The Best Joe Rogan Episodes Of All Time

Don’t miss our favourite host Joe Rogan’s thrilling journey into the worlds of limitless knowledge and mesmerising entertainment. Rogan, who is renowned for his uncensored and unfiltered opinions, makes for lively talks. It is a Herculean undertaking to select the best episodes from a vast library that includes over 1800 episodes and is continually expanding. We’ve compiled the top 10 Joe Rogan episodes that you just must not miss to make your decision-making process easier. So let’s jump right into this gold mine without further ado!

Episode #1169, titled “Elon Musk,” will bring you face to face with the mysterious Elon Musk. Musk, the creative force behind SpaceX and the former richest man on Earth, leads you on an exhilarating 2-hour, 37-minute voyage. This renowned podcast, which debuted on YouTube on September 7, 2018, covers a wide range of information, from business savvy to Musk’s personal disclosures.
On YouTube, it has accumulated over 66 million views and 1 million likes, making it one of the most recognisable episodes. Musk and Rogan cover a wide range of topics in its bounds, including the future of artificial intelligence and Musk’s numerous endeavours. The episode offers a close-up look at Musk’s opinions on the government, social media, drugs, and other topics.


The contentious element that makes this episode special—Musk’s infamous joint with Rogan—deserves special mention. Due to this choice, Tesla Stocks unexpectedly fell, bringing an unusual level of curiosity to the conversation. This Joe Rogan Experience episode is a must-see for die-hard Elon Musk fans.

Bernie Sanders: Episode #1330
This podcast is a hidden treasure for political aficionados and supporters of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, joins The Joe Rogan Experience to share his open thoughts. This hour-long speech is a rare example of frankness from a politician. Discuss controversial issues like gun control and drug legalisation in a thoughtful manner.
When Joe asks Sanders if she would be willing to share information about alien and UFO sightings, Sanders’ response sparks interest in solving long-standing mysteries. Additional relevance is provided by Sanders’ anticipated involvement in the 2024 presidential elections. Watch to discover a politician’s unvarnished perspective and learn about the less obvious sides of the political scene.


The Megan Phelps-Roper episode, #974
Megan Phelps-Roper made an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience on June 8, 2017, where she spoke about her incredible transformation from a member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church to a social media activist. This episode explores a wide range of topics, including freedom of speech, divisiveness, and religion, and has received over 32 million views on YouTube.
Megan has a unique background because she grew up in a household of devoted religious leaders. This episode provides a fresh perspective on divisive subjects like the abuse of free speech. It also examines the subtle distinctions between speech that ought to be protected and speech that is popular.

# 1675 Calling all movie lovers, Quentin Tarantino! Film fans are treated to the presence of none other than Quentin Tarantino in this gripping Joe Rogan episode. The renowned director provides an in-depth look at the high points and low points of his career as he describes his journey across the cinematic world.
As he speaks openly about his work and shares lesser-known facts about his movies, Tarantino’s candour stands out. This three-hour session is a gold mine of knowledge for budding filmmakers and movie enthusiasts, covering everything from Reservoir Dogs’ budget progression to his post-retirement plans.


Investigate this episode to learn Tarantino’s opinions on hot-button issues like the portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and claims of misogyny in his movies.

Episode 1315 starring Jeremy Corbell and Bob Lazar
In this extraterrestrial episode, Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell will take you on an extraterrestrial journey. As these speakers share their experiences and discoveries, you can learn more about the mystery surrounding UFOs, alien technology, and other topics.
The focus of this conversation is on Bob Lazar’s remarkable assertions, particularly his purported Area 51 reverse-engineering of an alien spaceship. This Joe Rogan episode will pique your interest in the universe’s wonders whether you’re a believer or sceptic.

Take a thrilling adventure with cycling legend Lance Armstrong in this engrossing episode, which is number 737. Armstrong’s open confessions cover everything from his incredible victories in the Tour de France to the doping controversy that sent shockwaves around the world.
Explore Armstrong’s career’s controversy and complexity, as well as his perceptions about the widespread usage of performance-enhancing substances in sports. Check out this episode for a close-up look at a champion’s ascent, demise, and eventual redemption.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson is featured in episode 919.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astronomer and novelist, will take you on a cosmic journey into the secrets of the cosmos. Tyson is renowned for bridging the divide between scientific notions and lay audiences, navigating complex subjects with zeal and clarity.
Discuss fascinating topics including possible extraterrestrial invasions, the future of water shortages, and more. This episode acts as an intellectual voyage, providing perception into the limits of science and stoking interest in the cosmos.

Discover the fascinating realm of sleep science with Dr. Matthew Walker in episode #1109, “The Science Of Sleep.” Dr. Walker, a specialist in the area, debunks common misconceptions about sleep and illuminates its tremendous effects on wellbeing.
Learn about the effects of sleep deprivation, the complexities of deep sleep, and the dangers of excessive sleep. This episode is meant to influence the way you think about sleep and motivate you to make better sleep habits.


Join Edward Snowden, a person of enormous historical significance, on an exciting voyage into the world of privacy and surveillance in episode #1368. This episode offers incomparable insights into Snowden’s intentions, deeds, and the shocking discoveries.
Find out what really happened with the 2013 data leak and learn Snowden’s opinions on government monitoring. This provocative discussion provides an unvarnished look at the inner workings of intelligence organisations and their effects on personal privacy.

Improve your physical and emotional health with advice from Dr. Rhonda Patrick in episode 11054. Dr. Patrick, a biomedical scientist and nutritionist, shares knowledge on how to improve health through diet and lifestyle decisions.
Learn about the science of happiness, the effects of diet on mental health, and get useful tips for reaching holistic well-being. This episode offers a plethora of information, whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to improve your lifestyle.