Nick Kyrgios: Net Worth, Girlfriend and Tennis Earnings 2024

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is well-known worldwide for his aggressive playing style and contentious personality. Due to his erratic behaviour on and off the court, he earned the nickname “the bad boy of tennis.” He relocated to Melbourne in 2013, where he began his tennis carrier. 

In 2014, Nick gained notoriety after beating Rafael Nadal and became the first male newcomer to make it to the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Kyrgios has become one of Australia’s most well-liked tennis stars thanks to his on-court flair and off-court bad-boy persona. 

In this post, we will learn more about Nick Kygrios, from his age, girlfriend, mother, net worth, Twitter, Wiki, racquet, and ranking. 

Nick Kyrgios Net Worth 2023

Nick Kyrgios is said to be worth $15 million. The tennis star mostly gained wealth via his ATP profession, with the remainder coming from sponsorship agreements. He has won over $12 million in prizes, which will increase while competing in other games.

Early life

The tennis star, Kyrgios, was born in Australian Capital, Canberra, to George and Norlaila.  His father is from Greece and does painting, while his mother is a computer engineer. 

He has a brother named Christos and a sister named Halimah as elder siblings. While young, Kyrgios participated in basketball and tennis, thriving at both. He continued pursuing his passion for basketball but ultimately decided to concentrate on tennis. 

He began tennis training at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) when he was 15. In partnership with Andrew Harris, they won the junior doubles events at Wimbledon and the French Open in 2012. In 2013, he again became champion of The Australian Open junior singles.

Professional Career

Professional Career

In the 2013 French Open, Kyrgios won his maiden ATP Tournament match. He won his first match as a professional tennis player in 2014 when he overcame Rafael Nadal, ranked first at the time, in the Wimbledon fourth round. 

Since 1992, no male player who falls outside the top 100 has defeated the world’s top player in a Grand Slam tournament. Kyrgios stood at 144th at the time of the shock. At Wimbledon, Kyrgios made it to the quarterfinals but fell to Raonic in the fourth set.

Kyrgios, who was 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and weighed 187 pounds (85 kilograms), had one of the best forehands in tennis. For instance, he was renowned for his ability to make “tweeners” (shots taken between the legs). 

He advanced to the Australian Open quarterfinals, a Grand Slam event, in January 2015. He became the first male athlete under the age of 20 to reach that stage of the Australian Open since 1990; however, he fell to Andy Murray in the quarterfinals. 

In a later encounter in the Spanish Madrid Open, Kyrgios beat Roger Federer. Kyrgios won his first ATP Tour championships in 2016 by winning the Atlanta Open (Georgia), the Japan Open in Tokyo and the Open 13 Provence event in Marseille, France. He was ranked 13th globally at the end of the 2016 campaign.

In 2017, Kyrgios went on to prevail over well-known competitors. He defeated Novak Djokovic At the Mexican Open in Acapulco and the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California.

Kyrgios further assisted Australia in the same year’s Davis Cup run, advancing to the semifinals. 2018 saw him win the Brisbane International in Australia, giving him his second ATP Tour triumph. 

Additionally, he won the Lyon Open in France by teaming up with Jack Sock, giving him his first career doubles victory. The following year, Kyrgios won the Mexican Open. As part of his journey to the championship, he upset Rafael Nadal in the second stage.

With his theatrics and outbursts on the court, Kyrgios sometimes caused quite a sensation. Since then, he has become outspoken about his mental challenges throughout his career.

For his actions during an event in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he destroyed a pair of rackets and allegedly attacked a chair umpire, he received a record-breaking $113,000 punishment from the ATP in August 2019.

The ATP launched an inquiry over Kyrgios’ performance during the contest and ultimately punished him for 16 weeks due to an “established behaviour” that exceeded the organisation’s rules of conduct. 

Kyrgios decided not to challenge the ban or the other ATP sanctions, including a further $25,000 penalty and probation of 6 months. 

He was required to get assistance with his mental health while participating in the ATP Tour and to get guidance from his management over the offseason as part of the probationary requirements. 

He put in a strong effort at the 2020 Australian Open while still on probation when he fell to Nadal in the fourth round. 

Soon after, the COVID-19 epidemic started to spread widely worldwide and would reduce the number of tournaments he could play in. He has said that this hiatus from competition provided him time to reflect on his life, make adjustments, and spend more time with his family.

The “Special Ks” grabbed headlines in 2022 when Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis, both Greek, had an incredible run in the Australian Open doubles division. 

They defeated Croatia’s Mate Pavic and Nikola Mektic, who were rated first and advanced to the championship round. Australia’s Matt Ebden and Max Purcell were upset by the Special Ks, who won the doubles competition. 

For the first time, the men’s doubles championship was won by an Australian duo, Kyrgios and Kokkinakis, who also made history as the first wild-card combo to win the tournament.

By winning the Wimbledon singles championship and facing Djokovic again, Kyrgios garnered prominence in 2022. In the men’s Wimbledon final in 2003, Kyrgios was rated 40th and the lowest player. 

Despite taking the first round of the championship match from Djokovic, Kyrgios eventually fell to him after the fourth round. In the same year, he reached the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open, where he lost to Russian Karen Khachanov in a five-set match.

Kyrgios missed his games in January 2023 due to a knee injury. He withdrew from the Australian Open, and later that month, he had surgery. Unfortunately, he couldn’t participate in the French Open in May as he had another injury during a home invasion the same month.

Legal troubles

Legal troubles

Kyrgios’s behaviour sometimes resulted in legal repercussions. His previous girlfriend submitted a police report in December 2021 stating that he had allegedly attacked her in January. 

He was subsequently charged with a lesser misdemeanour, and during his court hearing in February 2023, he entered a guilty plea. 

The court, observing that he had no prior convictions, and did not plan his acts, dropped the accusation and overlooked an indictment against him.

In his apology, Kyrgios mentioned the psychological issues he had been dealing with during the event.

A lady who attended the 2022 Wimbledon final and threatened Kyrgios with a lawsuit in August 2022 claimed that he insulted her during an altercation. 

The player asserted that she had been yelling at him while focusing on his match and had protested to the umpire about it. In November 2022, the two settled outside of court, with Kyrgios regretting his comments and giving to the charity of her choosing.

Sports investments

Sports investments

Kyrgios explored more athletic endeavours. He and colleague tennis pro-Naomi Osaka declared they were co-owners of the Miami Pickleball Club squad. The club would participate in the Premier League Pickleball.

In 2023, Kyrgios announced that he would become a co-owner of the South East Melbourne Phoenix franchise in the Australian men’s professional National Basketball League. This move allowed him to turn his passion for basketball into a business venture.



Outside of tennis, Kyrgios was well-known for his charity endeavours. Kyrgios founded the NK Organization with the aid of his mom and siblings to give impoverished and disadvantaged kids access to sporting facilities and refuge. 

By contributing $200 to relief initiatives for each ace, he played an essential role in contests during Australia’s 2020 summer tournaments. He also assisted survivors of the horrific fires in 2019–20. When the COVID-19 outbreak started, Kyrgios bought food and gave it to individuals who couldn’t get it themselves.

Nick Kyrgios Salary, Prize-Winning

Nick Kyrgios Salary, Prize-Winning

Nick has earned over $11.8 million throughout his tennis career. He received a prize fund of over $2.4 million in 2022. He may increase his income through endorsement arrangements because of his successful work and alluring physical characteristics. Kyrgios now ranks ninth in terms of earnings for the ATP 2022 campaign.

Nick Kyrgios Sponsorships

Major corporations, including Yonex, Nike,  and Beats, are supported by Nick Kyrgios. Although he has associated with businesses like Bonds and Malaysian Airlines, these organisations have allegedly withdrawn due to his less-than-graceful behaviour. 

Nick Kyrgios Career and Awards

Nick Kyrgios: Career and Awards

In 2008, Nick Kyrgios, just 13 years old, began his junior tennis career. In 2010, in Fiji, he won his maiden ITF championship. Nick Kyrgios rose to the third spot in the junior tennis world after winning two major slam doubles trophies at the Australian Open. 

He quickly attained the top position in 2013. Later, as the third-seed junior, he played singles in the Australian Open and claimed his maiden Grand Slam victory. 

Kyrgios became a professional tennis player in 2013, and in 2016 he successfully claimed his first ATP singles championship. 

He claimed the ATP 500 in the Japan Open that same year, which increased his notoriety and raised his standings. He was successful at capturing seven singles championships. 

He holds four doubles championships, including two ATP Matches 250 series, one ATP Match 500 series, and a major championship victory at the Australian Open. 

Kyrgios must possess an excellent record in mixed doubles, with a lifetime record of six victories and six defeats. 

Nick Kyrgios House

Nick Kyrgios House

Nick Kyrgios is making the most of his downtime from tennis to develop new interests. Nick, his father George, and the entire family paid $583,000 for a brand-new house at Tuross Head, New South Wales, Canberra, where the family resides.

The property, which includes four bedrooms, a suite, three bathrooms, and a playroom where guests can rest, is beautiful from every angle. It also has a sizable backyard with a shaded deck. It also has lovely outdoor space and a sizable parking area for two automobiles.

From his residence, Kyrgios can commute twenty minutes by vehicle to the Tuross Head Tennis Club for training. Furthermore, he could also engage in combat with some young fighters. 

Nick Kyrgios Cars

Nick Kyrgios, a well-known tennis player, is in the news after dominating the US Open. The Australian player has triumphed in more games this summer than anyone else. Nick can win a $2.6 million grand award if he sweeps the US Open this season. 

Kyrgios is not only a nerd for quick machines off the ground—he’s an excellent athlete. The tennis star makes no effort to conceal the fact that he drives a sporty automobile. Like other well-known celebrities, Kyrgios enjoys displaying his opulent lifestyle online. 

The 27-year-old enjoys flaunting his expensive automobiles and opulent lifestyle whenever he can. Let’s look at the vehicles Nick owns in his incredible collection.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – $250,000

1. Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – $250,000

The 2018 SRT Demon is the first vehicle in the lineup. It has a substantial 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engine with 840 horsepower installation. 

With an average speed of 9.65 seconds for the quarter-mile, the SRT Demon is a drag king, as the title suggests.

2. Tesla Model X – $150,000

Who in their right mind wouldn’t desire a modern SUV with cutting-edge technologies, a better, more ergonomic ride, and furious speed? The Tesla Model X stands out among rival SUVs because of its Falcon-wing doors and incredible performance. 

The model produces an astounding 670 horsepower. The most recent Plaid version has three electric motors, delivers about 1,020 horsepower, and has a 2.5-second acceleration time. It gives a smooth ride and a fantastic thrill.

Nissan GT-R R35 – $190,000

3. Nissan GT-R R35 – $190,000

One of history’s most significant Japanese masterpieces, the Nissan GT-R R35 is another monster from his Collection. Auto enthusiasts have a dedicated following for the Nissan GT-R. 

The GT-R has a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 565 horsepower and 467 lb-ft of performance. It also boasts a peak maximum speed of 205 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in an incredible 3.0 seconds.

Nick Kyrgios Charity

Nick Kyrgios Charity

Kyrgios significantly contributes to philanthropic activity through his donations and creating projects for societal advancement. He started the NK Foundation to enable young people who are struggling financially to follow their athletic ambitions. 

Furthermore, he pledged to donate $200 to those affected by the 2020 wildfires for each ace he recorded this season. Additionally, he suggested hosting an exhibition game before the Australian Open, with all earnings going to those impacted by the fire.

Nick Kyrgios’ Girlfriend

Nick Kyrgios’ Girlfriend

Costeen Hatzi, an Australian blogger and model, is Kyrgios’ current girlfriend. Before 2022, the two started dating and made their romantic connection known to the public during the new year’s festivities. 

Hatzi attended Kyrgios’ tennis performances, and the two were sighted together as he prepared for the Australian Open 2022.


Nick Kyrgios has made a name for himself in tennis by having a great career, which undoubtedly increased his wealth. 

While it is hard to pinpoint Kyrgios’ financial position, he has amassed a sizeable fortune from tournament victories, endorsements and sponsorships. 

Furthermore, he has developed a sizable fan base, and his monetary worth has soared because of his charming demeanour and antics on the court. 

Given his skill and reputation, Kyrgios’ net worth will probably increase as he advances in his professional career and pursues new commercial opportunities.

Kyrgios has gained notoriety for his tennis accomplishments, relationships, and lifestyle. He has been upfront about his prior relationships, even though information about his present partner may change. 

However, respecting his privacy and recognising that personal ties can develop and alter over time is crucial. The tennis player’s financial position and lifestyle remain fascinating topics for his devoted supporters. 

At the same time, he concentrates on his professional objectives and delights fans across the world.