6 Best Standing Desks in Australia in 2024

Standing desks have long been considered the ultimate office staples. And with mindfulness and well-being becoming vital components of our everyday lives, it is no surprise that they are becoming all the rage in home workspaces too. 

The best-rated desk currently is the UpDown Desk Pro.

Emerging health advice has confirmed that standing desks provide several health benefits, from enhanced energy levels to reduced back pain and lower risks of weight gain and obesity. And what’s more – research shows that standing desks can increase work productivity by a whopping 50 percent! 

So if the wobbly sit desk in your home office is reaching the end of its life, it’s time to hit the markets for an upgrade. Having said that, the Australian market is saturated with hundreds of products that are not worth your time and money, so it’s important to know what to look for before you go shopping. 

To help you out, I have handpicked a selection of the top-standing desks in the market, reviewing them in terms of design, quality, durability, price, and warranty. I’ve compiled this list based on personal reviews as well as third-party review forums to find out what other users think. 

So without further ado, here’s my list of the six best standing desks in Australia to put all your worries and confusion to bed. If you don’t want to read all the way through, here’s a quick look at my top recommendation. 

The Best Standing Desk for Australians The UpDown Pro Electric Sit Stand Desk

The Best Standing Desk for Australians: The UpDown Pro Electric Sit Stand Desk

Combining substance, style, and elegance all in one, the Updown Pro Desk is top of this list for a reason. This high-quality, durable desk is made in Australia and is extremely customizable, allowing users the freedom to adjust it to their space and needs. 

Not only is the desk packed with incredible features, but it also comes with a 30-day, risk-free trial period that gives buyers the chance to try out the product before making a commitment. 

So if you’re looking for a flexible, sleek desk to give you the best possible working environment, nothing can top the UpDown Pro. 

Best Adjustable Standing Desks in Australia in 2023 Reviews

Before I start discussing the desks, it’s important to note that the pricier options are usually better quality and you do get what you pay for. This is why high-quality standing desks can be on the higher price end, especially with built-in customizations or special features. 

However, if you just need a regular standing desk to elevate your space and make work easier, there are plenty of standard options at a reasonable price point. 

My handpicked list of standing desks reflects both style and functionality and caters to all budgets. Browse through it to find out which desk best suits your needs. 

UpDown Desk Pro – The Best Standing Desk in Australia
  1. UpDown Desk Pro – The Best Standing Desk in Australia

As mentioned above, the UpDown Desk Pro takes the crown in my list of the best standing desks in Australia. I’ve added it to the top spot for many reasons, which I’ll now describe. 

Firstly, assembling the desk is relatively quick and straightforward. Each part is clearly labelled, and there are additional resources like a user manual and instruction videos to help you put it together. However, although the guide says it should take an average of 25 minutes, mine took an hour and a half to assemble. Nonetheless, UpDown’s customer centre is incredibly responsive in case you get stuck in the assembly and need additional help over the phone. 

Now, let’s jump into the pros and cons of the UpDown Desk Pro


The UpDown Desk Pro comes with different desktop options from Messmate, Melamine, Victorian Ash, and Bamboo that you can choose from. 

I reviewed the bamboo desktop, and found it to offer great practicality as well as an elegant finish. The desktop design had many wins in my book – it has waterproofing and mildew treatment, meaning you never have to worry about dreaded water stains and accidental spills. The desktop also features rounded corners, which add both safety and a more ergonomic grip for ease of use. 

But perhaps the biggest win for the UpDown Pro Desk is its extensive range of customization options. If you want your workspace to reflect your personality and to feel like home, this desk is the perfect investment to make. It has plenty of add-on capabilities, such as under-desk drawers for office supplies, snacks, or other knick-knacks, allowing you to customise your workspace to your specifications.

Also included are cable trays, monitor arms, metal grommets, and management kits to organise your cords and ensure a neat desk at all times. However, be careful when adding any customizations – drilling any holes or adding grommets to your desk will void the 30-day desktop trial policy. 

I’m now moving on to the control panel, which I found super easy to use. You can use the display screen to change the height of the table using the up and down buttons. It offers a wide range of heights, from 64 cm to 129 cm, meaning it can be easily adjusted for use by multiple people. 

Plus, with its wobble-free design and sturdy build, you never have to worry about a shaky desk, even when it’s fully extended. And as for the cherry on top, it comes with a dual-motor mechanism that guarantees vibration-free, smooth, and noiseless height transitions – forget about the loud metallic desk noises you’re accustomed to! 


While the UpDown Pro Desk is as close to perfect as standing desks could possibly be, it is not entirely error-free. One main downside is that the desk is really bulky – it is difficult to move around without significant effort, which may limit your options on where you can place it. 

Another con is that this electric desk is definitely at the higher end of the average desk price range. It can take a hefty sum out of your pocket, especially If you’re buying it with all the different accessories. 


With a sturdy frame, extensive customizability, and beautiful desktop design, it’s clear to see why I’ve placed UpDown Pro Stand-Up Desk at the top of my list. Though its price tag may make you think twice, overall, I believe this is a great lifelong investment, with its pros far outweighing the cons.

Zen Space – Cheap Standing Desk (Great Review)
  1. Zen Space – Cheap Standing Desk (Great Review)

The second on my list is Zen, another Australian company based in Brisbane. While this company doesn’t command as much attention as UpDown, it consistently offers high-quality products and its standing desk range is no different. 

Zen offers a great range of standing desks in different series, with varying features and price points. At the lowest end of the price range is the Zen One Stand, which serves as a decent, simple desk for most office spaces. However, the desk’s adjustability is not as great, and its minimum height is 70 cm, which can be uncomfortable to use for people with moderate height. 

Also included in the range are the Pro series, the Executive series, and the Pro Plus. The item I am reviewing is the Zen Pro Bamboo Stand Desk. While this desk isn’t as heavy as the UpDown Pro, it is bulky, and you may need help with moving and setting it up. The assembly took about 40 minutes, though it could have been quicker. 


The Zen Pro Sit Stand Desk comes with a study, solid build, and the bamboo tabletop boasts an elegant finish (though it is considerably less sleek than the UpDown Pro). When it comes to space, the desk does not disappoint. It has enough room to fit most work gadgets as well as other knick-knacks you might want around. 

At the first glance, the table design looks extremely sturdy, and with use, this becomes more apparent. Even when fully extended, you will not notice a hint of a wobble and the dual-motor lifting system allows the desk to pull its weight smoothly. 

The desk’s minimum height is about 63 cm and it tops off at 125 cm, which accommodates most users. It also has a decent control panel, with one-touch keys to control the movements, along with 4 memory preset buttons that can save your preferred settings for added convenience. The display automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity, a helpful feature to conserve battery life. 

My ultimate favourite feature is that the desk comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts, which is a very sweet deal. 


Perhaps the most obvious downside is the price, which can be a dealbreaker. The Zen Pro Desk comes with quite a hefty price tag, particularly if you dress it up to its fullest potential. 

What’s more, if you’re unwilling to compromise on the noiseless transition technology, then this desk isn’t your right pick. It is not extremely loud, but it is considerably less quiet than the other models on this list. 

Another disadvantage is that the desk’s wire management system is not the tidiest. If you want to avoid bunched-up cables cluttering your workspace, you might have to invest in a separate cable management bracket. 


Overall, the Zen Space Sit-Stand Desk is a good investment that will serve you for the long haul. It does have some downsides, which can be potential issues, and the price point is definitely something to consider. The desk is also more workmanlike than flashy but will make for a good addition to your workspace. 

Vari Standing Desk – Great Value Australian Standing Desk
  1. Vari Standing Desk – Great Value Australian Standing Desk

This company is the only one on this list that is not based in Australia. Vari is based in Texas, USA, and the company has long held a reputation for their top-quality products. 

Unlike the other desks, the Vari desk does not come in a bamboo hardwood finish, so I had to pick a different one from the five that are offered. 

Plus, this desk was the quickest to assemble on the list, taking only about 25 minutes. There was also no need for additional help or specialised tools, so I had it set up in no time. So if you’re looking for a convenient, quick fix to your office desk problem, this desk is perfect for you.


Convenience is one of the strongest plus points for the Vari desk. The design includes a frame with a horizontal bar to keep cables and the desk comes with a lot of cable ties, making cable management super easy. 

The control panel includes up and down buttons, as well as four buttons that can be used to adjust the height between 25 and 50.5 inches. Depending on which unit of measurement you’re comfortable with, you can also switch between centimetres and inches when adjusting the height.

You can also manually set the desk’s upper and lower limit locations and lock the control panel. This will prevent anyone else from messing with your settings, which is a handy feature if you have children at home. 

The desk has an extension height of 128 cm, which is well-suited for tall users. It also maintains its stability even at maximum extension, with the T-style leg design removing all worries of a wobbly desktop. The height adjustment works smoothly and relatively noiselessly with its sleek design. Finally, the desk offers several possibilities for personalization to customise the design to your individual needs. 


If elegance and outlook are very important to you, the Vari may not be your best pick. The desk is built to be strictly functional and will not play much part in elevating your home or office workspace aesthetically.

Another downside is the desk’s load capacity. Capped at 99.8kg, it cannot be expected to do super heavy lifting. 


Overall, the Vari is a decent pick if you’re looking for functionality more than design. It is not the best-looking desk on the list and has limited performance and “extra” features when compared to other designs. 

However, if you don’t necessarily need the flashiest of items, this is a good-quality product that can get the job done. 

  1. Desky Dual Stand-Up Desk

If style and elegance are important for you, the Desky Dual Stand-Up Desk will be a great choice. In terms of design, it follows the same sleek, elegant finish as the UpDown, and its stunning bamboo hardwood tabletop will certainly be the centre of attention in any room. 

As with the UpDown, the Desky also has incredible construction quality as well as a responsive and helpful customer service team. And while it is lighter than the UpDown desk, it still holds some bulk and took about 50 minutes to assemble. The assembly process was a little more complicated than with other desks, so it may take you over an hour to put it together. Once you’ve got it done, though, you’ll certainly take a moment to step back and admire its elegant finish. 


The first thing that caught my attention is the addition of scallops at the end of the electric standing desk. This allows you to simply pass the cables onto the back instead of having to drill holes into the beautiful bamboo tabletop. As a desk that stands out for its aesthetic appeal, this handy design inclusion is certainly the cherry on top. 

The height ranges for the Desky are also pretty impressive. The minimum height of 60 cm allows users to sit comfortably at a good posture, while the 120 cm height range allows even the tallest users to stand. The automated height adjustment is also speedy, moving at an impressive 36 mm per second. This means your desk can go from sitting to standing in under 10 seconds! 

Another impressive feature is the dual motors that can lift up to a whopping 140 kg, meaning they can handle even the bulkiest of computers and work gadgets. Additional handy features include an anti-collision system and a child-lock system, which are great for preventing mishaps. 

Finally, all parts of the Desky Dual Stand-Up Desk are covered by a 10-year warranty, so if a part ever fails on you, you can always get a brand-new replacement or repair. 


With its well-rounded features and reasonable price point, there really is not much to complain about. One point of contention could be the bulky weight and the somewhat complicated assembly process, but this is far from a deal-breaker. 

I also browsed through multiple review platforms to get an idea of other users’ experiences, and the Desky boasted nothing short of rave reviews.


With its aesthetically-appealing design, host of excellent features, superb build, and flawless performance, the Desky Dual Stand-Up Desk is certainly an excellent investment. This premium sit-stand desk will be a wonderful addition to your workspace, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Omnidesk Pro – Best Standing Desk for Large Workspaces
  1. Omnidesk Pro – Best Standing Desk for Large Workspaces

Another high-end, premium desk on my list, the Ombidesk Pro features cutting-edge technology and a horde of customization choices. You can choose between a straight-edge tabletop or a classy ergo curve, depending on your preferences. 

I reviewed the bamboo finish, but you can also opt for classic white or black designs. The assembly time is around 45 minutes and the process was relatively straightforward. The design is also incredibly sturdy, which is definitely a plus point. 


The Omnidesk Pro boasts a solid, ergonomic finish, along with plenty of additional features that earn it a spot on my list of the best standing desks. It has great personalization features and can be adjusted from 60 cm to 125 cm in height, accommodating most users. 

One thing that immediately caught my attention was the 100-day risk-free trial offered with this desk. This trial period allows you more than enough time to get familiar with the features before you make the final commitment. However, I’m convinced you won’t need the trial period – you’ll be sold on this desk long before it expires. 

The desk workstation is incredibly steady, with no hint of a wobble, even with heavy items on top. Even when extending to its highest setting, you can rest assured that the desk will remain solid. There is also a silent, smooth, and sleek motor mechanism that raises and lowers the desk height noiselessly and efficiently. 

Another feature I appreciated was the handy safety function – this prevents the desk from going too low and becoming damaged, which I thought was a nice touch. 


There are no obvious drawbacks with the Omnidesk that could be significant deal breakers. The maximum load capacity is a bit limiting, but it’s not too far off from others on the list. 


Considering the wide range of features the Omindesk promises, it comes at a decent price point, offering exceptional value for money. This desk is particularly ideal if you prefer an uncluttered, clean workspace. Its appealing design, excellent customization options, and superb build come together into a well-rounded product that will be a great addition to your workspace. 

Ergomaker – Best Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk
  1. Ergomaker – Best Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Rounding up my list is the Ergo Maker Electric standing desk. When searching for good-quality standing desks, the Ergo kept popping up, usually accompanied by excellent reviews. I got curious to find out whether this US-manufactured standing desk was worth the hype it was getting, and I am very pleased to report that it is.

The Ergo is not the flashiest of desks, leaning more towards functionality than style. But the desk’s sturdiness and overall durability are immediately apparent and one look confirms that it is a high-quality, well-made product. 

Putting the desk together was relatively simple, taking me about half an hour. However, it does require some additional tools that were not included in the package. If you don’t have a toolkit at home, you might want to arrange one ahead of time to avoid a frustrating assembly process. 


This is one of the most well-rounded desks on this list, which explains the rave reviews it has been generating. For starters, the desk has a height range of between 63 cm to 129 cm, which accommodates most users. 

It is also very comfortable to use, with adequate room underneath the desktop. An extra plus point for the Ergo Maker is the adjustable technology – the motors in each leg of the desk are perfectly synchronised, gliding through positions easily. 

My ultimate favourite feature, however, is the range of customizability of the desk. You can adjust the height as well as the width, meaning you can adjust the desk to growing workloads and make room for another laptop, a shelf, and other work supplies if needed. Plus, if you need an additional tabletop, you can simply fit a new extension over it instead of purchasing another desk, saving you some big bucks. 

The desktop design is also very sturdy – it very rarely wobbles and the ergonomic rounded corners offer a nice finish. 

Additionally, the Ergo Maker’s load capacity is pretty impressive, with the desktop supporting up to 130 kg of weight. And to top it off, it has an automatic anti-collision feature, which I thought was quite a nice touch. 


While the desk has a range of impressive features and customizability options, it lacks a little in the design department. There are good options to choose from, but the design of the desktops is overall quite ordinary. 

The assembly can also be a bit of a drag without specialised assembly tools, though this can be avoided by arranging them ahead of time. 


Overall, the Ergo Maker is well worth the rave reviews. While it’s not a head-turner in terms of aesthetics, it is evident that a lot of thought and effort has been put into making the desk functional. It has a seamlessly efficient operation, sturdy build, and overall appealing design, making it a solid desk to end our list with. 

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Standing Desks for Office or Home Use in Australia

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Standing Desks for Office or Home Use in Australia

So those were my recommendations for the best standing desks in Australia. In case none of the products suit you and you plan to hit the market on your own, here’s a full rundown on the types of standing desks, how to choose the best one, and what to look for when deciding. Let’s jump right in. 

Types of Standing Desks 

There are three main types of standing desks you can choose from. Read on to find out which one is best suited to your lifestyle and work requirements. 

1. Fixed-Height Standing Desks

As the name states, fixed-height standing desks are not adjustable and do not move. This type of desk is appealing to workers who want to convert all their desk work to a standing position. 

These workstations usually have an appealing, simplistic design and are on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, they lack one important benefit – the ability to change the desk position as needed. 

So, a fixed-height standing desk is a good investment if you need to be on your feet working for a relatively short period of time or don’t engage in much desk work to begin with. 

2. Sit-To-Stand Desks

Also known as a standing desk or an adjustable desk, a sit-to-stand desk falls between a typical sitting desk and a fixed-standing desk. These desks can be found in a variety of forms, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each model separately when buying. 

Sit-Stand Desk Converters

3. Sit-Stand Desk Converters

A sit-stand desk converter can be fitted onto a standard desk to transform it into a stand-up desk. This is a good option for those who don’t want to replace their existing office/home furniture, but want to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk from time to time. 

However, converters are available only in limited designs and heights, so they can limit the capability of petite users to work in a comfortable position. 

Single Motor or Dual Motor – Which Is Best? 

Electric adjustable stand desks can be found in single-motor and dual-motor designs. 

It’s important to understand the distinction between these desks to help you determine which one will fit better into your home office setup and work lifestyle. 

In a single-motor standing desk, two sensors monitor the number of times a desk motor revolves, along with the direction of the revolutions. These sensors communicate with the desk control panel, which controls the desk height according to the user’s preferred settings. Dual motor standing desks work in a similar manner, but there are two synchronised motors, which is effective in maintaining the balance of the desk legs. 

To help you identify which type of desk is right for you, I’ve highlighted the main differences between single-motor and dual-motor standing desks. 

  • Transitions – Dual motor systems offer seamless transitions between desk heights. These are developed with durable motor frames and perform quicker, smoother, and quieter transitions than single-motor systems. 
  • Versatility – As they are more adjustable, dual motor system desks are designed to accommodate a wider range of users than single motor systems. This is particularly helpful if multiple users with different heights are using the desk space. 
  • Assembly – Dual motor desks are much easier to assemble by yourself since each leg is equipped with its own motor. 
  • Budget – Single-motor desks are, on average, much cheaper than their dual-motor counterparts. 
  • Load capacity – Dual motor frames are more stable and have a higher load capacity than single motor setups. A typical dual-motor standing desk has a massive lifting capacity of 140 kg, which means it can easily lift even the heaviest of monitors and workspace setups. 
How to Choose the Best Standing Desk for Yourself

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk for Yourself

The world of standing desks is diverse, with models in every shape, size, and price category. When choosing the best standing desk, don’t simply rely on reviews. Make sure to compare different models and identify one that suits your height, your body, your work habits, and the type of work you do. 

Here are some essential tips that will help you select the best stand-up workstation for your body type, lifestyle, and needs. 

  1. Stability

A solid, sturdy desk is important for obvious reasons. If you don’t want your desk space to jerk and wobble while you work, make sure to take the design’s stability into account. 

Opt for a desk that is stable and can bear the load of your work tools, gadgets, and other important items. You can also look for adjustable glides on the standing desk to further ensure its stability. 

  1. Easy Assembly

Assembling some sit-stand desks can be difficult. If you are unable to assemble your desk the right way, you could end up damaging some parts or disrupting the desk’s function. Since standing desks and their components can be expensive, you should try opting for a desk that’s easy to assemble or has a clear instruction manual and responsive customer service team to fall back on if things go wrong.

  1. Noiseless Operation

While this doesn’t affect the functionality of your desk, having to listen to a grating noise every time you adjust the desk height can be hard on your ears. If this is a particular pet peeve of yours, make sure to buy a standing desk with enough torque to support noiseless transitions when adjusting heights. Look for desks with dual-motor systems, as these are quieter than their single-motor counterparts. 

  1. Weight Limit

The weight limit and load capacity of your desk is another important consideration. Think about what items you’ll be placing on your desktop and how much weight your standing desk should be able to sustain. This is important for the stability and life span of your desk – if you’re overburdening it, it’s more likely to cave in or break apart. 

Ease of Use
  1. Ease of Use

Standing desks are all about convenience, and some models are designed specifically with a particular type of user in mind. The overall ease of use of a desk can depend on many factors – whether its height range is comfortable for you, what the adjustment mechanism is, and so on. 

So it’s important to consider whether the desk can be efficiently and comfortably modified for the person who uses it – this will make all the difference in your user experience. You want to make sure the desk has an easy-to-follow instructional manual for assembly, a simple control panel, and quick adjustment mechanisms for added convenience. 

  1. Durability

Since standing desks can be quite pricey, you want to make sure your purchase is well worth the money. The quality of the desk’s construction will affect how long it will last, so make sure to invest in a strong, well-built, durable model that will serve as your workspace for years to come. 

  1. Certifications

Standing desks come with certain certifications, such as mildew-proof, rust-proof, and waterproof. These ensure that your desk does not deteriorate over time and can stand up well to adverse conditions and everyday wear and tear, such as accidental spills or surface scratches. 

  1. Extended Warranty

It’s always a good idea to buy an electric standing desk with an extended warranty that includes all parts, such as the desk frame, tabletop, and motors. This ensures that you don’t have to spend additional bucks on repairs or replacement if a part ever fails on you – the warranty will cover it all. There are plenty of great models with warranties for up to 10 years, so invest in a desk that gives you the longest one. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Finding The Best Adjustable Standing Desks in Australia

What Is the Standard Standing Desk Height in Australia?

The standard standing desk height is between 73 to 80 cm. However, the ideal height is aligned to each specific user and differs from person to person. For instance, a desk height of around 71 cm is suitable for individuals between 172 to 178 cm tall. 

Are Standing Desks Actually Good for You?

Yes, standing desks are actually good for you. Many studies have confirmed the health benefits of standing desks, particularly for your neck and back. They’re a good way to change things up when feeling stiff or achy, and can ease lower back pain, and shoulder and neck discomfort. 

What Is the Difference Between 2-Stage and 3-Stage Standing Desks?

The difference between 2-stage and 3-stage standing desks is in the range of adjustment of the desk and its stability at maximum height. Stage 2 models are better for individuals under 5’10”, while stage 3 is more suited to individuals taller than 5’10” feet. 

How Long Do Standing Desks Last

How Long Do Standing Desks Last?

The durability of a standing desk depends on the brand and quality. Most standing desks can easily last between 5 and 10 years if they’re given the proper level of maintenance and care. 

Is It Worth It Getting a Standing Desk?

Yes, standing desks are a worthwhile investment for your health and convenience while working. They make it much easier to keep your spine in normal alignment and allow for the optimal use of back and neck muscles, significantly reducing pain and discomfort. 

Final Thoughts

Standing desks come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before you hit the stores. I hope my recommendations for the top six standing desks in Australia give you a good idea of what to look for when you hit the market. Happy shopping!