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Australian Bed Sizes Guide & FAQs

You need to consider the bed size when looking for a new mattress. But how do you pick the right one?

How many people share your bed at night? Do you have trouble staying asleep? A new baby could be on the way!

Our Australian bed size guide can help you discover the perfect bed, no matter your needs.

5 Inquiries You Should Ask Before Making a Purchase


Purchasing a new bed is not cheap. It’s also different from a typical purchase for most people. That’s why it’s so critical to get specific simple but vital questions answered.

1. How Tall Are You?

Women in Australia average 165.85 centimetres in height, while men average 179.20 centimetres. The standard bed size is 190 cm in length. The long or king single offers an extra 15 centimetres in length so that they may be a better fit for taller guests.

2. How Much Do You Weigh?

However, size is only one consideration. A couple’s bed can support greater weight than a single mattress. However, this varies by type.

3. Do You Sleep Alone or With Someone Else?

While a single bed’s intended audience is clear from the name, few Aussies opt for one. Instead, they use the extra space and comfort of king or queen sizes. Assuming you have the square footage and financial flexibility, the bigger the bed, the better.

4. How Do You Usually Go to Bed?

Do you prefer to maintain the same sleeping position throughout the night, or do you toss and turn? Remember that those toss and turn throughout the night will benefit from a larger bed.

5. How Big Is Your Sleeping Area?

The size of the bedroom is essential. The aesthetics of a tiny bedroom will ruin in the presence of a large bed. A king-single mattress could be the answer if you’re short on room but want to ensure you’re comfortable enough.

Bed Sizes in Australia

In Australia, there are five standard mattress sizes that you may find at any store. Australian mattress sizes and designs fit the standard frames and bases available there.

1. Cot Mattress


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There are many different styles of cots available for infants and toddlers. A baby bed frame or a safety crib is ideal for this purpose. Since cots and mattresses are all available in various sizes, you’ll want to ensure they’re a good fit.

In Australia, baby mattresses (cot mattresses) are typically 69 cm wide and 130 cm long. Various cot mattress shapes and sizes are available in the baby cot market.

Make sure the dimensions of your cot and mattress are suitable for one another. A good bed in the cot size ranges in price from around $200 to $500.

2. Single-Sized Mattresses


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The dimensions of the single bed are 92 inches by 188 inches. People who sleep alone or live alone in a small space, like an apartment, boarding house, or home, tend to favour the single-size mattress. It’s the standard size for kids’ beds, bunk beds, and other similar sleeping arrangements. 

Consider purchasing a single bed and mattress if you are an individual resident. It’s the standard size for kids’ beds, bunk beds, and other similar sleeping arrangements.

Furthermore, you can find single beds in boarding houses, studio flats, bunk beds, and any other type of small accommodation where single people reside. A single mattress is most common among people who are single or young children who are transitioning to a double bed.

Consider These Advantages of a Single Bed Rather Than a Double:

  • Comparatively, smaller bed sizes are less expensive.
  • Conveniently sized for tight quarters.
  • They are an excellent choice for compact bedrooms because of their reduced footprint.
  • You may easily rearrange your furnishings because they are lightweight and easy to relocate.
  • You can sleep soundly without fear of your lover pinching your covers.
  • A single bed is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget or have little room. It’s sometimes uncomfortable or unfashionable just because it’s the smallest size.

Twin vs. Single Beds

Despite their superficial similarities, single and twin beds serve different purposes. Twin beds are slightly broader and more prolonged than single beds, which is the primary distinction between the two.

Another distinction between twin and single beds is capacity; twin beds can accommodate two persons, whereas single beds are just big enough for one. It means those sleeping in twin beds will have more room to spread out.

A single bed is perfect when space is at a premium or finances prevent you from purchasing a larger bed.

3. King-Sized Mattress Set


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The single king mattress is a larger version of the standard single bed. The dimensions are 107 by 203 centimetres. It’s ideal for single people over six feet tall renting a smaller apartment. Buying a single king-size bed means you won’t have to replace it with another bed when your child gets bigger.

Also frequent in apartments, hustles, and shared houses inhabited by adult students. Remember that the bed size is also suitable for guest rooms, even if you don’t own a hostel or aren’t buying for your children, since a double bed or anything more significant might be too bulky for the space.

What’s So Great About a King-Sized Bed?

If you’re looking for a single bed but want extra room, a king single is your best bet. In addition, they are excellent for bringing up adults and kids alike. Some advantages of a single king bed include:

  • There will be lots of room for you to spread out.
  • Room for ease and relaxation.
  • Those taller than average or prefer a bit extra sleeping space than a typical single bed will love single king beds.
  • They work equally well for bringing up kids or grownups.
  • King single beds are available in various materials, such as wood, metal, and upholstery.

King Single Beds vs. Single Beds

The bed size is the primary distinction between king singles and regular singles. Those who prefer a bit more floor room will appreciate single king beds, which are broader and more prolonged than standard single beds.

Finally, King Single Size mattresses are perfect whether you’re an adult shopping for a bed for one or trying to find the right bed for your growing children, guest house, or small room.

4. Double-Sized Mattress


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The double bed’s mattress is 137 inches by 188 inches. The fact that the bed can comfortably fit two people has made it a favourite among couples. In big spaces, a double mattress works well in a guest room, an office, or even a child’s bedroom.

Adolescents who have outgrown their twin-size beds will also benefit from a double-size bed. They’ll appreciate the extra room it provides compared to a single bed. When the kids are all grown up and moved out, you can use the double bed as a guest bed.

What a Double Bed Can Do For You

The double mattress provides significantly more space than a single or king size. It’s spacious enough to accommodate families with multiple children or just a few single folks and cozy enough for a good night’s sleep. 

Some further advantages of a double bed include the following:

  • In Australia, double beds are among the most common.
  • They’re perfect for groups or anyone wanting their place.
  • There is a wide selection of double beds from which to choose, including both classic and modern designs.
  • People who value a good night’s sleep will find them an excellent option.

5. A Queen-Sized Mattress


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The queen-sized bed is spacious enough for two people to sleep comfortably, with some spare room, or for one person to sleep like a queen. In Australia, 61% of consumers prefer this size bed.

Dimensions for a queen bed are 153 by 203 inches. Many couples prefer this since it can accommodate far more people. A queen-sized bed is proportional to modern-day bedrooms and makes excellent use of available floor space. If you and your partner plan to live in a large home, a queen size bed may be the most comfortable option.

The width makes for a pleasant night’s sleep for both partners, and it’s easy to see why it’s so prevalent in couples’ bedrooms. The queen bed has an appropriate size for modern bedrooms, so it will look in the right place and asymmetrical if you decide to bring it into your space.

The queen-size mattress is perfect for couples who value room, but it works well for singles who appreciate comfort. 

A Queen-Size Bed’s Advantages


People who like to spread out will appreciate a queen bed’s extra space. Some advantages of a queen-sized bed include the following:

  • A bed bigger than a twin in size can be helpful for people who want additional space to move around in their beds.
  • It may be the solution for those who have trouble sleeping because of their partner’s tossing and turning. There may be less tossing and turning with the additional room.
  • A smart pick for those who can afford to splurge a little on their bed because of its more significant dimensions, a queen bed may remind you more of a hotel room than your bedroom.
  • Perfect for pet owners who share their beds with their furry companions. With this additional room, your pet will have plenty of room to stretch out and get some shut-eye.
  • A queen-size bed may be the best option if you want to use your bed for activities other than sleeping, such as working or reading. Having more room to move around when lying in bed is always a plus.

Double Beds vs. Queen Beds

Size is the primary distinction between double and queen beds. Although slightly smaller than queen beds, double beds are spacious enough to accommodate two people comfortably.

In addition to providing more excellent room to move around when sleeping, working, or cuddling with a partner or pet, the larger size of a queen mattress is a significant selling factor.

6. A King-Sized Mattress


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The king-size bed is the largest standard mattress size available today. There are a few different variants of the size of a king-size bed, but the usual proportions are 183 inches by 203 inches.

King-size beds are spacious, but they need an equally spacious bedroom to accommodate them. Consider how much space the mattress will occupy in your bedroom.

If you have kids or dogs, they can all sleep comfortably on your king-size bed thanks to all the extra room it provides. Just make sure there’s plenty of breathing room in your bedroom so you won’t feel cramped.

Benefits of Having a King-Size Mattress

  • More room to spread out and rest to relieve long-term muscle and joint pain
  • It allows you to multitask to work or read without interruption. 

7. Super King-Size Mattress


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A super king-size bed is just a king-size bed with extra space. This mattress is 20 centimetres wider than a standard one.

They are the most oversized bed and mattress on the market. Those with large families who enjoy spending time together on Sunday mornings or value their personal space may appreciate this.

Couples, especially families, take advantage of this massive surplus of room to watch a movie or spend valuable time together. If increased room is a top priority, this is the best option.

The dimensions of an Australian king-size bed are 183 inches wide by 203 inches long.

About 21% of Australians have a king-sized bed and love the extra room and comfort it provides.

Standard Australian bed sizes top out at the king size, which is large enough to accommodate two adults comfortably. Split king and split queen mattresses are available from some manufacturers.

A king-sized bed, typically found in five-star hotels, is spacious enough to accommodate two individuals comfortably. A high-quality king-size bed might set you back anywhere from $1,000 and over.

Beds of lengths other than those listed above, such as the long single or the double king size (the largest available), are bespoke measurements, are not widely known, and are typically produced only when ordered.

All of Australia’s standard bed sizes are in the table below, along with their respective dimensions.

Type of BedDimensions (cm)
Cot69 cm x 130 cm
Single92 cm x 199 cm
Long Single92 cm x 203 cm
King Single107 cm x 203 cm
Double138 cm x 188 cm
Queen153 cm x 203 cm
King183 cm x 203 cm
Super King204 cm x 204 cm

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress: 


1. Mattress Size and Price

If you share your bed with a spouse or pets, the larger the mattress, the better your night’s sleep will be. A full bed is only 53 by 75 inches, while a California king is 72 by 84 inches. That’s a significant difference.

Finding the right size for your comfort requires weighing factors like price and available storage space. A giant bed comes at a higher cost. A king-sized bed might not fit in a little bedroom. It would help to buy an enormous bed you could comfortably fit into your room. Mattress sales tend to be at their lowest during major holidays.

2. Accessories

The mattress is only the beginning of your new bed’s customisation process. You can also accessorise with a mattress protector, mattress cover, pillows, sheets, and duvet coverings. They’re almost as good as a mattress regarding support and comfort.

These are the most crucial aspects to remember when designing a new bed. The way you set yourself up for sleep is also vital. Now that you have the right mattress, it’s time to think about how you might improve your nightly routine. Get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had by using meditation, mild exercises, music, storytelling, and anything else that helps you relax and unwind.

3. Your Sleeping Arrangement

You probably already know your mattress exists so that you can get some shut-eye. But if you give it any thought, you’ll see that people sleep in various ways.

You could be a contented bachelor or the head of a boisterous family of five. You can utilise your bedroom exclusively for restful slumber or pull out your laptop and turn your bed into a second office.

Consider your individual needs before starting your search for a new mattress. These factors will, of course, affect your final decision.

4. Your Preferred Firmness Level

Some people believe that a more supportive mattress must be firm. But there’s more to it than that. Choosing between a firm and a soft mattress is generally a matter of taste. There is no right or wrong response.

There needs to be an entire range of mattress firmness available.

Soft beds are great if you like to sleep on your side because they mould into your body.

Average beds are a good choice if you like hard or soft.

Solid beds suit people who sleep on their stomachs or like hard surfaces.

5. The Materials Used to Make Your Bed

The mattress’s materials are likely the most critical aspect of comfort. It relates to the engineering and materials that go into making a mattress. Spend some time learning about the many components of your bedding.

The risk of ‘partner disturbance’ (being impacted by your partner’s movements as you sleep) and the potential lifespan of your mattress are both affected by this.

You can make beds from various materials, including innerspring (open coil, continuous coil, pocket spring, and offset coil), latex, gel-infused foam, or memory foam. Beds R Us’s ‘hybrid mattresses,’ found in the store’s mid- to high-priced collections, use a mix of the abovementioned materials.

6. Extra Technological Solutions

What do you think of the optional extras? They could be more significant than you imagine. Some of the most comfortable beds have high-tech features like memory foam and electric blankets.

You may not get enough sleep because of your sleep temperature (mainly if it fluctuates suddenly during the night). It is manageable with the help of mattress technology. You can get a better night’s sleep using antibacterial and temperature-regulating treatments like Kulkote Silver and Ultra-Fresh.

A plush mattress (most of our beds are better than pillow-top mattresses) will give you a softer feel without sacrificing stability. Consider the several collections available at Beds R Us, including the Sanctuary, Swisstek, Comfort for You, and Nourish collections.

Bulletin Board For Fascinating Data


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  • Among Australia’s adult population, only 3% use just one bed each night.
  • The long and king single can typically fit on a regular single bed frame.
  • About 10% of Australians use a double mattress every night.
  • Out of all the available bed sizes in Australia, the queen is the most popular choice.
  • More and more Australians are upgrading to king-size beds, with 21% of the country now favouring more significant mattresses.
  • Only about one per cent of Australians have a bed large enough to accommodate a super king-size mattress.
  • Each individual has 102 cm of sleeping space when using a super king bed.

Verdict: Did You Find the Ideal Bed?

You can find many different standard mattress sizes in Australia. Whether you plan on sleeping alone or with a partner, having a little additional space is always nice.

After considering everything related to bed size, perform the arithmetic and see what you get. To that end, we’ve put up this bed size guide to help simplify your search.


Is My Bed the Wrong Size?

Find the proper bed size by answering simple questions about your body type and weight, your sleeping preferences and habits, and the size of your bedroom.

Which Bed Size Do Australians Prefer the Most?

More than 60% of Australians sleep in a queen-sized bed, making it the most common bed size in the country.

In Australia, What Are the Most Typical Bed Dimensions?

Standard bed sizes in Australia include the single, king, single, double, queen, and king, with the long single and super king available in a particular order.

How Big Is a King-Sized Bed in Australia?

Most Australian hotels provide a more spacious and luxurious king-size bed, which measures 183 cm broad by 203 cm long.

What Is the Biggest Bed You Can Find in Australia?

The super king is Australia’s largest available bed size (204 cm x 204 cm). It is not a standard size, so you’ll need to check with your chosen shop to see if they stock it or can produce it for you.

How Do Australian King and Queen Size Beds Differ?

Australian queen mattresses typically measure 153 by 203 centimetres. The dimensions of an Australian king bed are 183 by 203 inches. Compared to a queen bed, a king bed provides more personal space for couples because it is the same size as two standard mattresses.

Which Bed Size Do Australians Prefer the Most?

In Australia, the most common mattress size is a queen, which is comfortable for two people or one person who prefers more space. In Australia, a queen-sized bed measures 153 by 203 centimetres. If you’re short on bedroom space yet want a comfortable sleep, a queen-size bed may be the way to go.

How Big Is an Australian King Bed?

The recommended minimum distance around a bed is 75 centimetres. Therefore, if the only furniture in the room is a bed, you’ll need at least a space measuring 330 cm by 250 cm.

What Is the Typical Bedroom Size in Australia?

The standard bedroom size in Australia is 3.2 by 3 meters (or 8 square meters). It’s spacious enough for a double bed, desk, and wardrobe compared to similar spaces in other countries.