Best Adjustable Beds Australia 2024

In comparison to conventional beds, adjustable beds provide personalised customization and a higher level of comfort. However, before choosing your new bed, a number of crucial criteria, like as weight support, noise reduction, and height adjustability, should be taken into account.

We’ve compiled a list of the best adjustable beds in Australia along with in-depth analyses of their prominent features to help you make your choice.

Australia’s Best Adjustable Beds: A Comprehensive Comparison

(1) Peacelily Adjustable Bed – Excellent All-Around Choice

Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Sizes: Split King, Long King, Single, Double, and Queen
Shipping: Free
Assurance/Warranty: Two-year Assurance
Return procedure: Unknown
Price: $1,199 to $2,199

Peacelily Adjustable Bed

The Peacelily Adjustable Bed is the pinnacle of convenience and modernity. This adjustable bed offers six different sleeping positions and nine head and foot massage settings. It is made of 100% natural latex and organic cotton. You may easily adjust to a variety of settings using a wireless remote control, including Flat, zero gravity, Anti-Snore, TV, Acid Reflux, or Reading. The mood is created, and nighttime directions are provided by soft under-bed LED lights.


Produced by hand using natural materials
There is no requirement for an additional bed frame or foundation
LED illumination is included


Some have mentioned that shipping can be slow.

(2) Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame: A Budget-Friendly Option

8 out of 10
Sizes: Split King, Long King, Single King, Double King, and Queen King
Free delivery is offered.
5 years of motor warranty
Policy on returns: 125-night trial
Price: $1,290 to $2,100

Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Made of sturdy steel, the Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame combines comfort and simplicity. This bed offers unequaled adaptability with adjustable heights of 7.5 cm, 15 cm, 22.5 cm, and 30 cm. Using the presets at your disposal, seamlessly switch between Anti-Snore, Zero Gravity, or customized positions. Despite the absence of a mattress, the bed works well with One-bed mattresses or other comparable choices.


Both bed frames and without them can be utilized
multiple height adjustments
Included assembly-related tools CONS:

omits massage capabilities

Better Sleep Adjustable Base

(3) Better Sleep Adjustable Base

Score – 8/10 Rating Excludes Mattress
Sizes: Split King, Split Super King, Long King, King Single, Double, and Queen.
Shipping: Free
Guarantee: 25-year guarantee
Sleep study of 100 nights before returns
Range: $2,912 to $6,502

The gel memory foam Allure mattress and the Better Sleep Adjustable Base work in perfect harmony to provide comfort. This adjustable bed has preset configurations like Flat, Semi-Fowler, and Zero Gravity and features German OKIN motors. Your feet may be elevated up to 45 degrees, and your head can be raised up to 75 degrees, thanks to the wireless remote control. A built-in timer for the session’s end complements the dual wave massage’s varied intensities to assure relaxation.


contains a mattress
Easy assembly takes 5 to 10 minutes.
Medical Class 1 ARTG


Additional charge for beds with headboards
Design Leader Score of 9/10 for the Reverie 9T Wireless Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Wall-Snuggler.
Long Single, King Single, King, and Queen Sizes
Delivery: 3–4 weeks, plus shipping costs
Guarantee: Ten-year guarantee
24-hour return window for faulty items
Price: $3,429 to $6,824

(4) Reverie Adjustable bed

The revolutionary wall-snuggler design of the Reverie 9T minimizes disruption for your spouse. This opulent adjustable bed puts your comfort first and offers customizable lumbar support that is adjustable in one-degree increments. Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Flat, and two adjustable positions are among the preset positions. 3D wave massage, LED lighting, a wireless remote, a wireless charger, a nightstand app that is available, and ProGrip for mattress stability are additional features.

Reverie Adjustable bed


custom lumbar support
several choices for leg height
Stop weight overload function


Delivery was relatively slow.

(5) AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base and Mattress.

Score: 8/10
Sizes: King, Long Single, Double, Queen, and King
Delivery: 8–10 days plus shipping costs
Guarantee: Ten-year guarantee
24-hour return window for faulty items
Price: $3,179 to $5,639

AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base and Mattress

A great combination is created by the AH Beard Invigorate Adjustable Base with the Domino Manchester mattress. This adjustable bed puts your comfort first and offers preset positions like Zero Gravity and Quiet Sleep along with customisable modes. The experience is improved by the wave massage function, integrated USB port, retainer bar, and clip lock. For quick access, pick up the adjustable beds from Bedworks’ Sydney location.


adjustable legs for height
alternatives for different mattress firmness
supports various heights


Shipping costs are substantial.

Buying Advice How to Choose the Ideal Adjustable Bed

To achieve alignment with your goals, selecting the best-motorised bed necessitates careful consideration of numerous factors. Here is a thorough manual to assist you in making decisions:

Mattress Compatibility: Make sure your motorized bed and mattress are compatible. For the best performance, choose mattresses without innerspring such as memory foam, latex, hybrids, or airbeds.

Adjustment Options: Split adjustable beds that allow for individual settings are a good option for couples with different sleeping preferences. Verify that each side has a distinct remote control.

Price: Mattresses are not included in the price of electric adjustable beds, which range from $1,000 to $2,500. Prices for deluxe features should start at $5,000.

Sound Control: If you’re a light sleeper in particular, consider motor noise settings (decibel level) for quieter operation.

Buying Advice How to Choose the Ideal Adjustable Bed

Weight Capacity: Choose a bed with a weight capacity that meets your needs; this ranges typically from 135 to 180 kg.

Bed height options include fixed and adjustable heights. Choose adjustable legs for specific height choices.

For maximum comfort, look for mattresses with tilt angles of at least 60 degrees at the head and 30 degrees at the foot.

There are several remote controls, including wired, wireless, and app-controlled ones. Check to see if split-king adjustable beds have separate remotes.

Additional Features: To improve your sleep, look into other features like massage settings, USB ports, LED lights, memory settings, and more.

Know the length of the warranties, whether trials are available, and the return procedures. For more protection, think about purchasing reasonable extended warranties.

Purchasing an adjustable bed made in Australia supports domestic manufacturing while offering a host of advantages like increased blood circulation, pain reduction, acid reflux control, and relaxation. The main options include Better Sleep, Reverie,