38 Highest-Paid UFC Fighters

There is no better mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion than the UFC. As a result, Dana White’s promotion often has the highest-paid MMA fighters. Some of MMA’s most iconic competitors have been heroes for opening doors for others. 

The responsibility for establishing alternative standards rests with others. As Brock Lesnar paved the way for subsequent crossover heroes whose huge impact transcends the arena of combat sports and captivates the attention of the general media, Chael Sonnen popularised trash-talking in the modern era of mixed martial arts. 

During his prime, Lesnar was undoubtedly the best-paid mixed martial artist (MMA).

Conor McGregor, one of today’s fighters, led mixed martial arts’ most successful pay-per-view tournaments for years. 

The Irishman has the highest salary of any boxer who makes the roster, although several come close. Although actual UFC event earnings are rarely made public, UFC has generated educated approximations for transparency.

This ranking uses this information to examine the ten highest-paid fighters currently signed with the UFC based on their projected earnings for the upcoming fiscal year.

The pay-per-view share from his fight against Colby Covington, Jr. at UFC 272 reportedly earned “Gamebred” 1.5 million. 

38 UFC’s Highest-Paid Athletes 

1. McGregor, Conor

UFC’s favourite son Conor McGregor takes the top spot. The man who has brought in the most revenue for the UFC throughout the years deserves to be its highest-paid fighter.

McGregor is an entrepreneurial genius, whether you like him or not, since all of the fighters that faced him on “Red Panties Night” made more money than they ever had before in their lives.

We may never know, but it’s safe to assume that his PPV percentages were far higher than twenty million dollars in declared salary. No one is certain, but he said he made fifty million dollars from fighting Nurmagomedov and an astounding eighty million dollars from fighting Donald Cerrone.

The question is whether or not that is correct. It’s no surprise that we place McGregor at the forefront of the list given that, stated earnings or otherwise, Forbes ranked him as the best-paid professional athlete worldwide in 2021.

Dustin Poirier

2. Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier has twice been challenged for the lightweight title and has emerged among the most popular fighters in the organisation’s history. Two impressive victories over bitter opponent Conor McGregor are largely responsible for “The Diamond’s” meteoric rise to prominence in the mainstream media.

On the card for UFC 257 was Poirier’s nemesis, the Irishman, who had previously easily dispatched him. Poirier allegedly got 1.021 million dollars (as determined by after stunning everyone and giving McGregor the first knockdown defeat throughout his MMA profession.

As reported by, “The Diamond” earned 3.6 million dollars in  PPV, purchase price variance incentives, and 1.5 million dollars in basic compensation for their comeback at Mma 264. Poirier made a million dollars (as reported by for his failed attempt to win the belt from Charles Oliveira.

3. Adesanya, Israel

“The Ultimate Stylebender” is now among the most dominant champions in mixed martial arts. He is preparing for a bout against Alex Pereira, “Poatan,” the sole contestant who has successfully beaten him repeatedly in martial arts. 

The animosity between Adesanya and the Brazilian began during his time as a kickboxer. An upcoming UFC fight will culminate in his pursuit of redemption over Pereira.

Adesanya rose to prominence while Pereira still found his way in mixed martial arts. This Nigerian has been in four fights between 2021 and now, headlining each.

According to reports, Adesanya made 1.74 million dollars (including PPV incentives) to dethrone former light heavyweight champion Jan Bachowicz. The Nigerian’s next fight was against Marvin Vettori, and he won 1.142 million dollars.

Reported earnings for “The Ultimate Stylebender” from future fights with Jared Connonier and Robert Whittaker were 1.542 million dollars and 1.8 million dollars.

4. Kamaru Usman.

Kamaru Usman has begun the approach of sweeping the welterweight category and becoming the sole contender to challenge Alexander Volkanovski to win the top position on the world’s pound-for-pound ranking naming the world’s finest fighters. 

As a result, the 170 lb. champion has indicated an eagerness to attempt the Herculean task of dominating the lighter heavyweight category.

Fight fans have yet to witness Usman in action this year, but in 2021, “The Nigerian’s Nightmare” won three fights that netted him an incredible sum. 

Usman earned1.04 a million dollars (as reported by for his fight against close companion Gilbert Burns at the UFC 258, which included a 600,000 dollars basic salary, 900,000 dollars because of PPV points, fifty thousand dollars from his performance-based bonus, and forty thousand dollars from advertising and sponsorship bonuses.

According to, the Nigerian earned 1.542 million dollars for his win against Jorge Masvidal during the UFC 261 and another 1.042 million dollars for his hard-fought triumph against Colby Covington, his opponent during the following bout.

5. Volkanovski, Alexander

Alexander Volkanovski, the current featherweight champion, is undoubtedly the best competitor in the sport’s history. Since his previous three fights, “The Great” is significantly better in mixed martial arts, making his speed his most notable physical feature.

From his base wage, sponsorship bonuses, PPV bonus, and the Winner of the Nite bonus, Volkanovski made 792,000 dollars (as reported by for his thrilling victory against Brian Ortega during the UFC 266. The Australian’s alleged 1.712 million dollars payday after his devastating victory against Chan Jung Sung during the UFC 273 was still considered a breakthrough.

Volkanovski and Holloway’s highly awaited trilogy fight during the UFC 276 reportedly earned him 700,000 dollars, following an extension of his deal that Volkanovski claimed gave him the distinction of being the second-highest-paid featherweight champion in MMA.

6. Charles Oliveira

Unofficially, Charles Oliveira has won the UFC lightweight title. Many believe he couldn’t have been at fault for the weigh-in incident that cost him the title. 

Despite this, the Brazilian fighter is a beloved figure among MMA fans worldwide because of the challenges he overcame to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Oliveira is similarly one of the most fascinating competitors available. He has more submission victories than anybody else in UFC and MMA history, making him the most lethal finisher in any weight class. His previous three opponents earned this lesson the hard way.

According to reports, Oliveira earned 1,602,000 dollars between his regular salary of 480,00 dollars, his win bonus of 480,00 dollars, $42,000 in marketing and sponsorship profits, and a staggering 600,000 dollars from his fight performance bonus after facing Justin Gaethje during the UFC 274.

The Brazilian reportedly earned 492,000 dollars for his fight against Dustin Poirier before facing Gaethje, then 875,000 dollars for his victory against Michael Chandler.

7. Jorge Masvidal

After the record-setting defeat of Ben Askren, along with his partial beatdown fighting Nate Diaz, the initial and sole “BMF” winner, Jorge Masvidal, had been once on the edge of superstardom. However, his star power may have diminished after losing the welterweight title twice in a row to defending champ Kamaru Usman.

Since then, Masvidal has lost to old ally Colby Covington, making his record a dismal 0-3 during his previous three fights, each of which was a decisive defeat. 

The veteran MMA and UFC fighter reportedly made 800,000 dollars (as reported by after the shocking knockdown loss against Kamaru Usman, despite his lacklustre performances in the ring.

8. Yan Petr

Petr Yan, an earlier bantamweight champ who failed his championship in a shameful way to Aljamain Sterling, is arguably the best boxer in the UFC. The Russian striker lost to Sterling through disqualification and had to fight Cory Sandhagen to win the interim title.

Yan Petr won the exciting fight unanimously, earning himself the Battle of the Nite title and setting up a rematch with Sterling. During the UFC 273, the world’s top two bantamweights met for the first time. 

Yan had thought their rematch would be similar to their first one, but ‘The Funkmaster’ won by split decision.

Two of his battles were in 2021; the third and final was with Sterling in 2022. Yan came out on top in the first meeting, winning 540,000 dollars. 

According to, the famous Russian striker made 482,000 dollars for his performance against Sandhagen. Last but not least, his second fight with Sterling netted him 1,142,000 dollars

8. Max Holloway

Many fans have come to admire Max ” the Blessed” Holloway, a champion boxer. He competed in the featherweight division and had a record-setting winning streak. The Hawaiian hero had to concede the featherweight title against Alexander Volkanovski during the 2019 UFC championship.

‘Blessed’ had to work to regain title contention after losing a second contentious setback against the Australian. Some of the more memorable bouts in octagon history occurred between him and Calvin Kattar at the UFC championships on ABC. 

As reported by, Holloway earned 470,000 dollars from the win when UFC combined his performance and victory purses.

According to reports, he received 491,000 dollars after his subsequent victory against Yair Rodriguez, including 210,000 dollars in performance money, 210,000 dollars in victory bonuses, 50,000 dollars in Battle of the Nite prize, and twenty-one thousand dollars in fighting week incentive payments. 

The Hawaiian fighter has earned just over a million dollars, including 600,000 dollars from his latest loss when playing against Alexander Volkanovski.

Considering solely Holloway’s earnings in 2021-22 may be shortsighted given the likely larger amounts of money he has amassed as champion thanks to pay-per-view bonuses.

9. Amanda Nuez

Many consider Amanda Nunes, the previous UFC female bantamweight champ and current UFC female featherweight champion, the best female mixed martial artist in history. 

She has formidable punching power, devastating low kicks, a long reach, plus solid defensive Brazilian jiu-jitsu, making her a diverse MMA fighter.

The Brazilian superstar had yet to compete in 2022, but she would fight the lady who ended her undefeated run after twelve bouts: Julianna Pea. 

Pea outlasted the previous bantamweight champ Nunes and then submitted him via a rear-naked strangle that involved no hooks.

Nunes reportedly made a million dollars for her defeat to Pea during the UFC 269. She made 490,00 dollars for her fight against Megan Anderson before.

Robbie Lawler- Net Worth 4,043,000 dollars

10. Robbie Lawler- Net Worth 4,043,000 dollars

Robbie Lawler served as a legendary UFC welterweight champ who significantly impacted the sport. He was an unstoppable force in his best days, so it’s no surprise that octagon performances paid well. 

While the exact sums he made from various pay-per-views he headlined are unknown, Ruthless Robbie made roughly 4 million dollars during his career. His highest-paying octagon outing was losing his title to Tyron Woodley during the UFC 201.

He made five hundred thousand just for showing up, plus another forty thousand dollars earned through the Reebok sponsorship (also known as the fight week incentives bonus), bringing his total earnings to 540 000 dollars.

11. Tito Ortiz, Net Worth 4,150,000

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz became the first Mma superstars. Hence the first men in the sport to earn six-figure salaries. Minus PPV percentages, Ortiz’s career earnings were slightly over four million dollars.

In addition, Tito competed during the UFC championships before the Reebok deal, and the UFC permitted each fighter to maintain his sponsorship arrangements. As a result, we need to find out how much he made out of his sponsors. However, we know that his battles versus Liddell were his most lucrative.

12. Max Holloway, Net Worth 4,342,000 Dollars

Max Holloway is still among the most intriguing fighters to follow in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, even though he is no longer in the featherweight title. He is tireless and constantly drives the pace, which has earned him reasonable compensation.

His declared salary of 4,342,000 dollars does not include any PPV shares. Thus the true value of his compensation is likely much higher. That helped him financially, but he still needed to make close to what other boxers make.

His highest-paying bout? UFC 231’s brutal beating against Brian Ortega resulted in 490,000 dollars in pay for the fighter, including 350k dollars in show money, a hundred thousand dollars in incentives, and forty thousand dollars in incentive money.

Ronda Rousey, Net Worth of 4,363,000 Dollars

13. Ronda Rousey, Net Worth of 4,363,000 Dollars

Ronda Rousey is the only female fighter to make this list. She once carried many UFC pay-per-views (PPVs) with massive sales. Given this logic, one may assume that her career earnings were substantially higher than the $4 363 000.

Surprisingly, despite being the franchise icon for a time, she would never have earned even a fraction of this sum if she hadn’t fought Amanda Nunes in her final bout. Rousey made a significant portion of her total earnings from the one fight, worth over 3 million dollars.

14. Chris Weidman Net Worth 4,573,000 Dollars

Chris Weidman became a typical UFC fighter who made about an average salary. Then, causing among the biggest upsets in MMA history, he knocked out Anderson Silva and stole his belt. In his first bout against Silva, he earned 98k dollars, with an additional fifty thousand dollars in bonuses for scoring the night’s knockout.

Anderson Silva received 400 thousand dollars for his upcoming bout. During UFC 187, he earned 550,000 dollars minus PPV shares. His total reported earnings are 4,573,000 dollars.

15.  Fabricio Werdum, Net Worth 4,583,000 Dollars

Despite his issues with the United States Drug Enforcement, Fabricio Werdum amassed about 4.6 million dollars in earnings throughout his impressive career. About 300,000 dollars comes from his brief stint against Strikeforce between his two UFC outings.

Even so, he won the UFC heavyweight title. Therefore, it stands to reason that his best earnings were during that time. 

He earned the most money after losing the championship when playing against Stipe Miocic during the UFC 198. Fabricio made half a million dollars from performance, 40,000 dollars from the Reebok sponsorship, and an undisclosed pay-per-view percentage totalled 540k dollars during the UFC 198.

16. Chuck Liddel, Net Worth 4,630,000 Dollars

A lot less money was on the line for fighters like Chuck Liddell, who dominated the UFC lightweight heavyweight division in the early 2000s. This victory adds to his remarkable career earnings of $4,630 000.

Surprisingly, he made the bulk of his wealth after his career was gone, with more than three million dollars in reported compensation over his final six MMA fights, in which he lost 1-6. Each appearance was worth 500 thousand dollars, and his fight with Wanderlei Silva earned him an additional $50,000 as Fighter of the Nite.

Rashad Evans, Net Worth 4.735 Million Dollars

17. Rashad Evans, Net Worth 4.735 Million Dollars

Rashad Evans’ declared career earnings of $4,735,000 were from smaller payments rather than a few large ones. In his golden years, however, he was an absolute championship beast, and his best win netted him almost 500,000 dollars.

During the UFC 161 vs Dan Henderson, Evans received 300 thousand dollars just to appear and 210,000 dollars for the victory.

18. Tyron Woodley, Net Worth 4,874,425 Dollars

Tyron Woodley lost his championship belt right when he was getting ready to launch a push for greater riches. Still, many people can only hope to earn as much as this former welterweight champion did during his UFC era (4,874,425 dollars).

The fight he lost against Kamaru Usman became the final one under a deal that paid him 500 thousand dollars per contest. That began a four-fight losing streak for him, but his final three fights still netted him over 200,000 dollars.

19. Nate Diaz, Net Worth, 4,912,000 Dollars

Nate Diaz could have been more prominent on this ranking if I had access to the pay-per-view percentages for all fighters; his fights against Conor McGregor were among the highest-selling pay-per-view shows in UFC career history.

However, all we have are the publicly available totals, which add to less than 5 million dollars for this younger Stockton sibling. His follow-up fight with Conor McGregor netted him 2.07 million dollars in reported salary (plus god knows what he earned in PPV fees), making it his most lucrative bout.

Lyoto Machida, Net Worth 5,000,035 Dollars

20. Lyoto Machida, Net Worth 5,000,035 Dollars

Lyoto Machida would drop a few spots on this list if you disregarded the roughly 450,000 dollars he made in his last three Bellator contests. However, he made nearly five million dollars in reported earnings during his UFC tenure.

He never obtained the one big payday that many of his contemporaries on this ranking did. But he earned 200 thousand dollars for every match for a while, and if you factor in incentives and the number of years he spent in the UFC, it’s simple to figure out how he collected such a fortune.

21. Frankie Edgar, Net Worth 5,158,000 Dollars

Frankie Edgar should be known as “Mr Bonus” because he received ten bonuses following his fights. 

Like Machida, he has never received a single massive paycheck (or so it’s been reported), although he has fought in more than 25 UFC bouts, many of which earned him over $200,000.

However, His largest payday did not come when he became champion but when he fought Cub Swanson again during the UFC Fighting Nite: Lee vs Barboza several years later. 

Frankie won 420k dollars for his outstanding performance in the ring (200 thousand dollars just for showing up, another 200 thousand dollars for the victory, and roughly twenty thousand dollars in incentive money).

22. Mauricio Rua, Net Worth 5,270 000 Dollars

Mauricio Rua, “Shogun” among the sport’s all-time legends, provided us several of the greatest thrilling, nail-biting UFC matches ever. That is why I am glad he made the list, despite never receiving the one massive bonus he earned.

Although Dan Henderson won in both epic battles with Mauricio Rua, I would still give him all he deserved for his career. Although his extended career helped him earn more than other prominent fighters, he still can’t compete with their undisclosed 5.27 million dollars.

23. Jose Aldo, Net Worth 5,270,500 Dollars

The total earnings for Jose Aldo’s Mma career are 5,270,500 dollars. But I’ve always maintained that the people who battled Conor McGregor after his championship breakthrough made much more money than was reported.

While that was undoubtedly the largest payday during Aldo’s career, it was neither Jose’s most remarkable performance nor his largest declared compensation, especially when you factor in the unknown PPV numbers. He was an incredible legend of a warrior who deserved every dime of his fortune.

24. Brock Lesnar, Net Worth, 5,295k Dollars

Again, Lenser would be far higher on the list if I had revealed PPV data. Brock missing at the top is sacrilegious, considering Brock Lesnar has only fought in eight UFC bouts. 

It’s essential to grant him respect for taking home the heavyweight championship. Still, he should never have had the opportunity to do so, having gone even in his previous two UFC outings.

Everyone still knew he was in it for the money, and he made the campaign and himself less than 5.3 million dollars (excluding PPV percentages).

Most came from his final MMA bout versus Mark Hunt; he was supposed to get 2.5 million dollars but was fined two hundred fifty thousand dollars for failing a drug test and having the bout cancelled.

Dan Henderson, Net Worth 5,480,000 Dollars

25. Dan Henderson, Net Worth 5,480,000 Dollars

For my money, Dan Henderson was the finest fighter who could never capture the UFC championship. Nonetheless, he always succeeded in providing spectacular bout after spectacular bout, from the welterweight to the heavyweight categories.

Put only a little stock in his 5,480 000 dollars in lifetime earnings. His brief four-fight stint with Strikeforce from 2010 to 2011 accounted for roughly a million.

I’m glad the UFC eventually paid him what he was worth because his final two fights were the highest-paying of his career (860 thousand dollars vs Vincent Lombard and 680 thousand dollars against Michael Bisping).

26. Vitor Belfort, Net Worth 5,795,200 Dollars.

I have never been a great lover of  Belfort Vitor because of his drug offences, but he was a top UFC contender before USADA got involved. Throughout his lengthy career, Belfort has earned approximately 5.8 million dollars in stated pay, including some great knockouts and performances.

He earned a lot of money in Bouts versus Dan Henderson. For example, during his third bout, Belfort received 300,000 just for showing up, 200,0000 dollars for his victory, fifty thousand dollars for POTN, and around ten thousand dollars from Reebok.

Stipe Miocic, Net Worth 6,068,000 Dollars

27. Stipe Miocic, Net Worth 6,068,000 Dollars

Stipe Miocic, the greatest heavyweight fighter in UFC history, undoubtedly made much more money thanks to pay-per-view percentages, particularly during the famous Daniel Cormier fight. 

Considering that before his championship, he was only making roughly sixty thousand dollars to show and sixty thousand dollars to win, his stated earnings of more than 6 million dollars are not shabby.

His second DC bout during the UFC 241 (when he received 750k dollars to appear, fifty thousand dollars as the Performer of the Nite incentive, and roughly 30-40 thousand dollars in incentive compensation) revealed his largest disclosed single-fight sum.

28. Mark Hunt, Net Worth 6,304,000

The renowned Mark Hunt, a super Samoan, never won a title in the UFC, but his heroic efforts in the cage make him a legend nonetheless. Before competing in the Brock Lesnar bout, he’d been underpaid for quite some time.

After Lesnar, he averaged 750 thousand dollars each night in earnings, for approximately 4 million dollars in those five fights (out of an estimated $2.3m overall).

Daniel Cormier, Net Worth, 6,586,500 Dollars

29. Daniel Cormier, Net Worth, 6,586,500 Dollars

Many people are unhappy with Daniel Cormier’s decision to make Brock Lesnar defend his title for the first time when he became UFC dual champion, even though Lesnar hadn’t fought in years due to failing a drug test. 

Unfortunately, DC was never able to face off against the sport’s elite, and there is no denying the quality of competition DC faced.

Since he headlined numerous top-grossing pay-per-view events—including his acceptance to work for Stipe Miocic plus the two famous Jon Jones fights—his 6.59 million dollars in declared salary is likely a pittance compared to what he made in pay-per-view percentages.

30. Don Cerrone, Net Worth, 7,025,800 Dollars

It’s only fair that the UFC record holder is in the list’s top 10. UFC never crowned Donald Cerrone champion, but he was worth every penny because he fought as frequently as four times within one year and always brought his A game.

According to public records, he earned slightly over 7 million dollars. He earned 410,000 dollars for his 2019 fight versus Al Iaquinta, his highest-earning bout per stated pay (despite Cowboy’s assertions that he earned nothing from pay-per-view in the UFC 246 headline event versus Conor McGregor).

31. Georges St-Pierre, Net Worth 7,037,00 Dollars

Although one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever, Georges St. Pierre had never been a significant pay-per-view draw because his fights typically went afar. GSP would be no less than ten spots lower on this ranking if not for his victory over Michael Bisping in their middleweight title bout.

Throughout his career, he made slightly over seven million dollars in stated earnings; roughly 2.6 million dollars of that came from his final fight, which lasted four years after he had originally retired.

Junior dos Santos, Net Worth 7,110,000 Dollars.

31. Junior dos Santos, Net Worth 7,110,000 Dollars.

Cigano was a legendary heavyweight boxer who rose to the top thanks to his no-nonsense demeanour and devastating punching power. Throughout his career, he earned over 7.1 million dollars in reported earnings. However, that number likely increased thanks to pay-per-view (PPV) fees for a few of his best bouts.

The rematch with Stipe Miocic concerning the heavyweight title was among his highest-paying contests. Even though Junior Santos lost the fight in the initial round, he still earned well over 800,000 dollars.

Michael Bisping, Net Worth, 7,135,000 Dollars

32. Michael Bisping, Net Worth, 7,135,000 Dollars

From his first fight in November 2009, until he won the championship seven years afterwards, Michael Bisping earned approximately the same money for all his bouts. 

The Count has almost 25 UFC fights and a reported salary of 7,135,000 dollars. He has earned his fortune through hard work and perseverance.

After losing to Georges St. Pierre and Dan Henderson, he made the highest money for the first-time defence championship. Without counting PPV shares, he made almost 500,000 dollars from both fights.

Jon Jones, Net Worth, 7,230,000 Dollars

33. Jon Jones, Net Worth, 7,230,000 Dollars

Jon Jones made over 7.23 million dollars during his time in the UFC. However, we are only privy to the disclosed payouts following each event and not the pay-per-view shares. 

Although he has a lot of controversies around his life and his distinguished professional life, the best fighter in UFC history deserves his entire earnings.

Bones, who returned and was active over a short while, apparently wants a pay hike, as he has avoided fighting in the year and a half since his fight against Dominick Reyes during the UFC 247. He allegedly wants to fight for heavyweight gold since it would significantly increase his career earnings.

34. Anderson Silva, Net Worth, 8,732,000 Dollars.

Silva Anderson represented the Ultimate Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts for some time. He was invincible and hilarious, but he started earning serious money when he lost his belt. Starting with his debut bout versus Chris Weidman and continuing to his retirement, he made 600,000 dollars.

During UFC 208, he earned 820k dollars for defeating Derek Brunson. These earnings included the standard 600k dollars for appearing, twenty thousand dollars through the Reebok donations, and 200 thousand dollars for the victory.

Andrei Arlovski, Net Worth, 9,844,000 Dollars

35. Andrei Arlovski, Net Worth, 9,844,000 Dollars

Most fans, particularly younger fans who missed Pitbull during his glory years, might be surprised to see Andrei Arlovski that high on this ranking. 

About 3 million dollars of Arlovski’s total career paychecks came from bouts outside of the UFC, the most notable of which was his 1.5 million dollar bout fighting against Fedor Emelianenko during the UFC 2009 for the Affliction promotion.

Without those bouts, Andrei’s UFC career earnings would have been over 7 million dollars, which might have only dropped him a few ranks on our list.

He was able to retire wealthy after earning over 300,000 dollars in his final ten fights.

Alistair Overeem, Net Worth, 10,204,500 Dollars

36. Alistair Overeem, Net Worth, 10,204,500 Dollars

The 10.2 million dollars would double if we disclosed the salaries of all of Alistair Overeem’s fights away from the UFC. Only a few other UFC fighters (not including PPV earnings) have earned more than 10 million dollars in stated earnings.

The Reem earned the bulk of that fortune between May 2016 and November 2018 per the terms of a massive deal she signed by the UFC. Half of Alistair’s total earnings during his time in the UFC came from these seven fights, each earning him at least 800,000 dollars.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Net Worth14,770,000 Dollars.

37. Khabib Nurmagomedov, Net Worth14,770,000 Dollars.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s unblemished record of 29 means he should be higher on this ranking. His past three fights, beginning with his UFC 229 contest against Conor McGregor, accounted for 92.9 per cent of his total earnings.

His post-fight episode cost him 500,000 when he should have made 2 million dollars. After his victory over McGregor proved his importance to the UFC, he received 6 million dollars for his following two fights, plus an additional 90 thousand dollars for incentive money and post-fight incentives.

It’s safe to assume that PPV sales were much more than 6 million dollars, even though the company never revealed those figures.

38. Conor McGregor, Net Worth, 20,102,000 Dollars.

UFC’s favourite son Conor McGregor takes the top spot. He is the one that brought in the largest sum of earnings for the UFC, so it stands to reason that he’d be the highest-paid player in the organisation’s history.

McGregor was a business guru, whether you like him or not since all of the fighters that faced him on “Red Panties Night” made more money than they ever had before in their lives.

We will never know if the 20 million dollars stated wages come close to the amount he made in PPV payments. No one knows for certain, but he said he made fifty million dollars from fighting Nurmagomedov and an astounding 80 million dollars from fighting Donald Cerrone.

The question is whether or not that is correct. Whether or not McGregor’s earnings are public knowledge, Forbes ranked him the most lucrative athlete worldwide in 2021.


Many multimillionaire athletes have come out of mixed martial arts, particularly the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

The highest-paid Twenty UFC athletes are impressive who’s who of fighters with widespread fame outside of the Octagon. Because of their incredible talent and agility in the UFC rings, these athletes have gained the admiration of the wider community and a legion of devoted fans.

Due to the widespread association of the name “Conor McGregor” with UFC money, he ranks first. Because of McGrevor’s charisma, trash-talking skills, and remarkable fighting abilities, he has ascended to the pinnacle of his industry and obtained highly wealthy sponsorship and contract agreements.

Brock Lesnar, Georges St. Pierre, and the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov made the list. These athletes have not just become popular figures within and outside of the MMA community, but they have also dominated their respective weight classes.

Rampage Jackson, Anderson Silva, and Jose Aldo are just some of the long-tenured professionals who made it to the listing. These athletes have earned the highest salaries in the UFC. Some have even called these athletes “game-changers” when they attended their weight training.

Changes in financial arrangements and contracts may cause the rankings of UFC’S highest-paid fighters to shift over time. 

The value of pay-per-view buys, the volume of sponsorship deals, and the frequency of successful title defences can all substantially impact an athlete’s earning potential.

Heavy salaries paid to participants reflect MMA’s financial success and growing popularity. With more spectators and attractive sponsorship and TV deals, the Ultimate Fighting Championship continues to be poised to improve the financial prospects for its fighters, making it the preeminent MMA promoter.

As MMA evolves and gains popularity worldwide, the top earners in the UFC will likely change over time. MMA will offer a star birth platform,