Troy Candy Net Worth: How Much Does This Gold Coast Legend Make?

Troy Candy, a prominent tycoon known for his entrepreneurial expertise and charismatic character, has accumulated a significant net worth through his business ventures. 

His ability to identify opportunities and turn ideas into moneymaking enterprises has made him the top dog in the business world.  

Troy Candy’s financial prosperity has drawn the attention of many, leaving them wondering about the degree of his net worth. This article will investigate the curious world of Troy Candy’s achievements, exploring his net worth, investments, and the contributory factors to his massive wealth. 

Troy Candy’s net worth story is a true definition of a grass to grace — his humble beginnings didn’t stop him from soaring up high. The story is an inspiring narrative of ambitions, offering calculated thoughts and the benefits of grabbing opportunities. 


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About Troy Candy 

Professionally identified as Troy Kenneth Williams, Troy Candy is an Australian asset manager and visionary entrepreneur popularly known for snorkels. His organisation is entitled sight to lay eyes on motorsports. 

He is also famous for his inscrutable-looking vehicles, aeroplanes and boats, which are modified to emulate unique car designs — not to mention the followers and fans he attracts via internet-based media who now regard him as an influencer. 

While there is no exact precision to evaluate the accurate total investment of Troy Candy, considering his multiple organisations and efforts, he should possess a quite amount of assets. 

Finally, he owns Eye Treats Motorsports, GC, ECM, and any Australian Motorsport you can think of. Henceforward, irrespective of whether he possesses an inconceivably large amount of assets, there’s no doubt that anyone will take it positively. 


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Troy Candy Quick Fact File 

  • Full Name and Age: Troy Kenneth Williams is Troy Candy’s full name, and he’s 29 years old despite looking much older. Candy is Troy’s business name (Eye Candy Motorsports), so he takes after the name ‘Candy’. 
  • Net Worth: This Gold Coaster’s net worth keeps increasing daily. As of 2023, Troy Candy’s net worth is 7,200,000 Australian dollars. This comprises the value of his cars, home and businesses. 
  • Income Streams: Eye Candy Motorsports contributes 70 percent of its income with comprehensive client records. Other income streams are acquired from the Snorkel sales and investments. 
  • Location: Troy Williams was brought up in Melbourne but resided on the Gold Coast. 
  • Common Praise: Troy is a go-getter; he doesn’t quit easily. 
  • Notable Complaints: Troy has had complaints here and there, but the notable one was for drug charges in court. He, however, denied the charges claiming they were wrong. 
  • The X-Factor: Most people call him Candyman 2.0, but he’s incomparable. 
  • Creator Trends: Troy’s fan base is getting better by the day. 
  • Private Life: Troy Candy is a family man. He’s married to Anita Cassin, and they have a child together, Saint Williams. 
  • My Verdict: Despite his controversial past, Troy is a visionary entrepreneur. He’s a go-getter that won’t quit easily. 


How Did Troy Candy Get So Rich?

As mentioned earlier, Troy Candy is a business visionary and the founder of Eye Candy Motorsports — a custom car detailing company. The company was founded in Melbourne in 2012 and relocated to Queensland eight years later. 

What Is the Net Worth of Troy Candy Williams?


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The entrepreneurial expertise from Eye Candy Motorsports is worth 7,200,000 Australian dollars as of 2023. This net worth comprises the value of his supercars, home and businesses. 

Who Is Troy Candy’s Girlfriend?

Troy Williams, popularly known as Troy Candy, has a fiance named Anita Cassin. They recently announced the birth of their son, Saint Williams, through Instagram. 

What Does Troy Candy Own?

Troy Candy founded Eye Candy Motorsports, a vinyl wrapping car company and developer of the Snorkel and new vodka party drink. The Snorkel drink was popular in 2019, but Vodka now takes the lead. 

Who Is Troy Candy’s Father?

Troy Candy’s father, John Franklin Candy, was a Canadian actor and comedian in the Hollywood film industry. He died in 1994 when Troy Williams was still a young boy. 

How Did Troy Candy Start?

Brought up in Australian Peninsula, Troy Candy was enrolled in a Graphic Design School to engage with cars, where he later dropped out to start a full-time business — Eye Candy Motorsports, developing some of the unique car designs in Oz.  

How old is Troy Williams Candy?

Troy Williams, AKA Troy Candy, is said to be 29 years old as of 2023, even though he appears much older. His exact age and date of birth are unknown, which makes it difficult to tell his age. Many assess Troy’s age based on his appearance and not facts. 

How is Troy Candy famous?

Troy Candy prides himself as a visual transformer, customising vehicles, boats, aeroplanes, and motorcycles into unique designs. He has a Motorsport company, Eye Candy, operating from a modern, well-equipped factory in Victoria.