Online Dating Statistics Australia Should 2024

Complex algorithms have been devised by matchmaking services to connect people who would not have otherwise met. Since then, endless swiping has taken over the dating scene, and an increasing number of singles are ready to explore these platforms to find new mates.

To assist you in determining if looking for love online really works, this post has compiled the most recent and illuminating online dating data.

Surprising Online Dating Facts & Stats in Australia

600,000 utilise online dating services that require users to pay

1. Over 3.2 Million Australians Used Dating Apps Throughout 2022

  • Data by Statista

A study by Statista in December 2022 established that more than 3.2 million Aussies frequently visited online dating sites to look for mates. However, just 600,000 utilise online dating services that require users to pay.

Since 2018, when a projected 3.1 million individuals have used these services, there has been a slight variation in the total number of users.

2. Most Australian Dating App Users Are Between 25 to 34 Years 

  • Data by Statista

The millennials are the leading age group who frequently visit dating sites to meet new partners, making up 26.1% of the total number of users. Expectedly, young individuals between 18 and 24 come second with a 21.7% portion.

It seems that older generations have also mastered online dating in the modern day. According to the figures from the study, young individuals and those in the 45–54 age range have a similar interest in online dating.

Most Australian Dating Website Users Are Guys

3. Most Australian Dating Website Users Are Guys

  • Data by Statista

A 2022 study revealed that males comprise a far more significant portion of online dating site users. The male group made up about 73.9% of the visitors, while ladies only made up to roughly 26.1%.

Many other countries are also experiencing this, not only Australia. Men dominate women on online dating services worldwide, with a 7:3 user ratio on one of the most female-friendly platforms, Bumble.

4. Dating Apps Are More Popular Among Low-Income Australians

  • Data by Statista

Statista’s polls show a small but discernible gap between the proportions of singles with different income levels actively seeking romantic partners online. In 2022, over 37.5% of all Australians with low-in-come looking for a mate did so online.

High-income singles also made up a significant portion of the online dating population (32.5%), while those in the middle-income range made up a minor portion (30%).

Over 25% Of Internet Daters Seek Long-Term Partnership

5. Over 25% Of Internet Daters Seek Long-Term Partnerships

  • Data by Relationships Australia

The common perception of dating apps is that they are only a convenient way to meet people for one-night stands. 

Reliable statistics reveal, however, that while using these services, men and women actively seek committed relationships, contrary to common belief. Short-term relationships only appeal to 10% of males and 7% of females.

6. 53% Of Millennials Said They Would Be Ashamed to Use Online Dating Sites

  • Data by YouGov

It is a surprise that millennials, who were raised as part of the internet revolution, are the age group most embarrassed about engaging in online dating. On the other hand, although 53% of Millennials report feeling embarrassed, baby boomers demonstrate that they are receptive to online dating by revealing that 75% are eager to meet a mate through the internet.

The members of Generation X fall halfway in the centre, with 39% of Gen X Australians believing that using dating apps is an embarrassment.

Income From Online Dating

Online Dating Income in Australia Increased to $56 Million in 2022, From $47 Million in 2019

7. Online Dating Income in Australia Increased to $56 Million in 2022, From  $47 Million in 2019

  • Data by Statista

Online dating revenue has grown tremendously since 2017 when it reached $40 million. Experts project the revenue to hit $58 million annually by 2024.

The USA Is Where Online Dating Services Are Most Common

8. The USA Is Where Online Dating Services Are Most Common.

  • Data by Statista

The following countries were the largest online dating market by February 2022:

  • The USA — 829 million, 15.7%  
  • United Kingdom — 116 million, 11.5% 
  • France —  113 million, 10.9%  
  • Germany — 131 million, 9.2%  
  • Brazil — 81 million, 8.3%  
Most Australian Dating Website Users Are Guys

9. Australians are most familiar with Tinder and eHarmony  

  • Data by YouGov

According to YouGov’s findings on Australia’s dating services, eHarmony is the most popular app among local singles, followed by Tinder. RSVP and Elite came third and fourth, respectively.

Despite Tinder’s well-established status as the most well-known dating service, it has received mostly negative reviews from users in Australia. Therefore, Tinder and Bumble are looked down upon as the least desirable dating app.

It’s not simple to get someone to swipe right out of the estimated 3.2 million Aussies who are using dating apps.  

Online Dating Drawbacks

10. Australians Were Swindled of $46.8 million through Online Dating in 2022

  • Data by Reviews

NSW leads all other Australian states regarding the prevalence of online dating fraud. Australians from this area have spent $15.2 million on online dating in an effort to find a loving mate. The second highest loss was in Victoria, at $11.4 million, then Queensland came third, at $6.4 million.

Over 50% of all reported romance and dating frauds were reported by males (50.1%).

11. Romantic Scams Have Victimized 7% Of Aussies

  • Data by Reviews

Online dating success tales are only part of what makes the internet such a romantic place. Aussies are not immune to being scammed online; 23% of people who used online dating sites said they were in a relationship with someone they had never met face-to-face. 26%  of them have made a financial contribution, spending  $1,069 per transfer on average.

20% more Australians fell prey to an online romance scam in 2022 than in 2020, while another 30% reported knowing someone who had been duped.

Comparison of Conventional Dating to Modern Online Services

12. Dating Apps Are the Most Popular Way to Meet New Partners in Australia

  • Data by ABC News

With the slogan “love is only a click away,” online dating has forced its way into the limelight.

Australia Talks National surveyed 54,970 Australian adults in 2019; 35.5% of those respondents reported meeting their current partner or spouse online.

Friends-of-friends introductions used to be the most common means of meeting potential mates, and although this method is still very popular, it is losing ground to online dating. Only 21% of interviewees had met their spouse via friends, while 13% had done so through their workplace. 

Australians Believe Traditional Dating is Better than Online Dating

13. Australians Believe Traditional Dating is Better than Online Dating  

  • Data by Relationships Australia

Only around one-third of men and half of women think they’ll find a partner for life via online dating. Australians think online dating is advantageous for everyone, but they feel it is especially helpful for lonely and socially isolated folks.

Final Thoughts 

Modern online dating may be a great way to meet new people and broaden your social circle, whether you’re seeking for a temporary fling or a lifelong partner.

These statistics demonstrate the risks associated with online dating. Therefore, you should exercise caution when deciding who to trust with your personal information online and what data to reveal. Use caution at all times, and remember that you can end a virtual connection anytime if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.