How to Watch 2024 F1 Live Stream in Australia

When F1 comes back in 2023, there will be 23 races. It used to be 24 races initially, but COVID cancelled the Chinese Grand Prix.

Even though there is one less race than planned, it is still a record season. It also has the Las Vegas Grand Prix for the first time and the Qatar Grand Prix for the second time. If you want to watch F1 live, there are many ways to do so.

In 2022, Max Verstappen won his second consecutive title and is currently the defending champion. He had such a great year that his 15 victories in the season broke the record for 13 years. In 2023, he appears to be the driver to beat again, and Red Bull is the team to beat. 

Oscar Piastri, who races for McLaren in 2023 in place of fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo, will pique the interest of many Aussies. The latter serves as a reserve driver for his former Red Bull team. It’s only one of six different driver swaps scheduled for 2023.

How to Watch Australia F1 Live

Foxtel has broadcasting rights in Australia. Therefore you can watch a live stream of Formula 1 on Foxtel Now, Foxtel iQ, or Kayo. There are three practice sessions, a qualifying session, and the actual race broadcast.

The Australian Grand Prix is the only F1 race broadcast live for free on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

Before 2023, Channel 10 would air recaps of Formula One races the Monday after each event. If you miss an F1 race, your only options are Foxtel or Kayo.

Experience F1 Live on Foxtel Now

Experience F1 Live on Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now offers a free 10-day trial to new users who want to watch Formula One live online. After the free trial ends, you’ll have to pay $54 monthly for the Sport pack to continue watching F1 live. However, you will also be able to enjoy other forms of entertainment outside of sports.

Foxtel Now is available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Telstra TV, PlayStation, and some smart TVs that support Chromecast.

Foxtel iQ subscribers can watch Formula One live for $74 per month with the addition of the Sports HD plan.

Foxtel iQ is similar to Foxtel Now in that it offers entertainment options. The only way to watch Formula One in live 4K super HD streaming is on Foxtel, but it costs more than Foxtel Now.

Foxtel iQ subscribers can stream on the go with Foxtel GO, but not in 4K. You’ll need a 4K TV and the Foxtel iQ set-top box to enjoy that.

Foxtel does not provide its live streaming of every Formula One race because it does not have a crew present at each race. Foxtel instead shows the Formula One coverage from Sky Sports F1 in Australia. While the Sky Sports crew provides expert analysis and commentary throughout the race, a locally aired F1 live stream discussion show airs before and after the event.

Watch Formula 1 Live on Kayo Sports

Kayo, which broadcasts Formula One live, gives new users a free week of service.

Kayo’s base plan is $25 monthly and only supports streaming to a single device. For $30 a month, you may enjoy two live streams at once, and for $35 a month, you can enjoy a third.

Kayo is unlike any other sports streaming service because it focuses solely on that niche. SplitView allows you to watch four different sports simultaneously, and Interactive Stats are two examples. There is a Key Moments timeline and a picture-in-picture mode to help you quickly find the best parts.

You can use Kayo on your TV with a Telstra TV, PS5, PS4, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, or a Hisense model. Select Samsung or LG. In addition to Formula One, you can watch coverage of 50 other sports, including the Supercars, MotoGP, and World Superb.

Does F1 TV Allow Live Streaming

Does F1 TV Allow Live Streaming?

In anticipation of the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, Foxtel is introducing F1 TV Pro to Australia. If you subscribe to Foxtel Sport and have an iQ4 or iQ5 set-top box, you’ll get F1 TV Pro for free. The F1 TV app, available on the iQ4 and iQ5 streaming media players, will provide viewers with various live in-race streams, detailed real-time timing information, highlights, and unique content.

You need a Foxtel membership in Australia to access the F1 TV Pro service. Let’s pretend you don’t have access to Foxtel. The sole standalone option in Australia is F1 TV Access, which does not provide live streaming of the actual race but does provide live timings, team audio, and telemetry data from the race weekend.

F1 TV Access is available for $4.49 per month or $34.99 per year for those without Foxtel who wish to improve their live viewing experience. For additional details, check out the extensive F1 TV guide.

How to Watch the Australian F1 Qualifying

Where and when to watch On race day, casual viewers may care about seeing the lights go out. However, serious Formula One fans like watching practice and qualifying sessions to learn more about the sport’s strategy and tactics.

Kayo Freebies subscribers in 2023 will have access to all F1 qualifying sessions at no cost. However, you require a paid subscription to Kayo to watch the main race.

Best VPNs to Watch F1 Online Without Limits

ExpressVPN — Best VPN Service for Watching Formula One Without Interruptions

1. ExpressVPN — Best VPN Service for Watching Formula One Without Interruptions

The newest offer from ExpressVPN is June 2023: You can add three free months to your annual subscription. If you’re interested in this offer, check the offers page to see if it’s still active.

Regarding VPNs for F1 streaming, ExpressVPN is the best option. This is the way to go if you want to feel behind the wheel but can see all controls. According to my testing, download speeds averaged 77.04 Mbps, down 3.7% from my starting connection’s 79.79 Mbps. These speeds provide 4K streaming quality.

Its high-quality server network allows it to circumvent geographical restrictions with ease. During my tests, I established connections to servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Austria in seconds. Sling TV never once identified my real IP address in an attempt to block me. No matter where you are, you can watch Formula 1.

MediaStreamer extends VPN functionality to set-top boxes and Smart TVs. Live Formula One races are now accessible on devices that previously couldn’t play. In less than 5 minutes, I could hook up my PlayStation. 

You can only stream content from the United States and the United Kingdom. Set up ExpressVPN on your router to watch Grand Prix coverage from your favourite network, even if it is in another country.

ExpressVPN’s annual plan pricing begins at $6.67/month. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to test it without any financial risk. I called the company’s 24/7 live customer care to verify this allegation and get a refund.

CyberGhost — Streaming-Optimized Servers from CyberGhost Make It Simple To Watch Formula One Event

2. CyberGhost — Streaming-Optimized Servers from CyberGhost Make It Simple To Watch Formula One Event

CyberGhost will allow you to access F1 streaming sites even if you’ve never used a VPN. It’s simple because of the server optimisations. Extend the app, click “For streaming,” then search for your preferred streaming service. Since the IP addresses are continually checked, these servers offer the safest option to watch Formula One online. In less than a minute, I could locate and link to a server for Sling TV.

Finding and connecting to a server is a breeze with its user-friendly UI and prominent “power” button. You can also “favourite” the servers you use the most, saving you time every time you launch the app.

My throughput was respectable, albeit slower than with ExpressVPN. I tried more than ten servers in different F1 streaming regions, and my download speeds stayed below 62.89 Mbps (21% below the average). High-definition (HD) streaming requires 5 Mbps of bandwidth to watch every race in stunning clarity.

Subscriptions paid annually cost just $2.11 per month and include all the perks of the more expensive monthly plans. CyberGhost offers a generous refund policy so you can try the service risk-free. During those 45 days, I got my fill of free, live sports broadcasts.

Private Internet Access — Global Access to Formula 1 Racing

3. Private Internet Access — Global Access to Formula 1 Racing

Stream Formula One races reliably at any time with access to thousands of servers across the United States. I could watch Formula 1 in under 5 seconds with every server I tried. It didn’t matter that I was thousands of kilometres from where it happened. This implies that accessing Sling TV outside of the United States is simple.

You can connect unlimited devices to your PIA account with only one subscription. This is a perfect solution if you live in a large family with members who have different hobbies. You can watch live F1 races while the kids play online games; the other parent watches Netflix. I used PIA with no discernible slowdown on my Windows laptop, several mobile devices, and our smart TV.

Three different subscription tiers are available, with the cheapest one beginning at just $2.03 per month. PIA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans so that you may check them out without any commitment. I tested this guarantee, and it passed with flying colours.


4. Foxtel

Fox Sports, available on Foxtel and Foxtel Now, is Australia’s only live F1® television coverage provider.

Foxtel has the exclusive rights to air Formula 1® in Australia so that you can watch every practice, qualifying, and Grand Prix race live and in high definition.

Some promising young Australian drivers compete on Fox Sports in Formula 2 and Formula 3, hoping for a shot at F1® action.

5. Kayo Sports

Australia’s premier sports streaming service, Kayo Sports, offers live and on-demand coverage of every Formula 1® practice, qualifying, and Grand Prix event.

Experience all the on-track action and clashes from the perspective of an F1® car, with comprehensive statistics to match, thanks to innovations like SplitView, which allows viewers to watch more than one sport at a time.

It has never been simpler to follow all the F1® action, as Kayo Sports is compatible with most platforms and web browsers, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android smartphones.

6. Channel 10

Channel ten will show the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2023 for free-to-air audiences on channels 10, 10 BOLD, and 10 Play.


7. F1 TV

F1 TV does not offer live race streaming (F1 TV Pro) in Australia. However, the official Formula 1® subscription service does offer live timing features for fans interested in learning more about the sport through F1 TV Access.

For as little as $4.49 a month (or $34.99 a year), subscribers may watch over 650 classic Formula 1® races and exclusive documentaries.

The Importance of a Virtual Private Network When Streaming Formula One Online

The Importance of a Virtual Private Network When Streaming Formula One Online

Formula 1 is unavailable in most countries because of copyright regulations. Many popular streaming services, such as Sling TV, prohibit access outside the United States.

You can get around these restrictions by masking your location using a VPN. It accomplishes this by substituting an IP address from another country, such as the United States, for your own. As a result, streaming services like F1 TV and Sling TV won’t be able to detect your IP address as being from another country, preventing access to their content.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are a few options to consider if you’re an Australian resident and want to watch the 2023 F1 live stream. First, you can see if your cable or satellite provider or a local sports station airs Formula 1 events. 

Fox Sports, among other networks, regularly broadcasts the whole Formula One season. You can also subscribe to a streaming service like Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now that provides access to F1 programming, which may include live streaming of the races.

Regularly check the Formula One race schedule and times to avoid missing live broadcasts. Please check with the specific stations or streaming services indicated to ensure availability and broadcasting rights since they may change. 

By investigating these possibilities, you can keep up with the exciting world of Formula 1 and experience the thrill of the 2023 F1 races in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch F1 Without Paying in Australia

Where Can I Watch F1 Without Paying in Australia?

You can watch Formula One for free in Australia, but only some options are available. One example is how Kayo Freebies allows you to watch F1 practice and qualify for free. But if you want to watch the main race live, you’ll need to subscribe to Kayo Plus. 

Live and without charge on Channel 10 and 10 play, the Australian Grand Prix will be the first Formula One race widely available to the public. If you are a new Foxtel Now or Kayo customer, you may watch Formula One for free during your 10-day or 7-day trial. 

However, if you time your trial correctly, you may watch two F1 races for free within a week of each other on one of the rare times this season.

Where Can I Go to Watch the 2023 Melbourne Grand Prix?

After each Formula One event (practice, qualifying, and the Grand Prix), Foxtel, Foxtel Now, and Kayo Sports provide replays of the action. The rebroadcasts will air throughout the race weekend and into the following week, in either their entirety (on Foxtel) or as abbreviated “minis” (on Foxtel/Kayo).

What Virtual Private Network (VPN) Offers Australia Without a Cost?

Windscribe and TunnelBear are just two of many Australian-friendly VPNs that keep the bank intact. But if you require a VPN that can provide you with an Australian IP address, TunnelBear is your best bet because it has servers in Australia.

Does Australia Support the F1 App

Does Australia Support the F1 App?

F1 TV is available in Australia. You need a Foxtel membership to watch Formula One races. F1 TV Access is the only way to get live timing data, delayed race replays, and special documentaries without a Foxtel membership.

Is there no cost to air the 2023 Australian Grand Prix?

Network 10 will broadcast the 2023 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix this weekend. The network will feature on- and off-track action as the official free-to-air home of Australia’s biggest international motorsport event.

How Do I Watch Melbourne F1 in Australia

How Do I Watch Melbourne F1 in Australia?

Channels and free online streams will be available for the 2023 Formula One Australian Grand Prix. Channel 10 will be airing live race coverage and streaming it for free on 10 Play for those who can’t make it to Melbourne. Fox Sports and Kayo, who transmit every race of the F1 season, will also broadcast this one.