archaeological designs that significantly mark Australia’s culture. 

The idyllic are yet to be developed and have free campsites and resorts; therefore, before you visit, you should organise fun activities on the mainland, Airlie Beach.




It’s currently the city with the second-largest number of people in Australia. It’s the capital city of Victoria, located on the southern side of Australia, on Port Phillip. The port makes the town a vital sighting source of Australia’s cultural and historical artefacts. 

It is well developed and has therefore attracted people worldwide to its streets. You can tell how diverse the area is, based on the different kinds of cuisine and different kinds of house structures. 

It has several attractions, Flinders Street Railway Station being the prominent landmark in the city. It has several clocks hanging from the Edwardian entrance, where most people meet. It also boasts the skyscraper Eureka, a tower with about 88 floors where you can view most of Australia’s scenery. 

In the Carlton, you can visit one of the largest museums in the city, which is rich in Australia’s history, diverse culture, horse racing, football and other things that portray the rich Australian culture. 

The parks in Australia have several shades that make it the perfect chilling spot. Melbourne is also rich with beaches where you can swim, sunbathe, and do other beach activities. Brighton Beach, for example, has bright huts where you can bathe after a swim. 

St. Kilda Beach is also an ideal place to swim and is surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars where you can refresh on your swimming break. You can never go out of unique activities you can do in Melbourne. 

Kakadu National Park

This has been the home of the Aboriginal tribe for over 50k years now. The park has more than 4 thousand incredible traditional rock art views. It is rich in Australian culture and of great importance in the history of Australia. 

It’s a large park full of natural sceneries that will blow your mind at first sight. The Escarpment, for one, is a beautiful sighting on its own. 

It has a broad ecosystem with various kinds of plants, not to mention the serene hiking areas. It’s a diverse region; on the one hand, it has escarpments, while on the other, it has excellent waterfalls and beaches where you can swim and bathe. 

It’s also rich in art, as you can visit and learn about the various rocks and what they represent. Although it’s popular, there are moments when you can still enjoy the peace in the area.

Great Barrier Reef

You will never find a larger coral reef area than the Great Barrier Reef. It is located in Queensland in the coral sea, and it’s home to over three thousand coral reefs, with hundreds of islands attached to it.

 It formed over a million years ago and’s now the largest coral reef with the most diverse ecosystem. 

Although it’s popular among the Aboriginal people, the reef is surrounded by the Marine Park neighbouring it, that’s home to 100 different kinds of fish and 400 different kinds of corals, not to mention the whales, dolphins and other marine animals. It also has birds and snakes, all living on the island.

You can cruise a boat that will take you around the reef to northern Queensland from Cairns, the town known as the reef’s entrance. There are, however, other towns, like Port Douglas and mission beach, through which you can still access the reef.

The boat cruises can last a day to a few days, with various spaces to allow snorkelling and swimming in the waters. You can also opt for underwater conversations or a helicopter to view the coral reefs. 

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park

This park is particularly famous for its rosy red hue, making it the most prominent landmark in Australia. The many rocks are incredible sightings and a source of the park’s many visits. 

It’s unique, with much of Australia’s history printed on it. Although Uluru is the main attraction, the Kata Tjuta rocks are the main tourist attraction in the area, with lots of activities visitors enjoy on the rocks. 

It’s a property of the Aboriginal people, carrying great spiritual and cultural significance. Being there will teach you a lot of history, the way of living of the Aboriginal people, and the many outdoor activities like hiking you can enjoy while in the area.


Sydney perfectly represents Australian culture, although it is developed with modern technology. It’s common for its attractive harbour that was home to Australia’s first citizens.

It was also where convicts landed in 1780; Sydney has a lot of Australian history attached to it. You can take a ferry under the harbour through the Sydney House. You can also go to the Manly Wharf and kayak through Sydney Park. 

How to Purchase a Campervan

How to Purchase a Campervan 

What to Buy

Various factors determine the kind of campervan to buy; 

  • The duration you’re travelling 
  • The use of the vehicle 
  • Your budget. 

There are several kinds of cars, campervans, utes and caravans you can pick from, therefore survey your needs and pick one that suits you.

However, most people prefer the campervan since it is the camp’s accommodation and transport. It’s also spacious, meaning you can easily arrange it without squeezing everything everywhere. 

This post will discuss everything you need to check when buying a campervan or car.

What Do I Check When Shopping for a Campervan?

After pinpointing the car you want to buy, the first step is meeting the owner and dropping a few questions regarding the vehicle. You should also take the car for a test drive ro check that all the parts work as you contact a mechanic to access the functions. 

While it’s a bit expensive of a process, you’ll find it worth it in case the car has a problem. 

Some mechanics specialise in pre-buying inspections, which should cost about $75.

Engine and Exhaust

Use a tissue to wipe on the exhaust before the engine heats to see if the motor has burnt oil. If the tissue is black, the machine has burnt oil. 

You should also instruct the owner to switch on the engine for about 20 minutes to allow you time to listen if the engine makes abnormal noises. Listen if there are creeks, knocks, and other vibrations that could indicate a problem with the machine. 

Once that is done, check if the exhaust leaks or produces black fumes. You’ll find leaks under your car to indicate the exhaust has a problem. 

History and Paperwork

Ask the owner for all the details regarding past owners and if the car has had any accidents or repairs done. Ask for all the documents regarding the van from the owner, as you ask questions like when they took their van last for servicing. 

Inspect the Outer Shell

Check if the car has any dents from being hit or if it has rusted to be repaired. Be keen as you inspect this, as some parts could be hidden in the door hinges or the window frames. 

For some insights on rust-prone areas of vans, ensure you carefully check the van’s windows and doors. 

If you’re used to driving, height may only be a problem once it’s a large car and you begin having issues accessing some parts as you drive. Therefore, check the van’s bottom and top region to ensure you can comfortably move it. 

Also, push the corners in the truck for a rough idea of the strength of the shock absorbers. 

Check the Tyres

Check the Tyres

The Australian law states that the tread in tyres should be a minimum of about 1.5mm. Therefore, ensure the tyres reach the minimum number by placing a coin on the drives to test. 

If the outer coin band remains in the tyres, you can be sure the tyres meet the minimum requirement. 

If the tires are bald, ensure you ask the owner to replace them before moving on to the next step, as this could cause you problems with the law.

Even if the tyre isn’t fully bald, check for patches and uneven wear to give you an idea of the alignment of the wheels. Ensure the van also comes with extra tyres.

Remember to measure the pressure before and after you complete viewing the car to ensure the tyres don’t have any punctures. 

Open the Bonnet

Ensure there aren’t any rust deposits under your van’s bonnet as you look at the amount of oil in the bonnet. Also, check if the oil has any dry and dark lumps representing an overheated engine; it shows the oil burns as it burns. 

Also, ensure the bonnet isn’t dripping oil or water from within. 

Ensure the radiator of levels is full since an empty radiator shows the bonnet is leaking and causing damage to the engine. Ensure the pressure within the hose is adequate, showing no leaks in the bonnet. 

Internal Condition

Check the mats, mirrors, seatbelts, and sound system to ensure they work correctly. Also, check that they are well maintained as they could reflect the general nature of the van. There are often cases where people find problems with the truck after purchase, so ensure you check it keenly to spot any issues. 

Test Drive

Now the most exciting part about the whole process is the test drive. However, remember that old vans may lack power steering, but even so, the ones with power steering are much better even though they cost extra. 

As you begin, check that the headlight and the brake lights are in perfect condition before driving. You should also ensure the dashboard isn’t throwing any warning lights that could indicate a problem with the truck. 

Summer in Australia is sweltering, so ensure your van has excellent air conditioning. Also, make sure the heating is working, and the fan has a different speed. 

Finally, check the car’s mileage—ideally, the lower the kilometres, the better. However, finding a vehicle with less than 200 km in mileage, it’s rare. Also, check the mileage on the paperwork the owner will give you about the car.

Ensure the lights, washer, and windscreen are working. Also, make sure the windshield doesn’t have any cracks and that it hasn’t chipped.

Find an idle road and test the brakes’ strength on a straight path. Also, drive the van down the hill to ensure the handbrakes work. 

Take the Van to a Mechanic

Take the Van to a Mechanic

We’ve seen people spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle that is a total waste. Therefore, make an effort and check the car with the mechanic of your choice to be sure the vehicle is in excellent condition. 

This step will also give you the confidence to buy a great quality van. If it has problems, pointing them out will give you great bargain points with the owner to drop the charges a little.

That said, ensure the van has a roadworthy certification, saving you lots of money. Vans should alert you that the van could be in better condition for long distances.

Also, ensure the following details match on the seller and the registration certificate; the full name, the engine details, VIN and the number plate. 

You can also run the number plate on Google and other social media platforms to ensure the vehicle hasn’t been involved in any mischief or isn’t a stolen truck. 

Additional Items

Other parts of the van could cost you a lot of money if they are in poor condition and save you money if they work optimally. They include;

  • Utensils 
  • Cooking area
  • Solar
  • Battery 
  • Dining area
  • The sleeping area

If the van belonged to a traveller, it might have more appealing equipment. Therefore filter and see if you need all the extra stuff, and only pay for what you need.


Travelling on a Campervan has many opportunities to save money as it makes you flexible to visit as many places as you’d like in Australia. If you utilise the relocation services, you can enjoy the free rental services as the companies move their cars.

Ensure you check the various reputable moving companies and book as soon as possible to have a holiday slot. The reputable companies will also ensure that you have an easy time as you travel and that you chive value for your money.

Be sure to read the conditions and the terms of relocation, like the distance limits, additional fees and any other instructions to avoid trouble with the relocating companies.

Suppose you plan adequately and book early enough. In that case, a campervan will ensure you have the best time on your trips because of the flexibility in addition to the budget cuts that come with travelling on a campervan. Australia is a great place to begin as you plan your holiday.