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Valentine’s Day in Australia in 2024

Valentine’s Day is a worldwide recognised holiday. People of all kinds of life, including Australians, choose to observe it even though it’s not official in any country.

The holiday has its roots in the third century AD. However, its popularity has grown tremendously because of how commercialised people have made it to be.

Like in the rest of the countries, the Australian government has not yet made Valentine’s Day an official holiday, but that does not deter couples from celebrating their love and romance during this day.

When is Valentine’s Day in Australia?

In Australia, Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February, the same day the world celebrates it.

Valentine’s is popular in Australia, and people take it seriously. However, businesses and schools are unaffected and continue their regular operations and activities without significant changes.

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Perfect for Her

People celebrate this love day by gifting their loved ones with meaningful and heartfelt presents, symbolising their affection and appreciation.

If you’re looking forward to getting a gift for your lady, below are just the best gifts you could give her.

1. Fossil Heart Two-Hand Rose Gold Ring Watch

Both of you will be placing a ring on a finger, but adding a watch gift is sweet, and she can keep track of the time to D-day in style. This exceptional gift is a two-in-one surprise that will undoubtedly capture her heart.

2. Casetify Gradient Cow Print


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Valentine’s Day presents a great chance to reduce phone usage and prioritise your partner. However, it’s also a day to enhance the looks of your partner’s device appearance. A good and beautiful phone case catches the eye’s attention and ensures her beloved gadget’s safety.

3. Menu Carrie Portable LED Lamp


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To be honest, the Mood lighting gift continues beyond providing satisfaction and joy. If she is passionate about interior design, a rechargeable lamp made by a stylish Scandinavian brand is an obvious choice, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It shines a stunning and comforting light, similar to your Valentine, and offers three distinct brightness options.

4. Mochidoki Signature Box Set


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You should consider satisfying her craving for something sweet with this fantastic mochi box, a Japanese dessert of ice cream wrapped in dough. The package contains eight delightful flavours: black sesame, passion fruit, and cake batter.

5. Chamberlain Coffee Best Sellers Bundle


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Make her morning magical with this Chamberlain Coffee. It will cheer her up plus get her day off to a great start.

6. Venus et Fleur Small Heart


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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, flowers are always a good choice. Even better, flowers come packed in a box shaped like a heart. This collection is elegant and beautiful, like the person receiving it.

7. Ruggable Keith Haring Holding Heart Doormat

Ruggable’s Keith Haring doormat offers a sentimental and practical way to express love and affection to your partner. It proves you don’t need design expertise to choose a meaningful home decor present for her.

8. Sakara Fresh Start Cleanse


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At times, it’s beneficial to start afresh with skincare. Allow her to do just that with this fantastic cleansing product, which will leave her feeling radiant and refreshed.

9. Veuve Clicquot Sparkling Rosé with Ice Jacket


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Sparkling wine and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match. This superb Veuve Clicquot selection includes a fashionable ice jacket, perfect for cooling the bottle before uncorking it.

10. Nutr Automatic Nut Milk Maker


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For those who enjoy alternative milk, this is a perfect gift. While nut milk from stores is okay, a homemade version is way better as a gift. Give her the ultimate experience of using this convenient automatic nut milk maker, which is excellent for daily morning coffee and baking projects.

11. Gucci Silver Trademark Heart Bracelet


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Heart-shaped jewellery has evolved since Pam Beasley insinuated that women would never desire to purchase it for themselves in a TV show called The Office. Here’s a stylish bracelet that conveniently bears a label that no one has ever been disappointed to receive.

12. The Sill Hoya Heart


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If you’re looking for an uncomplicated Valentine’s Day gift for her, consider the low-maintenance Hoya plant. It features a shape resembling a heart and requires minimal watering care.

13. Pink Moon

To ensure she looks her best, offer some occasional help when possible. This product will help rejuvenate her skin, reduce swelling, and promote lymphatic drainage. Not only will she love the soothing experience, but she will also be satisfied by the noticeable results.

14. Hatch Restore Smart Light

Alarm clocks are a thing of the past, belonging to several previous generations. Instead, introduce a smart clock that has a wide range of capabilities. Acting as a reading light, a storyteller, and a sunrise provider, this bedtime light is what she requires.

15. Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 Leggings

If your lady likes being fit, she’ll love these leggings. The fabric has an incredible feeling and provides just the right level of support, giving extra motivation to her legs during extended runs, yoga sessions, or workouts at the gym.

16. Milk Bar Gluten-Free B’Day Truffle Dozen Box

Valentine’s Day is complete with enjoying the finest sweets. These delightful cookies from the renowned Milk Bar are gluten-free plus bursting with vibrant colours. They also have an incredibly sweet taste.

17. Onsen Waffle Bath Robe


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This waffle robe is both comfortable and functional, making it a reliable choice as a gift for a lady during Valentine’s. It will wrap her with softness she has never experienced before. After showering, the robe will dry her quickly, as well as itself.

18. NAADAM The Essential Cashmere Hoodie

A nice hoodie holds the same worth as a  beloved t-shirt or reliable utility knife. This particular hoodie is exceptionally cozy and soft because of its cashmere composition.

19. UncommonGoods Personalized LP Record

Surprise her with a unique and creatively customised record whose custom content allows her to embrace her inner diva, something she yearns to do.

20. Lovebox Love Note Messenger

This gift is a heartfelt gesture. The delivery person can send photos, notes, animations, and images, and the heart on the box will spin if there’s new content. Display your artistic and loving nature with this beautiful gift.

21. Monica Rich Kosann Slim “Viv” Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

The locket offers an excellent opportunity to maintain a strong connection, even when not physically close. This captivating silver piece lets her stylishly wear an image of something (you) most significant to her.

22. Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

Explore her fun and sentimental nature with this retro-inspired present from Polaroid. It provides the unique delight of tangible pictures that can be put in frames, displayed on the refrigerator, or used as bookmarks.

23. Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator.

Show your commitment to her sexual satisfaction with this rechargeable vibrator designed for stimulating the G-spot and clitoris. To add some excitement, it includes a remote control for shared pleasure.

24. MELANIE MARIE Cursive Love Slider Bracelet

Jewellery is an excellent choice for fanning the passionate ambience of Valentine’s Day. This particular slider bracelet effectively conveys the intended message, incorporating the day’s significant term crafted in graceful cursive. It offers adjustability, originates from a company owned by Black individuals, and is genuine gold.

25. Handmade Valentine’s Day Braille Greeting Cards

Introducing an excellent present designed for individuals with visual impairments: a braille greeting card. Fill her heart with warmth by offering one of these heartfelt cards that enable her to genuinely read and feel with her hands.

26. De Soi Champignon Dreams NA Wine

Is she fond of the joyful atmosphere associated with wine but doesn’t want the alcohol? De Soi offers a wonderful alternative that doesn’t cause hangovers. She can savour the intricacies of the beverage without any concerns about feeling unwell the next day.

27. Athleta Pranayama Restore Wrap

This stylish and modest wrap is an excellent addition to her workout outfit, as she can wear it before or after gym sessions. The convenient side pockets allow her to keep her valuable items secure, while the nicely textured nirvana fabric provides her skin with a warm feeling.

28. Terra Thread Bumi Eco Duffel Bag

This gift is the perfect choice if she wants to upgrade her duffel bag. It is packed with clever pockets and is stylish when worn across the shoulder or held in hand. What makes it even a better choice is that its materials are eco-friendly and ethically traded cotton canvas; a portion of the proceeds goes towards aiding those needing food.

29. Vincero Kleio Steel

If a watch existed that embodied the enchanting elegance of a captivating gown perfect for a grand ball, this timepiece would be the one. It showcases a stunning blend of silver tones and rose, and an exquisite strap completes its looks.

30. Tiny Tags 14k Gold Mini Dog Tag Necklace

This glittering gold necklace is perfect for her. It’s not only fashionable but also in line with the latest trends. It comes in three different colours, and you can customise it to take your style to the next level.

31. Crop Shop Boutique Serenity Crossover Leggings

Does she prefer an active lifestyle? Provide her with exceptional leggings that will match her preferences. These leggings are designed to shape the body nicely, feature a seamless front, and include a trendy, high-waist crossover waistband.

32. OTM Cannes Vanity Case

Whether she’s preparing for a night out or arranging her beauty items, the Cannes vanity case is there to help her stay organised. It has a lining that maintains the ideal temperature for her vanity products.

33. Everlane The Cashmere Cardigan

This cashmere cardigan combines comfort and elegance, offering a classy experience. The 

wearer will appreciate its perfect fit, charming buttons, and unique feeling that only cashmere can deliver.

34. Hollister Oversized Fair Isle Sweater

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for embracing pink, but this colour remains appealing throughout the year. Therefore, surprise her with an oversized, extremely comfortable sweater that captures the radiant essence of the colour spectrum.

35. Cloud Haven Delicate Necklace

The best gift comes from a place of genuineness, a handmade gift, preferably one that appears homemade. This necklace is incredibly intricate, with meticulous attention to detail, making it a piece she will feel honoured to wear. Crafted by hand, it showcases a variety of gemstones and possesses a great deal of uniqueness.

36. Outdoor Voices PrimoFleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie

What could be more loving than a present that makes your lady feel cute and cozy on Valentine’s Day than the  Outdoor Voices PrimoFleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie? Crafted from a lightweight fleece material designed with a big fit and a flexible bungee cinch at the hem, this item is incredibly soft and versatile.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Ultimate Shave Collection

If your gentleman’s skincare routine is limited to bar soap, you can surprise him with Kiehl’s luxurious grooming kit as a gift. It contains a facial cleanser, a shaving cream, and a calming after-shave. It also has a moisturiser enriched with vitamin C and caffeine, which helps to hydrate the skin and brighten it up.

2. Theragun Mini

If your guy prioritises maximising his post-workout recovery, get him this highly south after Theragun. It provides the equivalent pulsating force of its predecessor yet comes in a more compact and easily transportable form.

3. Dame The Partners Optional Bundle

We appreciate Dame’s discreet yet highly functional intimate products and wellness items. This ideal Valentine’s Day collection features Eva II, a couples vibrator; the Arc, a strong vibrator designed for stimulating the clitoral area and G-spot; and a lubricant infused with aloe that comes packed in a sleeve with a non-slip grip.

4. Bonne Studio Personalized Record

If a particular song evokes his memories, you can create a custom record with the song, a picture of the two of you, and a message.

5. Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription

If he likes his morning coffee before going out, consider getting him this SELF-Fave Atlas box. Atlas collaborates with farmers in various countries, such as Colombia and Kenya, to bring subscribers a distinct coffee blend every month.

You can personalise the coffee samplers for your man by choosing his preferred types of coffee (such as espresso or drip) and deciding how frequently he will receive each bag, all according to the gifting options available.

6. Tushy Spa 3.0

Having a bidet is a self-care act that everyone should be doing. With the ability to adjust the water temperature, angle, and pressure, this attractive bidet offered by Tushy makes a good Valentine’s Day gift that continues to provide benefits.

7. Mejuri Round Box Chain Bracelet

A classic chain bracelet is a good Valentine’s Day accessory to enhance his outfit. Additionally, it serves as an excellent introductory piece of jewellery for men who are beginning to build their collections.

8. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen.)

We love these AirPods Pro as they excel in various activities, whether intense workouts or professional meetings. They possess cutting-edge noise-cancellation technology and offer the convenience of wireless charging.

9. Everlane The Track Hoodie

Introducing a cozy and relaxed cotton sweatshirt that will soon become his go-to choice from his collection of casual attire.

10. Ilgar Leather Personalized Brass Compass

Whether he frequently spends time camping or exploring hiking trails, he can stay connected with you during his journeys with this custom-made compass enclosed in a beautiful leather case.

11. Lelo Tor 2

The Tor 2 by Lelo is a cock ring highly endorsed by experts for both men and couples. This is mainly due to its premium silicone build and discreet yet pleasurable vibration modes.

12. Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Expressing love and affection meaningfully often involves a heartfelt gesture, such as a truly amazing massage. In the case of long-distance relationships where physical presence is not possible, this highly recommended SELF-Fave neck and back massager is an excellent alternative.

13. GQ Best Stuff Subscription

GQ’s editors know how to curate the Best Stuff subscription box because they constantly monitor trends and set the standard for what goes in vogue. This ensures that the recipient receives only the best and most thrilling accessories, clothing, grooming products, and gadgets. 

The box is delivered every three months and occasionally includes special discounts and offers for premium services such as HBO Max.

14. Bindle Bottle (24 oz.)

Bindle water bottle is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It can keep water cool for an extended time, and the most significant advantage is its bottom storage container that he can unscrew to store his essential items conveniently.

15. Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

This particular bathrobe, crafted from luxurious Turkish cotton, offers a soothing experience after a shower or during a relaxing time when unwinding before bedtime. Those who have reviewed it highlight its absorbent and thickness, akin to a bath towel, and also appreciate the added convenience of two spacious pockets.

16. Lovehoney Oh! Get Started Tie & Tease Kit

This Lovehoney kit is the perfect solution if you both want to introduce excitement into your intimate experiences. Including soft, silky restraints, an eye mask, and a blindfold, it provides all the essentials for exploring BDSM and enhancing pleasure with additional orgasms.

17. Case Elegance Modern Clip Watch Box

Isn’t this watch box stunning? It will safeguard his valuable assortment of watches, look stylish when displayed on the nightstand, and is convenient to travel around with, just in case he can’t bear to be apart from his beloved timepieces.

18. Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

If you’re looking for a gift that’s quite romantic, consider a homemade-style personalised photo album where he can display your cherished photos as a couple. You can select the dimensions, the colour of the fabric cover, the option for a foil cover, and various other customisable features.

19. Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Dopp Kit

He can conveniently store his self-care items and gadgets in this viral dopp kit made by Herschel. This must-have travel accessory will accommodate all his essential needs as it features both external and internal pockets crafted from a sturdy material.

20. Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Slim Sweatpant

Does he still wear the same plaid pyjamas you’ve known him to have for over a decade? No need to feel embarrassed, but perhaps it’s about time to create some space for these irresistibly comfortable loungewear joggers made by Outdoor Voices, renowned for their expertise in athleisure.

21. Whiskey Peaks the Rockies (Set of 4)

This set of handblown glasses by Whiskey Peaks gives a fresh twist to your usual whiskey glasses, embracing an outdoorsy theme. Each glass is adorned with detailed topographic impressions of renowned mountains worldwide, making it an ideal choice for those passionate about nature like John Muir.

22. Sex Deck: Playful Positions to Spice Up Your Love Life by Emily Dubberley with Consultant Dr Dawn Harper

This pack of cards encourages a sense of adventure in the bedroom, kitchen,  bathroom, and beyond. Each card showcases a distinct sexual position, instructions, and a detailed explanation of the sensations and advantages it offers for both partners.

23. Winc Gift Card

For those who love a good beer or dream of becoming a sommelier, there’s a fantastic choice available. This wine subscription service ensures a hassle-free and convenient experience by providing their preferred beverages.

By customising the flavour preferences, the service delivers fresh bottles of wine directly to their doorstep. These bottles come from vineyards located in various parts of the globe.

24. Foria Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD & Cacao

Would you like to discuss the most considerate present for your partner who is feeling a little overwhelmed? Consider gifting him Foria Intimacy Bath Salts, infused with a blend of CBD and cacao, which offer an ideal solution.

25. Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

Regardless of whether he likes wearing fashion statements earnestly or ironically, a fashionable Carhartt beanie is a warm and long-lasting necessity for cold weather. He can use it as his running gear during winter or as his preferred hat for the weekends, and you can even borrow it if needed.

Things To Do on Valentine’s Day in Australia

Australians celebrate Valentine’s Day just like other people in other countries. Most couples enjoy exchanging gifts and cards or having a beautiful romantic date. They also do summer picnics.

Retail businesses and restaurants capitalise on the holiday by offering exclusive discounts or promotions. Also, Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated worldwide as a significant day for engagements and weddings. Charitable organisations and community groups may utilise Valentine’s Day events as fundraising opportunities.

Valentine’s cruises are available in Australia, including a scenic route through Sydney’s renowned Harbour. On this romantic journey, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a romantic time with your significant other while listening to a skilled D.J., indulging in delectable deluxe canapés, and savouring an ample supply of champagne that will last you the three-hour voyage.

If you’re seeking the perfect romantic approach to propose, a hot air balloon journey could be the ideal choice. Residents of Queensland can reserve a romantic ride that takes them through the breathtaking landscape of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Wineries in Australia are an ideal choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day outing. Riverbank Estate Winery, located near Perth, allows couples to indulge in a delectable picnic hamper or have a lavish three-course dinner while admiring what they consider the most splendid vista in Perth.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Differ Around the World?

Valentine’s celebrations and traditions are pretty similar worldwide. However, various nations have distinct customs and practices unique to themselves.

In Japan, it is customary for women to gift their men, while the men reciprocate by gifting the women on March 14th, called White Da. It is worth noting that these gifts should also be white.

Countries near Japan share comparable customs, with South Korea and Singapore emerging as the top spenders on gifts during Valentine’s Day.

In England, a rich tradition exists where couples compose poetic verses expressing their deep affection for one another.

Currently, merely 50% of the United Kingdom’s population buys Valentine’s Day presents, while they exchange approximately 25 million cards yearly.

In Norway, there is a strong emphasis on commemorating romantic love, and it is customary for Norwegians to gaze up at the sky in search of birds. They regard spotting a pair of birds soaring together on Valentine’s Day as a symbol indicating the likelihood of finding love.

Quirky Valentine’s Day Traditions

Denmark hosts the most peculiar tradition on a global scale. Single individuals send anonymous poems or letters to their romantic crushes, typically inscribed on a paper snowflake.

Should the recipient successfully guess the sender’s identity, the sender will be obliged to present the recipient with an Easter egg as a gift.

Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is a widely commercialised occasion in the United States, with romantics exchanging approximately 190 million Valentine’s cards annually.

The mentioned figure does not account for the cards exchanged among children and teachers in schools starting from elementary education. Surprisingly, teachers in the United States receive the highest number of Valentine’s Day cards. In 2017, people in the U.S. spent approximately $18.2 billion on various items, equivalent to roughly $136 per individual.

Like Finland, numerous Latin American countries celebrate Valentine’s Day as the ‘Day of Love and Friendship’. It is customary for individuals to express their appreciation for their friends by exchanging letters or gifts, symbolising the value they place on these friendships.

Iran, a nation following Islamic principles, has a government that holds anti-Western beliefs and has sought to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations within its borders. The country has banned creating and distributing any promotional items or presents associated with Valentine’s Day.

A celebration in Persia that emphasises expressing affection for wives and mothers occurs during a comparable period. Other Muslim countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have similarly prohibited this holiday.

What Is the History of Valentine’s Day?

There is much disagreement regarding the historical roots of Valentine’s Day. Most people believe the occasion honours St. Valentine, a Catholic saint who was put to death by Emperor Claudius II of Rome during the third century A.D.

The Emperor caught St. Valentine performing wedding ceremonies for young couples despite the Emperor’s ban on marriage, as he believed unmarried men made good soldiers. It is worth mentioning that St. Valentine wrote love letters to his beloved and ended them with a sign “From your Valentine,” that’s why we refer to our significant others as “valentines.”

Certain sources suggest that St. Valentine’s Day may have replaced a pre-existing pagan celebration known as Lupercalia. Lupercalia, a multi-day festival held from the 13th to the 15th of February, was criticised for its practices involving animal sacrifices and the mistreatment of women. Pope Gelasius, I prohibited Lupercalia and designated February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day.

Since then, Valentine’s Day has experienced increasing commercialisation, and it is now widely recognised as a day dedicated to exchanging gifts and cards among loved ones. Advancements in printing technology during the 18th century simplified the process of sending pre-made cards. Recently, social media has further facilitated couples in expressing their affection publicly.

February 15th is the unofficial ‘Single Awareness Day’. Individuals not in a romantic relationship will engage in self-dates, give themselves presents, participate in singles-only parties, or dedicate the day to celebrating the love shared among friends and family instead of solely emphasising romantic love.

In the same way, ‘Galentine’s Day’ has gained significant popularity as a spin-off occasion where women commemorate their friendships with other women. They gather, spend time with each other, and may even exchange presents with their closest female friends.

What Types of Gifts Do People Give on Valentine’s Day?

Popular gifts lovers give each other during Valentine’s include:

Cards: As previously stated, sharing sincere messages on Valentine’s Day grew more prevalent alongside the progress of printing technology, enabling the production of pre-made cards.

Flowers: For a considerable period, people have conveyed their feelings and emotions using flowers, and the symbolism of love is synonymous with the presence of red roses.

Chocolate: In 1868, Richard Cadbury, the Cadbury chocolate company founder’s son, introduced the first chocolate box specifically explicitly designed for Valentine’s Day.

Jewellery: If you desire to make the day exceptional, jewellery has become a more and more favoured choice for a gift. Jewellers have recognised this trend and will likely release heart-shaped necklaces, earrings, and rings just before the holiday.

Lingerie: Well-prefered lingerie brands have also embraced the Valentine’s Day phenomenon and typically introduce pink or red lingerie adorned with heart designs during the holiday season. 

Although in 2019, only a tiny percentage of women (11%) received lingerie as a present. However, lingerie is quickly gaining popularity as a gift choice because of the increasing number of brands launching Valentine’s Day-themed products.

Perfume: Fragrances like cologne and perfumes are also popular gifts for both men and women on Valentine’s Day.

Experiential gifts: A significant number of individuals favour experiences over physical possessions. In Australia, Valentine’s Day offers many activities, and opting for a hot air balloon ride or a scenic river cruise during sunset would be an ideal present.

Valentine’s Day: Fun Facts

There are quite several fun facts about Valentine’s Day that will blow your mind away. Some of them include the following:

Did you know people gift each other 50+ million roses globally on Valentine’s Day?

If you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet”, know it is possible to write Juliet a letter and even get a reply. The letter will go to Verona, Italy, and a volunteer team will reply.

Sending love letters on Valentine’s Day is a longstanding custom. Legend states that Charles Duke of Orleans was the first person to write Valentine’s letter to his wife in prison in the Tower of Lonon in 1415.

In Greek mythology, the deity of love was called Eros and was the initial matchmaker Cupid. However, the Romans embraced this figure and transformed his appearance into a more youthful form, naming him Cupid.

For a considerable time, people have linked red to love and passion. Psychologists have discovered that individuals exhibit a special liking or preference towards potential partners dressed in red or standing against a red backdrop.

Valentine’s Day, originally designated as Saint Valentine’s Day by the Catholic Church, is no longer observed as a recognised celebration on their calendar.

FAQ – Valentine’s Day in Australia

When Will Valentine’s Day 2024 Be Celebrated?

The next Valentine’s Day will be Wednesday 14th of February, 2024.

How Much Money Does Valentine’s Day Generate in Australia?

The Australian Retailers Association predicted that Australian romantics would spend $485 million on Feb 14, 2024. This figure was up by 16.9% from 2022’s figure  – with an average spending per person set to be $118.

How Many Aussies Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A survey done in 2019 revealed that about 56% of couples in Australia planned to celebrate the same year’s Valentine’s. Among those who planned to celebrate the day, most were married couples or young individuals of ages 18 to 24 who were in a somewhat new relationship.

Why Is the Holiday Called Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine, an ancient Catholic priest who resided in Rome during the 3rd Century. Numerous tales surrounding St. Valentine gradually evolved into the legendary status we recognise today.

Why Is the Holiday Called Valentine’s Day?

The holiday is known as Valentine’s Day because a 3rd-century catholic priest called Valentine secretly married soldiers even after soldier marrying was outlawed by the Emperor. The Emperor eventually caught St. Valentine and executed him on February 14th.