Australian Advertising Industry Statistics 2024

The advertising industry, which has developed over centuries into a vital component of the modern economy, is entering a new era of digital prospects in the third decade of this 21st century.

Traditional techniques will be left in the dust as simulated and augmented reality become the norm.

Let’s take a deeper look at the advertising business by looking at some intriguing facts from Australia’s advertising industry.

Fascinating Stats on the Australian Advertising 

1. In 2022, Australia’s Digital Ad Sector Spent Over  Aud 13.68 Billion

  • Data by Statista 

Online ad campaigns are the most well-liked form of promotion and may soon overtake the more conventional methods. Over $520 billion was spent on digital advertising around the world in 2022, and that number has only increased since then.

Australia’s marketing sector spends a significant amount on adverts each year. In 2022, for example, the Australian marketing sector spent over AUD 17.3 billion, with AUD 10 million going toward internet advertising within the country.

2. Australian Ad Rose by 2.6% In 2022 

  • Data by IBISWorld

The Australian advertising market is getting bigger and bigger. Statistical analysis of the Australian advertising market shows that it will grow by over  0.7% annually through 2023. Its growth has been significant, especially after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses resumed typical spending patterns.

3. Harvey Norman Invested Roughly $50 Million in Marketing in 2020’s Final Quarter

  • Data by adbrands & Mi3 

This was a massive increase compared to the company’s typical quarterly ad budget of $21.6 million ($31.7 million total from 2018 to 2020). Popular  Australian commercial advertisers include Harvey Norman, Woolworths, and Wesfarmers, with Harvey Norman coming out on top.

Videos Ads: The Numbers

59% Of Australian Adults Streamed Phone Videos Between 2020 to 2022

4. 59% Of Australian Adults Streamed Phone Videos Between 2020 to 2022

  • Data by Statista

According to studies conducted in 2022, Australians spend approximately eight hours per week watching free-to-air broadcast Tv. In second place was subscription video on streaming platforms, where Australians spend a maximum of seven hours per week.

5. Menulog Was the Most-Viewed Australian YouTube Ad in 2020

  • Data by AdNews

Menulog advertisement featured Snoop Dogg and was the most-viewed marketing campaign piece in Australia. Next in line were the Average Games and the Galaxy Z Fold2.

6. Video Traffic Accounted for Over 80% Of Web Traffic in 2022

  • Data by Biteable, Invideo & Chilli Group

Studies found nine out of ten consumers like viewing videos from their favourite brands. As a result, over 60% of Australian firms employ video advertisements effectively in their marketing campaigns.

Over 35% of businesses create short videos once or twice weekly, while about 14% do so daily. Companies that use video marketing get a 41% increase in website traffic compared to competitors that don’t.

It has been found that adding a video to a blog post can increase organic traffic from search engines by about 157%. Over 94% of businesses plan to continue employing video marketing,

The State of Mobile Ads

7. Australia Advertisement Sector Spent Over Aud 3.1 Billion on Mobile Ads in 2017

  • Data by Statista 

As a result of the positive impacts it has brought, businesses are eager to invest heavily in mobile advertising. There was an increase of 26.6% from 2020 to 2022, with an additional $288 billion invested in mobile ads worldwide. The most recent studies show that by 2024, this figure will rise to $413 billion.

By 2022, Australians spent over AUD 6.6 billion on mobile ads.

Australians Search Google 250,000–300,000 Times Daily

8. Australians Search Google 250,000–300,000 Times Daily

  • Data by Research

Google is an indispensable instrument for promoting and developing businesses in Australia, with a market share of approximately 95%. The following are the top four industries in terms of the number of searches conducted:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty and cosmetics 
  • B&Bs and other accommodations

9. Over 5.3 Million Australians Buy on Mobile Social Media

  • Data by Finder

The 5.3 million adults in Australia constitute 27% of the world’s total internet user population for adults. It is anticipated that by 2024, the overall figures will have increased to 6.4 million.

10. Aussies Watched 51% Of Ads

  • Data by AdNews

Australians spend twice as much time viewing commercials as they give themselves credit for. Eye-tracking tech was crucial to this study because it allowed researchers to pinpoint the exact timing of events.

The same study found that 64% of viewers were paying attention to advertisements on YouTube. This is because of the little commercials that play in between videos.

Email Marketing Data

11. Email Advertising Was the Third Most Popular in 2022

  • Data by Statista

The number one spot belongs to blog entries and other brief pieces, which are utilised over 90% of the time. In second place were the posts on social media, which accounted for 88%, and then in third came the email newsletters, which accounted for 78%.

Australia’s 2020 Click-Through Rate Hit 3.1%

12. Australia’s 2020 Click-Through Rate Hit 3.1%

  • Data by Lance Montana

In 2020, 3.1% was the world’s highest proportion.  It is essential to point out that, compared to 2019, there has been a notable increase of 2% in total growth.

13. Entertainment, Media, and Publishing Have 20.3% Click-Through Rates, the Highest

  • Data by B&T

Statistics show that emails sent on Tuesdays and Sundays have the most excellent click-through ratios. Emails sent on Tuesdays have the best conversion rates.

Saturdays have the lowest open and click-to-open ratios; therefore, you should avoid sending any important emails on that day.

Social Media Advertising Data

14. Over 80% Of Australians Used Social Media in 2022

  • Data by Statista

Statista found that by 2022, over 80% of people living in Australia were active on various social media platforms. This was a tremendous increase of about 24% over the 2015 level of 56%.

Big Australian Brands Used Instagram Influencers for Their Ad Campaigns

15. Big Australian Brands Used Instagram Influencers for Their Ad Campaigns

  • Data by SMPerth

Instagram has overtaken Facebook as the most popular medium for brand influencers, with 80% of businesses now using the photo-sharing app.

16. Evening Is the Most Popular Time for Social Media Usage, With 61% Of Users Logging in Then

  • Data by Statista

Evening social media use among people aged 16 to 64 in Australia accounts for more than 50% of all evening usage. Most (59%) check it in the morning, whilst only 49% check it during lunch break.

Differences Between Online and Conventional Adverts 

Digital Marketing Increased By 35.8% In 2022

17. Digital Marketing Increased By 35.8% In 2022

  • Data by OAER, Mediaweek & IAB. Australia

Following years of modest expansion (2.4% in 2020 and 5.6% in 2019), the Ad sector was worth around $13 billion in 2022.

Video advertising saw the most significant increase, up 48% in a year to $2.9 billion.

Nearly 70% of Marketers N Australia Aim to Raise Remarketing Budgets

18. Nearly 70% of Marketers N Australia Aim to Raise Remarketing Budgets

  • Data by IAB Australia

Over 40% of marketing professionals in Australia devote up to one-quarter of their internet spending to retargeting. And a considerable number of Australian advertisers (69%) have it in their sights to substantially boost the budget allocated to retargeting in the coming year.

19. Over 67% of Australians Read Newsprint

  • Data by Roy Morgan & IAB. Australia 

Online and digital commercials now account for over 50% of all ad spending. Most of that spending goes to social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google.

But in just the past year, the traditional advertising business has seen an increase of 6%, which means that the number of individuals who favour online ads has increased to 67%, which is equivalent to 14.1 million Australians.

Television Advertising Stats

Free-To-Air Ads Are Watched Monthly by 92% Of Australians

20. Free-To-Air Ads Are Watched Monthly by 92% Of Australians

  • Data by Free TV Australia

Almost every person in Australia consumes at least one advert per month. This large sum exemplifies the efficacy of commercials broadcast over the airwaves at no cost to the advertiser.

21. TV Advertising Cost Australian Businesses Over $4 Billion Between 2018 and 2019

  • Data Free TV Australia)

Companies invest heavily in creative advertising to reach their target demographic. Many companies still use advertisements on television because they are seen as influential. When executed well, television commercials have the potential to be the most successful kind of advertising.

Influence of Cov- 19 on the Marketing Industry

22. Australian TV Viewers Increased By 30% During the Corona Outbreak

  • Data by B&T

The outbreak of the COVID epidemic compelled several businesses to reduce the amount of time they spent advertising on television. This was although their audiences were watching more. As a result, many companies, including travel firms, reduced their presence.

23. Podcasts Reached 32% Of Aussies Throughout 2020

  • Data by APO

Despite a 15% increase in listenership during the lockdown, the percentage is still lower than the world average of 41%. Statistics also demonstrated a tripling of pandemic-related information.

24. COVID-19 Terminated 30,000 Media Employment

  • Data by The Morning Herald

All available positions were in the information technology, broadcasting, or internet industries. Losses in the publishing industry totalled 9,600 from Feb to May of 2022, while losses in the broadcasting industry totalled 6,600 during the same period.

Earnings From Advertising and Its Market Share

25. Advertising Sector Was Worth Over $3.2 Billion in 2022

  • Data by IBIS World

Typically, the ad business expands at a pace of 0.7% each year; however, 2022 saw a tremendous growth rate of 2.6%. The expansion of the professional and scientific industries was far faster than that of the ad industry.

26. Ad Revenue Rose by Over AUD 9.1 Billion in 2020

  • Data by Statista

The company’s revenue increased from $9.6 million in 2022 to $10.6 billion in 2022.

27. In 2020-21, the Australian Government Used Over $145.3 Million in Marketing Campaigns

  • Data by Guardian

The government of Australia exploited various online marketing strategies to push through its agendas. Advertising efforts promoted COVID-19 immunisation and awareness programs. 

The Future of Digital Marketing 

Video Ads Will Cost $4 Billion by 2024

28. Video Ads Will Cost $4 Billion by 2024

  • Data by Statista

Australia will increase spending on video advertisements as a result. In 2022, the video advertising business grew by 48%, the year with the highest growth rate, bringing the total revenue from video ads to $2.9 billion.

29. Out-Stream Advertisements Are the Future for 77% Of Firms

  • Data by eMarketer & Instapage

Nearly eighty percent of Australian ad agencies think the new ad type will eventually replace all others and is crucial to their success and customers’ success.

30. By 2024, In-Game Ad Revenue Will Exceed $ 56

  • Data by Venturebeats

Since 2004, when firms first began experimenting with in-game advertising in freemium games, they have tried to convince players that they are playing adverts. Although initially, just a tiny percentage of people responded to the advertisements, that figure has steadily risen.

Many predict that by 2024, in-game advertisements will significantly alter the advertising landscape.

AI Improved Customer Engagement for 83% Of Businesses

31. AI Improved Customer Engagement for 83% Of Businesses

  • Data by Tealium & Salesforce Research 

Over 80% of IT organisations report that AI has increased their customer experience, allowing them to reach their target audiences better and hence generate more revenue.

Meanwhile, 69% of businesses reported that AI positively and entirely revolutionised their operations.

32. Over 21% Of Businesses Will Use Influencer Marketing by 2024

  • Data by Content maximiser

Studies show that sales improve once influencers advocate a product, as their followers are more likely to buy it. It’s estimated that as much as 60% of the fashion and beauty industry’s leading firms are already employing influencers.

33. Online Shoppers Will Hit 77.2% In 2025

  • Data by CommisionFactory

The internet retail industry’s growth in Australia reached 57.0% in 2020 and 74.7% in 2022. Roughly 30%  of Australians who shopped online checked out new brands, and over 20% explored different retailers and websites.

Final Thoughts 

Australia’s advertising landscape is ever-evolving, and so are the prevailing fashions. Some will likely remain popular, while others may disappear throughout the years. With this newfound knowledge about Australia’s advertising sector, we can confidently predict that it will expand rapidly over the coming years.