Elon Musk’s Daily Routine

From SpaceX to Tesla, Neuralink to The Boring Co, it’s obvious that Elon Musk has a lot on his plate. This wealthy CEO is already making significant strides in the EV and renewable energy industries and is now leading the charge into the last uncharted territory for mankind.

One of Musk’s greatest ambitions as SpaceX’s founder, CEO, and top engineer is to colonise Mars. To do that, he works around the clock with groups of engineers in his rocket factories in Hawthorne, California, and Boca Chica, Texas. 

In December 2015, SpaceX achieved history’s first orbital-class rocket to touch down on dry land, changing space travel rules forever.


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By using electric vehicles, Tesla, probably Musk’s most well-known company, continues to pursue the audacious objective of bringing about a global transition to sustainable energy. Tesla’s board asserts the company’s explosive growth is due to Elon’s leadership.  

The recognisable electric cars are already commonplace on the highways, helping the environment and looking great. Elon Musk manages four businesses at the forefront of innovation and technology, which is more than the typical individual can imagine.

He has the same 24 hours per day as we do. So there are some big questions about how he handles everything. How does he manage to get so much done in such a short amount of time? How is his timetable laid out? What can other business people and active professionals learn from it too? 

If these are some questions you’ve always indulged in, you are in the right place. Let’s explore the daily routine of the world’s most remarkable man. Elon Musk. 



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These days, “morning routines” and the value of developing our own are frequently discussed. We find a specific “get-up-and-go” atmosphere inspirational, even though Musk’s morning may not be optimal for everyone.

Elon starts each morning at 7 a.m., after getting about 6-6.5 hours of sleep—his “sweet spot.” He can no longer function at his best with more or less sleep. In a Reddit AMA, Musk once stated the importance of sleep and how great it is. 

At some point, he explained how grumpy and less productive he gets whenever he gets little or too much sleep.  He mentioned how his mental acuity gets affected when awake for long hours.

Although studies have shown that each body has unique needs for health and wellness based on internal and external factors, the recommended amount of sleep is eight hours.

Musk appears to be somewhat relaxed about his morning routine, but he does have one essential ritual: a morning shower. He asserts that with it, he is in the proper frame of mind to have a productive day. He develops fresh ideas or finds answers to work-related issues during his morning shower.

Breakfast isn’t high on Musk’s list of priorities. On the way to work, he will pick up a coffee and an omelette if time permits. Otherwise, he thinks it’s simple to miss breakfast to save time.



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An average person’s workday lasts about eight hours, plus a half-hour lunch break. Elon Musk, though, does not follow such a restrictive schedule. He divides his time between four businesses, putting in between 80 and 100 hours weekly, or an average of more than 16 hours daily.

He typically divides his week between SpaceX and Tesla, working 40 hours a week for SpaceX and 42 hours for Tesla. He mostly concentrates on engineering and design at this time.

However, some days require considerably more than that, even though he now attempts to keep the workweek to about 80 to 90 hours.

He worked up to 120+ hours a week at Tesla during one incredibly challenging period, only taking short breaks to sleep on the production floor. Musk says that was a very depressing period in his life and did not endorse this at all. However, it was vital because Tesla ultimately succeeded.

Efficiency is essential given the limited time, which is perhaps why he is so rigid about staff meetings. In a 2018 email to Tesla staff, Musk remarked that numerous meetings become a disease to many big companies and usually worsen over time.

Elon prefers that staff members attend meetings only if necessary, and he advises them to adjourn when their skill set is no longer needed. 

Similarly, he frequently responds to texts and emails while attending meetings and gorging on lunch. While intense, this harsh efficiency enables Musk to guide his businesses towards spectacular milestones.

Musk acknowledges that he should exercise more frequently and that if he could get away with it, he’d never exercise. He makes time to run on the treadmill or to lift weights twice a week because he recognises the value of exercise. He’s also been seen practising jiu-jitsu occasionally.



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Around 6 or 7 p.m., most of us start to wind down, but most of us aren’t striving to reach Mars. A typical workday for Musk ends at about 10 p.m. Although, recently, he’s chosen to work less to spend extra time with his family. 

Musk, a father of seven, prioritises spending time with his kids and has been known to take them along on business trips, particularly those that take him abroad.

Musk consumes most of his calories at night because he is frequently too preoccupied with daily work to remember to eat. Particularly at business dinners, he can work and eat. 

When Elon does decide to relax, he does so by reading and watching anime, particularly Evangelion and Death Note. Since his early years, Musk has been an ardent reader, spending up to 10 hours a day on books.

He usually goes to bed by 1 am, getting the 6-7 hours of sleep he needs before starting over in the morning.

Important Lessons from Elon Musk’s Schedule


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While some aspects of Musk’s schedule—working 100 hours a week and barely eating—may not seem optimal, there is no doubt that Elon has achieved remarkable success. His unbending work ethic has made outlandish concepts a reality.

There must be some useful advice from this impressive billionaire for business people with aspirational ambitions. Here are some crucial points from Elon’s timetable that could aid you in moving forth with your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Routines are essential: Elon always starts his mornings in a particular way because routines are sacred. He has discovered exactly what makes him perform at his best. His top priority for the day? A shower. Make a habit of finding what refreshes you in the morning. A consistent morning routine can help you get ready for a successful day.
  • Limit time-wasting: Musk doesn’t put up with pointless meetings or conversations. His main objective is to find quick and effective solutions to challenges. What activities in your life during the day are a waste of time? Find solutions to eliminate them by identifying them.
  • Give more when a scenario requests more from you: Elon managed to get Tesla through a difficult period even though he had to live there essentially. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was essential. Sometimes, a little more work is necessary for your professional life. Do you have a strong enough desire to reach your objectives to put in the extra effort required? Recognise when those times are, and be prepared to rise to the challenge.
  • Make time to read: Despite having a busy schedule, Musk manages to fit reading in as one of his favourite pastimes. We can develop through reading, expanding our horizons in ways we wouldn’t have found ourselves. However, if reading is not your preferred method of unwinding each day, find something that is and plan it into your nights. You must make time for rest and renewal; otherwise, you’ll soon burn out.

Streamlining the Workday


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Musk prefers to divide his work week into certain areas rather than travelling across the country during the day because his responsibilities are shared across firms with headquarters all over the USA. He works for SpaceX in Los Angeles on Mondays and Fridays and for Tesla or Twitter, both based in San Francisco, on the other five days of the week.

With his five-minute interval system, Musk puts time management first at work. He frequently ends meetings early, avoids pointless meetings, and ignores his phone to optimise his working process. He prefers emails or text messages because he can respond to them whenever possible.

Musk is not the kind of boss that sits aside and lets his staff handle everything. He plays a significant role in the design and engineering processes at Tesla and SpaceX. As Twitter’s boss, he has adopted a more relaxed attitude but still demands that his team members adopt a similarly demanding work ethic. 

Musk handed Twitter employees an ultimatum shortly after the business acquired Twitter: either adhere to a strict work culture and long hours or leave the organisation.

Exercise and Fitness Routine


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Musk knows the value of exercise and incorporates workouts into his schedule despite working weeks that often exceed 100 hours. The millionaire acknowledges that he dislikes exercising and has fitness issues.

Musk admitted to Joe Rogan during an interview that if he got the chance to avoid working out, he would take it, but he acknowledges that the older he gets, the harder it gets for him to remain active.

Musk doesn’t particularly enjoy working out, but he still does it to keep his mind sharp and his body in shape for the day’s challenges. To pass the time while watching television, he spends time lifting weights and, despite not liking it, running on a treadmill. 

Musk also practises Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Karate, and Taekwondo. He is known to like martial arts. A morning run or a trip to the gym after work will be relatively easy to add to your routine if one of the busiest men in the world can fit one in.



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Maye Musk, Elon’s mother, is a nutritionist. However, her son has not adopted her healthy lifestyle. We see this when he tells Joe Rogan that he would rather live a short life than eat tasty food. Musk disclosed his favourite dishes to French cuisine and American-style BBQ in a Reddit Q&A.

Earlier, we talked about Musk’s propensity for skipping breakfast. He consumes his other meals in a less-than-healthy manner as well. Musk wants to consume as much food as he can during his business meetings, as long as it tastes good and can be consumed quickly because lunch is scheduled in the middle of his working day. 

After consuming a few calories throughout the day, Musk’s largest meal is dinner, but he doesn’t overindulge.

Night Routine


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Musk tries to avoid eating and drinking for a few hours before bed to get a better night’s sleep. He continues the continuous cycle to keep on top of the business world by organising his following day at the end of the day.

Elon enjoys reading before bed to unwind and gain inspiration for the next day. This helps him sleep better. His favourites are an Albert Einstein biography, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and The Lord of the Rings.

Burnout Management


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Musk is proof that everyone has a breaking point, even though he is proud of his workaholic lifestyle and has undoubtedly reaped the financial benefits. 2018 saw the beginning of burnout’s effects. 

Musk had discussed the effects of working up to 120 hours per week with the New York Times, saying that there are days when he would spend even four days in his factory without going outside.  He mentions that that would limit his ability to see his friends and kids. 

Musk cut back on his work hours to achieve a better work-life balance. And if the richest guy in the world is aware of the risk of burnout, it is evident that the rest of us should do the same.

Final Thoughts


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The keywords captured from Musk’s lifestyle are motivation and passion. You need to be a highly motivated person driven by enthusiasm in what you do to work as hard as Musk and not burn out.  

However, only some have this type of wiring in their brain. For many people,  working more than a certain number of hours becomes ineffective. Sometimes you may find yourself saying, “I also have passion; moreover, driven, I have no idea if that is equivalent.” How exactly do you measure that?

When genuinely passionate and motivated, you can listen to your body and tailor your schedule to suit it. In my opinion, that schedule is a far cry from Musk’s.

But who knows how closely Musk is adhering to his habits these days with all the recent scandals he has been involved in as the CEO of Twitter. Either way, it’s safe to say that organisation and proper planning can get you a long way.