Matt Wright Net Worth: How Much Does The Crocodile Wrangler Make?

Matt Wright, often known as “The Crocodile Wrangler,” has fascinated audiences worldwide with his daring confrontations with one of nature’s most fearsome predators. Wright has garnered a considerable following and has become a notable figure in animal conservation due to his fearless attitude and outstanding skills. 

Many admirers are curious about Matt Wright’s net worth and how much he gets from his dangerous job as they marvel at his daring feats. In this article, we dig into the realm of the Crocodile Wrangler to learn more about his net worth and the financial benefits of his unique work.

About Matt Wright

About Matt Wright

The world, which first learned about Australia through Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee or the humorous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, may not appreciate an outback hero as much as Australians do.

You only need to look at Tourism Australia advertisements from decades ago or Irwin’s untimely star on the Walk of Fame to see proof.

The world has been anticipating Australia’s upcoming significant outback export since Irwin’s passing and Hogan’s declining fame.

Enter Matt Wright: a fascinating Australian from the isolated Top End who manages crocodiles, relocates animals, runs tours, and pilots helicopters.

Over ten years ago, when a video of Wright capturing one of Australia’s most giant crocodiles appeared on the local nightly news, Wright’s future as an iconic Australian figure was assured.

Soon after, National Geographic revealed a series that would chronicle him and his two friends, Willow and Jono, as they battled crocs amidst the Northern Territory’s sparkling red sand plains and waterholes.

With four seasons of a successful program already under his belt and an agreement with Netflix and Nine Network for another, Wright, known internationally as the Outback Wrangler, had a successful start to 2022.

Before the global premiere of his third series, Big Croc Territory, Wright allegedly claimed in an American interview, “The only people to compare me to are essentially Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls.”

The new program’s format is the same as his prior programs. The cameras accompany Wright and the others as they identify and capture troublesome crocodiles, tape their snouts, and move them to a location where they won’t cause as much trouble.

Dramatic catastrophes, blokey banter, and extensive use of Australian lingo subtitled for a worldwide audience break up the monotony.

Within two weeks of the show’s October premiere on Netflix, it had climbed to the top 10 TV series list for the entire streaming service. It drew a legion of ardent international admirers.

However, a little over six weeks after the show’s Netflix premiere, at the end of November, the 43-year-old was garnering media attention for other reasons.

Following an aeroplane crash earlier this year that claimed the life of his co-star, colleague crocodile handler, and closest friend Chris “Willow” Wilson, NT Police stated on Monday that they had issued a warrant for his arrest.

The next day, he travelled from Queensland, where he had been residing, to Darwin Airport, where he was met by a crowd of men jostling with a crowd of waiting media.

He was arrested shortly after the collision and accused of many felonies, including trying to obstruct justice and destroying evidence, before being freed on bond.

According to many media sources, Wilson’s widow has requested that Netflix remove the series from their streaming service while the case is in court.

Wright, who was not on the helicopter when it crashed in a remote area of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, has vehemently denied all culpability regarding the tragedy through his attorney.

Who is Matt Wright

Who is Matt Wright?

Matt Wright wears many hats as a TV host, chopper pilot, businessman, TV personality, animal lover, egg collector, and entrepreneur. The world welcomed Matt Wright on August 29, 1979. Many people are interested in learning about Matt Wright’s net worth. 

Many fans would be interested in learning more about the past of their favourite performers. You may get answers to the issue of how much cash Matt Wright has accumulated online in several places. For more information, let’s go deeper.

Matt Wright’s Family

Matt Wright’s Family

You can tell that Matt Wright was raised in a substantial Christian home. For most of his life, Matt lived in Papua New Guinea, where he was reared for most of his life. He has only Caucasian heritage. Matt’s mother’s name is Marie Wright, despite his silence regarding his family.

You ought to be aware that his parents are both farmers. His father was a wool classer, and his family worked in the sheep farming industry for many years. The entire family practices Christianity fervently. Matt has never disclosed how he gets along with his siblings to the media.

The renown and wealth of Matt Wright are unparalleled. Here is the information on Matt Wright’s fortune that you were looking for. A $4.5 million estimate for Matt Wright’s wealth has been made.

Matt Wright’s Career

Matt Wright’s Career

Matt possesses a wide range of abilities. Before appearing on the show, he worked as a horse trainer, Australian soldier, oil rig worker, egg collector for crocodiles, and more. Then Matt decides to start working as a wrangler full-time.

He was requested to participate in a brand-new Outback Wrangler series on the National Channel 2011. Matt hosts the NatGeo Wild series.

The program’s primary goal is to relocate distressed animals to stop the unnecessary murder of wild animals. While working, some terrifying animals he encounters include wild buffalo, crocodiles,  and even polar bears.

Matt Wright was born on August 29th, 1979. The age of Matthew Wright right now is 43. In addition to being a well-known TV host and helicopter pilot, Matt Wright is also renowned as a businessperson, an animal lover, an egg collector, and a TV personality. 

Matt Wright was born on August 29th, 1979. Thus, Matt Wright reached middle age at the age of 43. Matt Wright’s many other accomplishments include being a helicopter pilot, egg collector, businessman, TV personality,  animal lover,  and TV host.

The discussion regarding Matt Wright’s height is covered in the following section since it could interest specific followers. 

Matt Wright and Kaia Wright

Matt Wright and Kaia Wright

Long-time couple Matt and his lovely wife Kaia Wright seem to be enjoying their union. They are much in love with each other and work well together. Matt’s uploads typically include Kaia. These two fell in love in 2014, the year they initially met.

The two decided to get engaged on November 6, 2016, after dating for some time. After dating for a year, the happy pair wed on November 10, 2017, in a lavish ceremony. The family has done a fantastic job settling into their new, roomy house.

Matthew Wright’s Kids

Matthew Wright’s Kids

Banjo Elliott Wright, Matt and Kaia’s son was born on August 13th, 2019. Banjo is renowned for making brief cameos in his father’s videos. Matt is a fantastic parent, and Banjo is sure of it.

Since his birth on August 13, 2019, Matt and Kaia’s gorgeous baby, Banjo Elliott Wright, has added more happiness and warmth to their lives. 

Even at such a young age, Banjo has established quite a name for himself and has won over viewers with his infrequent cameos in his father’s films. 

Banjo’s strong sense of security and love in his father’s care is a testimonial to Matt’s caring character and commitment as a parent. 

Matt’s consistent support and engagement in Banjo’s life have undoubtedly facilitated their deep link. As a result, Banjo feels adored and secure in his father’s excellent parenting skills.

How Much Does Matt From Wild Croc Territory Make

How Much Does Matt From Wild Croc Territory Make?

The property empire that Outback Wrangler Matt Wright and his wife possess, which includes an island resort, may allow him to make more than $200,000 a week. Wright is on bail for allegedly meddling with a helicopter crash that claimed his friend’s life.

The 43-year-old Netflix star was slapped with many counts in November for a February helicopter crash in the Northern Territory that killed his co-star Chris Wilson.

Police accuse Wright of flying to the accident scene with three other people and tampering with evidence there to sway the outcome of the case. He vehemently disputes the allegations and wants to enter a not-guilty plea.

The court allowed Wright to leave the territory and return to the house he lives with his wife Kaia, toddler son, and a newborn baby on Queensland’s Gold Coast after granting him bail at Darwin Court on November 30.

In the following days, he lost the support of significant partner Great Northern Beer, and his image was scrubbed off a G-Shock watch commercial.

The Wright family, who manages and owns five luxurious Airbnb apartments around Darwin named Freshwater Retreat, will be fine with the financial loss, as these houses have minimum two-night stay requirements and may cost up to $4,000 for a pair.

He also manages Tiwi Island, a unit of a group of islands 80 kilometres north of Darwin, where couples may spend a minimum of eight nights in a “luxury” tent for $4,400.

Wright also owns Top Camp, a popular tourist destination that costs around $1700 for two people and includes a scenic helicopter trip and overnight camping in a tent.

Wright also has a $4 million, 31-acre fortress on the outer fringes of Darwin with ‘private’ and ‘stay out’ signs at the front entrance and surveillance cameras above.

The home sold to Wright in 2019 includes six bathrooms, nine bedrooms, and space for ten automobiles to park. Palm palms flank it.

Kaia Wright, Wright’s wife, manages the Airbnbs. She and her husband handle a variety of lodging and tourism enterprises in the Northern Territory, according to their biography, which is located beneath an adorable photo of them together on the lodging website.

You can use Airbnb to rent out the Freshwater property, which includes The Wright and the four independent villas. 

The Wright Residence, the largest villa, can accommodate up to 10 people and has four bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a gym, and access to the pool.

Two nights are required at Villa Maritima and Villa Sentosa, which sleep two people and offer a “tropical” outdoor washroom. Villa Excelsa and Villa Maritima have the same amenities but charge $912 for two nights.

To hire all villas, including The Wright, for 48 hours, two visitors must pay $5,984. Eighteen people can sleep across the entire difficult.

You may find twenty rooms in various luxury levels at Tiwi Retreat, which is set to be amongst a beautiful marine sanctuary.

The most costly hotel choice is to go glamping in a luxurious tent with oceanfront views, an en-suite, and a private swimming pool for nearly $4,000 for two people. A family of four would have to spend $4,800 to get the same tent.

A balcony-facing accommodation with an en suite bathroom and double shower heads costs roughly $2,500 for two people. A couple’s ocean room, which costs $4,400 and beds two children and two adults and includes a bathroom and sitting area, is in contrast.

Queen rooms, single bunk beds, and king singles are available in the village accommodations, which cost about $2,500 for a couple to stay for 48 hours. There are also shared bathrooms and an outside balcony.



The famous crocodile handler Matt Wright has had a successful career that demonstrates his prowess with these potentially lethal animals. 

While it is difficult to estimate his exact net worth, it can be assumed that he has a sizeable net worth considering that his profits come from various areas, including media appearances, sponsorships, and wildlife adventure tours. 

Matt Wright’s net worth is likely to increase due to his success and ongoing projects, which show his love for animal conservation and his compelling skills as a crocodile wrangler.

Matt Wright’s wealth is a testimonial to his commitment, talent, and the demand for his particular field of knowledge. 

He has not only established a lucrative profession via his work in crocodile handling and his media presence, but he has also raised awareness about the value of animal conservation. 

He will be able to follow his love for safeguarding and maintaining these interesting species for years to come as his net worth is predicted to rise as he continues to establish himself in the sector.