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Are All TVs Compatible With Kayo?

Before you catch up on your favourite match on Kayo, ensure you can access it on your TV because only a few devices can support the Kayo Sports streaming service. 

Therefore, we wrote this article with everything you need to know about Kayo Sports and the devices compatible with the service. 

Here is a list of the TV Brands you can stream Kayo Sports on. 

This Is What Kayo Is


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It is a popular Australian service that streams on-demand and live matches, ranging from the most liked to those with lesser fans, like dog races.

It has 13 live sports channels, including; FOX SPORTS, ESPN,, and beIN Sports, among others. Aside from that, it also airs other highly demanded content like interviews, news, documentaries, match highlights and replays, making it an all-around service. 

A report by Foxtel Group showed that in 2022, the sports service hit 1.3 million users, of which the majority (over 1.1 million) are paid subscriptions, which is quite impressive compared to other sports channels. 

Are All Tvs Compatible With Kayo?


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The kind of Television you own determines if you can stream Kayo Sports, as Kayo is only compatible with some brands of SMART TVs. 

These are the only TV brands that are compatible with Kayo Sports.

  • LG TVs- 2018 or newer models, operating on WebOS 4
  • Android Tv’s, using TV OS 7.0 and above)
  • Samsung Tvs- 2017 or more recent models 
  • Smart TV(Hisense)- 2020 and 2019 versions that operate on VIDAA U4 and U3, and 2021 models.

Note: 9% of Kayo Subscribers borrow friends’ accounts. The number is much lower than that of Netflix subscribers who borrow accounts, at 24%.

What Are the Various Devices You Can Stream Kayo On?


Kayo is also compatible with many other devices. The most common ones are:

  • Tablets and Android smartphones
  • iPads and iPhones,
  • Web browsers(Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge),
  • PlayStation 4&5.

Steps to Stream Kayo on My Smart TV

Here is what you do if you are using these devices to catch up on Kayo sports:

  • Download the app
  • Sign in to the Kayo Sport on your Tv
  • Scan the given QR code using your tablet or smartphone
  • Click on the pop-up redirecting to stream motion
  • Confirm the account when Kayo sends you the eight-digit code
  • Log in on your TV and catch up on your favourite Sport.

However, you must be an active Kayo Sports subscriber to catch up on the sport.

Tip: The process may differ with each kind of Tv, but generally, those are the essential guidelines to sign in on your Tv.

Is It Possible to Air Kayo on Other Devices?


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The best way to watch Kayo Sports on your Tv is by using Telstra TV boxes, Apple or Chromecast, as there isn’t an app available for TV yet.

How Can I Use Chromecast to Stream Kayo Sports?

1. Connect your USB cable.

2. Connect the Chromecast adapter using the HDMI adapter on your TV. 

3. Plug into the power pot

4. Connect your laptop to your Wi-Fi connection

 5. Go to Play Store or iOS to get the Google App. Ensure the Chrome extension on your devices is updated.

6. Follow the guidelines and the steps on your screen. 

Note that Kayo does not support Chromecast (1st generation). Therefore, you need a more updated Chromecast Ultra model to stream Kayo Sports. You can also stream Kayo using Chromecast on Google Television and the 3rd generation of Chromecast.

What Is the Process of Streaming Kayo on My Apple TV?

You only need to download the Kayo app on the app store and catch on your favourite show. You cannot subscribe to Kayo on a SMART TV any other way apart from the Apple TV.

Can I Stream Kayo on My Telstra Brand TV?


The process is no different from the other models; get the Kayo Sports on the Telstra app and launch it to begin streaming.

Note: If you cannot stream Kayo sports on your TV, connect it to your laptop using the HDMI spot and start watching. It’s the easiest way to access Kayo on your TV.

Here are three reasonable offers you can pick from to subscribe to Kayo.

  • ‘One’ Package: You stream on a single device at $25 per month
  • ‘Basic’ Package: You stream on two mobiles at $27.50 per month 
  • ‘Premium’ Package: You stream on three devices for only $35 monthly.

All the packages come with unlimited content, compatible High Dimension content on the devices, and an open contract.

All choices allow two weeks-day tria for free to new subscribers, but you can still opt for the FREE option if you don’t want a subscription.  The Kayo Freebie comes with free sports that change weekly to give you a sneak pic of what the paid subscription feels like.

Can I Connect Kayo Sports on My Lg Smart TV?

Catching up on sports is a fantastic way to catch up with friends on the weekend or pass the time after a long work day. If you are in Australia, you should subscribe to Keto Sports, which streams all kinds of sporting events, from Football to Cricket,  Baseball and Esports. 

The most pleasant way to watch sports is on a big screen that can accommodate you and your friends, giving you a more thrilling experience. Here are a few steps to watch Kayo on LG SMART TV. 

First, you need to have an active subscription to Kayo Sports, which you can pick from the three plans that will cost you; $25, $27.50, and $35 monthly.

Then, download the Kayo app to your SMART TV or smartphone, sign up and begin to enjoy your shows.

Here are the steps to follow if yours is an LG Smart TV.

Can I Stream Kayo Sports on My Lg Smart TV?


Before we get to the steps on downloading and signing up for Kayo, you must check if your LG model is compatible with the Kayo Sports App.

Here are the supported TVs:

  • Your LG smart TV must have been released in 2018 or after that.
  • TV must be operating on WebOS 4 or a newer version.
  • LG Netcast TVs aren’t compatible with Kayo Sports.
  • You cannot use the built web browser for Kayo Sports. 
TV production YearWebOS Version
2018 and 20194

Here are the steps to find the WEBOS version of your LG Smart TV:

  • Find the settings button on the LG Smart TV and click it.
  • Scroll to the Quick settings and click on the General settings
  • Select the “About TV” option
  • Select “WebOS version.”

If the WebOS is WebOS 4 or newer, your smart TV is compatible with Kayo Sports. Here is how to download Kayo Sports on your LG Smart TV.

  • Press the home button on your remote
  • Scroll and select “App List” on your screen using your remote
  • Click on the search icon on the right and type “Kayo Sports.”
  • Once you find it, select it and click on the Install option 
  • Go back to the “home” location on your TV, launch the app and sign up using the required details.
  • Enjoy Kayo Sports 

How Can I Stream Kayo if My Lg Smart TV Is Unsupported?


If your LG Smart TV is no longer compatible with Kayo Sports, you can follow the following steps to connect Kayo Sports using your iOS or Android device to your TV.

Although most Android devices can connect to the LG Smart TV, some LG Smart TVs lack the Apple AirPlay 2, which lets you stream from your iPhone to your LG Smart TV.

Here are the Lg Tvs compatible with Kayo:

  • The 2018 8 and 9 series LG SuperUHD SK 
  • The 2020 9 and 8 series of LG NanoCell NANO 
  • The 2020 8 LG UHD UN 8
  • LG UHD UN 71 series 
  • The 2019 9 and 8 series NanoCell SM
  • 2018- 2020 LG OLED
  • The 2019 6 and 7 LG UHD UM

How Can I Connect to Kayo if My TV Is Older?

Here are a few steps to stream Kayo Sports on your LG Smart TV if your TV is older or the app isn’t available in the LG Smart TV store:

  • Download the app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Connect your smartphone and your TV to the same Wi-Fi connection
  • Sign in to the Kayo app on your phone 
  • Click on the “cast” icon that you will see on the upper right side of the app.
  • Select the program you intend to cast
  • Automatically, your phone will loom for wireless TVs on the same Wi-Fi. 
  • Tap on your LG Smart TV
  • Enjoy Kayo Sports on your TV. 

Stream Kayo Sports on Older TVs.


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If you are using basic HD LG TV with our Wi-Fi and other intelligent features, you can attach the Google Chromecast through the HDMI port. ( the device converts your TV to a SMART TV)

Simply connect your TV to the Wi-Fi connection and set up the Chromecast.  Afterwards, download the app to your Android or iOS phone, then cast it to Google Chromecast.

Is It Possible to Stream Kayo Sports if You Don’t Have a Smart a TV?

Kayo Sports were produced when Australia needed them the most. Although various TV channels had terrific, entertaining and informative shows, sports fans still needed more options for streaming their favourite games online. However, that became an issue of the past when Kayo Sports came along.

Subscribing to Kayo spoils you with more than 50 live sports options to watch on your device at a very affordable price. All you need to access all this is stable internet access. Although the app isn’t available on smart TVs, the Kayo team is working tirelessly to make the option available soon. 

However, there are still several tactics that you can use to enjoy the game on your screen, In High Dimension, if you prefer to avoid the screen size of your phone or tablet.

Here is how to go about it.

1. Chromecast

Kayo is only compatible with Chromecast Ultra or newer versions, which allows you to cast content from your decision to your TV with only a few steps. 

  • Download the fastest person of Google Home App on your Android or iOS device.
  • If you are using Mac or PC, ensure your Google Chrome is updated
  • Connect your Chromecast device to your TV and the power socket 
  • Using your remote, select the cast option to watch your game.

2. Telstra TV

If yours is a Telstra TV, simply download the Kayo app Telstra TV app store, then add it to your home screen for easy access and enjoy your show.

3. Apple TV

To launch Kayo Sports on AppleTV, open the App Store on the home screen and download Kayo Sport. You can add it to the home screen for easy access when enjoying your game.

4. By Connecting Your Mobile Device/Laptop via Hdmi Cable

Although complex, it is the best option if your TV cannot stream directly like those we had listed easier. You only need to connect an HDMI cable directly to your laptop or tablet to your TV.

Using your remote, switch your TV to HDMI mode; you will see your computer’s screen on the television. Once the TV mirrors your laptop, switch to Kayo Sports as you usually do on your computer, and you’ll view it on your TV screen.

If All Fails…


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Even though you can use several options to watch Kayo sports on your TV, it’s still possible that your TV is incompatible with either. If that’s your situation, you should choose other streaming platforms like Kayo Sports. 

The most common one is Foxtel, compatible with more diverse devices. 


How Can I Watch Kayo on My Old TV?

If yours is not a SMART TV, you can connect your TV to your laptop using an HDMI cable. However, if your TV is incompatible with HDMI, consider looking for other Tv shows similar to Kayo Sports. 

Does Kayo Work on All Smart TVs?


Kayo is only available on selected Hisense, LG and Samsung models. It is also supported on Android TV and is compatible with Chromecast, Apple TV and Telstra TV boxes.

Why Is Kayo Not Working On My TV?

Just like any other software, chances are that the system has technical issues while streaming Kayo Sports. Some causes of the troubleshooting errors are:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Compatibility problem
  • Issues with your browser 
  • You might have exceeded the maximum number of streams
  • You need to reboot your TV.

There are several steps you can take to fix some of these problems. They include:

  • Check if your TV is compatible with Kayo Sports. 
  • Refresh the stream
  • Uninstall and then install the app 
  • Restart your TV
  • Contact the Kayo support centre.

What TV Is Not Compatible With Kayo?

There are several TVs that you cannot stream Kayo on, which is why you probably can’t find the Kayo app to download or why you can’t stream Kayo Sports directly from the web browser. However, we always look for ways to make Kayo Sports compatible with various devices. 

How Can I Get Kayo Working On My Samsung TV?

To resolve that, try troubleshooting your TV or cold booting it in case it runs low on memory or has a residual electrical charge. All these reasons can cause your Samsung TV to start having glitches or cause apps to be unresponsive. 

What Countries Use Kayo?


Kayo is an Australian Streaming brand that airs shows from all over the world. However, you can only access Kayo in Australia due to restrictions, licencing agreements and rights.

Why Can’t I Open Kayo on My Android TV?

Your Tv’s memory is Full. Therefore you need to clear unwanted content on your TV to free up space to stream shows like Kayo seamlessly.

Why Won’t Kayo Work on My Hisense Smart TV?

Your TV needs troubleshooting. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Restart your TV
  • Re-install the app
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection